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Spot the Green Taliban hypocrites

So, a short summary…  The Green Party are

– AGAINST Five Eyes

– AGAINST the GCSB, for the most part

– AGAINST the SIS, for the most part

They are also

– FOR hackers stealing private information for political purposes

– FOR using hacked private information for political purposes

and now, instead of supporting data privacy, they want the PM to stop deleting his TXTs  Read more »

Public and Media advisory from police on the Murderer Pedo’s return tomorrow

On arrival with his police escort at Auckland Airport tomorrow morning Phillip Smith will be met by other police staff and complete customs and immigration formalities.

Police will then transport him immediately to the Auckland Prison where he will be handed into the custody of the Department of Corrections.

The police investigation into Smith is ongoing and a decision will be made in due course about what further charges he may face.

At this stage police are unable to be more specific on possible charges, or timeframes when they will be laid. It is likely however that they will include a charge of escape from lawful custody (S120 Crimes Act 1961).

A court appearance will be scheduled once further charges have been laid.

It is not expected that Smith will appear in court tomorrow.


Media please note: Read more »

Almost as good as his cat killing policy

Here I was thinking the other day that I don’t agree with Gareth Morgan on anything much at all, except for his cat killing policy.

But I have found another thing to agree with him on.

Flat Tax.

Now that is almost as good as his cat killing policy…it could be improved by providing additional tax rebates for cat killing professionals.


John Cleese and Bill Maher on why you shouldn’t make jokes about Muslims

People who don’t like what I have to say, or the way I say it, just want me to go away.   Some even want me dead.

Such is the reaction of people that can’t cope with the open and frank exchange of ideas.

The video above touches on this.

I’ve coined a new phrase for the idiots that constantly want to shut me down, instead of celebrate my existence (however much they may disagree)…  you are political fundamentalists.   It’s your way, or silence.  Your way, or death.

I will fight to my last breath to defend for my rights, and yours, to speak freely and openly.




NZ Herald still not giving up on Dotcom

It’s quite the sausagefest over at the Herald, and they have jumped at the chance to defend Kim Dotcom, in an article they titled “John Banks’ wife’s obsessive detective work”.  (Double apostrophe bonus!)

Writes Vlad, one of our Whaleoil commenters:

I see that Dotcom is spinning like a top about this, and the Herald is of course eagerly publishing his bluster:

But Dotcom this afternoon told the Herald: “I’m just shaking my over John Banks.[SIC] I just don’t understand how he thinks this is going to change things.”

He said the meeting with the American businessmen took place “a couple of days before the donation meeting”.

“I think the meetings with the Americans was either on the 5th or 6th (of June 2010) and the meeting with the donations was I believe on the 9th.”

The problem for KDC and the Herald’s repeater is that this has already been considered by the Court of Appeal – this is what the judgement says: Read more »

Whaleoil Ground Crew: Can you find Barney?



Canterbury Police are keen to talk to a witness to an alleged sexual assault that occurred on New Year’s Eve 1995/96 when a woman from Christchurch travelled to a dance party in the greater Nelson area called Entrain. Read more »