Indigenous Intellectual Property?

I love how this always goes just one way.

Of course there is outrage…outrage I say, on Facebook too, it must be serious.

A car dealer has fired back at critics who questioned the wisdom of it using Maori culture in an advertisement to promote its Waitangi Day sale.

2 Cheap Cars brand manager Jared Donkin admitted its advert, which shows a Pakeha girl dressed in a kapa haka costume and swinging a poi, was “a bit tacky”.

But he said the firm wasn’t trying to cause controversy and questioned why it was wrong for a Pakeha girl to “join in with Maori culture”.

Donkin said 2 Cheap Cars had sought out the views of “Maori staff, family and outsiders” and they believed it was the girl’s “skin colour that people are getting tied up about”.

The video post on Facebook has sparked some criticism from viewers.

Cushla Tangaere-Manuel posted: “This is sooooo WTF…tokenism much” while Rose Posie said: “Taking the piss and clearly uneducated”.

Ann-Marie Kennedy a senior lecturer in marketing at Auckland University of Technology’s business school, said the company was obviously using indigenous intellectual property – from the costume to the poi – to make money without necessarily giving anything back to the culture it took it from.   Read more »

Perhaps he should have been registered?

Perhaps this bus driver should have been registered, that way the kids would be protected.

An Auckland high school principal has slammed a bus company’s actions as “totally inappropriate” after it let a driver transport students while facing a sex charge.

Jeremia Tavita Simi, 57, was convicted of indecent assault at Manukau District Court last week and subsequently dismissed by NZBus after losing the passenger endorsement on his driving licence.

But he confirmed to the Herald his employer allowed him behind the wheel after the police had charged him.

“[NZBus] investigated me and believed I wasn’t a dangerous person to the public,” Simi said.    Read more »

Demoralised employee reveals problems inside American Homeland Security


Philip Haney worked for the department of Homeland Security for 15 years. It was only after he had left his job that he felt free to reveal that they had been ordered to wipe hundreds of records of known Jihadists. Gallingly, some time after they had been forced to destroy this valuable intelligence the department was blamed by Obama for failing to connect the dots and prevent a terror attack.

Obama should be impeached for this. There is no justification for any Government to willfully and deliberately prevent their countries security forces from doing their job to the best of their ability. The blood of terrorist victims in America is on Obama’s hands.


Following the attempted attack, President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots.” He said, “this was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had.”

Most Americans were unaware of the enormous damage to morale at the Department of Homeland Security, where I worked, his condemnation caused. His words infuriated many of us because we knew his administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw material—the actual intelligence we had collected for years, and erase those dots. The dots constitute the intelligence needed to keep Americans safe, and the Obama administration was ordering they be wiped away.
After leaving my 15 year career at DHS, I can no longer be silent about the dangerous state of America’s counter-terror strategy, our leaders’ willingness to compromise the security of citizens for the ideological rigidity of political correctness—and, consequently, our vulnerability to devastating, mass-casualty attack.

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Ngapuhi stoush over taonga

Ngapuhi are at loggerheads again, this time over some taonga loaned to a museum, with one elder – David Rankin – saying they are now being treated with disrespect.

A museum at Waitangi that opened to the public today has already been hit with a demand for the return of objects including Hone Heke’s tomahawk.

The Museum of Waitangi, part of a $14 million redevelopment of the Treaty Grounds, was formally opened by the Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, on Friday, and opened to the public today.

But Ngapuhi leader David Rankin has this evening contacted management to demand the return of two taonga he said his hapu, Te Matarahurahu, agreed to lend to the museum.

Mr Rankin told the Herald he had never been given any documentation after handing over the two precious items — a tomahawk that belonged to his ancestor Hone Heke and a godstick used by the tohunga Papahurihia — in July.

He said the final straw came when neither he nor any of his hapu’s kaumatua were invited to the museum opening, and the artefacts had been treated “like items at a garage sale”.   Read more »

McCully is really really cross with North Korea

Murray McCully is really really cross with North Korea.

New Zealand has joined others in swift condemnation of North Korea’s launch of a long-range ballistic missile.

North Korea’s decision to conduct a launch, and the nuclear test they carried out on January 6, are irresponsible and fly in the face of international opinion, Foreign Minister Murray McCully says.

North Korea said its intention was to put a satellite into orbit, but the US and its allies believe it was a cover for a test of a ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear warhead.

Mr McCully said New Zealand would work with other UN Security Council members on an appropriate response to the launch.   Read more »

50 drunk Kiwis agree: no flag change please


Bringing you the news behind the news, Newshub has polled 50 pissed Kiwis in London out of a crowd that appears bigger than the TPPA protests.

The annual Waitangi Day Pub Crawl sees thousands of New Zealanders swarm London en mass, and yes, the drinking starts early.

Newshub took the opportunity to conduct an unofficial straw poll on our flag: to change or not to change.

Think “New Zealand” and clearly different New Zealanders think different things – Raro, beer, sheep of course, sex toys – that’s a new one – police and flags, loads and loads of flags.

There’s the old classic, the other old classic, the underdog and a bunch of others – Laser Kiwi, of course.   Read more »


Ratbag council bills ratepayer thousands to reveal secret info on dam

The Central Hawkes Bay District Council really doesn’t want ratepayers to know what is behind their decision to buy water from the yet to be built Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

They have decided to bill a ratepayer who has asked questions thousands of dollars to provide him with the documents he seeks under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

A Central Hawke’s Bay ratepayer has started a Pledge Me campaign to pay for an official information request he hopes will shed light on a secret decision by the local council to buy water from the Ruataniwha Dam.

Late last year the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council agreed in a secret meeting to buy 1.5 million cubic metres of water from the dam, which would add at least $49 to the rates everyone pays in the region.

Ratepayer Clint Deckard said the region got its water virtually for free and wanted to know why the council now thought it was critical to buy water from the dam.

“If taking water from the scheme was so important, why didn’t the council take water right back at the very beginning? Why did they wait until it was clear the scheme was having great troubles trying to get up usage that they suddenly decide that they’ve got to take water?   Read more »

Whaleoil General Debate

keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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Face of the day

David Jones: Retired fireman detained at airport for questioning why veiled women skipped security checks

David Jones: Retired fireman detained at airport for questioning why a veiled woman was not checked by security.

Today’s face of the day is David Jones, a retired fireman and the creator of the popular children’s character, Fireman Sam. He was detained at an airport for questioning why a veiled woman was not checked by security.

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Word of the day

The word for today is…

hebetude (noun) –  Dullness of mind; mental lethargy.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1620s, from Latin hebetudo, noun of quality from hebes “blunt, dull,” figuratively “sluggish; stupid,” a word of unknown origin.