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Auntie has a potty mouth but her chicken taste so goooood

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When you gotta eats, you gotta eats!


Dusky sound. Eat your heart out


Don’t show Cam, he’ll just shoot it


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Daily Roundup



I hope my children will be shielded from political storm, says ACT’s Jamie Whyte, posing with them on purpose for political purposes.

(Hand up this is a cynical backdoor attempt to “prove” he isn’t a ractist? Anyone? ¬†I thought so.)


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Colin Craig joins the left by adopting xenophobia

Well. ¬†Whip me with a bottle cleaner and call me Nancy. ¬†How did Colin Craig ever expect to work with the National Party when his policies are¬†all over the show like a mad woman’s poo?

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald

Isaac Davidson has the perplexing story

Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin has confirmed that it is aiming to buy a $70 million farm in the central North Island, which would be the second-largest foreign purchase of New Zealand land.

The company said this afternoon that its subsidiary Pure 100 Farm Limited had signed a sale and purchase agreement for Lochinver Station, near Taupo.

The sale is now pending approval from the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).

Chinese buyers interested in the Crafar farms, and needing OIO approval.  Nothing new here.  Good grief.

Earlier today, Conservative Party leader Colin Craig revealed the company’s plan to buy up more New Zealand land in a speech in Hastings.

He accused the OIO of keeping the deal secret until the election.

Speaking to a Grey Power meeting in Hastings this afternoon, Mr Craig said his party would block all substantial land sales to foreign buyers – a policy already proposed by New Zealand First, Labour and Greens.

What is the¬†most fascinating thing about Colin Craig is that he wants everyone to “stand for something“, suggesting that even if it is unpopular – if it is the right thing to do -, you should stick by your principles.

Awesome right?

JUST the thing you were looking for in NZ Politics, yes?

Well, no sooner did National close the door on a dirty deal in East Coast bays and Craig started making overtures to the Labour Party.

Today, he’s starting to adopt left leaning policies as well.

What a fraud and a sell-out.

I realise a fair number of my readers identify with some of the original ideals behind the Conservative Party, but take it from me, better to find out now that Colin Craig is nothing but an ego driven loon that will do what it takes rather than later.

Of course, I did warn you all from the start, but it’s taken a while for the real beast to shine through.


- NZ Herald.

Best month ever

Welcome to Whaleoil

Before I get into the usual monthly review of where we are at in our attempts to take over the world, I’d like to welcome all our new readers to Whaleoil. ¬†We hope to turn you into regulars by offering a variety of interesting and annoying articles. ¬†No, you don’t have to agree with everything. ¬†In fact, if you do, you may need to consider placing yourself in supervised care.

One of the straplines I like to use is “Whaleoil: ¬†Like it or loath it, but you can’t ignore it”. ¬†Between the straw men, dog whistles and cat videos you regularly find the articles that makes you keep coming back: ¬†unique insights, exclusives, and the dirt on anyone in public that is pretending to be better than they are.

3.4 million

In October last year, when Whaleoil broke the Len Brown story, we obviously set some records that were going to be hard to beat. ¬†One of them is a 400k+ day, which we are not going to topple for a while I suspect. ¬†But that month, we clocked up 3.2M page views, something we haven’t been able to repeat since. ¬†Until July 2014 that is – 3.4 million page views on the back of 3 very strong weeks where hardly any day dropped below 100,000 page views.


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Hosking on his supposed bias

Mike Hosking writes about his supposed bias and completely destroys Cunliffe’s claims.

Right, where to start?

Last time I wrote in this esteemed organ, I proffered an idea or two as to why Labour wasn’t exactly breathing down National’s neck.

This drew a fair amount of feedback which is good, because if it didn’t, I’d be wondering why I’m even bothering to write these given I’ve got quite a bit of work on my plate these days and don’t really need extra.

One of the bits of feedback came from a Dr Michael Cullen, who for a period had his finger in the pie of running this place.

He made a good point, but I believe he also made a mistake in his reply.

The good point was the acceptance that people like me have opinions and should offer them, and when it comes to political debate this is no bad thing.

He is among an increasingly large number of people these days, if in fact not the majority, who have moved with the times and realise people who present the news often do so with accompanying commentary.

His mistake, in my view, was to then compare my role or job to that of Shane Taurima, and wonder what the difference was.

It’s important to point out here that I think Mr Cullen was suggesting I might have a certain established stance on various political matters, therefore assumptions are made on where I’m coming from.

Others have gone on in recent weeks to call that bias, but more on that in a moment.

In Cullen comparing what I do and its ensuing transparency to what Taurima did, is to shoot yourself in the foot.

What Taurima did was belong to a political party, stand for that party, raise money for that party and use taxpayer-funded facilities to do that fundraising, knowing it was explicitly against the rules and all the while running a journalistic unit that claimed neutrality.

In my opinion, Taurima was a moron.

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