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Reasons women aren’t working for money

I guess it would be fair to balance that with men:  Read more »

Kumara Bill isn’t the freshest spud in the bucket

Prime Minister Bill English is optimistic a Donald Trump presidency will not reverse the recent improvement in New Zealand’s relations with the United States but admits a rethink on the Trans Pacific Partnership is needed.

With just four days until the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, English said he was not expecting to talk to Trump any time soon.

“They’ve got to go through this massive process of bedding in a new Government. I’d imagine New Zealand is relatively low on their priorities.” Read more »

Man that was a boring press release

Is it the holidays and there is a caucus retreat on and Nashy has forgotten about the press release quota?

Under-resourcing from the National-led Government is seriously undermining the Police’s ability to combat organised crime, says Labour’s Police spokesperson Stuart Nash.

“In answers to my questions, the Minister of Police has confirmed that the numbers of Police officers dedicated to fighting organised crime is disturbingly low in the areas where they are needed most.

“The number of Police involved in organised crime is below 200, or around two per cent of the total police force, so it’s no wonder crime is up and resolution rates are down. Read more »

This is why Putin envies Trump


– Tipline


Mental Health Break

Yet another example of so called feminists using soft porn to sell their protest

Have you noticed how often feminists like to get their clothes off? They love to use the female body as a means of protest. They write slogans across their naked breasts and stand naked in public while holding a sign. They see nudity as a powerful way to protest and it seems nothing is too offensive for them to use including pubic hair. I would like to provide you all with photographic evidence but the nudity would put our google ad revenue in jeopardy so you will have to settle for a word picture.

The latest attempt to use soft porn to sell a protest comes from Madonna. On her Twitter account, she tweeted a photo that shows pubic hair shaved in the shape of the Nike logo with the words, Yasssssssss! Just Do it!” “1 Million Women’s March!! Be There!!”

This sums up for me the inherent problem with third wave feminism. On the one hand it castigates and humiliates men for ridiculous things like wearing a shirt they don’t like to an award ceremony and on the other hand it thinks it is quite okay to use the female body as an offensive, eye-catching piece of advertising.

Read more »