So, can we finally dispense with the “Lone Wolf” theory then?

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

A French prosecutor has confirmed that the man who beheaded his boss and tried to blow up a gas factory had a “terrorist motive” and links to the Islamic State group (IS) in Syria.

I don’t suspect any of my readers will be surprised.  But why is the Main Stream Media so determined not to admit that there is a world war between Islam and non-Islamist (and a smaller one between Islam and not-up-to-scratch Islamists)?   Read more »


20 Fair Questions for Colin Craig

1. Why did you lie to your Board for months about “inappropriate behaviour” with the Party press secretary when asked directly if it took place?

2. Why did you say on Paul Henry 20/6 that no “inappropriate behaviour” took place with Rachel MacGregor, then admit it the next day at a press conference you called?

3. Are you confident you have been honest in your filing of all Electoral Returns in accordance with the Act, and have been totally honest about amounts and invoicing to keep electorate campaigns under cap?

4. Do you categorically deny the new rumours emerging about a second sexual harassment case against you by another of your female employees?

5. Why did you not tell the truth to the media in late 2014 about Larry Baldock and Leighton Baker’s departures from the Board and Party?

6. Why did you overspend the Party budget in late 2014 by approx. $680,000 and not consult your Board about this at the time?

7. Why did you arrange a loan to yourself at 8% interest to cover this amount, and not lay this at the Board, but rather rang around your supporters by phone, and excluded those you knew would question this? Was that a “Board meeting” in your mind?

8. Why did you take the Party’s $220,000 GST rebate for yourself without reference to the Board?

9. Do you still believe that a missile hit the Pentagon and not a plane?

10. When you said publicly that John Stringer had been “suspended” by “a duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs” (NZHerald) why did you not disclose that it was simply a phone call between Brian Dobbs (who resigned the next day) and Nathaniel Heslop (who had already resigned)?    Read more »

Two Politicians, two very different parties but a common belief in a ‘ Fair go ‘

After the story of the Student teacher hit the headlines I approached three politicians for comment and their responses are below. Two of them have a common belief in a ‘fair go’ for the Student teacher which is heartening to see.

Labour Party’s Spokesperson for Education, Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins,Labour Party’s spokesperson for Education.

I don’t comment on specific employment matters.

On the general issue, I would expect all trainee teachers to be given full support to complete their qualifications. They should not be discriminated against based on gender, race, sexuality, past employment, or future employment prospects.

– Chris Hipkins

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Mental Health Break

Can your husband back a trailer?

Ford is taking gay utes to a whole new level, by developing a trailer backing assist system.

I mean really, any bloke who gets one of those or needs it should just let their husband back the trailer.

For some sportsmen, facing off against a Cape buffalo at 50 yards is the ultimate white-knuckle moment. But for those who tow trailers, it just could be backing down a ramp or executing a Y-turn in a crowded staging area. Although these are really simple maneuvers, each is supremely unforgiving of input errors on the part of the driver. The biggest single issue seems to be mastering the idea that if you want the trailer to go to the right while backing down the ramp, you need to turn the front wheels to the left.

Ford believes it has a better idea, which is why it will be offering what it calls Pro Trailer Backup Assist in the 2016 F-150 pickup. Essentially, it’s a sophisticated guidance system that, in conjunction with a rear-mounted camera, takes control of the truck’s steering wheel and moves the front wheels for you. All you do is turn a knob located on the instrument panel (left to move the trailer to the left; right to move it to the right). You guide the trailer by looking at the instrument panel camera monitor and the side mirrors and adjusting the knob as needed to maintain the line you want.  The system determines vehicle speed (obviously very low) and steering input for you; you still retain full control of the brakes.

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Map of the Day

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Places that have been part of the British Empire at any Point in their History

Click here for larger view

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Stop whining, it is the market in action

I really get sick of people whining about scalpers.

Disgruntled ticket-seekers are striking back against scalpers by placing multimillion-dollar bids on auctions in an attempt to get them shut down.

Trade Me members are bidding up to $56 million in order to take control away from people looking to cash in on the hottest tickets in town, for Saturday’s Super Rugby final between the Hurricanes and the Highlanders at Westpac Stadium.

They are lucky it isn’t me selling the tickets, because their bids would be accepted then I’d pursue them for the monies. Placing false bids is tantamount to fraud.

Tickets went on sale to the public at 4pm on Monday, but many would-be buyers were disappointed as Ticketek sold 29,000 tickets in 59 seconds.

Less than an hour later, scalpers began selling tickets on Trade Me and overseas ticketing website Viagogo.   Read more »

Dodgy pommy ratbags just love their nepotism

It seems dodgy pommy MPs just love their nepotism with increasing numbers of them employing family members.

I wonder how many NZ politicians do the same.

One in five of the MPs elected in May’s general election employs their wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters and even in one case his father, a new register shows.

The decision to offer work to family members in their private offices offers a way for MPs to top up their pay, as the expenses watchdog considers giving them a 11 per cent rise.

The new register of MPs’ interests lays bare the financial interests of the 650 MPs were elected parliament in May.   Read more »

Comment of the Day


George nails it again:

With the comments today reflecting on the possibility of Phil Goff standing for Auckland Mayor, there needs to be consideration of why he is not being snapped up by the private sector.

I believe the private sector wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole nor would they do so with the encumbered (sic).

The only way these career politicians can wield power is through being elected to office where qualified merit is not a requisite. Socialists’ support comes from those who are generally not involved in generating their own income thus relying on the endeavours of others to either provide employment or State benefits.   Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Image source: The Australian

Image source: The Australian

The Prime Minister who Disappeared

In 1967, Harold Holt went for a swim off an Australian beach and never came back. By law, no official inquest could be held without a body. Soon the whispers of conspiracy began.

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