“…there are bad journalists and good bloggers and vice versa”

Heather Carston asks her fellow media friends:

I have to ask this, because I did learn as a cadet in Aussie, not here – how are polytechs and universities in New Zealand teaching young writers how to really cultivate and then work their sources over the long term these days? Because in reading this and in seeing what is happening in parts of mainstream media, there seems to be a lot of managing of media by sources rather than the other way round.

Yes, one does have to ‘look after’ a good source – but never at the cost of a good story.

The minute a journalist finds themselves allowing their personal preferences (and by this I mean their liking for their source or source’s idealogy) above being as factual as possible and following all leads is when they should question their ethics on how and why they are doing their job.

By the same token, an editor needs to have enough working nous to look at a story and see if there isn’t any aspects that have not been looked into hard enough. Read more »


Publishing private emails about my non-political private life: Lowering the bar of New Zealand journalism

When I reported on Len Brown’s indiscretions, people said I had lowered the bar for everyone.  This was a new low for New Zealand journalism, and so on.

When it comes to using private conversations the bar has now been lowered too.  I hope you are all ready for what’s to come.

Because, Andrea Vance aside, who expressed extreme unease at my private emails being used, most of you better not whine when your emails or private matters hit the media from here on in.

Andrea Vance aside, most of you have gleefully fueled what has happened over the last week.


Just remember that when it is your turn.

Oh look, Pete just pointed me to this:   Read more »


You’re all pathetic sore losers (paraphrasing Rick Neville)


Tiso just can’t let this Canon Award thing go, and is destroying himself and with him, Deborah Hill Cone, Rick Neville, Canon and the NPA, as collateral damage.

Writes Tiso Read more »

Hackers have no ethics, but Russell Brown does. And for that I thank him.

Whaledump released a Facebook conversation that covered a lot of personal stuff about me, and more specifically my mum. She battled cancer and as these things go, it took quite a toll on the lives around her too. It’s the sort of thing you talk about with friends.

But. Hackers, in their own way, want to destroy me, so anything goes.

Publicaddress told off whaledump: because there’s lots of personal stuff in the chats (e.g. about cam’s mum)

Dirty Politics ‏@DirtyPoliticsNZ 5m
Links to recent @whaledump release have been retracted.In the process of sifting through the info to create own link with relevant info only

Idiot/Savant ‏@norightturnnz 31m
Dear @whaledump there is no public interest in “exposing” people talking about their ill parents.

Mark Hubbard ‏@MarkHubbard33 37m
Unfollowed @whaledump Yes, #dirtypolitics uncovered by Hager is dreadful, Whale should blog off, but that account is juvenile & as bad.

Although Idiot Savant is a ranty lefty he shows he has compassion too.   Read more »

Our Friends: Cameron and John Slater, by David Slack

Now, don’t be shocked or anything, but David Slack just regurgitated a 2010 METRO hit piece on me through my father.

Just in case you were wondering where he stood.  He’s also posted it to the Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page (couldn’t even find a friend to do it for him – self promotion – so ugly), so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me showing you too

Credit:  Daron Parton.

Credit: Daron Parton.

John: The boy’s not an embarrassment, not at all.

He can get a bit confused, though. But then he grew up with cabinet ministers traipsing through our house and hitting the gin. Let’s be honest, our people can be a bit confusing.

First, we think you should leave the Yarpies alone, then we agree apartheid was terrible. First, compulsory saving is communism, then it’s policy. First we like the warships, then nuclear free’s the way to go. Except at lunch in Washington, of course!

And of course we think the gays are perfectly okay these days, although the boy still gets a bit toey about that.

He’s 40 years old but some days I look at him and I still see the kid who came home from school with a sore bum and a story to tell.

He was 11. Some little bugger had copied his work and they’d both got a D. I said to him, “Did you put around some rumours about him? That’s how we do it in the party.” He said, “No way. I whacked him, then I got on his desk, pulled down my trousers and dumped on his books.”

Well that wasn’t my way, but I thought good on him. He got stuck in.

He’s had a bit of bad luck, of course. Read more »

Mental Health Break

…the project is not at a point where he can comment

That’s quite a nice way to say “go away” to the media.   Lauren Priestly reports

State tenants slamming a $1.5 million sculpture proposed for Queens Wharf say it’s ironic and offensive.

The artwork designed by Michael Parekowhai is a model of a state house with a $700,000 hand-blown Venetian glass chandelier inside.

It’s two-thirds of the size of a state house and early design images leaked to media are drawing serious criticism.

Leading the charge are state house tenants under threat of eviction as Housing New Zealand sells off some of its stock. The extravagant work was commissioned after a $1 m donation from Barfoot & Thompson in 2013. A further $500,000 is needed from Auckland Council to make up the shortfall.

Westmere state tenant and artist Gael Baldock said the sculpture is in “very bad taste”.

The cost of the chandelier alone could help build two new state houses, she said.

“With the amount of homeless we have, particularly in Auckland now, the whole thing is insulting.”

Glen Innes state tenant Sue Henry said the idea is appalling.

The Housing New Zealand Northern Glen Innes redevelopment project is in full-force in her suburb, moving 156 tenants and families out in the process.

“It’s almost like a trophy for developers and real estate agents that they’ve got rid of the state houses, that’s the way I see it.”

Councillor Mike Lee says the sculpture is not in keeping with the maritime elements and history of Queens Wharf.

He said the council should scrap the project or move it elsewhere.

It would actually be more sensible to build a real house, don’t you think?   Move it?  Not in keeping with maritime elements?

This from the Auckland Council that has money for opera, arts, but not the Rescue Helicopter Trust.

It makes me sick to the stomach to think these people have totally forgotten this money has been slaved over by the rate payers, and in their care to diligently spend it on our behalf.

Nooooo, it’s the wrong location for a pretend state house with a $700,000 hand-blown Venetian chandelier.

Do these people even listen to themselves?   Read more »

Map of the Day

National’s first election ad made for TV. Does it hit the mark? [POLL]

Impertinent question



Since Whaledump and friends are not politically motivated, but found there was absolutely no problem in being involved in hacking, invasion of privacy, breaking of professional confidences and possibly even burglary…

…why aren’t they promoting the Dirty Politics e-book that’s freely available on the Internet?


Don’t tell me that of all their ethical standards, Copyright is something they won’t breach?