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Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  Roger Price

Credit: Roger Price

The BBC are wog loving, terrorist hugging, liberal elite scumbags

The liberal elite, wog loving, terrorist hugging, wombles at the BBC don’t want to upset ISIS.

The BBC Director General has refused to ban the term Islamic State in its reports.

In response to 120 MPs signing a letter asking for it not to be used, Tony Hall has said any alternative name would be “pejorative” and the broadcaster must remain “impartial”.

Seriously…the BBC thinks they are impartial?

Surely they jest?

Lord Hall of Birkenhead made the comments in a private reply to MPs.

In the letter, seen by the Times, he wrote: “The BBC takes a common sense view when deciding how to describe organisations, we take our cue from the organisation’s description of itself.   Read more »


Egyptian Army having a good crack at ISIS, posts pictures of dead scumbags on their Facebook page

The Egyptian Army is making a good start on eradicating the world of ISIS scumbags.

They have even posted pictures of the dead scumbags on their Facebook page.

The Daily Beast reports:

The army’s escalating military and media campaign to wipe out the terror group took a gruesome step Wednesday with two posts featuring dozens of contorted bodies clutching machine guns.

It was a hearts and minds campaign in the form of blood and carnage.

The Egyptian army used its Facebook page on Wednesday to highlight the destruction it inflicted on the self-proclaimed Islamic State, proudly posting photos of scores of bodies lying in the desert.

There was a picture of scores of weapons lying on an ISIS flag, which garnered 27,000 likes. There were photos of the contorted bodies of the “despicable terrorists” lying in the desert, some lined up, nearly all wearing military uniforms. Some were lying next to their weapons.

Those 43 photos in the album had received 57,000 likes by the end of the day.

Facebook users shared a second batch of 30 photos nearly 29,000 times. In some photos, the military zoomed in on the faces of the dead, and nearly all showed the fighters’ machine guns, sometimes lying on top of their bodies.

“O Lord, grant victory to Egypt,” many wrote in response.

Outside Facebook, the postings were met with impassioned reactions from Egyptians, many divided about their government. Some thanked God for their military and the onslaught of jihadists whom they believe threaten Egypt’s stability. Still others saw the government perpetuating violence.

Either way, the postings show an Egypt engaged in an escalating military and media campaign.   Read more »

The Australian Flag debate is so much worse than ours

Stuart Park residents Julie Lucas and Paul Lucas were disgusted to be told to take down t

Stuart Park residents Julie Lucas and Paul Lucas were disgusted to be told to take down their Australian flag by their body corporate due to the “current political climate”. Picture: Michael Franchi

While here in New Zealand John Key’s pet project to change our flag is being debated something much worse is happening to our mates in Australia. Thanks to the results of a study by Professor Farida Fozdar the debate happening there is not whether or not they should change the flag but whether or not Australians are racist for flying it.

Patriotism is clearly under attack in Australia and without commissioning a study to try to prove a pre determined outcome I will put my neck on the line and call this for what it clearly is, Cultural Jihad. It is no coincidence that the groups in Australia fighting Islamification are proudly patriotic and wave flags at their protests. This suppression and demonisation of patriotic Australians is all part of Islamic Cultural Jihad.

Read more »

Poms tell porridge wogs to stick it

David Cameron is manning up to the halfwit socialists in Scotland, and ensuring that they can not block sensible pommy law changes.

David Cameron has said that the wishes of English MPs will never again be “overruled” by those in Scotland as his government announces plans to give them a veto on English-only laws.

Chris Grayling, the leader of the Commons, is expected to unveil plans to use a parliamentary procedure known as a standing order to stop Scottish MPs from shaping legislation that only affects English voters.

The move, one of the Conservative’s flagship manifesto proposals, is likely to be put to a vote on the floor of the house later this month, meaning it could become law by the summer.

Mr Grayling will also announce plans for a review to establish the “next steps” which could see English MPs given even more power over English issues.  Read more »

How long before the public health busybodies demand this here?


Political correctness has gone seriously wrong and now David Cameron’s government has shows just how stupid they can sometimes be.

They have just authorised teachers to become food stasi, with the right to inspect kids lunch boxes, and confiscate food they deem unhealthy.

This totally overrides parental responsibility, I can’t imagine what they will try next?

Teachers can lawfully “confiscate, keep or destroy” unhealthy snacks in children’s school lunch boxes, a Government minister has said.

Lord Nash, an education minister, said that the child in question and a second member of staff should be present during the search. Parents must also be warned that the searches might take place.

The peer was answering question in the House of Lords about the powers that “teachers in the state sector have to inspect children’s lunch boxes and to confiscate items that they deem unsuitable”.

Lord Nash said it was up to school governors “whether to ban certain products to promote healthy eating.  Read more »


Sea Shepherd economic terrorists shift tactics to endangered krill – news media do zero fact checks

Conservation group Sea Shepherd has changed its target – it no longer wants to save the whales but their food.

It claims human consumption of krill as a health supplement has led to overfishing and it’s calling for a boycott of a leading health supplement company.

The group is known for daring frontline tactics against Japanese whalers, but Sea Shepherd has now gone online with a petition against Eco Krill, sold by Australian company Blackmores.

“This particular supplement, because of its outrageous claim that it’s somehow environmentally-friendly sets a dangerous precedent across all other krill products,” says Adam Burling of Sea Shepherd.

Krill is the main food for whales, some penguins and Antarctic birds.

It’s also rich in Omega 3 and Sea Shepherd claims huge factory ships are vacuuming up krill and selling it to fish farms and supplement companies like Blackmores.

“This company is taking around about 100,000 tonnes a year, its half the global catch of krill.”

There are many krill products available but Sea Shepherd is targeting Blackmores because of the company’s eco claims.

The product carries a Marine Stewardship Council certification, an organisation which claims to “set and maintain the standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability”.

But Sea Shepherd rejects that and warns it’ll step up its action if Blackmores doesn’t listen.

“As the campaign goes on we will look at a range of tactics potentially including field tactics,” says Mr Burling.

Blackmores take 100,000 tones, that’s 0.1 million tonnes (this is important later), of a total harvest of 0.2M tonnes per year world-wide.  Blackmores obviously present the largest target in the market. Read more »

The (2nd) Great Whaleoil Census – Part 44: – I want less Government in my life


Good morning.  About two years ago we ran a “census” to get an idea of what our audience was all about.  We’re going to do that again, but this time it will be one question per day, each morning.  I will attempt to collate the previous questions as we go along, so that anyone who misses one can find a reasonably easy way to have a vote or to review the results. Although we have a huge list of questions to work through, feel free to suggest ones that are close to your heart in the comments.

Part 44 – I want less government in my life

There is a balance between being taken care of and feeling like you can’t do a thing without bumping into regulations.  Do you think NZ has it right?  Do we need less government in our life?
Read more »

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Today in History


On this day, in 1988, the Unites States Warship, USS VINCENNES, misidentified and subsequently shot down a civilian airliner, Iran Air Flight 655. Read more »