Cry baby of the week


Peter Haynes: Cry baby of the week

Our cry baby of the week is Peter Haynes, the Labour/Green aligned Albert Eden Local Board chairman who is concerned that a newer and bigger supermarket will mean he has to walk further to do his shopping.

Renovations to one of Auckland’s busiest supermarkets, expanded by a third to now be a half hectare, will be marked at an event next week but a community leader says the store is now too big.

Countdown Mt Eden, the Valley Rd shop with an average weekly customer count of 33,000, has been pushed out from 3560sq m to 5000sq m or a half-hectare.

Wiebe van der Veen, store manager, said another 50 people had been employed to staff the larger supermarket, operating in the expanded format since September.   Read more »

I wonder how many of these guys Bill promised a ministerial portfolio for their public endorsement

A whole bunch of MPs declared earlier today for Bill English. This ultimately led to Judith Collins jacking in the race. But, at least one of them at least was promised a ministerial portfolio if he did so…that will come at the expense of Jonathan Coleman who will get stabbed first for daring to interrupt his coronation.

Judith Collins is likely to get stabbed too because Bill English has such a deep and abiding vindictive streak.

Bill English’s bid for Prime Minister continues to build momentum as more MPs declare their support for him today.

Twenty-one MPs have now committed to backing English in a vote on Monday, while none have yet publicly backed the other contenders Jonathan Coleman and Judith Collins.

To get a majority within the National caucus a candidate will need 30 votes.

The growing level of support for English could put pressure on Coleman and Collins to withdraw from the race.

National’s Jami-Lee Ross, Jonathan Young, Todd Muller, Chris Bishop and Brett Hudson are the latest to say they will back English.   Read more »

Did McCully use his position to leak Shearer’s new job to benefit Bill?

The main thrust of approaches to backbenchers is Bill is needed for stability…the classic Mummy is still here line.

They are talking about the possibility of others leaving if Bill doesn’t win, leading to the bizarre situation where senior ministers are thinking of throwing their toys if their mate Bill English doesn’t stay to protect them in their jobs. Classic old guard protecting themselves without thinking about the future of the party they belong to.

So it is somewhat interesting that it was Murray McCully who leaked that David Shearer may be gone, before his job is even confirmed.

David Shearer’s set to quit Mt Albert, to take up a job with the United Nations, leading its mission in South Sudan.

A recommendation for the Labour MP’s appointment has been put before the United Nations Security Council by Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

That’s set to be approved this week.

All Security Council members have two days to object but Mr Shearer’s previous experience means he’s likely to get the tick.

Mr Shearer will work alongside the commander of 18,000 peace-keepers, with a budget of about $1 billion.   Read more »

Mental Health Break

Anti-sugar wowsers attack Paddle pop advertisement in Australia

Anti-sugar wowsers have gone after a children’s internet advertisement for a Paddle pop.It seems nothing is sacred anymore. Kids must be protected from the things that make childhood memories. I still buy from Mr Whippy when he comes down our street. Summer and ice creams go together like salt and pepper.

Long hot Aussie summers and paddle pops!-Pinterest

Long hot Aussie summers and paddle pops!-Pinterest

Paddle Pop has pulled a 15-second internet advertisement after a complaint about it was upheld.

Read more »

Map of the Day

Collins withdraws and Bully Bill gets to be PM

Bill English’s bullying of MPs has worked, he has the numbers to become leader of the National party. As a result Judith Collins has quit the race.

He has threatened MPs still waiting on selections that they would be rinsed if they didn’t declare, he’s promised others jobs, and now the retribution will start.

After months in the plotting, the plan didn’t go as smoothly as Key and English hoped but he has got there in the end.

A great many bridges have been burnt with John Key’s petulant quitting and there exists now deep divisions inside National.   Read more »

What a …


To the owner of JUA92:  be glad the guy that the guy trying to park got only as far as taking a photo instead of keying your Porche.

Quote of the Year: pick your favourite

The NZ Herald has picked the contenders

•”All I can say is that I gave it everything I had. I left nothing in the tank.”
– Prime Minister John Key announcing his sudden resignation.

• “I do name a lot of my animals as an insurance policy, because if you name a chicken Meryl Streep, in all fairness you can’t eat Meryl Streep.”
– Sam Neill explaining his animals’ names on The Graham Norton Show.

• “In the beginning I really admired Colin. It was only as time went on that I realised he was a douche bag.”
– Rachel MacGregor testifying at Colin Craig’s defamation trial.

• “You can tell that she’s a negotiator. I’ve never won an argument with her in my life.”
– Dylan Kelly describing his mother, the late union leader Helen Kelly. Read more »

Hosking on Key’s departure

Mike runs a quick summary so far

On Monday Key quits – cue shock and awe and retrospectives and platitudes.

On Tuesday came the speculation, rumours and the sense that Bill English is your man.

But then Johnathan Coleman comes to the party to make sure it’s a contest and by the end of the day Judith Collins is in as well.

Amy Adams rules herself out of leadership, but she’s still a possibility for deputy.

Wednesday is deputies day – Simon Bridges backs English and wants to be his second in charge. Then in comes Paula Bennett, she wants to be the same as Bridges.

This is trouble. This is where the factions form and the resentment builds when one of them loses.

We still haven’t heard anything from Coleman, who’s his deputy? Who wants to stand with him?

What about Bridges and Bennett – do they want to be deputy if Collins or Coleman win?

And speaking of Collins, who’s her deputy?

And now, what won’t happen.   Read more »