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Yeah.. nah…

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Reid 3 News Poll

(Quick and dirty, will try and tidy later)


Nat 46.4

Lab 25.9

Grn 12.6

NZF 5.8

Con 4.2

Mao 2.0

IntMan 1.7

Act 0.6

UF 0.1


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Impertinent questions about Labour’s CGT tax grab

It’s also completely unworkable.  ACT’s Jamie Whyte explains

Exempting the family home from Capital Gains taxes is harder than it sounds.  What if you charge one of the children board?  What if it is one of the children’s friends?  A boarder?  Many South Auckland families share a house.  When does it stop being a family house?  If you take a job overseas or elsewhere and rent the home for a while, is it still a family home? What about the Granny flat?  What if it is not granny?

Labour’s proposal is not fair.  The million dollar Dotcom mansions will be capital tax free and the Otara ex-state house will be taxed because the owner needed extra income to pay the mortgage.

As with many Labour policies, it’s just aimed at the rich pricks, but hasn’t actually been thought through.   And with David Cunliffe hiding all his wealth in trusts, he’s got no idea how it will affect real people.

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Some forensic work on @whaledump’s “Facebook” messages

I’ll start with the executive summary, so you can avoid the technobabble:  @whaledump is publishing fake conversations between Judith Collins and Cameron Slater.   I know this for certain.

When I was reading these supposed Facebook chats between Judith and Cameron, one thing immediately struck me:  where is the profanity?

Working closely with Cam, and almost a thousand chat logs (none of them via Facebook, incidentally) to draw on, I looked back over them, and for any that go on for a reasonable length, there is always some stomach cringing statement somewhere.  That’s “our” Cam.   I’ve heard him on the phone with other journos – and they damn well know that he can’t go for two sentences without saying something crude.

Anyone who has dealt with Cameron Slater will know his conversations, written or otherwise , are peppered with sledges, slights and pretty nasty language.  Even in chats with multiple participants, he will call us by derogatory nicknames, or use other ways to have over-the-top blokey type of conversations.   For example, I drive a car not worthy of his respect, and I’m constantly getting hammered for it.

It’s the banter you have when you think you’re talking privately.

All this is completely absent from the forged “Facebook chat logs”.   I don’t know about Judith Collins, I haven’t had any private contact with her (another hint this is a beat up?).  We haven’t even met.   As such, I can’t gauge her “voice” in these logs.

I have “admin” rights to the Whaleoil Facebook page, as I have access to many things to help Cam with the day-to-day chores.   So I decided to pull down the conversation and have a look at it.

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Bob Jones normally votes Labour. Not this time



When I wrote recently that this election was done and dusted, a storm of protest erupted on the New Zealand Herald’s website from Labour’s deeply unattractive, rabid tribalists. Abuse aside, the common theme was that I’m a die-hard National supporter. That gave great amusement given that I last voted National in 1981.

Excepting twice Act and the New Zealand Party in 1984, I’ve voted Labour ever since. Policies, not parties are my guide. But while I’ve given financial support to Labour MP friends, I certainly don’t want to see a change of government.

Aside from other disturbing considerations, a Labour government is currently only possible by incorporating the most abysmal line-up of no-hopers ever to have presented themselves in our history.

The Nats’ rowing boat television advertisement is spot-on, consequently this time National will get my Party vote, although I’ll opt for the Labour seat incumbent.

Staunch Labour voter Bob Jones can’t stomach the idea of a Labour/Green/Mana/Internet/NZ First government either.  And who can blame him?  If he votes on policy, and he’s being truthful about that, then what on earth does anyone think they are voting for?   Nobody knows which policies will be left standing after coalition agreements are signed.

He then gets stuck into Colin Craig   Read more »

What would you rather spend $100M on? [POLL]

The Labour Party have pledged $100M to start buying back New Zealand’s electricity generation assets.

The National Party will do this with the same money:

A re-elected National-led Government will spend $100 million over 10 years to buy and retire selected areas of farmland next to important waterways to create an environmental buffer that helps improve water quality.

National will also introduce a mandatory requirement to exclude dairy cattle from waterways.

National’s Environment Spokeswoman, Amy Adams, and Primary Industries spokesman Nathan Guy made the announcement at the Waituna Lagoon in Southland with Prime Minister and National Party Leader John Key today.

“New Zealand’s freshwater makes us an incredibly lucky country. We have over 400,000 kilometres of rivers and more than 4,000 lakes,” Ms Adams says.

“New Zealand’s water is among the very best in the world and we want to keep it that way. These are the next steps in our considered and sensible plan to continual improvements in freshwater quality.

“We are particularly committed to improving the quality of our freshwater and have made a number of key decisions that previous governments have put in the too-hard basket.

“This Government has introduced national standards for freshwater to safeguard it for future generations,” Ms Adams says. “That new framework will give communities around the country the tools to maintain and improve the quality of their lakes and rivers.

“To continue this progress, the next National-led Government will invest $100 million over 10 years to further enhance the quality of freshwater through a targeted fund to buy and retire areas of farmland next to waterways.

“This fund will give councils another option to help manage freshwater by enabling these sensitive areas to be retired for environmental purposes,” says Ms Adams.

National will also introduce a requirement to exclude dairy cattle from waterways by 1 July 2017, and will work with industry to exclude other cattle from waterways over time on intensively farmed lowland properties, says Ms Adams.

Awesome.  Clean waterways are great for many reasons, and not just so you can take a skinny dip.  As policies go, I think this is a winner.   But that’s just me, what do you think the next government should spend $100M on?   Read more »

Roy Morgan Poll: Don’t panic


Before anyone believes the “Dirty politics is taking its toll on National line, two polls ago, before Dirty Politics, Roy Morgan had National on 46%.  And now, 3 weeks after Dirty Politics, it has National on 45%


That’s all.

(PS:  2 polls ago, Labour was on 30%.   Now on 26%.  OK?)


Hosking on Double standards


via Newstalk ZB (she should sue!)

I’ve been under a lot of pressure from people to cover the Jennifer Lawrence stolen photo issue, and the parallels to my situation.  In my view, everyone has made up their minds already, so it doesn’t  matter anymore.  That doesn’t stop Mike Hosking having another try

I take it I am not the only one who is seeing the irony here in the Jennifer Lawrence hacking case.

Jennifer Lawrence and a bunch of other names have had nude photos hacked out of the cloud and distributed for the world to see.

The world, or at least parts of it, is outraged. Editorials are running in publications all over the planet, filled with upset and anger over what they’re broadly calling a massive invasion of privacy. A hunt has been launched for the hacker. Such is the upset when Ricky Gervais posted a tweet about it, he received an avalanche of hate over making fun of such matters.

It would appear that if you looked at this case in isolation, you would quickly conclude that hacking private information is the height of bad manners, bad behaviour and a very serious criminal act indeed.

I’m just waiting for my naked photos to be published.   Read more »