Material Girl Turei losing the last bit of plot she had left

Good grief – get ready for this

“We are still here,” she told a crowd of around 200 delegates.

“Not one single party other than National and Labour that stood in the 1990 election is still around, let alone doing better than ever.”

Mrs Turei was introduced as the “senior female politician in Opposition” and received a standing ovation.

Despite the party failing to raise its vote in the general election, Mrs Turei said it had been the Greens’ “most successful political year to date”.

The party received the highest number of votes in its history, has enrolled record numbers of members, and raised more money than Labour.

She said that the Greens had historically been ahead of the curve, in particular on climate change and social policy.

“If orange is the new black, then green must be the new mainstream.”

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Key says something nice, new Green leader determined it means something nasty

Newly-elected Green Party co-leader James Shaw has taken a shot at Prime Minister John Key, saying he should be “careful what he wishes for”.

Mr Key this week said he was looking forward to facing off with Mr Shaw – part of a National Party strategy which Mr Shaw said was designed to undermine him.

After beating the more experienced Kevin Hague in a vote for male co-leader position this afternoon, Mr Shaw said he was capable of taking on Mr Key.

“He did say he was looking forward to it, so he should be careful what he wishes for,” the Green MP said at a press conference.

Mr Shaw, a Wellington-based MP with a business background, ran on a platform of growing the Green Party vote. He said the members had seen that the Greens needed to expand into a broad-based party and he was the best person to do that.

But the party already had solid foundations, he said, and he did not plan to make a drastic change in direction. He reiterated his opposition to forming a Government with National, but said that would ultimately be decided by the party’s members.

Mr Shaw said both Labour and Greens were in good shape, having changed leaders, and were looking ahead. He noted that the two parties polled highest when they presented themselves as a unified, alternative government.

Labour and the Greens are both in great shape.

So, the carrot is going out to Labour to work together and take on the nasty Nats.

The parties polled the highest when they were busy creating policy such as nationalising electricity generation under NZ Power, and running a damaging campaign that took $2b out of the nation’s coffers – an amount that would have covered the deficit a number of times over by now.

If Shaw thinks Labour is in good shape, then I bet he thinks Meteria is doing a great job as well.

The promise lasted less than a day.  Shaw is already digging his hole deeper.


– Isaac Davison, NZ Herald

Grassgroot Greens want rid of Taliban moniker


Somewhat against expectations, James Shaw has managed to take out the Green Party co-penis prize.

This is a very strong groundswell of opinion that the Norman/Turei years are over, and the party wants something else.

Hague was always capable, but he had two major problems:  he’s got no charisma and he’s front-foot gay.

Even the Green Taliban couldn’t make itself elect a gay party leader.  Perhaps they want a proper co-penis?   But I digress.

Shaw does have the X Factor but very little experience.  A bit like John Key when he started I suppose.

acknowledged it was an “incredibly close race” and that there will be many people disappointed by the result.

“I am committed to doing everything in my power to earn everybody’s respect in the coming months and years.”

Mr Shaw paid tribute to outgoing co-leader Russel Norman, who took over in 2006 following the sudden death of Rod Donald.

“I follow in your footsteps and I’m deeply aware of what that means,” Mr Shaw said.

“Thank you for everything you have done, you are relieved.”

Mr Shaw said he was “so excited” to be working with Metiria Turei – who remains the party’s female co-leader – over the next few years.

“Me too!” Ms Turei replied.

Will all the disappointed people come in behind Shaw?   Or will there now be a Hague faction that is going to actively undermine the party from within?

As a new kid on the block, this is going to be interesting to observe.


– 3 News

Putting the record straight – Bob Jones

Twice in successive weeks recently, I slammed the New Zealand media’s ludicrous behaviour in two New Zealand Herald satirical columns, over their infantile excesses following the ponytail incident. How ironic then that a few weeks later I should be the subject of their obsession with trivia. Here’s what happened.

I shot up to Auckland for a vice-chancellor’s university function, in my honour. As I’ve done countless times, I gave my ticket to the always helpful Koru Club ladies who set about re-organising me into the big leg room emergency seat and, if possible, and as indeed in that case, with no-one besides me. On the flight I was greeted by one of Air New Zealand’s most charming chief stewards, a Chinese chap, took my seat, donned my air phones to avoid the unbelievably childish safety claptrap, and had a pleasant 50 minutes’ read.

The following day at Auckland saw a repetition, marked by one of the X-ray machine officers shaking hands with me, saying he hadn’t seen me for a while. Such is the usual friendly conduct I and doubtless other regular Auckland-Wellington are accustomed to. Once again, I took my seat, donned my earphones and settled into my book, of which more shortly. There was a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see a young hostess frowning at me and, assuming it was the usual seat forward silliness, pushed the side button and returned to reading. She tapped again. I took off the headphones.

“You’re in the emergency seat.”


“Do you know you’re in the emergency seat?”


“Do you want to change seats?”

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Did Nash win Napier because of McVicar?

ll the luvvies on the left don’t want a rugby playing, beer drinking, woman rooting Labour MP to look like he has ever done anything good. So following Chris Trotters endorsement of Nashy for the next Labour leader they are aggressively running the silly line that vote splits gave Nash Napier.
Don’t believe it. Nashy won Napier because as Chris Trotter says
Screenshot 2015-05-30 at 17.46.47
Fifth Time Lucky? After trying, and failing, four times to make an emotional connection with the electorate, perhaps Labour should look for a leader who got himself re-elected to Parliament the old-fashioned way – by raising heaps of cash and then persuading “mainstream” New Zealanders to vote for him. Napier MP, Stuart Nash (above) addresses a provincial business audience.”

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The (2nd) Great Whaleoil Census – Part 11: Your life of crime


Good morning.  About two years ago we ran a “census” to get an idea of what our audience was all about.  We’re going to do that again, but this time it will be one question per day, each morning.  I will attempt to collate the previous questions as we go along, so that anyone who misses one can find a reasonably easy way to have a vote or to review the results.

Although we have a huge list of questions to work through, feel free to suggests ones that are close to your heart in the comments.

Part 11:  – Your life of crime

As we negotiate the long weekend, some of these questions will be a little snooze inducing.  I don’t want to do the important ones while a lot of readers are away.

For the purpose of this question, consider home detention the same as jail time.  EXCLUDE taking illegal drugs.

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Today in History


On this day, in 1962, Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel. Read more »

Face of the day


James Shaw, from Wellington, has been named the Green Party’s new co-leader. Ross Giblin/FAIRFAX NZ

The Green Party has a new co-leader – former business consultant James Shaw.

Shaw will step into the role alongside co-leader Metiria Turei, following a vote at the party’s annual general meeting in Auckland on Saturday.

Earlier Turei said she felt like “The Bachelorette” as she waited for the outcome.

The Bachelorette Green Party Style -Appalling photoshop job by Spanishbride

The Bachelorette Green Party Style
-Appalling photoshop job by Spanishbride

“It’s been a while since I’ve had four men chasing after me. Who will get the rose?”

…Shaw paid tribute to Norman…He then embraced female co-leader Metiria Turei.

Turei described all four candidates as “political adonises”.
– Stuff

Word of the day

The word for today is…

schism (noun) – 1. A separation or division into factions.
2. (a) A formal breach of union within a religious body, especially a Christian church.
(b) The offense of attempting to produce such a breach.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : late 14th century, scisme, “dissention within the church,” from Old French scisme, cisme “a cleft, split” (12th century), from Church Latin schisma, from Greek skhisma (genitive skhismatos) “division, cleft,” in New Testament applied metaphorically to divisions in the Church (I Cor. xii.25), from stem of skhizein “to split”.