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Oh dear. Overzealous snapper quota management wasn’t needed

David Shearer - Dead Fish

Nathan Guy is the latest minister to fall for the rubbish of his officials without applying a common sense test.

We’ve watched Amy Adams bring in the Harmful Digital Communications Act, and Michael Woodhouse bollocks up health and safety legislation and do a similar job on holiday opening hours.

Now we see that the great fish debate over snapper size and limits wasn’t even needed, though it did cost David Shearer his job at the time.

Undersized snapper account for a far smaller percentage of snapper caught by commercial fishermen than previously believed, data shows.    Read more »

No surprises here, a new survey reveals the hard left is out is of touch


The hard left are prone to believing every conspiracy theory out there.

In the UK a survey has been done of supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and it has no real surprises…other than these deluded souls think what they believe in is what people in the UK are begging for in a political party.

Supporters of the runaway Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn are twice as likely to think the world is controlled by a secretive global elite than anyone else, a poll has revealed.

Almost a third of the veteran left-winger’s fans believe in a global conspiracy compared to just over one in 10 people in the general public.

Mr Corbyn’s supporters, dubbed ‘Corbynistas’, are also much more likely to describe themselves as ‘dreamers’, get angry about ‘being told what to do’ and support the end of the monarchy, the respected pollsters YouGov found.   Read more »

Let’s see the commitment of the DomPost editor to no ads on Sunday

To prove how commercially stupid the DomPost editor is and demonstrate the contempt they hold their shareholders’ interest in this organisation that survives on advertising, he thinks it’s a great idea having a Sunday ad ban.

The Government is widening its attack on commerce-free Sundays and public holidays. It moved to allow Easter Sunday trading, and now it wonders whether to scrap the ban on broadcasting advertisements on Sunday mornings and at Christmas and Easter.

The arguments are the same – why persist with these odd exceptions to the all-pervasive rule? – but the politics are different. Plenty of voters want to be able to shop on Easter Sunday. Very few want more ads on TV. Making advertisements truly wall-to-wall throughout the year might make for “consistency”. The viewer’s irritation would also increase.

In this case the tiny religious lobby is backed by a great secular majority. All can unite against the final victory of commercial yawp.

The DomPost editor could make a start by committing to remove all ads from Fairfax sites on Sundays as well as from the Sunday Star Times. This would be a strong move against “commercial yawp”.    Read more »

NY Daily News happy to offend family of slain journalist but refuses to offend Muslims

How offensive is the below photo to you? Personally I hate how Media show photos of people being killed or tortured and even worse use videos of people being slaughtered (ISIS videos). Every time they use these images or play those videos they incentivise the evil people who created them to keep doing it as they are guaranteed to have their gruesome and incredibly offensive material spread all over the MSM network.

-Screen shot

-Screen shot

Imagine if the MSM refused to show these images and videos and provided as few details as they do when someone commits suicide. Instead the MSM milk these horrible incidents for all the sensation and dollars they can. They could just report the facts but they choose to shock and offend. Imagine how the family of that dead female reporter must feel seeing their daughter’s final seconds of life splashed all over the Media?

Read more »

Mental Health Break

Hillary jumps the shark: compares conservatives to terrorist

…Hillary Clinton compared Republican pro-lifers to terrorists because apparently both groups just hate women above all else.

In her speech referring to Republican opposition to Planned Parenthood yesterday, she said, “Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be president of the United States.”

This comparison is so asinine that it even sent shock waves of outrage through liberal media. As TruthRevolt reported, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called it “disgusting,” “insulting,” and  “gutter politics at its worst.” Though he is way late to the party, he even wondered if “sick radicalism” is now infecting the Democratic Party.

Morning Joe guest Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics‘ was also shocked by the comments and could easily see that if the shoe was on the other foot, all hell would break loose:

If a Republican did this, the world would come to a halt. It should be condemned in strong terms and I’m hoping and I’m suspecting she may take it back today.

Clinton’s offensive comments come less than a month after President Obama himself opined on the various similarities between terrorists and Republicans.

We’ve seen the same here.  The left have run out of ideas, and in the ever-escalating arms race of invective, we’ve now arrived at a place where only the most extreme labels gather any attention.   Read more »

Map of the Day

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World’s National Debts

Click here for larger view

Read more »

Like night follows day: Farmer dies on “low risk farm” one day after new Health and Safety legislation comes in

You couldn’t have written a better script.  Quad bike death on a dairy farm.

A day after the Government pushed new health and safety legislation through Parliament – which classified most farms as low risk – a sharemilker died in a quad bike accident on a Waikato property.

The 45-year-old father of three was killed when the bike he was riding rolled into a ditch on the farm, 12km from Hamilton. His was the latest farm fatality, which now totals 108 deaths since January 2010. The total includes 26 quad bike deaths. Overall, 299 workplace fatalities were reported to Worksafe in that period.

There were 35 mining fatalities and 32 construction deaths. All other industries recorded fewer than 30 deaths over the time period.

Federated Farmers says the new legislation would help the agricultural sector to address the high level of workplace incidents and fatalities on farms.

“Farmers know this performance is not good enough,” said board member Katie Milne.

“We and our members accept that current safety performance is not good enough and the changes being brought about by the bill are just some of the ways that we’ll continue to address this.”

Farmers have always wanted to be in control of their own workplace without government interference.  And Michael Woodhouse has delivered the freedom for farmers to die without the shackles of Health and Safety legislation being too firmly applied to their situation.   Read more »

Poll shows Labour’s and Twyford’s ugly legacy: the seed of distrust against Asians has found fertile soil

Digipoll did a poll for a newspaper, and it makes for ugly reading

Credit: Digipoll/A newspaper

Credit: Digipoll/A newspaper

Notice the extremely injurious way this poll was pitched.  The real problem, according to commentators (and if borne out by still non-existent evidence), is the number or percentage of non-resident purchasers of property.   But as you can clearly see, A newspaper has simply labelled everyone ‘a foreigner’. Read more »