Laila Harre on the “extent to which [the Government] will control our behaviour”

“Here we are, at the center of global democracy” — Laila Harre

The other side of “citizen journalism”.

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Photo Of The Day

AP Photo/JK When a group of white and African American integrationists entered a segregated pool at the Monson Motor Lodge, manager James Brock, left, poured acid into it, shouting "I'm cleaning pool," on June 18, 1964, in St. Augustine, Fla.

AP Photo/JK
When a group of white and African American integrationists entered a segregated pool at the Monson Motor Lodge, manager James Brock, left, poured acid into it, shouting “I’m cleaning pool,” on June 18, 1964, in St. Augustine, Fla.

1964: Civil Rights Battles

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Snowden: Get rid of Key, although it won’t actually solve the problem

Snowden writes

This government may have total control over the checkbox today, but come Sept. 20, New Zealanders have a checkbox of their own. If you live in New Zealand, whatever party you choose to vote for, bear in mind the opportunity to send a message that this government won’t need to spy on us to hear: The liberties of free people cannot be changed behind closed doors. It’s time to stand up. It’s time to restore our democracies. It’s time to take back our rights. And it starts with you.
and then: This misuse of New Zealand’s spying apparatus for the benefit of a single individual is a historic concern, because even if you believe today’s prime minister is beyond reproach, he will not remain in power forever. What happens tomorrow, when a different leader assumes the same power to conceal and reveal things from the citizenry based not on what is required by free societies, but rather on what needs to be said to keep them in power?

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Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Just go home David



Another Labour policy flop at the Last Chance Saloon


It was advertised as the Labour Party’s last big policy of the election campaign.

We’re getting a lot of this lately, the oversell.

When delivered, however, the plan to set up a $100 million-a-year sovereign wealth fund to invest in “strategic” assets, including clean energy, prompted only a scratching of heads. So small was it in size and so opaque was its intention that Labour’s motive was anyone’s guess. Was it meant to appease Winston Peters? Was it designed to appeal to the Greens? Was it meant for Labour’s left-wingers?

No.  The media was just meant to grab it and whip it into a frenzy of suck-booz-National-you-lose.  None of Labour’s policies are anything but an empty shell.   Read more »

Excuse me while I’m enjoying my day


unknown credit, via Twitter

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What planet is Andrea Vance on?


What’s wrong with Andrea Vance?



It gets better:

When people tell you the “moment of truth” was an anti-climax, a fizzer, a nothing – don’t believe them.

Edward’s Snowden’s appearance, by livestream, in the Auckland Town Hall last night was remarkable. It had nothing to do with Kim Dotcom’s spurious claims about a Hollywood plot. The dodgy Warner Bros email is as relevant to the NZ Snowden Files as John Key’s declassified documents.

Erm.  Andrea… Snowden appearance wasn’t by livestream.  It was pre-recorded.

We were all watching a video, something that was revealed and confirmed by Laila Harre.

Have a look at that Journalist of the Year Canon Award on your desk.


Time for one of those long runs I think.  Clear the thinking.   Get back to reporting instead of trying to skew politics in New Zealand.   Haven’t we all had enough of that by now?


– Fairfax Media

Dotcom to media: Do your jobs

There are people who have bet their professional reputations on Dotcom’s dog and pony show.  I bet this was typed through tears of impotent rage.  Says David Fisher

Kim Dotcom turned up empty-handed for his own Moment of Truth.

He had claimed for almost three years he could prove John Key had lied in relation to his copyright case.

Last night, at the show he had organised, he proved nothing and presented no evidence.

Under the bus he goes.  Whether you believe Tainted Fisher was bought or simply a fanboi, either way, Kim Dotcom has  left him, like everyone else, used and destroyed, in his wake

when asked about the failure to produce his promised evidence, the tycoon turned angry and told the media they were failing at their jobs.

A rare moment when Kim Dotcom and I agree.  I do believe media have failed at their jobs.  They’ve allowed this farce legitimacy for too long.   On purpose?  Bedazzled?   Bought?

Or simply the lust of using Dotcom to bring down one of the most popular National governments ever?   Read more »