The terrifying sound of a V-1 pulse jet engine

People along their flight path between their launch sites and London would have to listen to those going overhead all day, every day.  There was only one thing that would be worse.  When the sound suddenly stopped, and you knew it had run short of London and it was coming down on the European side of the Channel.


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This is what caused a bit of excitement this arvo

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

This afternoon in Arkles Bay it has been a bit exciting. We have been visited by a waterspout. I was out at the time but Spanish Bride tells me it felt like a freight train hitting the house.

My neighbour took these photos from his front lawn of the waterspout just off the point at Arkles Bay. That waterspout is about 300m from our houses.   Read more »

Poms heading for Brexit

The latest polls in Britain are looking increasingly likely the UK will Brexit.

Public opinion has shifted towards the UK leaving the EU, two Guardian/ICM polls suggest as the referendum campaign picks up pace – with voters split 52% -48% in favour of Brexit, whether surveyed online or by phone.

Previous polls have tended to show voters surveyed online to be more in favour of Britain leaving the EU. But in the latest ICM research, carried out for the Guardian, both methodologies yielded the same result – a majority in favour of leaving.

“Our poll rather unhinges a few accepted orthodoxies,” said ICM’s director, Martin Boon. “It is only one poll but, in a rather unexpected reverse of polling assumptions so far, both our phone poll and our online poll are consistent on both vote intentions and on the EU referendum.”   Read more »

Chester Borrows calls out lazy media

Chester Borrows, who is one of the wets in National writes a brilliant opinion piece at Fairfax:

In my book kids come first. No matter how frustrating the parents’ situation may be. Situations of their own volition, stupidity, criminality, or just bad luck, if there are kids involved, it pushes all my buttons. I will fall over myself helping and always have. I’m big enough to admit that I probably made decisions last week that I wouldn’t make a second time. We have all made mistakes and I own mine but don’t want them thrown in my face every time I am in need of being cut a little slack. So the starting point is that if there are kids involved, they didn’t have any choice because some adult made a decision for them on their behalf. So let’s think of the kids first.

The whole premise behind providing welfare…it’s for the kids.

Now, about those families who are living in every garage in South Auckland that Andrew Little has told us about but can’t find.  Those ones we can see same time; same channel every night – are there a few questions we’d like to ask them? Hell yes.   Read more »


Green Party co-leaders don’t agree on going steady with Labour

Metiria Turei appears to be at odds with her Green Party co-leader James Shaw on whether they would work with National, under questioning from Paul Henry.

Less than 24 hours after announcing a marriage of convenience with Labour, Mr Shaw and Ms Turei have given differing opinions on cooperation with National, should it get them into power.

Mr Shaw says the party’s first preference is Labour — hence yesterday’s show-and-tell of the two parties’ memorandum of understanding.

“When we’ve cooperated, both of our polls have actually gone up — and when we haven’t cooperated, we’ve tended to take votes off each other,” he told Newshub this morning.

“Preference” is the key word here — Mr Shaw wouldn’t rule out National altogether, saying it’s up to the membership.

But Ms Turei says it is “absolutely definitive” the party is committed to removing National from power.

“Our 100 percent commitment is changing the Government because they are so terrible for this country,” she told Paul Henry this morning.

This is no different to the Internet-Mana abortion.  They had no policy other than to ‘Remove Key’ from power.   No good will come of this.  This doesn’t speak to people’s hopes and aspirations.  It’s just a club you can join if you like being a hater.  Read more »

Great news for Auckland home owners: average value to top $1m soon

Everyone is always going on about those poor people that can’t afford their first home.  But they forget about the home owners that are going to be cleaning up, and then some, under National

Auckland’s housing market is heating up again, despite continued efforts to curb investor activity failed.

To buy the “average” house in the super city, you will now have to part ways with $955,793 – an increase of 3.3 per cent over the past three months, and 15.4 per cent year-on-year.

This increase has prompted a warning by QV that if values continue to rise at the same rate throughout the year, then by June 2017 the average value will top $1 million.

QV national spokeswoman Andrea Rush said residential property values were rising rapidly across Auckland – again.

“Migration is continuing at the highest levels seen in 100 years and this population growth coupled with growing demand from investors, means housing supply, particularly in Auckland and Queenstown, is not able to keep up with demand and this is driving values ever higher.” Read more »

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