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Trump lays into the media right in front of him

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Vote early and vote often

Voting has started in the US, and Clinton is pushing for people to lock in their votes as she sees the momentum shift away from her.   A bit like our left in the last month leading up to the 2013 elections tried to do.

The Pussy Grabbing Hit was to distract from the Wikileaks story, and it worked for a week and a bit.  But attention is now shifting away.  People know Trump is a misogynist.  The media are now staring at having to repeat themselves, while the Wikileaks material has hardly been covered.


Steve Joyce says “No”, Auckland Council says “Yes”


New Auckland mayor Phil Goff is yet to be sworn in, and already the un-elected mandarins are trying to show him who really runs the place. First was the council’s development agency Panuku, which lodged a resource consent application for a $12 million, 75m boardwalk into the harbour from Queens Wharf while the rest of us were diverted by the final week of the election campaign.

This despite a campaign pledge by Goff that as mayor, he would ban any further reclamation into the harbour. True, the 3.5m wide public walkway will be on piles, not reclaimed land. But it’s hard to see it as anything but a deliberate attempt to sneak around the new mayor’s promise. Read more »

Steve Joyce finally learns to say “No”

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB


The cabinet has discussed a funding application for Joseph Parker’s world heavyweight title fight in Auckland but Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce has indicated it’s far from a done deal.

Promoters are asking for money from the government’s Major Events Fund, which is used to help stage international competitions that showcase New Zealand. Read more »

Stolen assault weapons won’t end up on the black market

via thehits

via thehits


Thieves have made off with a haul of military-style firearms and ammunition after a burglary in Dunedin.

Police say the 28 semi-automatic weapons, five rifles and 23 handguns, and a large amount of ammunition were stolen from a Maitland Street address on Tuesday.

The owner of the weapons is a firearms licence-holder and they were securely stored. Read more »