Social media is 75% left wing echo chamber, skint, and not actually voting for you

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

Missing Million?  They’re out there somewhere I suppose….

An Australian researches took the effort to ask people who “Liked” a cause on Facebook how engaged they really were.

More than 90 percent had signed an online petition or shared stories on social media, but less than a third had donated money – compared to almost two-thirds of those signed up to the group’s newsletter.

Only 13 percent of Facebook fans donated food or other goods to asylum seekers, and only 2.3 percent had helped the group fundraise, compared to 6.2 percent of newsletter subscribers.
“Those who had signed up to the newsletter were more likely to be engaged in more direct action towards issues of asylum,” Ms McKay notes in the study, published in the Australian Journal of Psychology. Read more »

Would you like some Green Outrage with your meal?


New Zealand was chosen as the launch market because its regulations allow easier trials of drones by businesses, Domino’s says.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges has welcomed the announcement.

He says the companies chose New Zealand for the trial “because our forward-thinking aviation regulations encourage innovation, while protecting safety”.

New aviation rules came into force last year drones for recreational and commercial purposes.
Subject to obtaining the appropriate approvals, the delivery trial is expected to get underway later this year.

Earlier this year, the government and Domino’s said they were working together on autonomous land-based delivery units. Read more »

Australians battle ” racist ” Muslim housing estate



Islam is not a race but the Australian developers of this estate are only targeting South Asian migrants so it is accurate to describe the housing estate as racist.  I would also describe it as apartheid and segregation. It is being built around a purpose built Mosque so it is clearly meant to attract South Asian migrants who are Muslim.

A Rally for Australia  has been organised against the segregated Muslim-only estate for this Sunday, August 28th at Hannah Watts Park on High st in Melton, Victoria.

It is not acceptable for developers to target people based on their race and religion. Australia and New Zealand are multicultural societies. We have a history of opposing  segregation and apartheid.

By deliberately encouraging a segregated community the developers are encouraging Muslim South Asian migrants to avoid integration with the local Australian population. The families that move to this housing estate will never assimilate into the Australian culture as they been encouraged to set themselves apart.

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Mental Health Break

Has a genuine competitor for Free Speech hostile Twitter and Facebook emerged ?

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.00.34 AM

The Free Speech alternative to Twitter is called Gab. It is  for digital refugees such as myself who find Twitter to be an echo chamber of left-wing opinions that are hostile to conservative and libertarian voices. Twitter recently banned Milo Yianoppolous, an extremely entertaining and witty conservative libertarian with thousands of followers including myself. I am now on the waiting list for Gab and look forward to once again following Milo.

So what is Gab and how does it differ from twitter?

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Map of the Day

TVNZ happy to leave many rape and rapist allegations on their Facebook page


Apparently that show didn’t meet community standards, and The Rock have to pay a fine.

This is the reaction on the TVNZ Facebook page  Read more »

Peter Dunne is grandstanding over yet another bill

Facing the likelihood of a Labour/Greens electorate deal against him in Ohariu at the next election, United Future leader Peter Dunne has taken to living dangerously.

Yesterday morning he climbed into key National allies, the Auckland Employers and Manufacturers’ Association (EMA) and Business NZ over their objections to the the Minimum Wage (Contractors Remuneration) Amendment Bill.

The purpose of this Bill is to amend the Minimum Wage Act 1983 to extend its provisions to apply to payments under a contract for services that are remunerated at below the minimum wage.

The EMA says the bill interferes with the principle of freedom to contract and would create barriers to businesses’ ability to engage contractors and add indirect compliance costs.

Dunne put out an issue of his “Dunne Speaks” yesterday morning saying: the Bill was “a relatively innocuous Labour Party Bill to give more protection to contract workers in vulnerable situations. The Bill has been making its way through Parliament over recent months, with barely a ripple, but suddenly, the employers have noticed it, and they do not like it, so like the militant unions of old they have pushed the outrage button.”

You could hardly blame the Government and others for thinking this meant Dunne opposed the Bill.

Apparently not.

Late yesterday afternoon, Dunne’s office said .he could no longer support The Minimum Wage (Contractor Remuneration) Amendment Bill “because of ongoing concerns with the Bill as drafted as well as receiving undertakings from the Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety to address those concerns.”

Dunne is sucking up to Labour and flip flopping.  He’s unreliable and a grandstanding bouffant.

His word isn’t his bond, and for that alone, he will find his future becoming turbulent.

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Labour lies

Jeremy Corbyn has been caught in his own Rufus Paynter episode by staging a problem that doesn’t exist.  Apparently the train he was on was full, and he wants more trains.  Except as he walked onto the train, there were lots of empty seats.


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Weapons-grade whining from the left of politics, especially the Media party

Another stellar National private members bill is drawn:  The Companies (Annual Report Notice Requirements) Amendment Bill by Matt Doocey


You can read about it here, and the the bill itself is here. Read more »