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Assistants use burning incense and cigarettes to drive bees away from the face of She Ping. He used queen bees to successfully attract thousands of bees. Photo: Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

Assistants use burning incense and cigarettes to drive bees away from the face of She Ping. He used queen bees to successfully attract thousands of bees.
Photo: Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

Beekeeper Poses for Bizarre Fashion Feat

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Hey, why not another parking classic?

Been a while:

Ritchies car seen at Countdown 9.00am 0n Saturday the 19th in the disabled car park and was not displaying a disabled parking permit


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Kids trampled by adults during insane chocolate rush

Anna Leask reports on  a public Easter egg drop in South Auckland where things didn’t pan out so nicely

Organisers of a public Easter egg drop have apologised after children were injured during the event – by parents desperate to get their share of the chocolate treats.


file photo

A 3-year-old was reportedly taken to hospital after his fingers were stomped on and a 7-year-old had her face scratched. “A lot of kids were getting hurt … parents were just running in and running over the kids.

I was like ‘oh my goodness’ and my volunteers were blown away by the behaviour of the parents,” he said.

After the event angry parents took to the Facebook page Egg Day Out to express their concerns. Most said they were disappointed about how other adults behaved.

They described other parents as greedy and abusive and said they were trying to get as many eggs as possible. Yvonne Pokotai-Ratana took her daughters to the event with some friends and their own kids.

She said an adult set upon her younger daughter Yves to take any eggs she had collected. “There was a point where the adults weren’t allowed to access beyond, only the children. But arrogant adults ignored the commentator,” she told the Herald.

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Cold hard reality sinks in for Colin Craig

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald

Colin Craig has a bad habit of spending millions coming third

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he does not intend to ask National to gift him an electorate and is instead aiming to get into Parliament by getting more than 5 per cent of the party vote, saying he did not want to “repeat the adventures” of parties such as Act.

There has been speculation about whether National will do an Epsom-style deal with Mr Craig to increase his chances of getting Conservative MPs into Parliament, but Mr Craig said no such talks have been held. However, he said if National approached the Conservative Party to offer a seat, he would have to take it to the board to consider and it was likely they would accept. Read more »

Sledge of the Day

The Government is playing down predictions published by powerful US business magazine Forbes that New Zealand is on the path to economic disaster.

Economic analyst Jesse Colombo yesterday labelled New Zealand’s economy a bubble which will pop devastatingly.

The current housing bubble was creating a mortgage bubble, he said, with almost half of outstanding mortgages currently having floating interest rates.

Rising interest rates would eventually pop this bubble, banks would experience losses on their mortgage portfolios, “the country’s credit boom will turn into a bust” and over-leveraged consumers will default on their debts, Colombo said.

“Not only is New Zealand’s banking system dangerously exposed to the country’s property and credit bubble, but so is the entire economy.”

The left have been dining out on this bit of doomsday stuff for days.

Acting Finance Minister Steven Joyce last night dismissed 28-year-old Colombo’s theories as “alarmist” and described him as a “bubble-ologist”.

“His view on life is that the whole world is pretty much in a bubble and there’s no place he doesn’t pick on,” Joyce said. “I wouldn’t be paying too much for that level of analysis. He’s a little bit like [earthquake forecaster] Ken Ring. He’s out there predicting catastrophe at every turn.”



Cunliffe pitches for the “Paris Hilton” vote

Cunliffe (fail)

Even the dog looks bloody miserable

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Didn’t anybody warn her?

Peter Goodfellow and Desley Simpson. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Peter Goodfellow and Desley Simpson. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

National Party powerbrokers Peter Goodfellow and long-term partner Desley Simpson have married in an intimate service at a resthome.

Goodfellow, president of the National Party and heir to a $500 million fortune, married Simpson in a chapel at the resthome of St Andrew’s Village in Glendowie where his elderly father lives. Read more »

Labour not happy Nigella Lawson allowed to come to NZ


It turns out Labour are quite happy doing deals for the likes of Bill Liu,  in spite of his Asian background (hard to find any consistency there, other than cold hard cash), but now they are upset about someone who has admitted some drug use, but has no convictions being allowed into the country.

Labour Party immigration spokesman Rajen Prasad says he would be concerned if British television cook Nigella Lawson was given an exemption to come to New Zealand solely because of her celebrity status, while other people in more need were being rejected.

Oh, hang on.  It’s not that he’s against people with drug histories coming into New Zealand…  he’s unhappy that the rest of the potheads, pill poppers and needle jockeys of the world aren’t allowed the same exemptions?   Read more »

Why? – I just do not get it. – Observation by the Owl

Ms Turei insisted the Greens “want to change the government”, and suggested they would offer Labour confidence and supply even without a coalition deal.

I just do not get it! Why are Labour and Greens etc so obsessed with changing the government?

I have read, re-read and followed all the politics going on and the only policy I see that Mana, Greens, NZ First and Labour has and at least Ms Turei has said it out loud – “want to change the government”.

People will only change the government if the following happens.

  • Interest rates hit 10%
  • Law and order collapses
  • We stop paying our bills
  • Blues win a game away – (then we know something is wrong).

Please would someone from the Mana, NZ First or their sidekicks the Green and Labour party give me a policy which I can say – YES, you are on the right track.

The PEOPLE of NZ do not give a dam about Kim Dot Com and silly policies around caravan and truck speed.  Read more »

Imagine being able to lease a 3D printer to build your entire house

Affordable homes could also come from the application of 3D printers on a much larger scale.

Kathleen Miles reports

The technology, called Contour Crafting, is already here and can build a 2,500-square-foot home in 20 hours.

The massive robot printer was invented by University of Southern California professor Behrokh Khoshnevis, who says that the technology is so versatile that it can be used to build homes in slums or human habitats on Mars.

The technology is ideal for the world’s slums and areas destroyed by natural disasters, claims Khoshnevis, because the robot’s construction is cheaper, stronger, faster, safer and more eco-friendly than manual construction.

Khoshnevis also says NASA is supportive of using the technology to build lunar habitats, laboratories and roads on the Moon or Mars that could eventually house human life. NASA did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

He points out that construction is far behind manufacturing when it comes to automation.

And instead of churning out the same parts over and over again like we have in traditional manufacturing, you can print out a different 3D house on every run. Just send it different instructions.

The robot can also tile the floors, install plumbing, install electrical wiring and even paint or apply wallpaper.

Khoshnevis disputes concerns about potential job losses from such technology. In fact, he says it will create new jobs that are safer and that will allow women and older workers to participate more in the construction industry.

Khoshnevis is planning to establish a company to commercialize the technology and hopefully make it available for purchase in a few years, he told the USC student newspaper Daily Trojan.

Ultimately, Khoshnevis thinks that Contour Crafting will replace construction as we know it, reduce costs and make construction accessible to anyone.

“Imagine a Contour Crafting machine for lease at you local Home Depot,” the researcher’s site reads.

Recovering from disasters such earthquakes, cyclones or tsunamis could also be dramatically improved.

It may be a little too easy to think of this as far fetched stuff that we won’t see in our life time, but who could have foreseen smart phones when the first man set foot on the moon?

One thing is for sure. 3D printing has the potential to be the next revolution in how mankind gets ahead.