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There is Dirty Politics and then there is Despicable Politics

Green Party MP Jan Logie is still pushing for John Key to apologise over accusing Labour and Greens of putting the welfare of criminals ahead of those of everyday New Zealanders by playing the sexual victim card.

A petition carrying 13,000 signatures calling on Prime Minister John Key to apologise for his “you back the rapists” comment has been handed in to Parliament.

Mr Key shouted the words at opposition MPs during a heated about New Zealand criminals being deported from Australia.

It caused uproar, and several women MPs walked out after saying they were victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key said he was responding to opposition claims that the Government wasn’t doing anything to help the deportees, and explained he meant Labour and the Greens cared more about criminals than the people who needed protection from them.

It wasn’t taken that way, and several women MPs walked out after identifying themselves as victims of sexual violence.

Mr Key didn’t apologise and Speaker David Carter subsequently said he couldn’t order an apology because he hadn’t heard the remark at the time.

The people’s power organisation ActionStation organised the petition.

It calls on Mr Key to “stand up and apologise for the offence your comment has caused to survivors of sexual violence throughout New Zealand, and withdraw the statement”.

It was handed to Green Party MP Jan Logie and Labour MP Poto Williams on the steps of Parliament today.

They were among those who walked out in protest when Mr Key made the comment.

The petition also calls on the Government to fully fund specialist sexual violence agencies to provide core services for victims.

“Today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women – it is the perfect day for us to present this petition,” said ActionStation spokeswoman Marianne Elliott.

Ms Logie said there was an epidemic of violence against women and the silence around it had to be broken.

The whole walkout was a staged political show.  It was staged using the victims of sexual violence and mocking them by trying to smear the Prime Minister as being non-supportive of sexual violence victims.

There’s just one problem:  he wasn’t.

And as we’ve seen by the polls that came out since then, New Zealand clearly heard John Key stand up for New Zealanders and question why Labour and the Greens were dying in the ditch for a handful of hardened criminals.

Using violence and sexual violence against women is normally an iron-clad strategy to shut everyone down.  There simply is no argument to “justify” it in any context.

But Logie and her poisonous friends have totally over-reached here.   John Key was clearly against the criminals who were at the time thought to be convicted of things like murder, rape and paedophilia while Labour and the Greens were criticising John Key for not doing enough to bring these people “home”.

The fact they found 13,000 people to sign this petition shows they are even willing to trivialise sexual violence if it means getting a hit in on John Key.

To borrow some Internet language:  EPIC FAIL


– NZN via 3 News

More good news: Pasifika employment is up


The number of Pacific people employed increased by 9.6 per cent in the year to September 2015, according to the latest Labour Market Factsheets for Māori and Pacific peoples released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment today. Read more »

“Dirty tricks and dirty politics in Dunedin South” – Clare Curran

Oh this is delicious.  Labour MP Clare Curran is accusing The Standard author Tat Loo of playing “dirty politics”.

Richard Harman reports

The Anderson’s bay branch of the [Labour] party has said it is going into recess.

Its organiser, Tat Loo, who writes under the pseudonym “Colonel Viper’ on the left wing blog site, “The Standard”. Said “Labour as an organization is failing ordinary Kiwis both locally in Dunedin and centrally in Wellington on many different levels and it shows every sign of continuing on that track.

“We want no part of propping up the Thorndon Bubble careerist ‘pretend and extend’ set any further and will be moving on to new political projects.”

But party president, Nigel Haworth, said the move was “really quite inconsequential”.

He said it was a minor perturbation.

“It’s certainly nothing to lose any sleep over at all.”

There are major sections of the left, a lot of them frequent lefty blogs, that believe a Corbyn-like shift to the left is the only way for Labour to regain its integrity and to take back the treasury benches.

Read more »

87% of New Zealanders are scared of something that happens all the time

Kiwis with a guilty conscience over climate change can make simple lifestyle choices such as cutting down red meat or using public transport, new research says.

Researchers at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research compared the 2006/7 and 2012/13 Household Economic Surveys to determine how Kiwis can reduce their impact on climate change.

While 87 percent of New Zealanders were concerned about it, only 42 percent believed their actions could make a difference, researcher Suzi Kerr said.

Cutting down on dairy products and red meat, increasing a car’s fuel efficiency or shifting from driving to public transport or walking were prime ways to cut down on emissions, she said.

“I’m not saying we should all be non-driving vegans, but it’s good to understand our impact on emissions,” she said.

Food, transport, housing, and utilities account for 82 percent of household emissions.

The research found emissions increased with household age and tended to be higher in South Island households – possibly due to more heating in a colder climate.

The geologic record shows we have ice ages come and go all the time, and all of them so far have happened without humans driving them.  Every time the planet managed to melt again – get kind of lush and beautiful, and then something starts the process all over again.

To think taking the bike to Pak ‘n Save instead of the car is going to put off any change in climate, then good on you.

According to scientists we’ve had sea level rises in the 10-15cm range just during our life-time.  Yet you talk to boaties and harbour masters in their 60s or older and they’ll tell you that there is no difference to the height of the high tides compared to 40 years ago.   Shallow estuaries and wetlands have not expanded and overflowed during that time.

But more amusingly, 48% of us believe there is nothing we can do to stop it.  Certainly in New Zealand, where we account for something like 0.2% of the global “problem”, even if we went 100% “global warming neutral”, the likes of India and China will blow such effort out of the water within a week.

There is nothing wrong with trying to reuse, recycle, use better tech and generally live cleaner and healthier lives, including business and industry.  And whatever benefits flow from that, healthier air, cleaner rivers, less toxic lands, more trees through parks and reserves and so on is going to be great for all of us.

But the Luddites are running the asylum.   Academics that need troughs filling will continue to push research that concludes there needs to be…. more research.  And the Media Party needs scary stories between the ads to make sure you come back and read more.

But in the real world, things are just fine.

If it gets a little warmer, we all benefit.  Easier to grow trees, plants and food.  Tourism becomes even more attractive.  Southern towns become more attractive to live in.

If the water gets a little higher, we stop building so close to the shore.  And for older areas, we just ask the Dutch how they have millions of people living below sea level without panicking.

By all means measure.  By all means model.  By all means plan.

But the idea we can stop or even reverse what happens to climate is absurd.


– NZN, via 3 News

Invoicing and Creative Colin


This morning I let you in on Colin Craig’s bizarre email exchange resulting in an invoice for the use of his intellectual property, a poem called “Two of me”.  A poem he 1) denied writing, 2) won’t comment on as to the ownership of it, and 3) is invoicing royalties for its use.

Confused?   There may be some consistency there, if you have a larger picture.  John Stringer analyses it over at coNZervative.

1. WHY is a business partnership entity of Colin and his wife Helen Ruth Craig invoicing Slater for a romantic poem Colin wrote privately to the press secretary of the Conservative Party? Does CC not see that as ironic?

The poem discusses wishing to share himself around with women not his wife, and there are forlorn sentiments about his marriage. Is that a service, a function, of his registered partnership with Helen Ruth Craig? Do they publish romantic poems of Colin’s to women not his wife? Does he not care about Helen?; is he contemptuous of her feelings, her needs, her honor? The contempt of invoicing his romantic poem IN HER NAME to a third party beggars belief (that disconnect from reality thing).

2. Colin has been accused of “creative accounting” by some people who’ve worked with him over many years (in fact, that is being actively investigated by the Police on top of Police file 150-921/0239 and Police file 150-807/9750, one of which also looks at other accounting irregularities in realign to over matters). It’s odd that the ACTUAL cost of the poem + Gst comes to a round $3000.oo How can that be?

2. $2608.70 + Gst 391.30= $3000.oo. Read more »

Mental Health Break

Comment of the Day

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

From George, of course:

A message to Andrew Little:

Whoever is advising you is either incompetent or set on sabotaging your career. You are conducting yourself with zero dignity.

I would have thought as leader of a major party the first priority would be engaging with those who could make you Prime Minister.

Here are a few hints:

  1. Most people respond to positivity.
  2. Most people respond to humour.
  3. Most people respond to enthusiasm.
  4. Most people respond to constructive criticism with logical evidence.
  5. Most people respond to a vision that recognises today’s world.
  6. Most people don’t belong to or like unions.   Read more »