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“Vexatious” Colin Craig sent packing


Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig’s attempts to bill Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater for publishing his poem Two of Me on his blog has failed.

Craig was seeking $3000 for each month Slater published his poem on his blog site – along with a retraction and apology, and damages. The total claim was $15,000.

From Taxpayers Union founder Jordan Williams, who supplied Slater with a copy of the poem, Craig sought general and punitive damages totalling $8000.

The poem was written and sent by Craig to his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor, who later accused him of sexual harassment.

At the Auckland District Court on Tuesday Judge Mary Beth Sharp called Craig’s lawsuit against Slater and Williams “vexatious” and “improper” and a “deception perpetrated on the court”

Mr Craig doesn’t care.  The objective was to create distraction, stress and costs.  Which he has achieved.  And this is why Judge Sharp’s lengthy advice to Mr Craig will fall on deaf ears.  He is not in Court to win.  He is there… to force people into legal action against their will.  Or alternatively, if the target wants to prevent this, he or she has to submit to Craig’s excessive and oftentimes ridiculous demands.  Read more »

My good friend Brian Edwards bathes in Key’s reflected glory


Being a media trainer is a bit like being a singing teacher.You have to have a very good ear. It’s not merely about being able to correct glaring examples of poor pronunciation, diction or tone. John Key’s tendency to insert a ‘sh’ into certain words usually before a ‘t’, producing a somewhat Germanic ‘sch’ sound (Aushtralia), and Helen Clark’s rather mannish tone and overly forceful delivery both invited derision and had the potential to prematurely end their stellar careers. Read more »

UK reviews the reason for its problems: Immigration without integration

Enclaves where the host country’s language no longer is used.  People grow up without needing to learn or speak English, and a parallel economy with law and taxation issues that do not dovetail into those of the rest of the population.

These are all a reality in the UK.  They are now trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

New Zealand can learn from this and stop the horse from bolting.


– ITV, Good Morning Britain

Wherefore art thou NZ Herald of old?


The NZ Herald used to be “the paper of record”.

Their audience has now reduced to people that are interested in stories as per above.  In the mean time, New Zealand is facing one of the more unique events:  a PM standing down while on top, and a possible leadership contest between six National MPs, and… of absolutely no interest to NZ Herald readers.

Sad.  In a way.

A facebook post that sums up how I feel about John Key’s resignation

Mental Health Break

BREAKING: Judge strikes out Craig v Whaleoil & Williams; Craig declared “Vexatious”

Colin Craig the Novel -www.whaleoil.co.nz

Colin Craig the Novel

In a pre-trial hearing between Colin Craig and Social Media Consultants Ltd (aka Whaleoil), and Colin Craig and Jordan Williams in the Auckland District Court, lawyers Brian Henry and Ali Romanos argued that Mr Craig’s copyright case over the “Two of me” poem should not go to trial.

Mr Craig was seeking $3,000 a month for every month the poem remained published on Whaleoil as well as punitive damages.

Whaleoil argued it was fair use under the Copyright Act as part of news reporting.  Mr Williams’ submission was almost mocking Mr Craig for even trying to claim the work had any commercial value. Read more »

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