Socialist Cindy channelling my longest friend in caucus Scott Simpson


So after weeks of hoarding vandalism going unnoticed by the main stream media, mostly because those affected were mostly coloured blue, the NZ Herald has suddenly found the right angle on the story

As some MPs take steps to counter the vandalism of their campaign billboards, Labour’s Jacinda Ardern has taken quite a different direction.

The Auckland Central candidate was spotted defacing her own election sign.

The MP posted a picture of the sign – when it just had the eye cut out – on social media on August 9, with the words “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

After receiving suggestions the sign would be improved with a pirate theme, Ms Ardern obliged with a marker pen. She added lines to transform the missing eye into an eye patch.

“I’m just waiting for my parrot now,” she said yesterday.

“When it just had the eye missing it looked a little bit creepy. I certainly don’t condone [vandalising signs] but when you’re in politics it does happen from time to time and you roll with it. Sometimes it’s good to make light of it.”

From time to time.  It happens.  Apparently.    Read more »

David Cunliffe can’t lose


Tonight’s head-to-head political debate between John Key and David Cunliffe will be a must-watch fixture on this election’s calendar.   David has been painting himself as the underdog all week.

The expectation is that he will come off 2nd best. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

The Heavy Gustav, Hitler and generals inspecting the largest caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat, 1941

The Heavy Gustav, Hitler and generals inspecting the largest caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat, 1941

Great Gustav: The Biggest WW2 Weapon

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The anatomy of a hoarding vandaliser

Another superb bit of Ground Crew research here:

Hi Cam,

The letter below was in [yesterday]’s press.


A quick internet search turned up this blog with a picture and his full name, C. Arthur Monteath-Carr.  

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I’m back


Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Yes, this is a re-run.  SonovaMin is too busy with paying work.  Should be back tomorrow.

Ask Cam anything (Deux)

He's got it and he's flaunting it according to the NBR

He’s got it and he’s flaunting it according to the NBR

Popularised by Reddit, the “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) has taken off to the point where everyone is doing it.  Cam did one in March this year, and surprised everyone by answering a lot more than anyone expected.

Of course, we’ve had the Nicky Hager epistle of 138 pages and Cam’s trips to Fiji and Israel just recently, so there will be lots of questions out there that people will have.

AMA does have an implied ethic that all questions, no matter what, are answered.  That’s the appeal of it.  But there has to be one clear caveat.  Wherever there are sources, confidences, contracts or direct commitments that Cam has, and answering those questions would violate those, he will not answer them.   Call it a cop-out if you like, but that’s just common sense.

Put the questions below.  Upvote questions you like to see answered yourself.  One question per person please (you can edit your comment to change the question if you like).

To make sure the Dirty Tricks departments from the other side of politics don’t get too  much control, we will probably not answer questions that were left by newly created Disqus accounts.  The idea is that you, our regular audience gets to interview Cam directly without the filter and agenda of the media in the way.

If you’d like to email me your questions, that’s fine too.  Put “AMA” in the subject (nothing else), and put one question in the email.  Send to pete@whale…

Here are some questions (and answers) from March:   Read more »


Labour’s 100,000 affordable home promise

My readers aren’t buying Labour’s 100,000 fairy tale. Two problems: Where, and when?

Let’s start with where:

Labours promise as hollow as a pipe.

Back in 2006 Helen Clark and her Labour cronies were going to deliver some 3,000 affordable houses at Hobsonville Point. That never eventuated. Now Cunliffe is saying they will deliver 100,000 houses.

If it can’t deliver 3,000 how on earth does it expect to deliver 100,00?

And where will it build them? The reason Auckland (for example) has a a crisis is because there is a lack of land available and the National Government responded with the Special Housing Area fast tracking. That will result in land and sections.

Going back to mid 2013 when the government was building it’s justification for the SHA’s it found that the available supply of sections was just 4,000 in the region.

So just where does Labour think it is going to build 100,000 houses? No matter if it is Auckland or another town or city the fact remains that there is simply not the sections available to build 100,000 houses upon.

Labour’s folly is to have made such a stupid announcement without thinking it through. Is this the gaff of the week?

100,000 take a lot of space. It will need to be set aside, which isn’t a central government issue, but a local one.

Next, when?   Read more »

Kim Dotcom is all excited about last night’s poll


One more scandal it is then.    But do I have to wait until Sep 15, or can I do it sooner?   Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending (Ctd)

Thanks for all the great entries that have come in through the tip line and the comments section of the web site. Todays is an absolute cracker.

The Hutt City Council and Mayor Ray Wallace are today’s nomination.


A legal researcher’s determined effort to prove Hutt City Council did not have the power to issue him a $12 parking ticket has come at a $10,000 cost to the council. Read more »