Did Stuart Nash win Napier because of the Conservatives?

Did Stuart Nash win Napier because of the Conservatives?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that with a majority of 3733 Nash would have almost certainly won whether Garth McVicar was in the race or not.

Napier Read more »

Kelvin Davis’ Win In Te Tai Tokerau

As many readers will know a fair few people on the right wanted Kelvin Davis to win Te Tai Tokerau.

David Farrar and I even publicly donated money tot eh cause.

Kelvin is a good bloke, and from the right or sensible or non-gaggle or self serving wing of the Labour Party, and him winning was good for New Zealand politics.

The problem for Kelvin was that Labour kept tanking all our support.

Mathew Hooton wanted to organise a fundraiser for him. David Cunliffe and Tim Barnett said no. Others wanted to make some big donations to his campaign. Cunliffe and Barnett said no. They would have rather lost than let Kelvin receive support from people who weren’t died in the wool Labour supporters.    Read more »

Labour’s Leadership Problem

Cunliffe - Sh_t

Labour had a shocker of a campaign, which all started when they didn’t do any proper polling or focus groups on their leadership contenders last year.

Arts, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger David Farrar interrupted his hectic world travel schedule to do the kind of research Labour needed to do on Cunliffe last year and was consistently saying he had very high negatives and he would tank Labour’s vote.

For Labour to be relevant again they need to start by doing the kind of research our pinko mate did and find out who can actually connect with Middle New Zealand.

Cunliffe has proven he can’t.

Robertson has similar negatives, so it might be time for Labour to look at someone that actually can reach out to middle New Zealand.


Grant Robertson can’t lay claim to the leadership. He massively lost the party vote on the night in his electorate…coming a distant third.  Read more »

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New Zealanders vote for Dirty Politics

This campaign didn’t work out the way the left thought it would. They spent vast amounts of money and committed numerous crimes trying to prove National played politics the way it is meant to be played. Hard.

All the drama around Nicky Hager’s book did nothing.

Andrea Vance seems bitter:

So the Dirty Politics practitioners were spot-on. Nasty tactics do favour the Right.

In the grubbiest, most eye-bulgingly intense election campaign in living memory, National romped home.

Kim Dotcom’s millions were pissed away. New Zealanders saw these left wing scumbags for what they were and voted heavily against them.   Read more »

An amazing night

New Zealand has spoken.

Election Results — Overall Status
Results Counted: 7,178 of 7,198 ( 99.7%)
Total Votes Counted: 2,110,086
Special Votes: 253,099
Less than 6 votes taken in Voting Places: 1,385
Party Party
National Party 1,009,746 48.08 41 20 61
Labour Party 518,207 24.67 27 5 32
Green Party 210,375 10.02 0 13 13
New Zealand First Party 185,888 8.85 0 11 11
Māori Party 26,990 1.29 1 1 2
ACT New Zealand 14,486 0.69 1 0 1
United Future 4,530 0.22 1 0 1
Conservative 86,558 4.12 0 0 0
Internet MANA 26,489 1.26 0 0 0
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 8,530 0.41 0 0 0
Ban1080 4,364 0.21 0 0 0
Democrats for Social Credit 1,607 0.08 0 0 0
The Civilian Party 904 0.04 0 0 0
NZ Independent Coalition 894 0.04 0 0 0
Focus New Zealand 677 0.03 0 0 0
71 50 121


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$4,500,000 (declared) gets you NOTHING

Money doesn’t buy you elections.   Colin Craig knows it, and now too, does Kim Dotcom.    Read more »

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Face of the day

Martin Martyn Bradbury

Martin Martyn Bradbury

Dear Martin Martyn,

Your Dirty Politics has back fired on you and yours and it is not over yet.

Actions have consequences and I predict some serious Karma will be coming your way soon.



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