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We don’t know how lucky we are


Immigration, especially the unwanted kind, is a problem besetting the world

A Moroccan man suffocated while being smuggled to Spain in a suitcase stowed in the boot of a car, the Spanish government said.

The 27-year-old man, whose name was not made public, was found dead after the car arrived at the port of Almeria on a ferry from Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa.

The car’s owner, the dead man’s brother, was arrested for murder, a government spokesman in the city said.

The Mediterranean has become the world’s deadliest barrier for migrants and refugees, with 3,500 thought to have died at sea last year and almost 2,000 so far this year. Many are fleeing poverty and violence in the Middle East and Africa. Read more »

Perhaps SERCO should take over preschool security

They can even video toddler “Fight Club” and publish it on the Internet.   Perfect fit.

A childcare centre break-out in which two preschoolers unlatched a gate and wandered across a busy road has prompted management to boost security.

The Ministry of Education is investigating how the children managed to unlatch bolts to a gate at the Cubby House Early Childhood Centre in Palmerston North last month and cross the busy four-lane Pioneer Highway, one of the city’s main southern gateways.

The two children were found hundreds of metres across and along the road. Jane Pervan, who owns the centre with her husband Simon, said today the fire exit gates were now kept locked.   Read more »

Last Dambuster pilot dies, RIP Les Munro


Les Munro, a Dambuster pilot has passed away. A true hero he was the last of his breed.

The last surviving Dambusters pilot Les Munro has died, aged 94.

Squadron Leader Les Munro was the last remaining Dambuster from the original World War II mission.

Earlier this year the veteran gifted his gallantry medals, along with his flying log book and other memorabilia, to the Museum of Transport and Technology (Motat), after they were saved from auction by British businessman and World War II enthusiast Lord Ashcroft.   Read more »

Is David Shearer a secret fan of Charter Schools?

David Shearer posted a photo on Facebook of a nice little initiative in his electorate…a book sharing scheme, or mini-library.

Here is the photo.

be nice Read more »

Were you, or are you still, a picky eater? You could be mental


Children with severely selective eating habits were more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression or social anxiety than kids who consumed a wide variety of foods, the study found. Read more »

Mental Health Break

John Armstrong writes off Peters as being old an irrelevant; doesn’t see the irony

John Armstrong’s columns are all over the place like a mad woman’s poo and are turning ever more curmudgeonly without the wit or courage needed to carry it off.

If anything, he should know that Winston is actually positioning himself for his best result yet.  Armstrong, not so much.

Unfashionable – and deliberately so.

New Zealand First’s relative popularity resides in its offering the politically dazed and confused a vision of the future based on nostalgia for the relatively recent past.

The party is marooned in a time bubble of the economic boom of the 1950s along with the suffocating social conformity of that era.

Its unwillingness to confront that myth of a better past will ultimately be the death of it as those who lived through those times and who gain comforting reassurance from Winston Peters’ pronouncements pass away.   Read more »