Business training for prisoners

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via RNZ

via RNZ

An example was given of a USA training programme whereby business skills were taught to prisoners and support was provided by well dressed mentors in suits.  The question was asked “would it work here?”

I delivered such training courses in the early nineties within the Mt Crawford jail, to prisoners who attended business courses on day release and to those who had been on a benefit for a while, and not able to get a job on release. Read more »


This may be the last time you’ll read Whaleoil

The world may end today.

Chris McCann, the founder of the fringe Christian group eBible Fellowship, says the world is going to end on October 7, 2015. He confidently claims that the Earth will be completely “annihilated.” Could he be right?

According to McCann, God “shut the door to heaven” on May 21, 2011. And ever since, He has just been preparing to blow up our puny little planet. But that doesn’t mean McCann isn’t hedging his bets.

“There’s a strong likelihood that this will happen,” McCann told The Guardian. “Which means there’s an unlikely possibility that it will not.”

An unlikely possibility that it will not? What kind of half-assed doomsday preacher are you? If you’re going to hedge, don’t go twisting your words in knots. Also, it’d be nice if you could give us an estimated time and time zone for this October 7th date. It’s already October 7th in Sydney, Australia [and here!] and I have yet to see any news reports about seven-headed beasts or the mass gnashing of teeth.

Still, we should take these things seriously.  Just to be on the safe side.   Read more »

New Zealand is a great place to die



If you’re on the way out, this is one of the best countries to do it in

New Zealand is the third best country in the world to die, a study has shown. …

Ireland and Belgium came fourth and fifth. The United States came in ninth while Canada came 11th. Iraq ranked bottom of the list.

New Zealand, the UK, and Australia took the same spots in 2010, when the first ever Quality of Death Index was released. …

The research looked at measures for the quality of the care and the supply of care relative to the demand. The demand was calculated by looking at both demographic trends and rates of heart diseases and the like, where palliative care is often needed.

New Zealand was not in the top group of nations in terms of supply and demand, but still had an “adequate” number of specialised palliative care workers. Read more »


We elect our traitors – does that make it feel any better?

When you remember that every refugee who gets official status also gets the right to reunification with the rest of the family, the question of Germany becoming New Syria and Europe converting into New Pakistan becomes just a question of time, and a pretty short time besides.
A man does not leave his wife and children “in the hands of a ruthless enemy” and runs away; if he does, then there is another name for him, and this name is neither “a man” nor “a refugee”. Could these strong young guys could not find their side in the fight or not find weapons to defend their country and their families? Come on, there are eight factions in Syria, and they are all are armed to their teeth.

Just three years ago Angela Merkel solemnly declared that the policy of multiculturalism failed. The theory was great, harmonic, liberal, humanistic… But in practice, it failed.

What facts or circumstances made European leaders make a round about turn and start calling all European countries to open their doors, borders and wallets for millions of immigrants from Africa and Middle East?

[Bringing with them their adamantine unshakable notion of what culture is, and their fixed belief that theirs is superior to the culture of the host.] Read more »

Mental Health Break

Thanks Labour for declaring a crisis in dairy


Dairy prices have risen for fourth consecutive auction, all since Labour declared a crisis in dairy.

Dairy product prices climbed in the latest GlobalDairyTrade auction, increasing for a fourth consecutive time after nearly six months of declines.

The GDT average winning prices rallied 9.9% to US$2834, the highest level since March, up from $US2568 at the previous auction three weeks ago. Some 35,243 tonnes of product was sold, down from 36,050 tonnes of product three weeks ago.

The AgriHQ 2015-16 Farmgate Milk Price increased 74c to $5.39 per kilogram milk solids, compared with Fonterra’s 2015-16 milk price forecast of $4.60/kgMS.   Read more »

Map of the Day

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Where is Uber (Taxis rival) banned around the world.

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Josie gets it, probably why she won’t ever be a Labour MP

Yesterday while most of the left-wing in New Zealand was unhinging and making a rush on tin foil at the supermarkets, it appears that Josie Pagani was taking the time to actually think about the TPPA deal.

The TPP was never going to be the miracle that shot New Zealand to the top of the global supply chain. Neither was it ever going to be the Darth Vadar of deals where American corporations got to destroy the planet.

It was always going to be a little bit disappointing to everyone. The deal calls for Vietnam to allow free unions and Malaysia to stop people smugglers, but in most countries there aren’t enough gains for politicians to campaign on it. Stephen Harper doesn’t want the text made public until after the Canadian election and Hilary Clinton’s team just want the damn thing off the agenda by 2016.

Tim Groser’s summary of the benefits of TPP was incomprehensible: “Long after the details of this negotiation like tons of butter have been regarded as a footnote in history, the bigger picture of what we have achieved today remains.” But I give him credit because I believe a TPP negotiated by Phil Goff would not have been decisively different.

The twelve countries have an agreement only because they’re equally unhappy. Even so, we should give the deal our conditional support.

The devil’s in the detail of course, and that could change my view, but the two questions  you have to ask yourself are: ‘Does TPP solve the problems that are holding back the New Zealand economy?’ and ‘Are there any benefits to NOT being part of the deal?’

Now that other countries are signing the deal, walking away would be unthinkable. As Helen Clark pointed out, New Zealand can’t afford to be locked out of a trade bloc involving the Asia Pacific.

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Oh no they didn’t

Oh yes they did.

Feminists on twitter have fallen hook line and sinker for a fake campaign by 4Chan. Remember when I wrote about the ‘ free bleeding ‘ marathon runner.? Believe it or not the Free Bleeding movement was also created by 4Chan but was embraced by twitter feminists all over the world. You will never guess what they were tricked into doing this time.Go on guess.

A) Removing their bras for equality

B) Peeing their pants for equality

C) Pooing their pants for equality

D) Masturbating for equality

E) B & C

Honestly twitter feminism has never been so funny or so gullible. Read more »

He says brochure for a cruise ship holiday like it’s a bad thing

Tom Haig in his article on the PPTA Blog writes disparagingly about a recent report’s findings on Charter Schools. As he highlights each positive statement from the report I can almost hear the scorn dripping off his fingers as he types.

“It’s a private commercial organisation” , a very profitable one too ”

Guess what? Charter school students love their small class sizes and feel like teachers really have time to work with them as individuals.

That’s the stunning new finding from the just released round one evaluation.

This report feels a bit like a brochure for a cruise ship holiday. Yep, cruise ship customers love it. But let’s not talk about the impact on the islands where the ships stop, discharge tourists and waste, and move right along.

confused child

confused child

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