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Goff confident National will throw Aucklanders under the petrol tax bus

Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff is confident the government will come around to allowing the city to introduce a regional fuel tax to plug a looming gap in transport funding.

A three-year interim levy on ratepayers is due to expire mid-year, and even if renewed will fund only about a third of the extra $200 million a year the council needs to spend on transport.

“I’m not prepared to treble that levy and put it on rates, which is inequitable, and there’d be huge resistance to it. There has to be some ‘user pays’ element,” Mr Goff told RNZ.

Yes, because a large number Aucklanders don’t use or directly benefit from its roads?   Pull the other one.

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A NZ Politician needs to steal this immigration idea fast

Kellie Leitch is standing for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada and her number one policy is screening all visitors, refugees and immigrants for Canadian Values

She believes that people who want to immigrate to Canada should be asked questions like these:

  • Are men and woman equal, and entitled to equal protection under the law?
  • Is it ever ok to coerce or use violence against an individual or a group who disagrees with your views?
  • Do you recognise that to have a good life in Canada you will need to work hard to provide for yourself and your family and that you can’t expect to have things you want to be given to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if immigrants to New Zealand were screened for New Zealand values? Even if the values immigrants were screened for were liberal left-wing values that would still be useful. Immigrants most likely to harm our society do not share the Left’s compassion for people who are different and unlike the Left they are not tolerant of alternative lifestyles or different religions, cultures and races. I actually think that Labour or Green voting immigration officers would be perfect for the job of screening immigrants for values that will allow them to integrate and assimilate into our society. If the immigration officers were transgender or gay that would be even better as it would be hard for some immigrants to hide their disgust.

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Subscription Competition: We announce the winners

One of that standout features of Whaleoil is our readers” fantastic sense of humour. Yesterdays Subscription competition was no exception. The winning entry had both Cam and I laughing out loud and I had tears streaming down my face. If you haven’t already watched it make sure you view it now it is very funny.

A big thank you to everyone that took part and especially to Whaleoil supporter David who made this competition possible.

Prize: One year, ad-free subscription to Whaleoil

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SST’s David Garrett is kicking the wrong shins

The largely irrelevant Dame Tariana Turia comes in for some Sensible Sentencing Trust attention

Dame Tariana Turia, when in parliament, often referred to the two major Maori gangs in the country as “just other forms of whanau”. That description of what are in fact two gangs of anti-social violent criminals with values alien to the rest of society is an insult to decent Maori New Zealanders. That it is also complete nonsense is demonstrated by clashes today between Black Power and the Mongrel Mob in Whakatane during a gang funeral, and attacks on an elderly man a few days ago.

“For far too long law abiding members of New Zealand society have had to put up with gangs of violent criminal scum in their midst” said Sensible Sentencing gang spokesman David Garrett today.

“These people are ‘outlaws’ in the literal sense of that term: they have contempt for the laws and norms which govern the rest of us, and by which the rest of us live their lives. Why should the good people of Whakatane be sidelined and held up by the police so a gang funeral procession can pass unhindered through the town ? Even the corrupt Chicago police in the 1930’s didn’t stop traffic so gang funerals could proceed” said Garrett. Read more »

In New Zealand it is okay to be an “occupier ” with an illegitimate claim


An Auckland beneficiary has been brought to tears after hundreds of people turned out to support her eviction fight.

Ioela Ana Rauti, also known as ‘Niki’, is refusing to accept an eviction notice from her home of over 30 years.

On October 12 the Tamaki Regeneration Company (TRC) handed her a 90-day eviction notice to vacate her two-bedroom home, in Taniwha St in Glen Innes.

TRC is a housing development company jointly owned by the Government and Auckland Council.

Rauti’s home is one of 2800 state houses TRC has earmarked to be replaced with 7500 new homes over the next 15 years.

…Rauti said she understood TRC will relocate her to one of the new homes in its Glenn Innes development but after inspecting some options, she’s adamant that none of them are good enough.

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Talking about legacies, what was David Lange’s?

Karl du Fresne runs Lange through an honest reassessment

Is it time for a reassessment of the David Lange legacy?

I ask that question for a couple of reasons. The first was a speech that Sir Gerald Hensley gave late last year.

Hensley was head of the Prime Minister’s Department under Lange and thus uniquely positioned to observe him. The picture he painted of Lange’s behaviour during the showdown with the United States over nuclear warships was not flattering.

Before I go any further, I should mention that I was delirious with pleasure when Lange’s Labour government was elected in 1984.

Sir Robert Muldoon had cast a malevolent shadow over New Zealand since 1975. He was a bully who succeeded politically by polarising New Zealanders along them-and-us lines, never more so than at the time of the 1981 Springbok rugby tour.

In Lange he faced, for the first time, an opponent he couldn’t handle. Lange seemed impervious to Muldoon’s method of attack, responding with sparkling eloquence and insouciant wit.

As prime minister, Lange appeared to champion New Zealand’s right to repudiate nuclear weapons. Many New Zealanders experienced a surge of nationalistic pride at the way he stood up to pressure from Washington to accept visits from American warships.

Peak pride came with Lange’s performance in the celebrated Oxford Union debate of 1985, when he argued that nuclear weapons were morally indefensible. He famously told his opponent, the American televangelist Jerry Falwell, that he could smell the uranium on Falwell’s breath.

Lange was in his element. He was a performer who loved to charm people with his humour and verbal dexterity. I was in Britain at the time and recall feeling quietly pleased that New Zealand and its charismatic prime minister were being noticed and admired internationally for taking an independent line.

But as Hensley has revealed, Lange was talking out both sides of his mouth – saying one thing to New Zealanders and another to our allies.

In public, he was pledging to honour Labour’s commitment to ban nuclear weapons and nuclear propulsion. But behind the scenes, he was assuring America and our other Anzus treaty partner, Australia, that he would make the problem go away.

As Hensley tells it, the Americans were genuinely disposed to seek an amicable and mutually honourable solution, but in the end became so exasperated with Lange’s duplicity that they spat the dummy. He even kept his own Cabinet in the dark.

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Angry Andy has fallen into Winston’s trap

Labour leader Andrew Little has a new proposal to re-enter the Pike River coal mine which involves exempting Solid Energy from health and safety laws.

Little said today he would table a bill in Parliament on the first sitting day in February which would assist the families in their bid to access the West Coast coal mine’s drift.

Prime Minister Bill English has said health and safety laws which were introduced in response to the Pike River disaster in 2010 make any re-entry all but impossible.

During a visit to Greymouth today, Little said he had a solution. Read more »

Andrew Little has cracked his image problem

Labour leader Andrew Little faced media for the first time this year without his usual spectacles – but says the new look isn’t an election year make-over.

Little said he used to wear contacts regularly years ago.

“I haven’t more recently, but I have been this summer. And so, I’ll wear them sometimes and sometimes not.” Read more »

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