Whale Oil Beef Hooked is the personal blog of Cameron Slater. I set it up in July 2005 after several months of getting addicted to reading other blogs and finding their commentary boring. Prior to blogging, I used to shout at the television news and rant at talkshow hosts. I have had a political pedigree since I was in nappies.

I blog on any issue or thing I find interesting. This is mostly news, current affairs and politics, or anything else I think is interesting.  If you don’t like what I have to say then don’t read the blog, I won’t be shedding any tears if you don’t.

The blog gets around 2,000,000 pageviews per month. I normally blog up to 20 items a day, making and breaking news with regularity.

It is rare that I censor comments for content and even rarer that someone gets banned, if you break the rules on commenting then retribution and banning is swift and permanent.

The rules? Oh those;

  • The host is always right
  • In the unlikely event the host is wrong then refer to first rule
  • Stick to the topic, except for any “general debate” type posts
  • Don’t tell lies, especially about the host, but in general too
  • Keep the language clean.
  • No self promotion without prior approval
  • Keep it legal, or I will make you a co-defendant
  • Don’t be a dick (no trolling, no “me too”, “first” or other zero calorie content)
  • If in doubt, leave it out

News and stories that are posted here regularly feature in most mainstream media and I now enjoy regular commentary spots with a number of media outlets.

Here is a summary of news commentary and features about me.

60 Minutes60 Minutes – Described as New Zealand’s most notorious blogger.

Wed, 06 Oct 2010 15:22
Never afraid to come out swinging, professional blogger Cameron Slater is shaping up for a contest way outside his comfort zone. – read full story »

The NationI appear regularly as a commentator on The Nation.

The Nation – Saturdays, 11.00am and repeated Sundays, 8.00am.

A high impact weekly current affairs interview and magazine show about the major players and forces which shape New Zealand’s world.

In a media world dominated by the reactive and the immediate, there is a need to step outside the realm of daily, breaking news to reveal a more analytical, long-form and long-range view of the world around us.

The Nation will use a blend of incisive interviews and finely crafted tape items. The stories will have credible, thoughtful reporting combined with powerful narrative.

Citizen A

Former regular commentator spots on Citizen A with Bomber Bradbury.

I was a regular commentator but withdrew from the show after repeated outrageous personal attacks by the host.

Stratos subsequently ceased to broadcast and the show now only broadcasts on free to air terrestrial television in the Auckland region on Triangle TV.

Subsequent approaches to appear have been met with a polite No.

NewstalkZB with Larry WilliamsNewstalkZB with Larry Williams – The Huddle

Larry’s programming focuses on the breaking stories of the day and puts the top news makers under the spotlight. Special segments on his weekday 4 to 7pm programme include political and overseas correspondents and a one hour business segment from 6 to 7pm.

I appear as a regular member of Larry’s panel, commenting on the days political news.

I appeared regularly on The Panel with Pat Brittenden and other guest on Radio Rhema until Rhema ceased to operate talk back shows.

Closeup | TVNZTVNZ: Closeup

Appeared on Closeup to discuss the political demise of Richard Worth

Six months into its first term, the National Government’s first man is down and what an unceremonious way to go.

Prime Minister Joh Key’s patience finally ran out with Richard Worth as the police investigate allegations against him of a personal nature. Key accepts his resignation, and makes the point if he hadn’t resigned he would have been sacked.

TVNZ | BreakfastTVNZ: Breakfast (video)

I Launched a lobby group to push for change in New Zealand’s court suppression laws and appeared on Breakfast to discuss my actions to change name suppression laws in New Zealand.

NZ Herald NZ Herald : Michelle Hewitson Interview with Cameron Slater

Google News Search for Cameron Slater: More than 100 news articles featuring me and my successful campaign to change New Zealands archaic name suppression laws and other political news.

Wikipedia Page | Cameron Slater (I do not and have not ever edited this page, nor did I create it)