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Dirty Politics and Fran O’Sullivan’s “Unethical Alliance” With Bloggers

In Nicky Hager’s the book all about me called “Dirty Politics”, Nicky Hager traced the whole origins of his my work back to the award-winning hit on Len Brown which resulted not just in gongs for myself but for the New Zealand Herald.


Wasn’t it terrible for a politician to actually be attacked for his political beliefs!

Yesterday I gave you a small taste of NZME. Editorial Director for Business, Fran O’Sullivan’s involvement.  She sent me information about my nemesis Michelle Boag seeking to discredit Boag’s commentary about Len Brown.

As promised I can reveal that also went much further than throwing our mutual enemy Michelle Boag under a large winebox.

On Tuesday night at the left wing love fest with John Campbell and Nicky Hager, Fran O’Sullivan claims she sent an “internal memo” to former Editor Tim Murphy “some months before” the book Dirty Politics was published warning him of what was happening. I don’t quite know how to respond to that given she was still passing me information and complicit in seeking my feedback right up until the book was released.   Read more »

The Truth behind Gloriavale – a Whaleoil Investigation

Regular readers will know that I’ve been somewhat irritated at the Green Party and the media in general for constantly running hit pieces on Gloriavale as if it is some kind of penal colony from which women, children and slaves need to be rescued.

Recent pressure has been directed at Gloriavale’s educational programme, and how this allegedly stops specifically women from advancing their education beyond NCEA Level 1.  The undercurrent of these media hit pieces is that “something must be done”.

Yet the police have no issues with Gloriavale.  The local MP is happy with them.  And even the ERO can’t find anything wrong with Gloriavale’s delivery of education to its children.  All standards met.  All boxes ticked.  These people don’t put a foot wrong.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t see any balancing media coverage.  Here are the Media Party hand in hand with the Green Party kicking up a storm, while police, educational authorities and local politicians are all saying there’s nothing of concern.

So let’s have a look at what a deliberately dumbed down Gloriavale community looks like, shall we?  Let’s see how they deliberately don’t allow their people to advance beyond NCEA Level 1.  Especially the women.

Documents obtained by Whaleoil tell a completely different story.   Here is some hard data on Gloriavale that you will not see in “reputable” media outlets, because nobody asked. Read more »

Well, well, well, looks like Abdullah Kurdi is a liar and a people smuggler


Things are unravelling for Abdullah Kurdi, it seems other survivors are telling the truth about what happened on that boat and none of it matches Abdullah Kurdi’s story.

It seems that the Aussie senator who said that Abdullah Kurdi was to blame for the death of his family including toddler Alan Kurdi was right after all.

A woman on the same boat as Alan Kurdi says the boy’s father is a people smuggler who begged her not to dob him in.

Zainab Abbas said Abdullah Kurdi had lied to the world after the image of his dead three-year-old son on a Turkish beach sparked a global outpouring of support for Syrian refugees.

“Yes, it was Abdullah Kurdi driving the boat,” Ms Abbas told Network Ten through her cousin Lara Tahseen on Friday.

Ms Abbas also lost two children when the boat capsized shortly after leaving Bodrum for the Greek islands.

After the tragedy, Mr Kurdi told the media he took over steering the boat after the captain panicked and jumped ship.

But Ms Abbas said Mr Kurdi was the driver of the boat, and the man she paid to book her passage told her it would be safe because the driver was taking his wife and two children.     Read more »

Nurses Union succeed with an interim injunction against Whaleoil Media

Last night, I received the following email

Please see attached for a letter of service; a copy of the order made by His Honour Justice France at the High Court at Wellington today, requiring you to, among other things, remove all references, comments and/or published copies of the preliminary report [ redacted] (“the Report”) from the websites and, and/or any other website, webpage or publication used, controlled or managed by the Defendants, together with other orders and restrictions; and a copy of the minute of His Honour Justice France dated 10 September 2015.

That’s one sentence, believe it or not.    Read more »

Killer loose on the ward

Guest Post

What a debacle mental health services are in the Waikato.

If the regional mental health facility, the Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre, wasn’t already a circus, it soon will be when ringmaster and Director of Mental Health, John Crawshaw send’s in the clowns for another token inspection to ascertain why this service is failing so miserably.

And what a dismal track record this outfit has.

In 2010 Christine Morris scaled the security fence and bludgeoned her neighbour, Diane White, to death. Coroner Peter Ryan recommended that the DHB erect a higher fence, Clinical Director of the Henry Bennet Centre, Rees Tapsell refused.

In 2013, it was reported that psychiatrist Paul Fox, who had been de-registered in the USA for sexual misconduct, and was the former clinician for the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murderer Adam Lanza was employed by the DHB. Fox was de-registered in NZ by the Medical Council in February 2014.

In March 2015 Nicky Stevens, known to be suicidal, was allowed to leave the wards for an unsupervised cigarette break, despite the families’ pleas to keep him safe. Nicky’s body was recovered from the Waikato River three days later.   Read more »

Anmol Seth: “ I am not a billionaire. I am not even a ‘thousandnaire’… let’s just say I am worth nothing,”

Anmol Seth: The Kingi of Con

Anmol Seth: The King of Con

by Stephen Cook

THE MAN fast earning a reputation as one of this country’s most notorious conmen is denying he’s a fraud – but admits posting fake Facebook photos and pocketing clients GST refunds.

After being subjected to a week-long onslaught of negative publicity, Anmol Seth finally agreed on Friday to sit down in person to discuss claims he’d conned millions out of vulnerable and hard-working Indian investors.

The 90-minute interview quickly degenerated into farce with the diminutive king of con – who claims to be just 28-years-old – skirting around most of the tough questions and refusing to give straight answers to even the simple ones.

Creating the illusion of fantastic wealth and success is, of course, chapter one in any scammer’s handbook.

But as we quickly discovered, dig just below the surface and what you will find with Anmol Seth is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a rather disturbing enigma.   Read more »


Anmol Seth: ‘Fraudonaire extraordinaire’

A photo on Anmol Seth's Facebook page, the plane and vehicles are actually owned by football star Emmanuel Adebayor

A photo on Anmol Seth’s Facebook page, the plane and vehicles are actually owned by football star Emmanuel Adebayor

by Stephen Cook

A CONMAN posing as a billionaire businessman has swindled millions of dollars out of Indian investors through a highly theatrical web of deceit and the bogus promise of sky-high returns on phoney investment opportunities.

Over the past decade, smooth-talking Anmol Seth has built a formidable reputation on the broken hopes and dreams of vulnerable Indian investors who have sunk millions of dollars into his bogus companies.

Seth – who resides in Flatbush, Auckland – operates at least 50 fictitious companies in New Zealand under the umbrella of the ‘Anmol Group’ and regularly posts on Facebook and Twitter about his glamorous jet-set lifestyle and involvement in multimillion-dollar business deals.

“Secured entire file for another large client with $40Million+ Turnover; have been working with on them for just over 14 months…the hard-work has finally paid off,” he boasted on Twitter back in 2013.

Through those bogus companies, it is understood Seth – who poses as a qualified lawyer and accountant – has made large GST claims on start-up ventures that never materialize.

On one of his many websites, the practiced con and consummate liar claims ‘we offer a world of opportunity which encourages people to help each other succeed, and achieve excellence through continuous improvement and innovation’.

Those unfortunate to have done business with Seth have an altogether different view of the serial fraudster.

One North Island businessman – who asked not to be named – described Seth as a ‘charlatan without conscience’.   Read more »

Time to shoot the Sherriff – A Special Investigation Ctd

grant thornton

by Stephen Cook

A LEADING accountancy firm has been implicated in an alleged plot to swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars from Inland Revenue.

Liquidators from Grant Thornton, which boasts annual worldwide earnings of $4.7 billion and has been acclaimed as one of the best managed international firms, are among those under investigation by IRD and the Serious Fraud Office for their part in an alleged conspiracy to rip off the taxman.

IRD has invoked wide-ranging powers under section six of the Tax Administration Act to investigate experienced liquidators Greg Sherriff and Tim Downes and their handling of what should have been a relatively simple company liquidation back in 2013.

Two years on the case is attracting plenty of attention with claims liquidators in conjunction with an Auckland law firm systematically robbed the company blind and withheld money that should have gone to the taxman.

Read more »

Concrete Cancer Cover-up: 12 days until Govt opens dodgy building


This blog has exposed the dodgy hear-no-evil-see-no-evil practices within the $400 million concrete industry with multiple posts about the concrete cancer issue affecting numerous buildings

The industry association, the Cement and Concrete Association (CCANZ), has said “it’s been a hell-of-a-time for the concrete industry in the press” as it “rubbishes allegations that elevated alkali levels in cement and concrete are putting the structural integrity of some [read Manukau District Court Building] buildings in jeopardy”.   Read more »

Surely this isn’t really necessary?

I hate possums, I really do, I’ve shot literally thousands of them.

I remember one trip when I was around 18 to Matamata and we shot 500 in one night on a farm…with shotguns. The bruising was something to be believed. The next night we went out and shot 300 more.

So don’t get me wrong, I loathe possums, they aren’t meant to be here.

But I have to question the sanity of mass drops of 1080 poison when this happens.

Source/ Facebook

Source/ Facebook

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