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Shane Jones cuts his losses and runs to the arms of National

Cunliffe - Sh_t

Shane Jones knows that Labour is toast and has grabbed a convenient lifeboat sailing past, helpfully pushed towards by Murray McCully.

Make no mistake this will cause utter carnage inside the Labour ranks.

Shane Jones is quitting, and there’s a job already lined up for him – a job offer from the enemy, the National Government.

Nothing is signed and sealed, but the job is as “Pacific Economic Ambassador” – a position created by Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully. Prime Minister John Key is also aware of the job offer.

Despite never becoming Labour leader, Mr Jones has been a star for the party, but also a maverick, a kamikaze.    Read more »

“No one rides for free with Kim ” – Alex Mardikian

Larry Williams has interviewed Alex Mardikian about Kim Dotcom’s attempts to stitch up John Banks.

The revelations certainly shed some much needed light on the machinations of Kim Dotcom.

Have a listen.

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Giovanni Tiso on Kim Dotcom & Mein Kampf

Fellow Canon Media Award finalist Giovanni Tiso has a recent post on fascism, Kim Dotcom and Mein Kampf.

He is a hard core leftist, but his post may well surprise many of you. He firstly recounts a bit of italian history and the fascination with Mussolini.

I think it shows maturity and a realisation of the facts that so many of the left have conveniently forgotten.

One of the reprehensible lines used in defence of fondly reminiscing about Italian Fascism is that we weren’t as bad as the Germans. German people don’t have that luxury, and although I cannot speak from any direct knowledge of this, it seems they have kept a firmer grip on what can and cannot be published, what will or will not be sold. Neo-Nazism, of course, exists (as it does outside of Germany), but it’s more effectively cauterised from institutions and the wider society than neo-fascism is in Italy.

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Which makes it all the less likely that a German person would wear a Waffen-SS helmet as a joke, or do so out of mere ignorance. Kim Dotcom’s explanation for the photo above, taken at a Gumball Rally in 2004, is that someone asked him to wear the helmet so that he could take his picture, and he obliged.

I ask you: who would do that? And not just because the photo may come up again at an inopportune time – it seems safe to presume that the last thing on Mr Dotcom’s mind at the time of that rally was that he might some day enter politics in any country – but generally. What kind of joke is it to wear an SS helmet? What does it say about your understanding of politics and history, about who you are?  Read more »

Colin Espiner shanks Kim Dotcom, hard

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Colin Espiner performs one of the best stabbings on Kim Dotcom seen so far.

What a relief to hear Kim Dotcom explain that he’s not a Nazi sympathiser – he just likes war games and making lots of money.

For a minute last week I was concerned the “vision leader” (as opposed to someone-you-can-actually-vote-for leader) of the new Internet Party was not the sort of person New Zealand really needed pulling political strings in an election year.

It isn’t a crime to buy a copy of the autobiography of one of the 20th-century’s most monstrous figures, unless you live in France, Germany, Austria or Hungary – which ban the sale of Nazi memorabilia.

And there are legitimate scholarly reasons for owning a copy of Mein Kampf. No doubt the book is in most major libraries in New Zealand.

But let’s be honest. Owning a rare first edition personally signed by Herr Hitler and gifted to Hermann Esser, one of the founders of the hated and feared Third Reich, is just a little bit creepy.

Actually, given Dotcom’s German nationality, it’s more than creepy. It’s boorish, stupid, crude, and unthinkably insensitive. Most Germans would rather collect excrement than have anything to do with a regime they remain deeply ashamed of to this day.

But then, most Germans don’t hold multiple identities, flee criminal charges, make a fortune out of hosting a web site that enabled large-scale internet piracy, live a self-described lifestyle dedicated to “fast cars, hot girls, super-yachts, amazing parties and decadence” before buying their way into a foreign country, fighting extradition to the United States on counts of fraud and racketeering and deciding to set up a political party dedicated to bringing down the prime minister.

Dotcom also feels it’s OK for a German to pose at a party wearing an SS helmet because “I’m a young guy [and] I’m not always politically correct”.  Read more »

Kim Dotcom: Owns rare copy of Mein Kampf, a Nazi flag & loves Adolf Hitler [AUDIO]

Brook Sabin and Patrick Gower on 3News have broken the story that Kim Dotcom owns a copy of Adolf Hitler’s treatise ‘Mein Kampf’. Dotcom has admitted to owning the book and so that is not in dispute. He also claims he has no Nazi sympathies. That is about to be dispelled.

This story on 3News is coincidentally parallel to our own investigations.

In an exclusive WOBH investigation we can reveal yet another missing chapter in the secret life of Kim Dotcom and provide deeper details about Kim Dotcom and his love for Adolf Hitler.

On May 21 2011 Alex Mardikian sat down for breakfast with Kim Dotcom in Spain.

After his flight from the US via London he was tired but little did he know that his world was about to be shaken by the internet shyster.

On the table with the usual continental breakfast foods was also a book and Dotcom sat beaming, animated, excited to show something to Mardikian. He was awe-struck by the book. Mardikian says he was clearly on a power trip over owning this book.

Dotcom reached across the table and presented a book. It was an old book, and upon opening it Mardikian was shocked and surprised to find that the book was Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

This was not any ordinary copy though, it was a limited edition of the book, personally signed by Adolf Hitler and dedicated to one of the founders of the Nazi party who was incarcerated with Adolf Hitler. The book is dated Christmas Eve 1925 and dedicated to Hermann Esser, who was one of the founders of the Nazi party and also in prison for his part in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.

One of 20, rare autographed copies of Mein Kampf dedicated to the founder of the Nazi party

One of 20, rare autographed copies of Mein Kampf dedicated to the founder of the Nazi party

Dotcom was excited, he had only recently bought the book for  £21,600 through an intermediary bidding through Mullocks auctioneers who handled the sale.  Read more »

Helicopter Hater Update: Vern’s Vendetta

Readers will know all about arts luvvie and Labour Party activist Vern Walsh.  He is to troughing what Jesse Owens is to athletics, Mohammed Ali is to boxing, Sir Don Bradman is to cricket, and Babe Ruth is to baseball.  A man with his snout so deeply in the trough, he’s made it all the way to Spain.

Vern is the chairman of the Auckland Council’s dodgy funding board that has cut funding to the Auckland rescue helicopter service by over $1,000,000 or 70% to give to Dame Rosanne Meo’s philharmonia.

He’s the guy who admitted to Sean Plunket that the board doesn’t have any criteria about what to fund and not.  They just make it up as they go along.  And they are careful not to have any register of what free arts tickets they get or their other troughing.

But Vern’s not content with just cutting the helicopter funding he controls.  Now he’s trying to stop anyone else from funding the rescue helicopter either.

My deep-cover spies in the Mayor’s Office report that Vern has been making a nuisance of himself, hanging around the Ngati Whatua Room, ever since his councillors made him realise Aucklanders wouldn’t stand for their rescue helicopter being cut to fund more $85,000 arts junkets.

When the mayor managed to fit him in on Wednesday, Vern tried to tell him it would be illegal for the council to fund the rescue helicopter service.  Not even Brown fell for that.

So it looks like Vern skulked off for a leak to the Horrid.   Read more »

Kim Dotcom commences bullying former staff [AUDIO]

Last week I broke the story of his threats to the security guards who just want their outstanding back pay.

Kim Dotcom has refused to meet or discuss their requests and ignored legal letters regarding the outstanding payments. Failure to pay the guards means that they were effectively on $8-00 per hour, well under the legal requirement of the minimum wage laws of New Zealand.

I posted this audio of his threats against the security guards:

Today he started a twitter campaign against the same guards.

He thinks nothing of legal agreements except in order to protect his interests. He has also falsely claimed that the guards had confidentiality agreements, which is false.

Look at how many tweets he has made about it.

They just want what is owed to them and this is how Kim Dotcom reacts. Where is the Mana party now? Where is Labour? What about the unions?   Read more »

Clown of Campbells Bay accused of bullying staff


Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, accused of bullying staff

I knew he couldn’t last a term without some sort of scandal.

Andrew Williams is making headlines again, and once again for all the wrong reasons.

The man is unfit for public office, his long list of embarrassments preclude that. Fortunately for him MMP allows unelectable people to sneak into parliament via the list.

Two female New Zealand First employees have received payouts after being “bullied” out of their jobs by MP Andrew Williams.

Williams is understood to have sent abusive late-night texts and emails to former executive assistant Rebecca Papprill, who worked for him in Parliament.

Williams also locked party worker Karen Potter out of a NZ First office on Auckland’s North Shore.

Both women are understood to have complained to the Parliamentary Service and received confidential settlements after mediation.  Read more »

HoS editorial on Dotcom’s dodgy deals

Patrick Gower should really be sinking his chipmunk teeth into finding out who the dodgy MP is that is skulking in his current party but looking at bailing out in June, dogging on his mates.

That MP is a traitor to his party and should be outed. Instead I fear we will have more stories from him and Corin Dann about how much milk there is or isn’t in the fridges of Oravida’s offices.

The Herald on Sunday makes a call for openness from Dotcom, but there is fat chance of that after he got a gagging order against his former head of security. That didn’t work in keeping his appalling employment practices secret, and it won’t work in keeping other dodgy behaviour secret either.

Dotcom is dangerous. He could threaten Key. But his private life could also explode in the face of potential allies like Labour, the Greens and Mana.

I don’t think he is dangerous, not with what I know and will release. His party will wither and die with coming revelations, my only hope is it also takes out all those who have bent their knee to Dotcom. If is hilarious to see Mana leap into bed with them when he rips off workers in such a blatant manner. I wonder what John Minto of the Unite union and a Mana party prospect thinks about Dotcom paying his staff less than the minimum wage as required by law.

He is fighting extradition to the United States to face copyright charges, and suffered a setback in that fight on Friday when the Supreme Court ruled he would not have access to details of the American prosecution case against him.

He has also gone to court this week to prevent disclosures by his disgruntled former head of security, Wayne Tempero, apparently angry at having his contract and pay cut. Tempero is threatening to lift the lid on Dotcom’s relationship with staff, debts, and allegedly embarrassing trivia such as what he keeps in his basement. Dotcom says he cannot (or will not) comment on the threatened Tempero disclosures, beyond dismissing them as a “smear campaign” and promising his creditors will be paid in full this week.  Read more »

NewstalkZB, interview with Larry Williams about Kim Dotcom

I was on NewstalkZB last night with Larry Williams talking about Kim Dotcom and his threats to his underpaid security guards.

I’m waiting to see what the parade of left-wing  politicians who bent their knee to Kim Dotcom say now after it has been revealed that he is a slave wages scumbag employer.  Read more »