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Latest news headlines from Reuters

It’s politics not Tiddlywinks

Looks like Winston Peters reads this site.

He has an opinion piece at RadioLive about Helen Clark’s candidacy for the UN General Secretary’s job:

Helen’s Clark’s campaign to be the first female UN Secretary-General has ventured into stormy seas.

That has to be expected.

When you are seeking such a high office it is inevitable flak will come from some quarter.

In this case flak is being fired by the Foreign Policy magazine in the United States which claims in an article Ms Clark has left “a trail of embittered peers and subordinates” and “ruthlessly ended the careers of underlings in her quest to advance her candidacy.’”

New Zealanders might think New Zealand politics can be rugged, but things are a lot hotter in the Big Apple, New York.

Character assassination of political opponents is part and parcel of the American scene.

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Hilary is replaced by a weather girl that we’ll call Hilary too


Hilary Barry’s replacement was called Hilary by the highest paid professional at Mediaworks.   An accident?   Is the female talent really that interchangeable?

Being called Hilary within the first 30 seconds was probably not the welcome Ingrid Hipkiss was hoping for at her new job on Paul Henry.

The Newshub weather presenter, who was initially thought to be stepping in for three weeks, has been announced as Hilary Barry’s permanent replacement.

But at the beginning of Monday’s episode, while viewers could see Barry’s seat was occupied by Hipkiss, there was confusion for radio listeners when Henry said congratulations and good morning to “Hilary”.

Newshub weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss was introduced as Hilary on her very first day on Paul Henry.

It might sound akin to Henry’s sense of humour, but the host was quick to apologise and blamed his age for the slip.

If he’s that demented already, he shouldn’t be in the job.  Read more »

Seymour on budget waste and corporate welfare

David Seymour has used his Sunday Star-Times column to highlight some of Steve Joyce’s wasteful corporate welfare.

It’s Budget week and the message from National is the same as the past six years: no tax cuts.  Labour, meanwhile, want tax increases.

So, what better time to look at some government spending and simply ask: “Why?”  Surely, some of this money would be better spent on health, or education – or simply given back to people, so they can invest in businesses, their families, their communities, and themselves.

First up is the $56 million-a-year Marsden Fund, which bankrolls select ‘academic’ research.  Some of the science topics look kind of interesting, but what do New Zealand taxpayers really gain from funding research on Cultivating chamber music in Beethoven’s Vienna: a study in socio-musicology ($580,000); or anti-trade activist Jane Kelsey’s Transcending embedded neoliberalism in international economic regulation ($600,000); or Missing narratives of modern Chinese intellectual history: modernity and writings on art, 1900-1930 ($495,000)?

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