Oh, and now TVNZ are running Andrew Little’s union campaign – verbatim!

Another media driven National hit piece.  This time on behalf of Andrew Little the unions.

Following on from the story earlier today how Mediaworks are making the government look bad on purpose, here is an example of a press release, followed by promoting ONE labour leader constestant’s web site, and absolutely not declaration of the source, balancing comment or any attempt at making it look anything except a paid-for piece… or at least a personal favour?

In the interest of critiquing, let’s have a look at it in total:


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A fine bromance, with no kisses…


Read in movie-voice-over-guy voice

They BOTH wanted to be speaker…

Who will replace Jim Hickey as the “funny man”? Throng has an idea

Remember TV3’s  “Jim Hickey is a funny man, but Augie Auer  is a meteorologist”?   Well, it’s taken a while, but Augie has finally claimed his scalp

The Diary has let the cat out of the bag, spoiling Jim Hickey’s chance at telling his avid fans he is retiring from TVNZ.

Popular weather presenter Jim Hickey is retiring from his longtime post with One News. The 65-year-old quietly told TVNZ staff this week and an official announcement is expected on air one night next week at the end of the news bulletin.

The Diary has learned Hickey will remain on air for a while, but will retire to his home in Taranaki to run the Airspresso cafes he co-owns at New Plymouth and Queenstown airports.

He was reluctant to discuss his departure yesterday. “Leaving TVNZ? No, don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hickey deadpanned.

But plans are being made for him to announce the news on air next week. Read more »

Jonathan Coleman happy with our Ebola preparedness as the world counts its 10,000th patient

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says a meeting of 20 government agencies to discuss New Zealand’s response to the threat of Ebola, reflected a “high level of preparedness” within the Government.

The Inter-Agency Pandemic Group includes police and the ministries of Defence, Civil Defence Emergency Management, Foreign Affairs and Trade and Primary Industries.

The group met in Wellington today – a yearly meeting, but with attention squarely focused on Ebola, Coleman said.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has already killed over 4500 people, mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, since it emerged 10 months ago. Experts have said the world could face 10,000 new cases a week in two months if authorities don’t take stronger steps to fight the deadly virus.

Cases have since been confirmed in the United States and parts of Europe.

Coleman said the risk of the infectious disease reaching New Zealand was remote, but New Zealand had to be prepared for the worst.

Actually, at this stage  I think the risk of Ebola reaching New Zealand is a certainty,  The disease is still spreading in an expansionary fashion.   Read more »

Before you take off and leave us to run a blog by ourselves…


Long weekend coming up.  Just a heads up the police are once more enforcing their 4 km/h tolerance limit, so 55 and 105 are the points at which you lose you hard earned money.

On the good side, it will be cheaper to fill up

A continued fall in the price of oil has led to another cut in the cost of fuel.

But the Automobile Association says motorists are still paying too much at the pump, with current retail margins allowing for further cuts.

Both petrol and diesel prices dropped 2 cents a litre yesterday, in the fourth cut during the past fortnight. A litre of 91 octane fell to 213.9c a litre and diesel to 143.9c.

Z Energy said the fourth successive 2c decrease was attributable to declining oil prices internationally. “Hopefully that’s some good news for motorists before Labour Weekend,” a spokeswoman said. Read more »

NZ Media just can’t let the government have a good story

I’ve taken a screenshot of this, to make the point


Great news story for the government, right?   Now, let’s see how Mediaworks puts the boot in.   Read more »

List MP Kevin Hague plays #dirtypolitics

You’ll know I’m no fan of List MPs, and while all of the Green Taliban fall into that camp, there’s a few that stand out as particularly sanctimonious scumbags.

Take yesterday’s Question #10 by Kevin Hague asking about conflicts of interest and whether the Food and Grocery Council’s CEO Katherine Rich should be a member of the Health Promotion Agency.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman batted him away saying ‘Katherine Rich is a person of the very highest integrity and that her conduct as a member of the HPA has been excellent’.

Looks like the Green Taliban are going to try and run attacks against the Nats using stolen emails and play more #dirtypolitcs. Good.

Next time Kevin Hague wants to have a crack and call for investigation, maybe the Government should ask what conflicts Kevin Hague has.

You see Kevin Hague has been a frequent target for health lobbyists, particularly those Fizz2030 activists troughers from Otago University. They even went as far as bestowing on him the title ’Hon’.

Maybe Government MPs could ask Hague about who is advising the Greens on their ‘obesity reduction’ policy. The one where he wants controls on price, availability and marketing on the likes of fizzy drinks, chocolate and even breakfast cereals.   Read more »

Auckland Transport adds death traps for two wheeled vehicles


First, let’s explain what’s going on, and then I’ll tell you why they are a stupid idea as implemented.

Large red stripes designed to calm traffic on Auckland streets have instead drawn the ire of locals, who have labelled them “alarming” and “strange”.

The thick horizontal lines have popped up on dozens of suburban streets in recent weeks and have created confusion because of delays to signage explaining their purpose.

The stripes, meant to act as “traffic calmers”, are part of a $1.2m project, which will include new speed bumps and raised intersections in Sandringham and Balmoral.

Hairdresser Nicole Sabalo, from Dominion Road’s Hair Domain, didn’t think the lines would make much difference.

“They seem a bit strange.” Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Guest post: Labour’s governance issues

I have written before about the lack of understanding in the art and practice of good governance within the New Zealand Labour party.  It surprises me at their limited practice of good governance when, within Parliament, the rules of Governance as developed by Erskine May and Roberts Rules are the controlling factors in their day to day life.

We currently have four Labour MPs aiming to be what they are calling the “Leader of the Party”. I had always believed that the Party was lead by the Party President, not the Leader of the Parliamentary wing.

But that aside, as I have already written on the topic, I want to address the latest faux pas being committed by the four aspiring leaders.  They are all stating that they will promote this or that policy as leader.  That they will change policy or make new policy etc.

From the true Governance perspective policy is not made by the Chairman of the Board, but by the Board itself. And the Board of the Party is not the Caucus but the Labour Party Council.   Read more »