“Let them eat cake” – BSCNZ reports to members


While the level of troughing varies, in general, troughers are the same wherever you go.

They have this sense of entitlement and believe that they deserve the perks.

Scumbag unions the world over have been exposed for diving into the trough and lavishing it up is flash places around the world.

My good friend Patrick Lee-Lo, El Presidente of the Building Service Contractors, certainly enjoys the trough provided by his cleaning members. By the looks of things Kimberly Clark’s Lillian Small also enjoyed her foray into the trough via a visit to New York.   Read more »

More good news

Another Labour crisis – that isn’t.

The Herald reports on the latest migration figures.

New Zealand migration rose to an 11-year high in March, the second-highest gain on record, as fewer kiwis left for Australia.

The country gained a seasonally adjusted 3,800 net new migrants in March, the most since February 2003, said Statistics New Zealand. A net 400 people left for Australia in March, down from 600 in February, according to seasonally adjusted figures.

In the year through March, New Zealand gained a net 31,900 migrants, a 10-year high, as 98,000 people arrived while 66,100 departed. That’s more than 12 times the 2,500 annual net migration gain in the year through March 2013 and compares with an average net gain of 11,700 migrants over the past 20 years.   Read more »

The losers excuse

David Cunliffe has played the losers excuse this morning on Radio New Zealand…blaming others for the total and utter screw up that is his party.

The Labour Party leader is accusing National of creating a new job to convince Shane Jones to leave Parliament.

Mr Jones confirmed his departure from politics on Tuesday and is tipped to take up a role helping Pacific islands make more money out of their fisheries. He is likely to leave Parliament shortly and his place will be taken by the next person on Labour’s list, Kelvin Davis.

Shane Jones told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report programme he was leaving politics because he does not have the necessary level of commitment and energy ahead of the election.

He unsuccessfully sought the Labour leadership last year and was asked by the party leadership to tone down attacks he had been making on one of Labour’s potential allies, the Green Party.

“Any New Zealander with a smidgeon of interest in politics will know that the political collar has chafed this dog’s neck – and now I’ve slipped the collar,” he said on Wednesday.

Labour leader David Cunliffe told the programme the departure says more about the job offer than the MP’s view of Labour’s chances in the 20 September election.   Read more »

Cosgrove: ‘Like losing McCaw’

Clayton Cosgrove as the paid up president of the ABC (Anyone But Cunliffe) team has said that Shane Jones leaving is like the Crussaders losing Richie McCaw.

Those comments must be super-calculated to get out, to cause maximum damage to Cunliffe.

List MP Clayton Cosgrove, a close friend of Jones, said he was “gutted” his mate was leaving and admitted it would hurt the party five months out from the September 20 election.

The pair have been close for several years. Both came from business backgrounds before joining politics and had worked closely together on many issues, latterly Labour’s attack on supermarkets.

“I am gutted he’s going. He will leave a massive hole in our movement because he had such an appeal,” Cosgrove said.

But he said he respected the call Jones had made.

Cosgrove would not comment on whether he was aware of Jones’ move beforehand but conceded the resignation would not help Labour.

“It definitely takes away one of our big hitters. Shane was like a ballistic cannon when he fired. When you lose anybody that’s a talented bloke … it would be like losing Richie McCaw from the Crusaders. It makes your job a bit tougher.”   Read more »

Labour has become an unmitigated disaster

Oh dear me…the commentators have all turned on labour and David Cunliffe. The Jones debacle has picked the scab of a rancid and pustulated sore that is the Labour party.

Andrew Dickens says:

I’m getting tired of asking ‘what is Labour thinking?’. But that’s what we’ve been saying all year long.

It’s time for them to be firing shots. The election is 20 weeks away, the budget just days away, and Labour is firing shots alright – right into their own feet.

Rajen Prasad’s stand on Nigella Lawson in the weekend was truly laughable. We can’t keep out a visitor without criminal conviction unless they represent truly objectionable viewpoints such as rappers praising gang rape or holocaust deniers. We can’t deny Nigella a visa unless we decide that she really does use too much butter. So it was a Don Quixote moment, except Nigella will never look like a windmill. The real story is that Rajen was not under control. Matt McCarten seems to have lost his legs, just like Benji Marshall – the game line is safe.

Then there was Andrew Little’s outrage yesterday that Wanaka worked over Easter weekend. Labour says they’re all about jobs, but they’re not when they say that when 25,000 people visit town no-one is allowed to profit from it due to an antiquated law. Wanaka jobs are dependent on snow and the Warbirds. They wanted to make money, they wanted jobs so I don’t get what Andrew is on about. When the workers want to work and when the work is there, they work and you let them. That’s called supporting workers Mr Little. I didn’t hear anyone from Wanaka moaning about working when they flouted the law and made hay.

So another week of more gaffes, more overthinking. It’s a weekly wonder. And before all you Labour supporters start thinking I’m some sort of Tory cheerleader, there’s Shane Jones.

Has there ever been a clearer example of a rat leaving the sinking ship than Shane? Last year he charged for the Labour leadership. This year he’s leaving to be a salary boy, jacked up by Murray McCully no less. He’s given up. He can’t see a Cabinet job on the government benches so he’s off to make hay. Can’t say I blame him!

So Labour has lost its mojo. It doesn’t even know how to spell mojo. There’s something deeply wrong. After two terms out of office, they should not be this far out of the race this close to an election. It’s sad.

Read more »

Some good advice for Labour, pity they aren’t listening

John Armstrong offers up some good advice for LAbour as they continue to pursue Judith Collins. Little do Labour know they are being set up, if only they would do a little bit of research would they realise how far down the set up track they have propelled themselves in chasing false leads, rumour and innuendo.

The only funny part about it all is that Winston Peters is the one who set them up and Labour are the ones suffering at the hands of voters as a result.

The Prime Minister took the rather unusual step of offering free advice to Labour yesterday. It was advice Labour would do well to heed. But it is unlikely to do so. At least not yet.

The gist of John Key’s message to Labour went something like this. “Make my day. In fact, make my election day. If you want to continue to rate below 30 per cent in the polls, just keep talking about the things that do not matter. Just keep doing that until election day.”

Among the things that do not matter – according to Key – is Labour’s pursuit of Judith Collins and who she did or did not have dinner with in Beijing six months ago and what she did or did not tell New Zealand’s ambassador afterwards.    Read more »

Not your money, you despicable ratbags

These things make me angry

A nurse bequeathed $315,000 by an elderly couple who she cared for has been cleared of unethical behaviour by the health watchdog – despite concerns from the couple’s son that it was too much money.

Judith Lynch, a registered nurse of Christchurch, spent three-and-a-half years looking after retired banker Robin Allardyce and his wife, Barbara, a former editor at The Times in London, before they died one month apart in 2010.

The pair, aged 92 and 80 at the time of their deaths, became friends with Ms Lynch when their families were neighbours in 1992.

Mrs Allardyce was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, while Mr Allardyce suffered from minor strokes, regular attacks of gout, arthritic pain and pneumonia.

Ms Lynch acted as caregiver for the couple, assisting in their everyday needs and other aspects of their care.

The nature of this relationship, from October 2006 to Mr Allardyce’s death in April 2010, was examined by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal after the couple bequeathed $315,000 to Ms Lynch.

Two charges were brought by the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) against Ms Lynch, related to inappropriate and unethical behaviour in accepting the money, and providing nursing services without a practising certificate.

The case hinged on whether Ms Lynch had acted as a professional nurse, or simply cared for them as a close friend.

No it didn’t.  It is always about the money.  You weren’t there for your Mum and Dad, and she was.  And then you didn’t even want her to have what she was genuinely due. Read more »

Sex abuse law doesn’t go far enough

Just the other day I asked what we should be doing with the sex offenders that nobody believes are safe being put back in the community.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley has introduced a bill to allow 10-year extended supervision orders to be renewed by the courts. The orders allow the Department of Corrections to monitor child sex offenders after their sentence is completed.

Those imposed on the first batch of child sex abusers in 2004 are due to expire next year. The department has estimated about six of the most serious offenders will need the orders renewed every year.

Ms Tolley said she had support from United Future and Act for the bill, which will also allow the orders to be laid against serious violent offenders and sex offenders against adults. Labour has said it will support it at its first stage and will decide after public submissions whether to support it further.

Ms Tolley confirmed there was not enough time to pass it before the election. That means if Labour wins the election it will have to pass it before January to ensure some of those orders, which are for a maximum 10-year period, do not expire.

It is a great start, and it is a pity to see that Labour have decided to play politics with this.   But then again, I’m not surprised.  Labour are the crim hugging party after all.   Read more »

Josie Pagani on “heretic hunters”

Josie Pagani has suffered herself as a potential candidate, with death threats from other Labour candidates and ongoing attacks on her integrity.

She calls these people ‘heretic hunters’, people who are hell bent on finding and rooting out of Labour others that they consider heretics for daring to belief and espouse other ideas other than the approved group think of modern Labour.

Shane Jones wouldn’t be quitting if he thought he was going to be in government next year. His resignation is a very clear warning bell; Labour cannot win if it loses people like Shane Jones and voters who support him.

And Labour cannot keep Shane Jones and the people who support him unless it looks like a party capable of winning, and that means a party that is inclusive, focused on jobs, better pay, and on celebrating opportunities for all of us to do better in life.

That is a basic core message that the Labour left ought to be able to unite around. The grave threat to Labour are the people, many of them Cunliffe supporters and workers in his own office, who are celebrating Shane’s departure and calling for even more Labour voters to be purged.

Here’s what Martyn Bradbury said on the Daily Blog tonight:

Labour dodge a bullet….(it’s like) the relief of a haemorrhoid being surgically removed, losing Shane Jones is no different to that. Good riddance”.

Here’s a taste of what they’re saying on The Standard:


22 April 2014 at 6:40 pm

no shane jones was labours john key and accordingly pushed national policies. HE WAS IN THE WRONG PARTY HENCE HE HAS DISCUSSIONS WITH MCCULLY FOR SOME TIME.”

Some, not happy to stop at driving Shane out, want to see others gone too:

Kerry @plateaunz Protected Tweets 

Goff Mallard and King should have walked the plank.”

There’s no problem finding other Labour party staffers and candidates who share the view that Labour needs fewer not more people on its side, and that it can define itself by throwing people out rather than bringing them in. These are the militants who make every issue, from man bans to building roads a litmus test, and if you fail – good riddance.

The viciousness of these heretic hunters is driving people out of the Labour party at a time when Labour needs all the votes it can get.

If you disagree with these policy police or attempt to debate an issue, you are not just an opponent  – you’re an enemy within.

Read more »

Yet another reason for politicians to avoid Twitter

Readers of this site will already know about the thoroughly nasty and desperately stupid Anna “Marge” Lorck, Labour’ Tukituki candidate.

She has landed in hot water this morning, just as David Cunliffe is set for a tour of the Hawkes Bay, with her Twitter history laid bare.

Labour’s recently selected candidate for Tukituki has no intention of deleting a tweet in which she calls David Cunliffe a bully and says he’s “no leader”.

Anna Lorck says the tweet, which still appears on her Twitter feed, is “history” and she has since changed her views on her party’s leader.

A tweet from late 2011 said: “Can’t wait til Cunliff [sic] turns up in the Bay . . . We haven’t forgotten he sacked our DHB. He’s no leader. He’s a bully.”

Lorck, former community newspaper journalist and until recently the owner of a public relations company, was selected last month as the party’s Tukituki candidate.

She helped organise public relations for the region’s DHB after Cunliffe, as health minister at the time, sacked the entire board in 2008.

A short time later in Parliament, he labelled the 11-strong board as “a nasty little nest of self-perpetuating provincial elites”. The board was reinstated when National won the election later that year.

Lorck said yesterday: “The tweet is history, as is the sacking of the DHB.    Read more »