Cognitive dissonance: Union doesn’t like it that a strike will inconvenience people

More than 800 ambulance professionals in the North Island are refusing to provide cover for summer events from just before Christmas.

Their “events ban” from December 17 will affect large events, including Christmas in the Park in Auckland.

E tu, the union that represents musicians, on Friday urged St John New Zealand to settle the dispute.

“Our members support this action, but we want to see the matter resolved. It would be a shame for families to miss out on cultural events this summer,” says E tu co-ordinator Jill Ovens.


“We support this action, but please don’t strike, because, you know, people deserve to have a good time.”

St John has previously reached an agreement with smaller unions, the Amalgamated Workers Union NZ Southern, Central Amalgamated Workers Union, NZ Ambulance Association and Ambulance Officers Workplace Union. Read more »

Lizzie Marvelly knows how to get attention. Today: school girls and their periods

In some parts of the world, girls are forced to miss school when they have their periods.

Places like Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and . . . New Zealand.

Before the word ‘period’ causes a mass exodus to the next page, I have a plea to make.

If there’s one subject that generally goes down like a cup of cold sick with men, it’s menstruation.

The quickest way to get rid of the boys when I was at school was to start talking about periods, and I’m aware that a similar trend will probably hold with male readers.

But please, gents, bear with me.

I find this an interesting view into her thinking.  To me a period is natural as a snotty nose or having a hair cut.  “Gents” have moved on.  We are now trying to get used to the idea of building special toilets at an all-girls school for the biological girl that identifies as a boy.

Gay people, lesbian people and even pre-op lesbian transgender biological women that want to be men can get married.

In a world where we have earthquakes and ISIS lone wolf terrorist driving into our children before stabbing them with a knife, menstruation simply doesn’t rate.

But Lizzy has a point to make, so let her make it.   Read more »

Mental Health Break

New Media comfortable with an unencumbered marketplace of ideas


New media platform #Gab welcomes all viewpoints while dying Twitter giant is censoring conservative voices and removing them from its site. New media giant Breitbart News has been smeared by the MSM as being alt-right but has no problem publishing other points of view. A  left-wing journalist who writes for Breitbart explains…

The 2016 election was a turning point for me as a writer…

…as the election results poured in on November 8, I was forced to reflect on a very (very) difficult realization: Much of my work last year was, electorally speaking, worthless. I, evidently, needed to start writing for publications that were trusted by Trump supporters.

 So, two weeks ago, I emailed my contacts at Breitbart News to tell them I would be happy to start contributing.

…In this new media world, I believe we’re going to have to practice journalism through persuasion rather than censorship.

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Our usually flexible John Key has made up his mind about Trump

At NZTE’s awards, [John Key] dispelled the notion that Trump might change his mind on trade.

The fact was, New Zealand was a little country at the bottom of the world – “no one owes us a living”. But New Zealand has got its house in order. It would get increasingly wealthy by selling things to the rest of the world.

For those who believe a Trump-led America might start slapping on tariffs – think again about who would be harmed by that move.

It would end up in the US harming itself, as other trade partners took their business elsewhere.

“Is the world going to stop trading because Donald Trump is fundamentally opposed, or do things in spite of the US?”, Key questioned. Read more »

You look after ya mates and ya mates look after you!

The rise and fall of New Zealand Labour

Duncan Garner has his say

If Labour dropped one more per cent, Labour would not even get Andrew Little into Parliament.

That’s the ultimate embarrassment: when your leader doesn’t make it to Parliament.

This poll should be a major wake-up call, but it won’t be; my sources tell me no-one is planning to roll him over the summer BBQs.

Labour MPs clearly have low expectations in this caucus. They are happy for Little to take this one for the team and start again post-2017 with another duo of dancers.

But where’s the hunger and impatience for success? Where’s the frustration at the lack of cut-through?

Where’s the anger in the factions? In fact, where are the factions? Gone, is the answer.

The ‘everyman’ has been ditched in favour of this current mob. This is a narrower Labour Party, the so-called broad church has been given its marching orders.

Shane Jones is gone and desperately seeking Winston Peters and NZ First.

Phil Goff flew one-way to Auckland for another job. Clayton Cosgrove is looking for a new job and some sanity. Former Labour member Nick Leggett is poised to stand for National against his old party.

It seems to me that Labour doesn’t want the ‘everyman’ yet it wants his votes. I think Labour has lost the working bloke to NZ First and National.

They no longer identify with Little and his lightweight mob. I asked a press gallery journalist this week what was wrong with Little.

She said Little can’t explain anything, he has no charisma, he’s angry and, finally, he’s not John Key. I would add that Little fumbles and bumbles his way through interviews. Read more »

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All of the banks’ customers are equal but are some more equal than others?


The Alt-Left not only exists it is already active in New Zealand

On Wednesday, the conservative-leaning advocacy group One Nation released a statement on Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Lead Alt-Left in Hijacking of Bipartisan Medical Research Bill,” the subject line read.

Wait. “Alt-left?”

You may have heard of the alt-right…

There remains plenty of disagreement about what exactly “alt-right” means, but it’s a loaded political term carrying connotations of white nationalism and even racism.

…The term isn’t brand new, but it has just now gradually worked its way into the mainstream…

…The use of the term “alt-left,” then, would seem to be a way to point out that there are also extremists on the left.


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