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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Waimakariri – Compare and Contrast

Clayton Cosgrove and Matthew Doocey are going head to head in Waimakariri.

Below¬†is Clayton’s half page advert in the latest Nor’West News issue dated¬†Monday 1st September.

And how old is the photo on the bottom left compared to top right. Or maybe the photo bottom left is post plugs and is actually more recent?

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Media: Key bad, Cunliffe good

For years the media have been waiting to sink their EPMU motivated teeth into John Key but haven’t really had much of a chance. ¬†Hence, Teflon John. ¬† They still don’t have much on John Key, to be honest, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

At the same time, the man that is all but abandoned by his own party – yes, David Cunliffe – is being talked up as if he’s the second coming of Christ.

Compare and contrast… here’s a story about David Cunliffe on the campaign trail yesterday

12e1A warm welcome!

Look at the photo, taken from a very low angle.  (Can you guess why?)

Photo / Jason Oxenham

Photo / Jason Oxenham

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“Digitally Savvy”… Fairfax needs someone better than their existing staff

It is pretty simple stuff…to be “digitally savvy”… of course the irony of looking for a digitally savvy intern in a newspaper seems to have escaped them.¬† Read more »

Smacking solves: youth suicide, youth prostitution and sexually-transmitted infections

How did I miss this yesterday? ¬†If you ever needed an example that the Conservative Party are bunch of loons…

The anti-smacking law is to blame for youth suicide, youth prostitution and even sexually-transmitted infections, a leading Conservative party candidate claims.

Edward Saafi, who is fifth on the Conservative list and would be elected if they break the 5 per cent threshold, has delivered the striking message during recent speeches at Tongan churches, Fairfax has learned.

“We are starting to recognise the incidence of suicide going up in Pacific communities, especially the Tongan community and people are starting to understand the lead-on from this legislation.

“Once you pass it, children, rather than doing what mum and dad says, they go and commit suicide. It opens up another thing they could do,” Saafi, who holds a doctorate in biomedicine, said.

Asked if he thought there was a direct link between the anti-smacking bill and youth suicide, Saafi said: “It’s just common sense, really. It’s our way of thinking parents have a role to look after their kids, including disciplining them. If the law tells the child that mum and dad can’t discipline you any more, they will do whatever they want, including these other alternatives like suicide. It’s quite appalling.”

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One News/Colmar Brunton shows Dirty Politics barely registering



Photo/ TVNZ

The left wing conspiracy and smear job initiated with illegal hacking against me and now being pushed hard by the left wing isn’t working.

They have been working towards this all year and now as more and more revealing details are released we can see it is a smear job aimed squarely at National.

The Fact that not a single email be tween me and Labour MPs, nor Facebook messages with the same, and ditto Green party and Winston shows that this is a targeted political smear.

They dare to claim the high ground.

If you believe it was mere coincidence that Labour’s campaign slogan is “Vote Positive” and isn’t related at all to the illegal hacking of my systems then I have a bridge I can sell you.

The good news for voters is that National remains strong and largely unaffected, with changes at the margin of error only.

The campaigning of the complicit media in aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy to hijack our elections isn’t working.

National has taken a ‘Dirty Politics’ hit in the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll, down two points to 48% while Labour has gained two and is sitting at 28%.

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Monday morning mailbag


Quite a lack of death threats, I am happy to report.  At least that nonsense is over.

A Reader’s View.

The sordidness exhibited by some of the parties to this election far exceeds that of any single one in my lifetime. It makes a travesty of the sense of common decency, civility and fair play on which this once proud nation was built and of which we took pride.

If the present trend continues, we are in danger of becoming a motley disconnected rabble of thugs, devoid of all principles and morality. This is nourished by the print and electronic media which distorts the news and manipulates public opinion for whatever purpose one can but guess. Read more »

Face of the day



“I’ve never seen the likes of this,” says Mr Cunliffe. “This is as bad as politics gets.”

-TV 3

I agree David, it is terrible that there is a entire tumblr account dedicated to comparing you to different kinds of pussies.

The depths that people will stoop to these days is truly shocking. It is just not fair.

However, it has been a tough week here at Whaleoil HQ and I think we all could do with a bit of a laugh.

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Good to see some journalists know their job

Heather du Plessis-Allan has been fact checking the politicians…on both sides.

After the election debate she looked at the claims of both leaders.

John Key got the unemployment one wrong but then it also depends how you interpret the statistics.

What is interesting is the first one where David Cunliffe claims over a million hectares of our land has been approved for foreign sale under the National Government.

I like the diagram Heather drew showing how much land has actually been approved for foreign sale. It was one quarter of what he claimed.

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SSC boss backs Collins view, Key starting to look silly now

When John Key used my email in breach of the Privacy Act to slay Judith Collins, he should have done a bit more research.

It seems the State Services Commission boss supports the viewpoint of Judith Collins.

NBR reports:

“I told the Prime Minister‚Äôs Office that Judith Collins had a positive view of Mr Feeley‚Äôs¬† performance through her time as Minister responsible for the Serious Fraud Office.”

“The Commission has reviewed its documentation and sought the recollections of staff responsible for the SFO portfolio at the time in coming to this view.¬† This includes the period following the date of the email in October 2011 released today by the Prime Minister.¬† Earlier in 2011, Judith Collins had raised with me the appropriateness of Mr Feeley‚Äôs consumption of a bottle of champagne following a media inquiry. ¬† Read more »