Is there a connection between money laundering and Kim Dotcom?

Dotcom’s assets are supposed to be frozen pending the outcome of the extradition case but the corporations say that recently Dotcom disclosed he had access to substantial funds that were not captured by freezing orders.

As a result a judge in the High Court at Auckland ordered him to disclose the nature, location and value of all his assets worldwide, whether held in his own name or not.

At the hearing to stall that order taking effect Dotcom’s lawyer Tracey Walker told the Court of Appeal today that she was speaking hypothetically in saying a restraining order registered in New Zealand in January 2012 covered specified assets he had at that time but would not cover assets he had acquired since.

Emmerson chess dotcom

The High Court judge said the value of the 2012 assets was put at $11.8.

Further assets of the Dotcom company, Megaupload, are frozen in Hong Kong.

Walker said the position of the US parties was well protected by the assets already frozen here and in Hong Kong and it was a breach of Dotcom’s right to privacy to make him disclose more.

It was a point of principle, she said. Read more »

I’m sure this is all above board


Media fall for Labour slight of hand


This has Matt McCarten written all over it – it’s a brilliant move.

Labour has come out stating they have cut policies they haven’t even announced yet, so they are going to be able to deliver a better budget in light of the recent Prefu results.

The media have eaten it up like they were meant to:

The Labour Party has broken new ground in election campaigns by announcing cuts to spending that it had not announced. Leader David Cunliffe and finance spokesman David Parker called a press conference to say they had shaved $300 million from their plans after seeing the Treasury’s pre-election fiscal update last week. They said they had dropped six of seven commitments they had been planning to announce during the campaign, but they would not now say what they were. Read more »

Reheated Labour policy still not edible


Oh deary me…

…so they had the time to work on the problems before relaunching it, and even after relaunching it, they didn’t actually know the detail to talk numbers.

Thanks to your media running interference for these clowns, they may end up in control of your taxes soon.

Labour refuse to confirm leaks on Asset buy-back fund

Winston Peters is the one who lacks principles

Winston Peters is the one who lacks principles

Andrea Vance’s sources have her convinced Labour have set aside $100M to buy back NZ assets.

Labour leader David Cunliffe is refusing to be drawn on whether the party will announce plans for a new asset fund, but says he “stands behind public opinion” in opposition to asset sales.

The party is understood to be planning to set aside funds to buy mainly New Zealand assets, partly to woo NZ First leader Winston Peters into coalition.

Labour would likely need the support of both the Greens and NZ First to form a government. It has said a policy costing about $100 million a year is yet to be announced.

$100M a year doesn’t stretch very far.  But it would allow Labour the high road claiming they are “buying back our assets as we can afford it”.   Read more »

Mana economic media release (yes, I know)

Before you carry on reading, I need to warn you:  this is going to hurt your head:

MANA Movement Economic Justice spokesperson John Minto is calling for a radical overhaul of New Zealand’s taxation system with calculations showing that a minimum wage worker pays a ten times higher tax rate than the Prime Minister.

Minimum wage worker 28% tax

Prime Minister 2.8% tax

The minimum wage worker on 40 hours per week earns $29,640 and pays $4,207 in income tax and $4,149.60 in GST giving a total tax of $8,356.60 or 28% of income.

On the other hand the Prime Minister earns $428,000 from his PM’s salary along with this year’s $5,000,000 increase in his wealth (according to NBR’s rich list) which gives him a total income of $5,428,000. On this total income he pays just $132,160 in income tax and approximately $21,400 in GST giving a total tax of $153,560 or 2.8% of income.

This is a national embarrassment. Those least able to pay are under a heavy tax burden while the super-rich pay peanuts.

The National government and its attack bloggers refer to the working poor as scum, bludgers and ferals but it’s clear the real problem is with the top 1% of income earners who get all the benefits of taxpayer funded facilities and services but don’t pull their weight paying for them.

Cleaners, fast-food workers, hospitality workers and security guards are all heavily subsidising the lifestyles of the superrich.

These figures show we need an overhaul of our tax system so the Prime Minister and his rich-list colleagues pay their fair share.

Actually, only one attack blogger refers to the working poor as scum, bludgers and ferals.  I have yet to see the Government use those words.  And no, I’m not “theirs”.  I can assure you, they have no control over me.  Nobody does.   Read more »

Careful now Fran, Tom and Jerry* won’t like this kind of carry on

While the NZ Herald are keeping Judith Collins and my good self in a perpetually revolving set of scandalous headlines, the real evil in New Zealand politics is allowed to progress unobstructed.   At lease Fran ‘O is swimming up stream and giving it a valiant try:

It’s ridiculous that the New Zealand political system can be gamed by an international businessman with criminal convictions who bought his way into this country via the Investor Plus scheme. That businessman subsequently avoided extradition attempts. Then bankrolled a new political party to the tune of $3 million to “take down John Key” and is now openly colluding with Julian Assange to drop a political bomb just five days out from the election.

Kim Dotcom has long been resisting US Government attempts to extradite him to the United States to face allegations of racketeering and money-laundering over the use of his former file-hosting site Megaupload.

Now Dotcom’s palled up with the redoubtable Assange, who took refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to avoid extradition by the Swedish Government over alleged sexual offences.

You can just imagine the phone calls between the pair.

Read more »

The election has taken a turn for the worse this year

A Ground Crew member writes

This Election has delved into the murky world of Dirty Politics at the hands of Nicky Hager’s book backed by an anonymous hacker, and there are differing views over who paid him, to the world of Nasty politics at the hands of an attention seeking ego maniac.

Yes, dirty politics uncovered some distasteful facts that one could assume were, in Hager’s book at least, embellished but he kept it clean.

While all the normal professional political parties have kept their campaigns clean and objectively focused on their policies without resorting to mud slinging one party has dug deep into the world of very undesirable distasteful tactics.

Yes, Internet Mana has really taken New Zealand politics down into the gutter and then dug even deeper at the direction of the Party Owner. Billboards are defaced, F@@@ John key is chanted by its members at the behest of the Internet Parties Owner, Kim Dotcom, who also seems to think that hacking into the German Prime Ministers credit rating is okay.

His site, Mega, hosts another foul mouthed song about John Key and his Daughter. How much lower can the Election get, a lot lower it would seem. The naĂŻve are sucked in by this person who has an extensive criminal history. In 1994 he was given a suspended sentenced for Fraud and data espionage and another in 2003 for Insider trading and embezzlement. Read more »


The Conservatives are coming, the Conservatives are coming!!!


Apart from the Conservative Party letting the cat out of the bag (no need to watch TV3 now), it would appear that Internet Mana, NZ First and the Conservative Party all poll 4%+ in some polls.



Friendship and Dirty Politics

Friendship defended

Ms Collins last night also defended her friendship with Mr Slater.

“Just because he is a friend of mine – as by the way are many hundreds of other people – does not mean to say that I condone everything that anybody who is a friend of mine does,” she said.

“That is the nature of friendship. You put up with your friends no matter what if you’re a loyal friend. And I’m a very loyal person.”

About 50 locals turned out for the public meeting in Papakura – the first of its type since Dirty Politics was released.

However, most attendees were disinterested in the Dirty Politics saga or Ms Collins’ role in it.

Their questions for the candidates instead focused mainly on law and order, and immigration.

The media are not letting up on this.

They think they are helping the dark forces on the left bring down a government and (somehow?) stop me from running a blog.

In the real world, people aren’t interested.  In fact, they are truly over it.   Read more »