Colin Craig denies “untoward” and “unchristian” behavour


We discovered some hours ago that Colin Craig’s press secretary, Rachel McGregor had quit the Conservative Party campaign team having worked with them for three years quoting “unchristian” and “manipulative” behaviour on behalf of Craig.

Craig didn’t know she had resigned and was flummoxed by media asking him to explain what happened. Read more »

Poor Hone. Sold his soul to Dotdevil. Regrets… oh yeah

any likeness to people being discussed is a remarkable conincidence, yet this is not photoshopped.  perhaps these are their doppelgangers?  (oddly enough, a German word)

any likeness to people being discussed is a remarkable conincidence, yet this is not photoshopped. perhaps these are their doppelgangers? (oddly enough, a German word)

Mana leader Hone Harawira claims the National, Labour and Maori parties are all out to unseat him by throwing their weight behind Labour’s Kelvin Davis, leaving him fighting for his political life with only two campaigning days left.

Well, he’s got that right.   No need to claim anything, it’s true.   Read more »

John Key’s not a very good dope head

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

New Zealanders are already being spied on wholesale. Legally too.

What is the fuss about the GCSB and NSA? Our Dept of Internal Affairs conducts widespread Internet surveillance with international cooperation to catch child pornographers every day of the week:

What is the Department’s response to concerns that the filter impacts on the civil liberties of New Zealand internet users?

No one has the right to view illegal content that focuses on the sexual abuse of children; just as no one has a right to import illegal books and DVDs.

The filter will focus solely on websites offering clearly illegal, objectionable images of child sexual abuse.

It is a prevention tool, not a law enforcement tool and the anonymity of anyone who is blocked from accessing objectionable sites will be preserved.

The Department is concerned about the sexual abuse of children involved in the creation of the objectionable pictures.

The adults who make, trade or view these in New Zealand are parties to a serious offence. They contribute to an international market that supports and encourages further abuse.

The children who are victims of this activity sometimes suffer the psychological effects of their abuse for many years after the physical offending has ended.

Images that are distributed on the Internet never go away. With each download the person involved is re-victimised.   Read more »

Conservative Party pressec quits two days short of election


Oh dear.  How untidy.

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig and his press secretary of two years have parted ways – just two days out from the election.

Rachel MacGregor has told Newstalk ZB she’s left the party as of this morning. Read more »

Dotcom: not enough money to pay staff, still enough to threaten TV3?


Last night’s 3rd Degree episode is online, but without the Dotcom story.  Unless you’re interested in 3D printing, you’ll be disappointed if you try to see what you missed last night.

It takes a bit of hunting, but the Dotcom segment of last night’s 3rd Degree is posted as part of the 3 News site here, and Dotcom’s response here.

Why split it out of the 3rd Degree On Demand replays?

Has a lawyer’s letter made its way to Mediaworks?

Why make it so hard to find?

ISIS hostage killers aided by Snowden leaks

Kim Dotcom, Laila Harre, David Cunliffe, Russel Norman, Metiria Turei, Glenn Greenwald… please note:

This is the somber outcome of not allowing our security services to operate properly

Intelligence officials, MPs and academics said revelations about the ability of GCHQ, the British government’s eavesdropping centre, and the US National Security Agency to intercept emails, text messages and phone calls has helped members of the militant group evade capture.

Spy chiefs in Britain and the US have warned that terrorist groups changed tactics after reading the classified files released last year by Snowden, an former intelligence contractor.

The ability of fighters from Islamic State — also known as ISIS — to operate with relative impunity indicates the enhanced difficulty that Western intelligence agencies face in detecting and disrupting terrorist activity after the leaks, sources said.

“It is one of the first cases where the damage to the West’s counter terrorism capability,” said John Bassett, a former GCHQ official. “Within the community it has been very apparent. It has certainly reduced one of the West’s main tools in this situation.”

In an attempt to have his revenge on John Key, Kim Dotcom has brought the anti-GCSB nutters to town.  Ably assisted by the far left, Labour and the Greens, they are all calling for the GCSB’s powers to be severely curtailed or even disbanded.   Is this the price to bring down a National Government?   Read more »


Helen Clark lies to Cunliffe over illegal spying

Labour leader David Cunliffe has been given assurances by former prime minister and party leader Helen Clark that New Zealanders weren’t been spied on under her leadership.

However he said there were still grey areas that need to be looked at regarding the allegations made by US journalist Glenn Greenwood and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Cunliffe was speaking at the University of Auckland this afternoon during a meet and greet with student supporters.

In response to intelligence and security inspector general Cherly Gwyn’s assertions that there was no evidence of mass surveillance on New Zealanders he said:

“There are a number of grey areas that New Zealanders want clarity on, like is meta data given the same protections as data?

“Do you need a warrant to access information about New Zealanders from third parties and is cyber security a easy way out around other protections?”

He said he has been given assurances by Clark that he had nothing to worry about.

“I have absolutely no indication that Labour has been involved in that in anyway. I have absolutely nothing I would be concerned about.”

Oh really?   Read more »

Was Dotcom behind the hacking of my emails?


You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.