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Job offer: No whingers wanted

Why is this a story?

He didn’t say no gays, no blacks, no women. All he said is he doesn’t want whingers.

A Mosgiel man has advertised work for a pest controller on Trade Me with some explicit points about the type of person he wants to employ.

“Mustn’t be a whinger,” he writes in the job ad.

Duane Trafford runs Mosgiel-based pest control company, Predator Contracting LTD.

He needs more staff to run the company and has laid out the type of person he wants to employ in clear language.

“I am looking for possumers…not pig hunters…not people that tried hunting once…and thought they liked it…and thought they were having a midlife crisis..and decided they needed to get out of the office…..but Possumers……!!!   Read more »

It worked, ratbag porno principal has managed to smear others

A ratbag porno principal caught with 1500 pornographic images on his school provided laptop smeared a whole bunch of other people, including other principals, Ministry staff and Police, in an attempt to mitigate his offending.

It’s worked sort of, investigations have started looking for these people.

Top education officials and police chiefs investigated their own staff following accusations some may have sent a Northland principal pornographic emails.

It comes after the respected Northland educator admitted on Monday to having 1500 pornographic emails on his work devices – saying they were “joke” emails sent to him by friends, including other principals, Ministry of Education personnel and police officers.

On Monday, the principal – who has interim name suppression – appeared before the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

He is accused of financial mismanagement of his former school and having pornographic images and videos saved in his emails, which were accessible on four work devices.

He told the tribunal: “They came from principals, Ministry [of Education] personnel, police, who are good friends of mine.”

Later adding: “Some were from a policeman so I thought, ‘they’re fine, they’re from the cops’.”

His police officer friend had indicated the practice was widespread within the police force, the principal said.

However, today the police said it had no information to indicate any police officer had sent inappropriate emails to the principal.   Read more »


Media party never learn as they go after Bainimarama

The Media party in New Zealand are petulant little children at the best of times. When it comes to Fiji they just never give up being petulant.

Fiji’s Prime Minister is labelling claims he criticised John Key during a speech in June as a media beat-up.

Frank Bainimarama is in New Zealand on his first official visit and attended the Fiji Trade and Investment Symposium at Auckland’s Stamford Plaza Hotel this morning.

At a dinner in Suva in June, he lashed out at New Zealand for not understanding what his political party was trying to achieve.   Read more »

Does Labour have a future?

A bunch of lefty twats recently had a dinner preaching to the converted about the future of Labour.

One of those was Simon Wilson, the very red-centric former editor of Metro.

What is the point of Labour? Is it a twentieth century phenomenon sliding into oblivion in the twenty-first?

If you’re an urban progressive, the Greens look like a more natural home. If you’re worried about modernity in any or all its forms, New Zealand First is ready and waiting. If you’re a Māori activist, you can choose from the Māori Party and the Mana Party.

If you’re working class? Any of the above, isn’t it?

In reality, Labour gets votes from all those groups. That’s a good thing: major parties need broad appeal. But Labour doesn’t always treat it as a good thing. They let the inevitable contradictions of being a broad church undermine them – this is expressed through absurdly frequent leadership battles – rather than becoming a source of strength.

Actually, there is a point to Labour and it’s a really important one. They’re there to win elections. Labour is the main party of opposition and therefore is likely to be the majority party in any centre-left government. So they have to look credible. They have to be credible.

Read more »

Mental Health Break

I believe him but New Zealand’s Immigration and Protection Tribunal do not

The problem with progressives is that they have drunk the Halal Kool-aid. They really believe that Islam is just another religion. Muslim activists inside the West have been very successful at convincing Liberal feminists to turn a blind eye to the inequality and separatism between the genders. They have even convinced them that the hijab is a symbol of feminism and that even the full face mask is a woman’s fashion choice rather than a symbol of oppression.They have convinced western Gay Activists to defend them despite homosexuality being punished with imprisonment, flogging and execution in Muslim countries.

In New Zealand, a Muslim man has been unable to convince the Immigration and Protection Tribunal that he will be punished for being in a relationship with a non-Muslim woman if he is sent back home to Bangladesh.His evidence was described as being “vague, mobile and implausible.” While acknowledging that there is Islamic extremism in Bangladesh the tribunal thought it unlikely that he would be a target of it despite his haram tattoo. While it is quite possible that the man was unable to provide concrete evidence of the threat towards him I wonder how many Muslim women murdered by family in so-called honor killings would have been able to provide hard evidence before they were killed? In fact, families often lie to the woman to make her think that all is forgiven so that they can lure her back.

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Paremoremo prisoners stab Corrections staff. Will Corrections be fined for incompetence? Why not?

Where is Kelvin Davis?

He seems to be silent on some problems that have arisen in a Corrections run prison.

Three staff members from Auckland’s Paremoremo Prison have been assaulted by a group of five inmates.

The incident is believed to be a stabbing.

The officers involved escaped without life-threatening injuries; Northern Regional Commissioner Jeanette Burns said all staff were wearing stab proof vests and were assessed by medical staff on site.

“One staff member was taken to hospital for medical treatment. The other staff members were taken to a local accident and emergency clinic for medical treatment.   Read more »