Has Hooton fallen off the wagon…again?

Matthew Hooton has a mad rant about National’s leadership woes in the NBR.

There is a problem though with his mad rant…there aren’t any leadership woes. Nor is there a coup, or a plan to replace John Key. It seems Matthew Hooton has interviewed his keyboard, or more likely dictated his fantasy to an intern.

The rumour goes that Mr Key, like his idol Richie McCaw, will want to go out on a high and on his own terms.  His knighthood depends on him handing over to a National prime minister rather than losing an election to Labour.  And while his poll numbers are still strong, he now consistently rates below the National Party, with about a quarter of National voters naming someone else as their preferred prime minister.  For the first time, a campaign based solely on “Team Key” would drag National down.  The next election campaign will need to be less focused on the leader, which Mr Key may not enjoy.

For his part, Mr Joyce backs himself as a great communicator, especially on radio but also on TV.  He is sure he could do the retail aspects of the prime ministership – clowning around on commercial radio and so forth – as well as Mr Key.  He is a more enthusiastic bureaucratic manager than the incumbent.

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Surely the PPTA MUST see this as a scandal?

Teaching: Where job killer tattoos are no barrier. Photo/NZ Herald

Teaching: Where job killer tattoos are no barrier. Photo/NZ Herald

The two Hobsonville Pt schools started on a budget of $113 million (a new Charter Secondary starts on $400,000). They are decile 10 of course, not aimed at priority learners, so only the best for them.

In their second year Stuff’s School report said the Primary had 156 students and the secondary just 248. That is a total 404 when their capacity is 2290. They are staffed and funded much higher than current rolls – but don’t tell that to the unions on the Left – it is too much contradictory information for their constitutions.

Because they are State schools and PPTA staffed the Hobsonville Point Secondary School gets a soft ride today from the embedded union mouthpiece Kirsty Johnson at the NZ Herald about dropping NCEA Level 1 for their decile 10 students so that they don’t feel under pressure. The article includes as the smallest side point that even in this “zoned” school:

“a small number of families had decided to leave, which the school said it was comfortable with.”

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The Corbyn experiment results in civil war inside Labour

By selecting an utter fool and complete anti-West commie as leader, Labour has set themselves up for failure.

Open civil war has erupted inside Labour after Jeremy Corbyn’s latest gaffe over Syria.

Labour is at war today after Jeremy Corbyn’s own shadow cabinet threatened to resign en masse unless he backs the Prime Minister’s plans to bomb ISIS in Syria.

Frontbenchers accused their leader of being ‘fundamentally dishonest’ and treating them ‘with contempt’ after he refused to agree to more airstrikes – despite saying the party would take a ‘collective decision’.

Mr Corbyn, a former chairman of the Stop The War Coalition, may now face a mass walkout – or a coup – by refusing a free vote and trying to force Labour MPs to back his anti-war stance.

As two former ministers called on Mr Corbyn to resign after just two months in charge, shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn said today there is a ‘compelling case’ for war but would not resign in protest.

If Mr Benn voted for military action against a whip imposed by Mr Corbyn, the Labour leader would have little choice but to sack him and anyone else who did the same.

The row stems from an angry shadow cabinet meeting last night where the majority of the frontbench team backed the Prime Minister.    Read more »

Last Chance? Really?


The Herald has fallen for the hype again…exclaiming that the Paris Climate Fraud is our “last chance” to save the planet.

The first half of the article is strange, it talks about a weather event in Northland with a little bit of flooding. We are constantly told by warmists that weather is not climate, but whatever, it eventually gets into the clouds, maybes and might happens of climate change.

Sophisticated models tell us we’re already reaping the whirlwind, having pumped enough pollution into the atmosphere to reach a carbon dioxide level of 400 parts per million, something not seen for several million years.

Models so sophisticated they have got absolutely every prediction wrong…and how about that industrial age millions of years ago that pumped Co2 into the atmosphere…oh wait!

Overnight on Wednesday, the World Meteorological Organisation found the past five years had been the warmest such period on record, with many extreme weather events — especially heatwaves — influenced by climate change.

In July, temperatures around the Persian Gulf were, for the first time, close to the upper limits that humans can survive without air conditioning.

This year was on track to have the hottest global average surface temperature on the books, owing to a strong El Nino but also a warming planet.

The WMO’s secretary-general, Michel Jarraud, summed up the situation: “This is all bad news for the planet.”

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Ten years for our farmers to get the stock and effluent out of our waterways

About time…some recommendations worth pursuing for our waterways.

Farmers should have to exclude nearly all livestock from rivers and streams by 2025, the Government has been told.

The Land and Water Forum released its fourth report today, which had 60 new recommendations for the Government on freshwater management.

Chairman Alastair Bisley said that the proposals outlined a “workable and balanced” management system which would facilitate growth within environmental limits.

Mr Bisley expressed disappointment that the Government had not adopted most of the 153 recommendations made in three previous reports, and urged ministers to make further changes “without delay”.

One of the forum’s members, the Environmental Defence Society, reiterated the need for urgent changes.

“Water quality in our lowland streams and rivers is poor and the current system is demonstrably failing to deliver the outcomes the public wants,” chairman Gary Taylor said.    Read more »


Labour celebrates their first government 80 years ago – has one more party on the political Titanic

This weekend Labour celebrates the first time they formed a government 80 years ago. It is nearly their 100th birthday as well and there isn’t that much to celebrate.

A dinner to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the election of the first ever Labour Government will bring together a potentially explosive mix of people as some of the Rogernomes return to their original home for some reminiscing.

The dinner at Parliament is organised by current MP Stuart Nash, the grandson of the Prime Minister in the Second Labour Government: Sir Walter Nash.

It is to mark the anniversary of the election of the first Labour Government in 1935, under then Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage.

The 100 guests attending include Sir Roger Douglas, the architect of the Rogernomics reforms who later founded the Act Party, and Michael Bassett, another backer of those reforms and minister of the fourth Labour Government. Sir Roger’s nemesis Jim Anderton was unable to attend.   Read more »

Busting the Syrian Drought Myth

The left wing and other idiots like Prince Charles have been telling us that the problems in Syria are because of climate change and that if it wasn’t for a terrible ostensibly Western induced drought caused by climate change Daesh wouldn’t exist.

Well all of that is bull-dust as James Delingpole explains.

Numerous significant thinkers from Pulitzer prizewinning journalist Thomas Friedman to the Prince of Wales to  ex-choral-jailbait-nymphet Charlotte Church have been promoting the theory that the current troubles in Syria are the result of a drought caused by ‘climate change’.

It’s an easy mistake to have made.  Often when people are short of food and water their natural instinct is to strap on a suicide vest, pick up a Kalashnikov and drive to Paris in order to kill a few hundred people as an important gesture designed to raise public awareness of the urgent need to reduce anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions before someone gets hurt.

But in this case, Friedman, the Prince of Wales, Charlotte Church – and also Graham Linehan, the Irish scriptwriter of the brilliant comedy series Father Ted – are wrong in their assumption.

We know this because of a stubborn fact called meteorological evidence.

As Roger Andrews demonstrates here in great detail the “drought” that supposedlyravaged Syria between 2006 and 2011 and drove thousands of ordinary Syrians into the arms of ISIS and Al Qaeda never actually happened.    Read more »

Oh look, Kelvin and Andy’s crim friends have started their crime spree

Labour has cuddled the criminals being biffed out of Australia. We’ve been told they aren’t naughty boys, they are just a bit mis-understood.

Labour and their Green pals staged a walk out pretending offence when John key told them all they were crim cuddlers.

And now their crim cuddling can be sheeted home to them by explaining what we are to do with this scumbag who is fresh off the plane from Australia and straight into the crime spree.

A man deported from Australia this month has been arrested after a burglary in Hamilton.

The police said in a statement the 25-year-old was arrested shortly before midday today.

They were unable to give more details as the case was before the courts.    Read more »

Guest column: Most aren’t against a flag change, they’re against John Key

The Guest post by Rosemary Francis can not go unanswered, mainly because the vast majority of the public opposition needs to be called what it is.

This thinly disguised rhetoric from NZs small but vocal pseudo-intelligesta set is nothing more than anti-John Key sentiment. Most aren’t against a change in flag or the process, (although there are some who legitimately like our current flag and that is their right) they are just anti-John Key.

Whether or not it was wise use of funds is a valid point many of us may share, and maybe it is a ego trip for John Key … who cares if it is, but the rest of the argument about the process is just bollocks.

If you don’t want to change the flag you can vote to keep the current one.

The whole country had an to opportunity to submit designs early in the process. If you don’t like the outcome then perhaps you should have started campaigning for an alternative earlier.

You are entitled to your opinion Rosemary but for many of us the ties to Britain hold no water. My grandfather was English, he served in the Royal Navy on the Royal Oak as a 14-year-old after lying about his age. While I honour his service and my heritage I have no emotional connection to our current flag at all. To me the Union Jack is an imposter and I would be quite happy to see the back of it.   Read more »

Andrew Little will be face-palming after Daesh threatens NZ

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

What? They’ve threatened us? But, but I said there was no threat…

Just the other day Andrew Little was claiming that John Key was scaremongering over terrorists’ threats for NZ.

Fairfax reported at the time:

The Prime Minister is “scaremongering” with details of threatening Kiwis wanting to commit a terrorist attack in New Zealand, says Opposition leader Andrew Little.

John Key spoke on Tuesday of several New Zealanders under 24-hour surveillance with links to Islamic State, who want to commit a terrorist attack on Kiwis.

About 40 people are being monitored in New Zealand for their ties to Isis but the most threatening are under constant watch, which means they’re unlikely to be able to get anywhere near executing a terrorist attack, said Key.

“There’s no question about what their motivations are and that’s the tragedy of the Isis story is that you get some very dysfunctional people, for want of a better term, who want to associate themselves with Isis,” he told Radio NZ.    Read more »