Apparently free trade is a ‘virus’ killing off the Labour party

The rhetoric of the TPPA argument has now reached the absurd, with free trade being described as a “virus” that infected Labour and is killing it off.

The precise nature of the vector which carried the Free Market/Free Trade virus into Labour’s ranks in the early 1980s is still not 100 percent clear. Part of the answer no doubt lies in the examples made of the governments of Chile’s Salvador Allende, Australia’s Gough Whitlam and the UK’s Harold Wilson, by the enemies of Democratic Socialism. The policies of the New Right governments of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan had, similarly, made it plain to New Zealand’s Labour politicians that democratic economic planning and the preservation of national independence were well-and-truly off the “Free World’s” political agenda.

What a revealing analogy from Chris Trotter. He considers free trade and free markets to be a virus.   Read more »

It’s simple, if you don’t flee then you don’t die

The left-wing think the best way to solve the issue of people getting killed or injured when fleeing from Police is to stop the Police from chasing criminals.

Judith Collins says otherwise:

Crushing the cars of drivers who flee from police could reduce the number of attempted getaways, Police Minister Judith Collins says.

However, Collins says she backs the police and their handling of pursuits, despite a spate of crashes involving fleeing drivers.

A man, woman and 5-month-old baby were injured following a serious crash on State Highway 16, north of Auckland on Thursday afternoon – the third crash involving a police pursuit in recent weeks.

Police were pursuing the vehicle at the time it crashed after the driver failed to stop when police attempted to pull him over for speeding.

On Wednesday the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) called for police to alter their rules on pursuing drivers, saying they don’t reduce the risk to the public and rarely end successfully.

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Continuing friction between Brownlee and Defence Force

Gerry Brownlee 1200

If Gerry Brownlee thought the trickle of leaks in Defence was bad, wait until the troops find out what he has been saying about the Defence Force.

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee is less than impressed with the advice provided to him by his ministry and the defence force, giving them barely pass marks.

Mr Brownlee rated his satisfaction with the advice he received from both agencies at just 50 per cent, according to their latest annual reports.

The target is at least 90 per cent.

Vice-Chief of the Defence Force Air Vice-Marshal Kevin Short told parliament’s foreign affairs, defence and trade select committee Mr Brownlee had problems with the quality and timeliness of the advice he was receiving.

When Mr Brownlee took over the defence portfolio from his predecessor Jonathan Coleman, the defence force had to change the way it did things, Mr Short said.

“We were just dealing with Minister Brownlee as we had before, it’s not his style so we hadn’t adapted to that,” Mr Short told reporters after his appearance before the select committee.   Read more »


Why is Grant Robertson writing blog posts about leadership?



When someone who isn’t the leader writes guest posts, on a left-wing blog that normally focuses on cycling tips, pannier bags and the latest cooking utensils, about leadership…then you know that is a signal.

He starts it off like this:

As a politician one of the most common topics I get asked to talk about is leadership. Not party leadership (though that used to come up a fair bit!) but the principles of leadership. What makes a good leader, what makes a great leader. There are lots of words I use in those talks – courage, vision, inspiration, tenacity.

He isn’t talking about Andrew Little either.    Read more »

How broke is Labour?

They are really, truly, insolvent broke.

Check out this begging email from Andrew Little.

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Nick Smith and the phantom house fairy strikes again!

The phantom house fairy strikes again!

It’s happened again. The vigilante saviour of all things housing in Auckland has left another telltale sign that he has twinkled his magic dust all over town.


Hooray for more houses.

Fourteen new Special Housing Areas that will provide more than 4500 new homes across Auckland have been announced.

This latest tranche will bring the total number of SHAs in Auckland to 120, with a combined potential yield of more than 52,000 new homes.

The Auckland Housing Accord, which was agreed in October 2013 by Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith and Auckland Mayor Len Brown, provides for the creation of SHAs by Auckland Council with the approval of the Government.

Qualifying developments in these areas can be streamlined and fast-tracked.

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Andrew Little’s open letter


Much like Clare Curran, Andrew Little doesn’t know when to shut up.

He has written a reply to Steven Joyce’s open letter on the TPPA.

It is a mess but we’ll try and wade our way through it. Here goes:

Put simply, provisions which undermine the country’s sovereignty are too high a price to pay.

The Labour Party clearly fears commitment. If they can’t commit to their own policies, how will they cope with an international treaty?

According to MFAT New Zealand recognizes 1,628 international agreements as binding. Each of these to one extent or another limits our sovereignty. That is the nature of agreements. We agree to something, the other side agrees to something, and we both benefit.   Read more »

The stupidity of Robbo

You’ll never guess who Grant Robertson is sharing a platform with at an official party event in Otaki: Mandy Hager, a bona fide fringe lunatic.

Mandy, who wrote an open letter to Andrew Little containing such gems as;

I’ve been thinking really hard about how the hell we can get John Key and his corporate bandits out of government before they have so fatally destroyed our democracy that it is irretrievable (I fear we’re very close).


Embrace ‘Angry Andy’! Don’t cringe from it – play it up. You have every right to be angry – whole swathes of the population are bloody furious! Any decent human being would be angry at the lies.


Stop being so scared of the Green Party! … you may lose some traditional support, but you have no idea how many people would also rush to fill the gap (and, truthfully, Andrew, what have you got to lose? Labour is a car wreck.)

…and so on.    Read more »

Tesla S P90D – one of the least gay electric cars


I’ve had to write this for Cam because you know what he thinks about green vehicles.  Perhaps when they bring out an electric truck that will get his deer back home he’ll…. oh, who am I kidding?

ACT are having this fun fundraiser at their annual conference where you get to ride in a Tesla for about 15 minutes.  It’s been privately imported and is privately owned, and I believe it’s the only one in New Zealand right now that you can get a ride in so, if you’re a car nut (or better, an ACT-leaning car nut), this is quite the chance to see some seriously up-to-date Toy in action.

Here are some of the details:  Read more »

Face of the day

‘No more borders’ activists should be forced to watch the video of today’s face of the day. Every single bleeding-heart leftie who supports inflicting this kind of devastation on local populations should be tied to a chair and forced to watch this video. Every do-gooder from every church organisation, every government official, every leader of every Western country, should have their eyes held open with matchsticks until they have seen it in full.


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