The signs that tell you that you are losing


Back at the end of the Bolger/Shipley government I had a discussion with the wife of a cabinet minister.

She told me that she knew they were going to lose in 1999 or one reason only…and it wasn’t the polls.

She told me that people simply stop talking to you, in fact she said it becomes pronounced the close to the election you get.

People will actually cross the road in order to avoid meeting you and in large public spaces they will just shun you or look the other way or engage in deep conversation and not acknowledge your presence.

I’ve always remembered this and it is one of the indicators I look for in assessing the potential outcome of election results.

Last night on the mass exodus of MPs from parliament that occurs every Thursday of sitting weeks evidence of this showed up.    Read more »

Impertinent question


Why is David Cunliffe so unhappy that John Key is getting photos taken with the All Blacks?

I mean, he just recently had a photo taken with a former All Black, right?

Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is Maria Sherwood


Maria Sherwood

Maria has started a petition  about something that she feels strongly about. It is not the first petition she has signed. Her facebook page reveals that she has signed the Official Petition for Mike Hosking to “talk less” as well as one petitioning John Key to apologise to Tania Billingsley amongst others. Her latest petition however which she herself started is one that I could not let go unchallenged.

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Haere Ra

Claire Trevett looks back on dignified politicians

Few could question the integrity with which Sharples and Turia approached their political lives. They rarely got embroiled in the mundane distractions of politics, the grandstanding and personal snipes, unless it was in defence of themselves. They were the perfect complementary force. Turia was the rock, Sharples was the orator, galvanising and the perfect voice to quell suspicion about the Maori Party among Pakeha.

When it came to the Pakeha media, both took time to explain who they were and what they were doing, over and over again if need be. They were dignified, courteous and calm. Turia’s entertaining habit of breaking into giggles when asked the occasional ridiculous question often said more than words would have.

The reality of politics has had the usual erosive effect. The acrimonious split with Hone Harawira delivered a cut the party has yet to heal from, despite its bravado. It continues to struggle with the perception it has simply become a stooge for National. Its MPs would occasionally adopt siege mentality at times of trial rather than front the issue.

But they stayed relentlessly on message, and that message has stayed consistent throughout. For Turia, that message has been life-long: the case for Maori self-determination. In her maiden speech as a new Labour MP in 1997, she did not bother with the usual platitudes of paying homage to the party she represented, or those who led it. Instead, she spoke of Maori being forced to live in two worlds, “drip-fed, spoon-fed and acted upon like imbeciles”. Read more »

Len Brown has bigger problems to worry about than a sugar ban


Len Brown seems to be so desperate to talk about anything else aside from the Council’s black budget that he’s now thinking about banning sugary drinks.

I’ve posted about Auckland Council’s perilous state of its finances, as has Len Brown’s former favourite journalist Bernard Orsman who talked about ‘how city budget hit crunch point’.

With Len not keen on talking to Bernard, his PR team have instead raced out to find diversions to take Aucklanders’ attention off his inability to deliver his promised pet projects.  If it wasn’t Waterfront Auckland’s clumsy attempt at spending millions on Queens Wharf, it was wheeling out Rod Oram to encourage Len to keep on spending up big.  Read more »

Waving the White Flag

David Cunliffe and Martyn Bradbury are running scared. Read more »

David Cunliffe has lost the public, bar 20%


Just about any poll the newspapers run on David Cunliffe nets him a solid 20%.  But he’s lost it.  Even the media have given up on him, lest they look silly for supporting a political corpse.

(refer to Whaleoil’s rules of Politics, and corpse hugging for more information)

He can’t resign.  Nobody wants his job for the next 60 days.

Is there anything he can do?

More Harawira signs you paid for

It seems Hone Harawira has funded his election campaign from the public purse with more taxpayer funded signs going up around the electorate.

Our Ground Crew member reports:

Last night I also saw them one on a fence on the corner of Triangle Road and Lincoln Road, Henderson  and another on the top of a building called “Mothers Cellar” in Lincoln Road, Henderson.

hone 1

Fence of the marae in Luckens Road, West Harbour, Auckland

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Today’s valedictory speeches starting at 4:15pm


The first will be totally missable, but the last three will probably be worth your time.  Yes, even Darien.

Watch them on-line, here

Idiots to the left and Fools to the right in Hawkes Bay

Homewrecker Anna Lorck is upset because Craig Foss had a holiday in Hawaii.

Obviously the memo from David Cunliffe about staying positive and not sledging was on the same courier truck as the Party Vote signs for Napier with David Cunliffe’s photo on them.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Tukituki electorate, Labour candidate Anna Lorck said sitting MP Mr Foss’ family holiday in Hawaii last week shows he’s “too relaxed” about the election. Mr Foss denied the claim,but said his family always came first.

Ms Lorck said Mr Foss was “lying back in his deckchair and drinking pina coladas” on the tropical island while she was busy on the campaign trail.

Mr Foss confirmed he had spent “a good week” with his family at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, up until Wednesday, July 16.

“We had a family holiday.”

However, he denied the holiday showed he was too relaxed about the upcoming election.

“I work hard for Hawke’s Bay families and I am backing the Bay each and every day.

“So much for Labour’s pledge to not be nasty.”

I’m not sure politics is where a homewrecker like Anna Lorck should be. Here she is having her own tropical holiday. Read more »