Auckland Council is shafting Aucklanders with dirty tricks


Online – through their website – the Council have the GIS system. This purportedly provides for all the information that a land owner, property developer or builder might want to access. It shows infrastructure pipes including sizes, hazards like flooding and other information.

The problem is that Auckland Council has its own new internal GIS type system. And the two are not the same.

The internal system has much much more information on it. Hazards and capacity issues are backed up with reports, capacity and flow calculations and all the other pertinent information that would be required to design and develop a site.

Why have two systems?

Because Council doesn’t really want to empower property owners with information. Part of what has been a culture for decades has been the ability for engineers particularly to force upgrades to local pipes on land owners who are wanting to develop or renovate. Not providing information for scrutiny is the only way that this trick is pulled off.    Read more »


I’ll give Nashy a B+ for his sledging

Stuart Nash is on fire at the moment pointing out, rather too politely for my liking, that he is debating facts not making personal attacks.

I have been accused in the HB Today of personal attacks against ABHB founder and funder Rebecca Turner. Those who know me and have followed my political career will know this is simply not true.

I don’t play this type of dirty politics, however, i will never apologise for holding those to account who make public statements that i believe are incorrect – and ABHB organisation has based their whole campaign around claims that have been proven false.

A ‘personal attack’ is NOT going hard against statements my opposition have made that I believe are disingenuous; that is robust political debate, and if those in ABHB can’t handle their lines being called into question, they should never have gone public in the first place.

A personal attack is a direct criticism of the person’s character or physical being (or family). I have never once personally attacked Rebecca Turner, but I will continue to hold her to account for the falsehoods she parades as facts.    Read more »

Auckland’s 1.5M “state house” where nobody can live gets the green light

More profligate waste from Auckland Council…the $1.5 million state house for the waterfront has been approved by the dopey council.

Auckland’s controversial “lighthouse” sculpture is set to take its intended place at the end of Queens Wharf by the middle of next year.

Auckland Council has granted resource consent for the $1.5 million artwork on the city’s waterfront, a scaled-down state house filled with light and glass chandeliers in the Matariki constellation formation.

Objectors have 15 days to appeal the consent, but all going well work will start on the sculpture early in the new year.

Despite being fully funded by real estate agency Barfoot & Thompson and anonymous donors, the work has attracted controversy.

The agency in charge of the waterfront’s redevelopment, Waterfront Auckland, initially recommended that the public have no say on the resource consent application.  Read more »

” Moderate Muslims are Muslims who ignore the Qu’ran”

I have watched many videos about Islam and this one is simple and to the point. If you can’t be bothered with detailed analysis like Bill Warner Phd provides and patriotic Pamela Geller with her Freedom of Speech crusade is not for you, then perhaps simple heart felt truths from ex Muslim and graphic illustrator Bosch Fawstin is all that you need. It will take up only a few minutes of your time and spells out very simply and in easy to understand terms why the ideology of Islam cannot co-exist in our society.

I don’t buy comic books but to support Bosch who was the winner of the Draw Muhammad contest I made an exception. Bosch now is forced to live his life with constant death threats yet he continues to tweet, draw, blog and do interviews because he is passionate about saving America from the threat of jihad.

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Red Radio turns against the tide: exposes Corrections just as bad as Serco

The Labour Party/union-led and main stream media-fueled attack on private prison operator Serco has not seen any balancing comment except on this blog.  Rather surprisingly, Red Radio has finally found the stones to speak the truth.

Department of Corrections figures show assault rates at state-run prisons are just as bad, and in some cases worse, than the privately-run Mt Eden prison.

Figures released to Radio New Zealand show Mt Eden prison recorded 224 prisoner assaults on guards or other prisoners in the year to June – the highest overall number. That was up from 165 assaults in the 2013/2014 year.

The prison, run by the private company Serco, is currently being managed by Corrections while the department investigates allegations of violence, including a prisoner-run “fight club” and contraband smuggling.

It had the third highest overall assault rate, with 22.9 assaults per 100 prisoners.

That ranged from non-injury assaults, such as spitting or pushing, right up to serious assaults requiring hospitalisation or ongoing medical treatment.

The worst overall assault rate was at Christchurch Women’s prison, which recorded an overall rate of 37 assaults per 100 prisoners, followed by Hawke’s Bay Regional prison, which had a rate of 23.5 assaults.

Manawatu prison also recorded high rates of serious assaults, while all three women’s prisons had very high rates of less serious assaults.

Heh.  That reminds me of transgender prisoner Jade that wanted to be in a women’s prison.  Good luck to her.  But back to the point – Serco does just as well as Corrections when it comes to running a prison.   Read more »

A huge mistake is about to be made

Thanks to the uninformed eye of the grossly misnamed Flag Consideration Committee one of these four dullards could possibly, maybe, become the new symbol of our national identity.

I say four but it’s plain to see that there are really only three designs to choose from. A slight colour variation between two of the flags hardly qualifies as a different design or a valid alternative choice.

It’s nothing short of a national disgrace that the same flag clipart eats up half of the available final slots. The FCC should have picked one and put another option forward. Preferably one that didn’t suck. Is it too late to make this happen? Can we, I don’t know, hikoi or something? Too difficult? Ah well, some snarky tweets will have to suffice.

I guess this is what happens if you load your selection committee with middle management personnel instead of people with training, expertise and an informed opinion on what constitutes good design. It’s been a brand exercise for NZ Inc rather than a search for a meaningful flag replacement. And that’s a massively wasted opportunity.

But this is what we’ve been given, so let’s take a look at the four logos, sorry, flags.
Rugby fans will be stoked that the All Black jersey has a good shot at moving off the paddock and onto the flagpole. Read more »

Are Auckland prices really peaking?

QV have come out with spurious claims that spikes in speculative trading shows that the Auckland housing market is about to peak.

Behaviour by Auckland’s housing speculators indicates the property market could be about to reach peak point.

New Zealand residential property values rose at their fastest annual pace in eight years in August, pushed higher by overflowing demand in Auckland.

Jan O’Donoghue, QV home value northern operations manager, said speculator trading patterns showed signs that they thought the market could soon turn.

“QV stats show more than 2000 homes have been bought and sold more than once over the past 12 months.

“Often, nothing has been done to improve these properties at all and speculators are just on-selling it and taking the capital gain.

“Rapid on-selling can be a sign that some speculators may believe we are close to reaching the top of the market and decide they have made enough profit,” she said.

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Could Labour start declaring a crisis everywhere please


Less than a month ago Labour declared a crisis in dairy.

They have previously declared a crisis in emigration (since reversed) and  a crisis in manufacturing (it’s now one of the fastest growing sectors). Both of those areas have reversed simply by Labour claiming a crisis. It can’t have been them who fixed the problems, they are in opposition, and John Key’s government barely lifts a finger over anything…so it can only have been Labour declaring a crisis that has been the catalyst for change.

That appears to have happened in dairy as well with the second successive milk auction experiencing a rise after 10 previous declines in prices.

Dairy prices rise again in another positive GlobalDairyTrade auction.

Prices at the overnight auction lifted 10.9 per cent, hitting an average price of US$2226 per metric tonne (FAS).    Read more »


Key refuses to give Helen Clark a win: no refugee quota change

John Key has spat in Helen Clark’s face over refugees, and good on him too.

He must have got some preliminary focus group results knowing he is safe from general public opprobrium and it’s only the hard left and media who will whinge until the next thing that annoys them takes hold.

New Zealand’s refugee quota will stay at 750 a year, despite Opposition calls for more to be accepted.

Prime Minister John Key made that clear today after Labour, the Greens and United Future appealed for an urgent increase.

“I think we should continue the process we are going through,” Mr Key told reporters.

“We will have a review in 2016. We will assess our capacity and capability and whether we think it’s right to keep it at 750 or change it, and we will make the call.”

The quota is reviewed every three years, and the next scheduled review is next year.    Read more »

On immigration to the regions, Treasury to Bill English: You’re dreamin’

Mr English, Mr English, a phone call…some guy called Daryl Kerrigan is calling you:

The Government’s lead economic advisor warns a new policy aimed at attracting more migrants to the regions would achieve nothing.

According to documents released under the Official Information Act, Treasury told Finance Minister Bill English on July 16 the new Government measures were unlikely to help regional development.

The measures went to Cabinet for approval on July 20 and the increased bonus points on residency requests was announced on July 26. Under the revised scheme, skilled workers who take jobs in the regions or set up businesses there will have their points to calculate whether residency requests should be approved increased.

However, the July Treasury briefing to Mr English had warned the policy changes were unlikely to have a consequential impact for regional development.    Read more »