Tell him he’s Dreaming

David Cunliffe reckons he is going to hang on to the leadership after losing the election.

David Cunliffe would like to remain Labour leader and take the party into 2017 election, even if the party loses at the September 20 election.

“In general and with any new leader you go through a learning curve,” he said.

“I think there is a very strong argument that it would be a waste of time, energy and resources to go through that process and start again.”

Asked if he planned to stay on, no matter what the result, he said he did, “unless I feel like I have done such a bad job that it would be in the interests of the party for me not to put myself forward – if that questions arises.”

Doesn’t he know Robbo is doing the work rounding up caucus and the unions?   Read more »

Bill English is a pious hypocrite

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Some days ago Bill English was piously claiming that he would never do anything dirty like talk to a blogger.

This came as a huge surprise as anyone that has been around the National Party for as long as I have knows all sorts of exceptionally dodgy stuff Bill English has done in the past to get his own way. The stories are endless and probably should come out.   Read more »

Phil Goff is a liar, but then we already knew that


I’ve stayed out of the drama yesterday.  It is clear that the media aren’t interested in the truth right now.  Much more fun joining the opposition MPs in the absolute barrage of lies masquerading as news.

In the end, Phil Goff’s day came to a bit of a nasty end as John Key told everyone why exactly Goff was off his rocker.

But it took a  lawyer to spot the true own goal made by Phil Goff last night:   Read more »


Herald spins up latest poll, but Nats can still govern alone despite left wing smears

Last night Audrey Young spun up a dramatic fall in John Key’s popularity despite him still at an all time high.

Travel and Lifestyle blogger David Farrar in a rare political post explains just how silly the Herald were with their prognostications.

This morning they release the latest poll and National can still govern alone but that didn’t stop them talking about a big fall.

Never mind the previous poll was way too high.

National has taken a hit in the first poll since Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics was released but the Greens, not Labour, are the big winners so far.

Labour, in fact, has dropped a little – 1.3 points to 25.2 per cent – although leader David Cunliffe’s popularity has risen.

The Greens have jumped 3.8 points to 13.7 per cent which would give them 18 MPs, boosting their numbers by four. National has fallen by 4.9 points to 50 per cent.

There has been a marked fall in the numbers who think the country is heading in the right direction, down from 57 to 51.1 per cent. National would still be able to govern alone based on this poll, whether or not its current support partners, the Maori Party, Act and United Future, were returned.

New Zealand First polls just under the 5 per cent threshold at 4.7 per cent and would not be returned to Parliament on this poll result, although several recent polls have the party just over it.

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Daily Roundup? Yep

Ok, this is weird, there is so much stuff already, we need to run a Roundup at the start of today as well, just to clear some of it:

Spotted in Onehunga

Spotted in Onehunga.  Not actually photoshopped.

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New Zealand’s Silliest Local Body Spending Competition (Ctd)

Thanks for all the nominations for the silliest spending. We will be running our first draw on Sunday night so if you are in the running and want to upgrade your iPad from a Mini to an Air remember to send an OIA to the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council and cc Cam in it.

Todays nomination goes to the Tauranga City Council and Mayor Stuart Crosby. Tauranga is known as a place that is a bit of an old folks home and it appears the council in Tauranga have missed the move into the modern world. They want a new library even though visits are down, and people are borrowing ebooks.


Tauranga CC Libraries data shows … an increase in “e-books downloaded had jumped 1000% …”, and a decrease in visits to libraries from 2012/2013 to 2013/2014 was also down by 39,744 or 5%. To quote a NZ wide survey that reports “the drop in real visits reflected a nationwide trend”, and a decrease in hardcopy book lending (reduction of around 16,777pa or 7%). At this rate of decrease there is no need of more libraries or an expansion of existing libraries, so all of this does not square with the recent approval of the new Greerton Library at a cost of $3.4 million or so for the build cost only added to which will the extra costs that will follow for books, fit out, staff and operating costs. Read more »

Dotcom’s assets frozen

Kim Dotcom’s assets are frozen, I hope his tame hacker has been paid…along with all his other enablers. The freeze presumably includes all his Mega shares…which will make it harder for him to continue his sell down to get cash.

How long before the mansion becomes available for rent again?

Kim Dotcom’s assets will be within reach of the United States before the entrepreneur’s extradition process is completed.

A Court of Appeal decision, released today, means millions of dollars, several luxury cars, jewellery and other property remain frozen.

The ruling is also a blow for Mona Dotcom, who is now separated from Dotcom and unsuccessfully applied for her property to be excluded from the order.

Ms Dotcom had argued that she had not been charged with any offence and had no knowledge that any property was the proceeds of criminal activity.

The US government’s attempts to have Kim Dotcom extradited to face trial on copyright infringement, money laundering and racketeering charges relating to file-sharing website Megaupload have been delayed by numerous court battles.

He has not been able to access the assets because of a foreign restraining order made at the time of his high-profile arrest in Coatesville in January 2012.

The order expired in April and the High Court turned down a police application to extend it.

That decision was appealed, and today’s decision quashes it and extends the restraining order until April next year.

Good, now I need to go through the asset lists provided in the affidavits…then I can check them off against the asset lists I ahve built from my sources and see what is missing.

It would be pretty bad if Kim Dotcom has perjured himself in his affidavits.


- Hacked from NZ Herald

Face of the day

PM John Key

PM John Key


The media have been in such a lather determined to find dirt on John Key in the stolen e-mails. They kept failing to get any traction and then finally, FINALLY they had him. They waved their evidence around wetting their pants with excitement. They had him in a corner, he was dead as a Dodo, there was absolutely NOTHING he could say that would get him out of the corner they had painted him into.

Breathlessly we waited to see how John would reply………………..

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…and now for something completely different


Someone went through the effort of making 10 digital LEGO figures of New Zealand politicians.   Over the break, the same image, but with the names in place.

Have guess, see how close you can get.  I managed 9 out of 10.  After all, the one I missed out, they all look the same, don’t they?   Read more »

Guest post: The Polarising Effect of Dotcom

Guest post:


The last few weeks in politics have been revealing in more than a few ways, but none in a good way.

There has been the triennial ritual by the news media to go after an incumbent government; this time aided by the cynical release of Nicky Hager’s book “Hacked Prose, Email Segments and Other Dubious Assertions”.

Most insidious however has been the eclipsing presence of Kim Dotcom, who’s keyboard worn fingerprints are all over the book, the criminal activity perpetrated to obtain information contained within it and the drip feed of said illegally obtained emails to the Blutwurst loving media.

Am I surprised? Not really. Dotcom has signalled for some time his avowed hatred of John Key, Judith Collins and anyone who dares challenge his carefully crafted media persona or threatens his continued freedom behind our laws. He is well resourced, technologically savvy and has ample motivation.

There are a number of aspects to this however that I do find extremely disconcerting.

Firstly, the overall compliance of the main stream media in continually propping up Dotcoms image. By doing so they have become the chief enablers for all the questionable, deplorable activities and behaviours he has been proven of and in some cases; accused of.

But why is this? Is it the need to perpetuate what they might consider news? Fear of well financed reprisal? Or are there other machinations which have yet to be revealed? Read more »