Even the Huffington Post has McCully’s number

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully


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McCully lied, the resolution is substantially different from New Zealand and the United State’s previous positions

I told leaders from AIPAC that Israel has unequivocal evidence that the Obama administration led the effort to pass the anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council. There is no question whatsoever about that. None whatsoever.

I also said that the text of the Security Council resolution was not a reformulation of things that all previous administrations said, but was in fact a major break with US policy. Listen to my explanation, and please share it with people who have their facts wrong.

-PM Benjamin Netanyahu FB

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We need to talk about our government’s attitude towards terrorism

The Bill English led National government I am very sad to say, does not speak out against terrorism if it is terrorism against Jews.

When an Islamist drove his truck into a crowd in Nice last July, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key spoke out against the terror attack. When an Islamist drove his truck into a crowd in Berlin last December, New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English spoke out against the terror attack. An Islamist has just driven a truck into a crown in Jerusalem and the New Zealand government is silent.

While Kiwi politicians are yet to make comment on the terror attack, there was condemnation from around the rest of the Western world following the tragedy that claimed 4 young lives and injured 16 others.

The US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, the UK’s ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, Australian envoy Dave Sharma, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel all condemned the attack.

…In Germany, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate lit up in the colors of the Israeli flag on Monday, in a show of solidarity with the victims of Sunday’s Jerusalem truck-ramming attack, and Chancellor Angela Merkel wrote “The federal government condemns this terrorist attack. I can assure you that we are on the side of Israel in fight with terrorism,”

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Do you know who this man is?

Do you know who this man is?

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NZ Herald cave to MFAT spin doctors and shouty SJBs

Earlier this morning we asked some questions. This post contains some answers.

Yesterday morning the Taxpayers’ Union outed the full amounts our Government is giving to the corrupt Hilary Clinton Foundation via its offshoot the “Clinton Health Access Initiative” – with $7.7 million having been forked out to date and $5.5 million set aside for the next two years.  Rather than taking on the question about why the NZ Aid budget is so large, it said:

“Given the lessons of the Saudi Sheep saga, we are staggered that MFAT appear to still think handing out money for diplomatic purposes is sensible. Even worse, this money comes from the NZ Aid budget which should be going to programes which are the most effective at helping the world’s poor – not sidetracked into political objectives.”

 “It is possible that officials have reason to believe that the Clinton Foundation’s work does provide good value for money, although given the controversy in the US that seems unlikely. The refusal to front up and explain leaves a stench of buying political access.”

“Given New Zealand’s faux pas in co-sponsoring the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel on Christmas Eve, and the heavy criticism of New Zealand which has resulted, the continued support of the Clinton Foundation risks even more damage to New Zealand’s ability to wield any influence in the US.”

Immediately the Israel apologetics and those who adore Hilary Clinton so much they brush aside the conflicts of interests, foreign government donations and other skulduggery from when Clinton was Secretary of State (in New Zealand there is quite some overlap between the two groups) and attacked the Taxpayers’ Union on twitter.

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Freedom costs the lives of our fallen plus $70,000

BY: Deb Dalby

January 12,  2017

Whaleoil Australia correspondent

Deb has previously written about the Reclaim Australia Rally in Sydney and also the earlier rally in Lakemba


Today, in Australia, the Blue Mountains to be precise (which lies about 70km to the west of Sydney), I learned that Anzac Marches have been cancelled. Four separate marches. Initially when I read the heading: No Anzac March, I thought it might have been due to the dwindling numbers of Anzacs in that area, but upon actually opening the article, I was  horrified to learn that the reason ANZAC marches have been cancelled in the Blue Mountains is because we can’t afford the money to fund the necessary anti-terrorism security required for the event, more specifically the additional cost of anti-terrorism measures imposed by local police, which include the use of water-filled barriers to close roads (a measure initiated in the wake of the Nice attack last July).

Council, which is believed to have spent $70,000 over the past two years to ensure the marches went ahead, is unable to continue the financial assistance.

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Former Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer has decided not to contest the Helensville selection

The man hotly tipped to seek selection to replace former Prime Minister John Key in the Helensville seat has ruled himself out.

Rodney Local Board member Cameron Brewer says it’s not the right time for him.

“After much consideration and after consulting a lot of people, I have decided I won’t be standing for National Party selection for the seat of Helensville,” Brewer says.

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Pauline Hanson on Australia’s foiled Christmas Day terrorist attack


The Politician who is about practical solutions

How often is there a simple and practical solution to a problem in a country but the politicians in power ignore it? We all know that some problems are easily solved yet for various reasons politicians refuse to solve them. Let’s say that the government is the parent and the problem within society is the teenage son. The teenage son stays up late every night playing on the internet and is ignoring his parents telling him to turn off the computer at 10 pm. One set of parents offer their son a reward if he follows their rules but after a while, he goes back to his old habits and as he is no longer motivated by the reward. The other set of parents threatened to punish him but he takes his punishment and then does it again because the drive to be online with his friends is just too strong. The third set of parents turns off the router at 10 pm and the problem is solved.

President Trump is a politician who offers practical and easy to understand solutions. They are simple and everyone can understand them. Building a wall between America and Mexico was one such simple solution. There is a tool available to Trump that is so simple and effective a solution to the problem of illegal alian workers that you have to ask why no other government has used it before? It is called the E-Verify system and it immediately solves a problem that no previous government has.

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From Hero to Zero: wikileaks founder reveals the dirt on the wrong people

Views of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have changed in reaction to him revealing dirt on the ” wrong ” people. He had the lefts’ support and fawning admiration when he was dishing the dirt on their enemies but now that wikileaks has contributed to Hillary Clinton’s election loss, many have turned on him. Some on the right are now embracing him. It seems that if a criminal hacker/whistleblower reveals information that helps one political side they are going to support him because it helps their cause.

In New Zealand the left talk about Nicky Hager and Rawshark with admiration but it would not take much to turn them against them. All it would take is a hack on Labour and a ” whistleblower ” book. The bottom line is that support for a hacker/whistleblower comes from ” who ” the stolen information hurts, not the actual criminal act itself.

It’s not that unusual for a public figure to go from hero to villain. But going from villainy to heroism? That’s a tougher road to traverse.

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and central figure, has managed to do both over the last few months, culminating in a remarkable embrace by the president-elect and two longtime critics on the American right, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin.

…Has Assange changed, or is his rehabilitation on the right, and his loss of esteem on the left, simply a factor of political exigencies within the United States? The answer is a little bit of both.

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