Polly quit Twitter and she won’t be the last

Twitter is infested with trolls, bullies and the general wankeratti. It isn’t a pleasant place to be.

Polly Gillespie has quit Twitter and she explains why:

I was on Twitter for a while before two things dawned on me: Firstly, I was sh*t at Twitter. I wasn’t vaguely funny. I completely miscalculated how things I said would be taken. I had a soft underbelly (literally and figuratively). My hashtags were lame and I was like a gormless gorilla.

Second: I was perfect troll bait. I think anyone vaguely recognisable joins the Twitter Hunger Games without realising they’ve actually registered for the blood sport. For me, my gorilla act made me perfect troll fodder.

I was the nice, chubby kid at school again. Like I really needed to relive that hell. I screwed up several times too with poor attempts at humour, misunderstood references, and by simply just breathing.

Try having an opinion that differs from that of the Social Justice Bullies. You may even get hacked because if it.

The attacks were brutal and relentless. Wow. This was social media lacrosse. I could see how you could break a collarbone or lose an eye or, at the very least, have your confidence rattled.

I wasn’t about to give up though. I was verified. I had the “blue bird” of Twitter “greatness”. I was told this was a big deal. I was “somebody-ish” in Twitter land.

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Road Maggots take note, this new bike lock makes thieves vomit

Skunk Lock: This bike lock really stinks

Skunk Lock: This bike lock really stinks

The other day Twitter erupted with a first world crisis for Russell Brown, his bike was stolen despite using a bike lock. He posted photos of his bike all over Twitter and all his pals tut-tutted, there-there’d and generally did nothing.

We are far more generous here at Whale Oil and so I’ve found a solution for the next time dear old Russell parks his expensive bike complete with pannier bags at the university.

It’s a bike lock designed to make thieves vomit.

A man approaches a bicycle, handheld electric saw at the ready. He powers it on, starts to drill, and is shot in the face with a noxious spray that makes him vomit uncontrollably. This is the dream of the inventors of SkunkLock.

“Basically we were fed up with thefts,” said Daniel Idzkowski from San Francisco, one of the inventors of SkunkLock. “The real last straw was we had a friend park his very expensive electric bike outside a Whole Foods, and then went to have lunch and chat. We went out and his bike was gone.”

Idzkowski’s friend had used two locks, each $120, whose inability to stop a thief outraged him. “I blurted out, ‘why didn’t it blow his balls off?’

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Never trust a man who pays cock tax twice to the same woman

Elon Musk pays a lot of cock tax

Elon Musk pays a lot of cock tax

Elon Musk must be really dopey, I mean really dopey. Sure he’s worth billions but he has paid cock tax twice to the same woman. On top of that, he has five kids to a previous wife.

That is a great deal of cock tax.

So, one must be wary of someone who has paid cock tax to the same woman twice and to another woman.

Another warning sign is if his business is built upon subsidies, hope, prayers and good luck.

ELON MUSK, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has become one of the most famous tycoons in America. He builds electric cars, launches rockets and installs solar panels. And he dreams bigger than almost anyone else, with plans to populate Mars and create a “hyperloop” that would allow high-speed travel along America’s west coast. But lately concerns have been raised about his finances. A plan to merge Tesla, Mr Musk’s car firm, with SolarCity, his struggling energy company, is controversial on Wall Street. Jim Chanos, a hedge-fund manager who helped rumble Enron, says Mr Musk is in financial trouble. Far from conquering planets, some fear that Mr Musk has become like Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. Can his empire stand the heat?    Read more »

Social Justice Bullies kill off any hopes their weapon of choice will survive

Twitter is in a downward spiral.

Staffed by liberal elite wankers who allow hate speech and bullying to flourish and unable to monetise the platform in any meaningful way, the company is faltering. Its stock price is tanking and users seeking a better experience are abandoning the platform.

The weapon of choice for modern day social justice bullies is on the brink.

One company that was thinking of investing in Twitter has now run a mile once they started looking at the bullying culture.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff finally killed all rumours of a potential Twitter acquisition on Friday when he told the Financial Times that it’s “not the right fit” for his company.

Benioff said a lot of things, like that Twitter’s price, and work culture, contributed to his decision to walk away from a deal. Part of it also likely had to do with the pressure from investors, as Salesforce stock plummeted after it was reported to be interested in buying Twitter.

But according to CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, Salesforce was turned off by a more fundamental problem that’s been hurting Twitter for years: trolls.   Read more »

Online learning is the end of the world as we know it



Critics of online learning seem unable to keep their criticisms straight. One minute COOLS are the end of the world as we know it because all the poor, disadvantaged, struggling kids will be enrolled with them and left to fail without the help of ” real teachers” but then…

Thinking about enrolling your child in an online school? No problem if you can afford to pay for it.

While that creates inequity in the state schooling system, it’s nothing new, says the Ministry of Education.

So now the inequality is not that the poor, disadvantaged kids will be left to rot on COOLS but that the rich, privileged kids will be the only ones lucky enough to have access to them! The only thing that is actually clear about the teacher unions’ position on COOLS is that they are against them.

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Yes Kerre, but you forgot some other ratbags and spies

Kerre McIvor has a great column in the Herald on Sunday about the real spies in our midst and it isn’t the GCSB or SIS.

I find the idea of sex in a toilet unappealing, but the idea of somebody being so prurient as to record the sounds of people at it is even more unpalatable.

Anyway, after about 10 minutes, the rhythmic tapping noises stopped, Smith and his friend emerged, separately, from the loo and Smith rejoined his All Blacks teammates.

Smith has now been sent home from South Africa, where the All Blacks played early this morning, after the couple gave the recording and an account of what they saw to the media.

The husband thought it was “kinda funny” but his wife, apparently, became more and more incensed by what she’d witnessed – more specifically, heard – and decided to hold Smith to account.

She says most people wouldn’t behave in that fashion, let alone the All Blacks, who are role models for young children.   Read more »

Twitter refugees migrate to Gab after being shadow banned out of existance



Thousands of people are fleeing twitter for Gab, made refugees by the insidious shadow banning, censorship and outright banning of conservative voices and anyone critical of Islam. Twitter lost 2 million customers  alone in the last three months of 2015. I may be jumping to conclusions but last year Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud increased his shareholding to become became twitter’s second largest shareholder. Saudi Arabia is not known for supporting freedom of speech but it is known for hardline Islamic law so I am not at all surprised that the Sharia is increasingly being enforced on twitter and people wanting freedom of speech are leaving.

Well known people on Twitter are steadily moving to Gab and Trump may well be next given what twitter did to him. On October 3, 2016 thirty two of his tweets were “shadowbanned” (censored) and one tweet was deleted to prevent the general public from seeing them.

Surely the deleted tweet must have been offensive, racist, or have broken a twitter rule? Here it is so you can make up your own mind.

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Face of the day


Gab is a new social media site that has the potential to be game changer because of its commitment to freedom of speech.

Anyone who is searching for a space to communicate freely online is welcome on Gab.

We aren’t out to build an echo-chamber, but would rather welcome and embrace open, honest, and authentic discourse on the Internet.

So how is Gab different from X, Y, and Z social networks?

The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.” — Tommy Smothers

Gab will empower users to self-censor and remove unwanted followers, words, phrases, and topics they don’t want to see in their feeds. Self-censorship is the only true form of individual liberty and free speech online in an era of corporate-sponsored, politically manipulated, and ever-changing algorithms that are driving our social feeds.
…Gab will use artificial intelligence to help surface breaking news and trending gabs, offer on-demand information resources to users through Gab chatbots, and flag NSFW content for review.
Gab will offer users the ability to reward content creators. In other words: we want to help you monetize the content you work hard to create.

…People who use Gab will have the tools they need to customize their feed experience, monetize their content, and speak freely without fear of being suspended for some arbitrary unknown reason.

The evilness of Facebook

Facebook anti-Semitism Jake Wallis Simons Dan Sanderson and Amy Marley

Facebook anti-Semitism Jake Wallis Simons Dan Sanderson and Amy Marley

You would think an organisation founded and run by someone called Zuckerberg would be more vigilant, but no, Facebook stands accused of vile anti-Semitism.

Facebook is at the centre of an anti-Semitism row after it emerged that its automatic translation software was spewing out vile, anti-Jewish diatribes.

One post written in German, which criticised neo-Nazis, was wrongly translated to produce a rant about ‘dull hollow, dirty Jews’ who were ‘a disgrace to our country’.

Another post in Hebrew, written by Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett, was twisted by the software to suggest a Holocaust victim was killed by ‘the master race’.

When MailOnline brought the error to Facebook’s attention it apologised and claimed to have solved the problem, but declined to say what had gone wrong.

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Privacy Commisioner looks into Yahoo! Hack, but my hack was no reason for concern

The Privacy Commissioner didn’t give two shits about the hack of my personal data nor of the Media Party pedalling that all over their papers and airwaves.

But they are real concerned about the hack of Yahoo!

Spark says information from 130,000 Xtra email addresses is “at risk” as a result of a massive hack on Yahoo in 2014 that only came to light last week.

Privacy commissioner John Edwards praised Spark but questioned Yahoo’s response and said the hack showed the need for a New Zealand law to force companies to own up to data breaches.

Yahoo said last week that 500 million email customers had information stolen in the attack which it believed had the backing of a foreign government.

The attack also affected Spark customers as it outsourced its Xtra email service to Yahoo in 2007.

Spark said about 15 per cent of its 825,000 Xtra email addresses were at risk.

The information stolen from Yahoo includes unencrypted questions and answers to security questions that could be used to reset account passwords.   Read more »