Some forensic work on @whaledump’s “Facebook” messages

I’ll start with the executive summary, so you can avoid the technobabble:  @whaledump is publishing fake conversations between Judith Collins and Cameron Slater.   I know this for certain.

When I was reading these supposed Facebook chats between Judith and Cameron, one thing immediately struck me:  where is the profanity?

Working closely with Cam, and almost a thousand chat logs (none of them via Facebook, incidentally) to draw on, I looked back over them, and for any that go on for a reasonable length, there is always some stomach cringing statement somewhere.  That’s “our” Cam.   I’ve heard him on the phone with other journos – and they damn well know that he can’t go for two sentences without saying something crude.

Anyone who has dealt with Cameron Slater will know his conversations, written or otherwise , are peppered with sledges, slights and pretty nasty language.  Even in chats with multiple participants, he will call us by derogatory nicknames, or use other ways to have over-the-top blokey type of conversations.   For example, I drive a car not worthy of his respect, and I’m constantly getting hammered for it.

It’s the banter you have when you think you’re talking privately.

All this is completely absent from the forged “Facebook chat logs”.   I don’t know about Judith Collins, I haven’t had any private contact with her (another hint this is a beat up?).  We haven’t even met.   As such, I can’t gauge her “voice” in these logs.

I have “admin” rights to the Whaleoil Facebook page, as I have access to many things to help Cam with the day-to-day chores.   So I decided to pull down the conversation and have a look at it.

It doesn’t exist.   Read more »


Botnet operators versus Hacktivists, it’s not just politics that is dirty

The first signs that Nicky  Hager’s book Dirty Politics are hitting the Internet for free download are coming up.


There are two download links (not shown above, for obvious reasons) – both say it is a 491 KB “rar” (compressed) file of the “ePub” electronic edition of the book.



However, if you try to download from either of those links, this happens   Read more »

The media is dead. Long live the media

STW Communications Group Ltd (ASX: SGN), one of Australia’s largest marketing companies, has provided what might just prove to be a rather insightful precursor to the full-year results of the three major domestic television stations and our newspaper giants.

SGN included the following graph in its 2014 financial year results presentation, which indicates that companies are dramatically reallocating their advertising spend from newspapers and television to digital media.


Television, newspapers, radio and magazines are all lose advertising market share hand over fist… to new media.

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EXCLUSIVE: Whaleoil computers and Whaleoil people are being actively hacked now

Yesterday, before we even started to hint at the sort  of day we were about to unfold, we noticed a number of probes and attacks on our servers and via a number of people that work with Whaleoil.

This can quickly get into snooze territory, but here is an example – sent via the anonymous tipline.


This is a MEGA link.

It links to a file on the Mega File service that has replaced Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload.

As attacks go, that one was a bit obvious.   Nobody here was going to click on that link and download the file.

But of course, we did engage a security specialist to do it for us.

What was at the end of it was a file called Aaron Gilmore.mp4.   Read more »

Oh the Irony! It HURTS!


Guess what happens when you click on the link?    One guess only…   Read more »

Labour should’ve looked overseas before launching their loans for ipads policy

Ever since Labour launched their free…what?…It’s not free?…oh ok…loans for iPads policy the evidence has been pouring out that the policy is hopelessly flawed from the get go.

They lauded it as something innovative…except of course it has been done to death around the world and mostly to death, as schools are finding out.

For an entire school year Hillsborough, New Jersey, educators undertook an experiment, asking: Is the iPad really the best device for interactive learning?

It’s a question that has been on many minds since 2010, when Apple released the iPad and schools began experimenting with it. The devices came along at a time when many school reformers were advocating to replace textbooks with online curricula and add creative apps to lessons. Some teachers welcomed the shift, which allowed their students to replace old poster-board presentations with narrated screencasts and review teacher-produced video lessons at any time.

Four years later, however, it’s still unclear whether the iPad is the device best suited to the classroom. The market for educational technology is huge and competitive: During 2014, American K-12 schools will spend an estimated $9.94 billion on educational technology, an increase of 2.5 percent over last year, according to Joseph Morris, director of market intelligence at the Center for Digital Education. On average, he said, schools spend about a third of their technology budgets on computer hardware.  Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: The Internet Party web site hacked



New Zealand has experienced the rise and rise of the Kim Dotcom financed, ex Internet NZ Org’s Vikram Kumar managed, and political silver diva mercenary Laila Harre’s fronted Internet Party.

Due to this unexpected direction in political focus, Peter Norton and John McAffee, the men behind the word famous Norton and McCaffee Antivirus brands have recognised the need for a different kind of 21st century party:  The Virus Checker Party.

“Just like the rise of the computer caused a new phenomenon, where real-life viruses infecting people and requiring a doctors’ visit, resulted in a new industry of computer anti-virus progams, the rise of the Internet Party virtual political party concept is now driving the need for an Internet-based virtual antidote”, John McCaffee said today.

“The amount of invisible damage the Internet Party does to people’s lives is only just starting to become an issue that is reaching people’s awareness”, he added.

Just like computer viruses were laughed and and minimised in the early days, it took people losing the wedding or baby photos to these viruses for them to realise that these apparently childish games had a real impact on people.

“Exposure to The Internet Party” is leading to people breaking out in a rash due to the exposure to the colour purple”, Peter Norton said.  “But that’s not the worst of it.  A whole group of young adults that were previously able to think rationally and observed the world with a healthy dose of skepticism are now observed running around with cat T-Shirts on, Tweeting from their mobiles while looking lovingly to Kim and Laila – or “mum and dad” as they are internally referred to.”   Read more »

I wonder if Labour will take note of this

Labour launched their free…oh wait no they aren’t free, they are loans…for ipads or laptops in schools.

They would have you believe that this is a world first and they are so cool with the kids and innovative.

Unfortunately other countries got their first and now they are back peddling at 100 miles an hour because the policies are stupid, and don’t work.

One school district in Hoboken, New Jersey has decided to abandon its one-to-one laptop program for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Ultimately, the Hoboken School District decided the scheme was more trouble than it was worth—even when supported by federal grants.

“We had the money to buy them, but maybe not the best implementation,” said Mark Toback, the current superintendent of the Hoboken School District, told The Hechinger Report. “It became unsustainable.”

The district is now going through the process of identifying the remaining laptops and seeking a bid for their destruction. District officials did not immediately respond to an Ars request for comment (Ars has filed a public records request to learn more).   Read more »

Rod Drury gives it to the pollies & tells Dotcom to “go away”


Message to politicians: Get out of the way!

Rod Drury has cut loose on the politicians and told them a few home truths about their meddling ways.

This election campaign needs more business leaders to stand up and serve politicians arses like what Rod Drury has done.

As the political heavyweights debated the future ICT roadmap for New Zealand last night, Rod Drury sat shaking his head in the crowd.

Taking the stage amidst the backdrop of Auckland’s evening sky, key political figures debated long into the night about the future of New Zealand’s ICT sector.

Chaired by the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, CEO Candace Kinser orchestrated discussion with technology representatives from National, Labour, the Green Party and the Internet MANA parties.

But as the opinions flowed and policies were outlined, Xero’s charismatic CEO reawakened a conversation which, in the eyes of the entrepreneur, drifted widely off the overriding issue.

“I find this really depressing but I’ll try to be positive about it,” he said, in his typically outspoken manner.   Read more »

Even the GPS systems are rejecting The Cunliffe