Political Social Media – the “before” picture

The left are gearing up to make social media a major component of their 2014 election strategy. ¬†We’ve already seen evidence of Labour and David Cunliffe crowd sourcing some fact checks, spell checks and audits, and it will only increase in volume over the next 6 months.

Matthew Beveridge has done an awesome job looking at the social media “standing” of David Cunliffe, Russel Norman and John Key. ¬†He’s come up with some stats that gives you a picture of what “Social Media Goodwill” these people have now.

For example, the most retweeted tweets are:

Credit:  Matthew Beveridge

Credit: Matthew Beveridge

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Cunliffe continues to focus on the things that matter…like trolls


David Cunliffe says he is going to focus ont he things that matter to the NZ voting public.

You’d think that this would be the economy, or perhaps jobs, maybe health…even education given the support of the teacher unions.

But no…when your entire election strategy revolves around poorly spelled, error ridden, tweets and Facebook posts on social media then you really have to focus on the things that really matter…like controlling trolls….and what John Key is doing on his Facebook page.

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Unsurprising really, I haven’t used Microsoft products for years

I haven’t used Microsoft Office products in years.

I mostly live in the cloud and where possible use Google Apps and in the past have used OpenOffice as a viable alternative to Office.

Office applications became more and more bloated and the days of massive installations on hard drives to do basic things like simple spreadsheets and documents is long gone.

The advent of tablet and mobile computing has pretty much killed off applications like Office.

It may be one of Microsoft’s biggest squandered opportunities.

Tired of waiting for Office to be optimised for their mobile gadgets, a growing contingent of younger companies is turning to cheaper, simpler and touch-friendly apps that can perform word processing and other tasks in the cloud.

Take Artivest Holdings, a New York-based financial services startup that sells alternative investment products. The New York-based company uses an app called¬†Quip, which combines word processing and messaging, to handle all but the most sensitive legal and financial files.¬† Read more »

This makes no sense

Via the tipline

School bus in Japan:


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Ground Crew training session: Facebook edit history

Hi Team, welcome to another Whaleoil Ground Crew training session.

As we head toward the election, we need to make sure that our eyes and ears are finely tuned to what is being said and written out there.

A feature that many of you may not realise exists, is Facebook’s Show edit history function


It can be particularly enlightening to see what thought processes led to a final Facebook post. ¬†All the edits that didn’t make it are still accessible.

To use a Green Taliban example, their final revision said this

We’ve just announced a transport plan that’s great news for Kiwi kids, parents and motorists.

Check out #safe2school!

Safe to School requires no new spending and will deliver up to $4 billion in gains over 40 years.

The revision before it, this ¬†(focusing on the changes only) ¬† Read more »

Why I ditched Orcon

Tomizone on white

This week I finally left Orcon.

It has taken a wee while to organise, but I have finally cut the ties with Orcon.

And here is why.

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

They are associated with a crook. Someone who wants to pervert our democracy in order to avoid facing the music.

Kim Dotcom has a belief that if he is involved with a political party then he won’t be able to be extradited. He has had endless meetings about this, ignored legal advice and ranted at his sycophantic followers that his political party is his way to avoid extradition.¬† Read more »


Irish are drunks, Russians crazy, French are rude, and Maori … no longer exist

Further to yesterday’s article on Google being petitioned to remove autocomplete results for Maori, it appears Google have complied.

Two days ago, you would be able to do this


But if you do it today… Maori are now digitally erased from Google’s autocomplete suggestions.

Too embarrassing for all concerned apparently, these [CENSORED] Maori. Read more »

“Why are Maori so…” a month later

You may recall Whaleoil running this article on Waitangi Day


Here is how people take other people’s work and “build on it”

Steve Deane reports

The global internet search giant is looking into disabling the feature after a call from the Herald when Auckland University of Technology PhD scholar Steven Elers found derogatory terms associated with Maori.

Wow. ¬†The Herald and Auckland University no less. ¬† Read more »

Does this cry baby have a point? [POLL]

via propertybrokers

via propertybrokers

Gavin Holmes wants to take The Mill to court for selling his 17 year old son alcohol via their web site. ¬†My first reaction was that he needs to harden up and take responsibility as a parent. ¬†My second was that it can be hard to be responsible for 17 year olds that aren’t cooperating. ¬†And finally I realised that perhaps The Mill should do more to ascertain the true age of its customers.

Read this, then tell me where you sit on the issue

The father of an underage teen who illegally bought a bottle of vodka online is looking to bring a private prosecution against supplier The Mill.

Gavin Holmes reported his 17-year-old son’s purchase of a $29.99 bottle of Red Square Vodka to the police in November after he was unsatisfied with The Mill’s response to his complaint. All the boy had to do to buy the booze with his debit card was tick a box which said he was over 18.

Police required the retailer to change its website after Holmes’ complaint by asking visitors to fill in their date of birth before going ahead with a purchase.

“The police are not proceeding with prosecution,” Holmes said yesterday.

“The police do seem to be fighting this with both hands tied behind their back. Surely it’s as simple as being illegal to supply alcohol to a minor and they have done that. If the alcohol was sold in a traditional face-to-face situation, they would get done.


The responsibility for underage alcohol sales policing lies with

  • The retailer having more stringent age checks (39%, 365 Votes)
  • Parents, guardians or caregivers (18%, 167 Votes)
  • Some combination of the others (17%, 161 Votes)
  • The child or teenager ordering (14%, 136 Votes)
  • Dunno. Why do you keep asking hard questions, I just come here for the Brown and Dotcom stories (12%, 111 Votes)

Total Voters: 940

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- Chris Gardner @ Stuff

Using Twitter to identify leadership aspirants

Matthew Beveridge has some interesting statistics regarding the use of Twitter by Shane Jones.

Matthew is doing some good analysis across the spectrum of social media use by politicians. I expect I will refer more to his posts during the course election year.

Shane joined Twitter on 31 July [2013], which is only 3 weeks before David Shearer resigned the Labour leadership, by which time there was already much discussion of his future in that position. In the first month, Shane sent around 66 Tweets or retweets. Which is around 1/4 of his total as at 1740 28 February. In late August through early September Shane was sending 4, 5, 6 or more Tweets a day. This dropped off in the days leading up to the actual vote, most likely due to time pressure as he was out meeting delegates. However the Tweets that were sent were the sort of Tweet destined to encourage engagement, containing images or quotes about where he saw Labour going under his leadership.

Shane stuck with being a reasonably active Tweeter up until the end of September, after that his rate of Tweeting dropped off. With days missed in late October, and then nearly 2 weeks without a Tweet from 20 October to 1 November. Tweeting remained rather sparse through November, with a few flurries, but a number of days with no Tweets. This sparse nature remained the norm for December.¬†¬† Read more »