That’s one way to choke them to death

You win wars by killing large numbers of the enemy.

You also win by destroying their ability to wage war, destroying key infrastructure the enemy uses and wrecking their ability to pay for it all.

Up to $800m (£550m) in cash held by so-called Islamic State (IS) has been destroyed in air strikes, a US military official says.

Maj Gen Peter Gersten, who is based in Baghdad, said the US had repeatedly targeted stores of the group’s funds.

The blow to the group’s financing has contributed to a 90% jump in defections and a drop in new arrivals, he said.

In 2014, the US Treasury called IS “the best-funded terrorist organisation” it had encountered.

In a briefing to reporters, Maj Gen Gersten, the deputy commander for operations and intelligence for the US-led operation against IS, said under 20 air strikes targeting the group’s stores of money had been conducted.

He did not specify how the US knew how much money had been destroyed.   Read more »


How do gang members get guns? They apply for a firearms licence and the Police approve them…really

So the Police – again – are responsible for firearms getting into the hands of scumbag criminals.

Spectacular failure of monumental proportions.

A gang member was able to legally buy 18 high-powered firearms before police cottoned on – and now the cache has vanished.

The man, understood to be a patched member of the Headhunters Motorcycle Club, bought the guns, including high-powered semi-automatic rifles, with a value of about $30,000, between 2012 and 2015, the Herald has learned.

It is understood that in January, police went to the Northland man to revoke his licence and guns, only to find he had already sold them.

Police would not comment on the case except to say it was “very rare for a patched gang member to be issued a firearms licence”.

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If a drunk driver killed your son with his car would you sue Toyota?


Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Cars don’t kill people, people kill people.

If guns and cars kill people then spoons make you fat and pencils mis-spell words.

Despite the flawed logic of blaming inanimate objects for the actions of human beings  a lawsuit has been submitted by the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. They are suing the gun manufacturer. Should gun manufactures be held responsible for what they sell? What do you think? 

In what is being referred to as a landmark ruling, Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis denied a request by Remington Arms Co., Bushmaster and others to dismiss the suit submitted by 10 Sandy Hook victims’ families.

Under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), gun manufacturers are generally not able to be held liable for crimes committed with their products.

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Whaleoil Projects – The European Mount

Last week I went for a bit of a hunt with my mate Simon Lusk.

This is what I stalked in on:


It was a nice even 8 pointer Red deer stag. There were three roaring in that area, and they were answering our calls. I went up the slope after them and left Simon to keep them calling while I stalked closer. It was pretty thick undergrowth and plenty of Ongaonga too. On the way up the slope I was sidling staying down wind but I put up several hinds and a couple of spikers. The stags weren’t moving, so obviously holding tight with hinds having a good old root.

I came up through a game trail in some ferns and bracken and spotted this deer moving across the slope from left to right until he stopped for a look side on to me. I had already dialled the scope back to its lowest setting and knew I didn’t have long for the shot, up came the Tikka T3 Lite rifle, I centred the cross hairs just behind the shoulder and sent the 150gr .308 Nosler Ballistic tip on its way. I have a moderator on the rifle so heard the thump as the bullet hit home. The deer bolted and I swore. It was less than 40yds away, probably closer to 30yds. I moved up to the spot where I shot it and saw the spray of blood. He was hit and from the colour of the blood he was hit hard.   Read more »


Stats disprove Police claims

I’m in shock that the Herald has actually investigated something. But, in doing so, it has hit a home run with some decent facts about guns.

It makes for interesting reading because the Police are the reason guns exist in criminals hands!

The Police Association, which represents rank-and-file officers, had already voiced concerns about the proliferation of firearms in criminal hands. Police figures show a steady rise in the number of illegal firearms seized, with 1504 confiscated last year – a 50 per cent increase on four years ago.


According to the latest figures police released to the Herald , shotguns were the most common illegal firearm seized. During the 2014/2015 period, 272 full-length and 79 cutdown shotguns were confiscated, as well as 44 pistols, 23 military-style semi-automatics and 47 cutdown rifles. There is no legal purpose for a cut-down firearm.

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New Battle Training Facility for SAS

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) new Battle Training Facility (BTF) was officially opened today by the Prime Minister, Rt Honourable John Key at a ceremony in Auckland. The BTF includes facilities for all-weather training, live firing, use of helicopters, and scenario training based on specific environments and structures such as, aircraft fuselages, ship’s bridges, and public transport.

Photo/ Supplied NZDF

The Army has opened their new Battle Training Facility for the SAS.

The New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF) new Battle Training Facility (BTF) was officially opened today by the Prime Minister, Rt Honourable John Key at a ceremony in Auckland.

The $46 million modern purpose-built facility in Ardmore took two years to build and replaces outdated and obsolete training facilities for Special Air Service (SAS) personnel in Papakura.

It includes facilities for all-weather training, live firing, use of helicopters, and scenario training based on specific environments and structures such as, aircraft fuselages, ship’s bridges, and public transport.

In the previous facilities SAS personnel could not fire their primary operational weapons, however the new BTF allows for live firing and up to advanced full-mission rehearsals.   Read more »

Face of the day

Dr Ruth

Dr Ruth

From time to time, life will feed you one of those amazing facts which will rock your world view and change the entire way in which you look at a person. Much of the world will know Dr. Ruth as the short little old lady who talks pretty explicitly about sex. Many were captivated by her wisdom while others were just dumbfounded at what looked like their grandmother talking a whole lot about sex.

Whatever you may have thought about Dr. Ruth, it is likely you never sat back and wondered if she was an Israeli trained sniper who fought for the creation of the Jewish State. Just don’t say that within a 1,000 yards of her because I hate to rock your worldview, but that is exactly who she is. Dr. Ruth, sex therapist extraordinaire and Israeli Sniper.

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An angry bumboat woman with a broom handle could defend the Falklands against the Argies

There are claims that defence cuts in the UK have left the Falkland Islands vulnerable.

There are growing fears over the security of the Falkland Islands after questions emerged over the level of Royal Navy protection given to the islands in the face of renewed Argentinian territorial claims.

There are claims that the islands, which were invaded by Argentina 34 years ago to the day, have been left without adequate protection after it emerged there is currently no British frigate or destroyer on route to the islands, leaving them with only the small and lightly armed offshore patrol vessel HMS Clyde. Read more »

Pertinent Questions for the Firearms Inquiry

When enquiring as to how guns are being obtained by criminals it helps to have compiled a set of logical questions.

Obviously the usual ones from the loony anti-gun brigade are irrelevant because they are off-topic and seeking to take advantage of the situation whilst the door is open to pry yet more guns out of use by law-abiding civilians.

So now that the enquiry has scoped itself into asking the question of how criminals are obtaining firearms it would be sensible to narrow the focus by ignoring all the rhetoric.

Firstly criminals are not going to turn up to a select committee and spill their beans. The salacious nature of the media hungrily looking for a story along with Police who will of course be ever-present during proceedings will scare them off.

Besides – criminals make for totally unreliable witnesses. We know how little the Court is willing to accept the testimony of scumbags so a credible enquiry could do itself a favour by taking a pass in this regard.

I believe the best place to start is pressing the Police for answers.

For example – asking about the statistical evidence of firearm related offending by criminals.

Over the decades the stats have shown that firearms related crimes are always in parallel with general violent offending. As violent offending increases with population – so do offences where firearms are presented. The question is – are we actually seeing a trending increase in offences where firearms are presented? Or is it all anecdotal and largely the here-say of Greg O’Connor and his media patsy’s?   Read more »


Here is one problem the Police have when discussing MSSA rifles

The Police have a massive credibility issue when they start talking about MSSA rifles.

They rely on the expert testimony of their armourer, Rob Ngamoki.

The problem is that Rob Ngamoki is an idiot and makes statements like this in court:

The High Court heard evidence from senior police armourer Rob Ngamoki and Auckland film set supplier and gun collector Martin Bath. Both said the guns could be modified to fire live ammunition, but disagreed on how easy this was.

Ngamoki said he completed such a modification in about 90 minutes, while it took Bath eight hours.

It was put to Ngamoki that an “average criminal” would not know how to convert the pistols.

“That’s not correct because they have been doing it,” Ngamoki said.

However, under cross-examination he was unable to provide examples of this happening.

Tipple said the police could not produce evidence the pistols were being modified and used by criminals.

“They’re only zinc alloy, whoever fires one, they’re putting themselves in as much danger as the person they’re pointing it at. They’re designed specifically not to be fired.”

Justice Courtney found the pistols could not be regarded as either starting pistols or firearms.

“The seizure of the Kimar pistols is disallowed. The remaining pistols are to be returned to Mr Tipple,” the judge said.

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