Halal boycott working in Australia

I have posted before about Halal certification and how it is a money making scam that benefits Islam. Imagine being able to profit from simply giving authorisation for a Halal symbol to be put on thousands of products ranging from food to toilet paper, from cat food to shampoo and all at little or no cost to yourself. The Halal symbol serves no purpose except to let the consumer know that the product contains no pork and is permissible to eat or drink if you are a Muslim. Shockingly Halal symbols can be found on thousands of items that are not food or drink and that therefore do not need a warning symbol.

To put it into perspective imagine that there was a Peanut Free symbol that started off only being put on drinkable or edible products.imagesNow imagine that the Ideology of Peanut Free people lobbied to be able to form organisations to certify products as peanut free with their own special symbol despite the fact that the list of ingredients on the products already provide that information. Now imagine that they then extend this symbol to be included on products like toilet paper, shampoo and cat food, products that have never ever had anything to do with peanuts and make millions of dollars by doing so.

In Australia a boycott of Halal labelled products by consumers has motivated some companies to shun Halal certification. Some are even promoting their products as  “non-halal certified.”In response some Certification organisations have started naming and shaming the companies who choose to not be Halal certified as well as threatening trade bans.

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Social Liberalism has Polygamy in its sights

Whenever we make a substantial change in our laws people talk about a slippery slope. When abortion was first legalised they said it was a slippery slope and that not only would we end up with abortion on demand but that we would end up having late term abortions. They were right. Now a Social Liberal has pointed out that by winning for Gays the right to be married we have dismantled all the arguments that previously could be used against Polygamy. Fredrik deBoer says that we are now on a slippery slope and society is heading straight for Polygamous marriage.



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Wogs vote No, they’re screwed now

The dumb Greeks have voted No.

They want to continue on bludging off the rest of Europe while they spend other people’s money.

Greeks have voted overwhelmingly “No” in a historic bailout referendum, partial results show, defying warnings from across Europe that rejecting new austerity terms for fresh financial aid would set their country on a path out of the euro.

With more than half the votes counted, official figures showed 61 per cent of Greeks on course to reject a bailout offer from creditors that was the official issue of the ballot.

The figures showed the Yes vote drew 40.1 per cent. An official projection of the final result is expected this morning (NZT).

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Euthanasia the other side of the story


The slippery slope argument makes some valid points. Once we get permission to kill ourselves when we are terminally ill and in pain aren’t we opening the flood gates to doctors killing people for other reasons? What if I told you that Euthanasia would be used on young, physically healthy people? Believe it or not it is already happening and it makes me realise how the euthanasia debate is not as cut and dry as we all would like it to be.

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Narcissism can be fatal


Are you prepared to die to get a photograph of yourself?

A young Russian woman has died after a fall from the bridge where she was trying to make a memorable selfie next to the Moscow City financial district, police sources say. Her death is the latest in a rash of fatal and near-fatal selfie incidents.

The woman, a 21-year-old graduate of the Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies, reportedly wanted to make a selfie in front of one the famous landmarks of the Russian capital, but fell from the bridge while taking the photo.

The incident took place Saturday night next to the Moscow International Business Center, also referred as Moscow City.

“According to preliminary information, the young woman was taking a selfie together with her friends, but couldn’t hold on and fell from the bridge onto the quayside,” a source close to the investigation told TASS news agency.

According to other sources, the reason for girl’s death was a broken fence on the bridge that she leaned on while taking the photo.

Anton Tsvetkov, of the Commission on the Common House on Safety, told Interfax that he will investigate the reasons for the deadly incident.

“What the fence is like that it couldn’t hold a fragile young woman?” he asked.

The rash of recent series strange and deadly incidents involving selfies have hit the headlines as social media users seem to be doing more and more outlandish things so that their photos stand out from the crowd.

It’s natural selection at work.   Let it be.  These people are serving society better if they are no longer part of the gene pool.


– Aljazeera


Face of the day

Lekha Namboothiri

Lekha Namboothiri a Hindu, donated her kidney for free to a Muslim Man too poor to pay for it and was rewarded with abuse.

Have you ever heard of an organ donor being abused by the recipient? Unfortunately today’s face of the day Lekha Namboothiri had exactly that happen to her. She gave selflessly and did not care what religion the recipient was. Lekha is Hindu and the recipient of her kidney was Muslim. Unfortunately he considered a Hindu kidney to be ‘haram’ even though by taking her kidney his life was saved. Considering his disgusting treatment of her since his life saving operation I think he should give it back and then hurry up and die. What do you all think?

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Film review, Lifestyle and Fitness blogger Pinko Farrar would be into this


A napkin marked with a perfect red lipstick outline from Margaret Thatcher is being sold for £2,000.

The unusual piece of Iron Lady memorabilia has gone on sale with and offers the chance to own a kiss from the iconic Tory Prime Minister.

Britain’s only female democratically elected leader is understood to have used the napkin to remove excess lipstick while on a speaking tour of the US in 2000. Read more »

Asking debtors to pay up is now terrorism?


Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis accused Athens’ creditors of “terrorism” in an interview, a day before Greeks vote in a high-stakes referendum on the conditions of the country’s bailout.

“What they’re doing with Greece has a name – terrorism,” Varoufakis told the Spanish El Mundo daily on Saturday.

“What Brussels and the troika want today is for the “Yes” (vote) to win so they could humiliate the Greeks.”

“Why did they force us to close the banks? To instill fear in people. And spreading fear is called terrorism,” he said, referring to the IMF, European Central Bank and the EU.

These idiots have been living beyond their means.  They have not heeded all the warnings and offers of help along the way.  And now that the Day of Reckoning has come, everyone else is to blame.   Read more »

“tasteless” and “repulsive” – why the public are precious about the truth

Seems some girl that’s famous for being famous just had her own “feral” moment

The socialite daughter of leading fashion designers Denise L’Estrange-Corbet and Francis Hooper has caused outrage with a comment on social media mocking the death of a mother and her three children.

Gossip columnist Pebbles Hooper described the deaths of Ashburton mum Cindy George and her three children – Pio, Teuruaa and Telyzshaun – as “natural selection”.

Police believe they died from the fumes of a car left running in a garage to keep the battery “ticking over”. It’s suspected they could have been dead for up to a week before being discovered.

Hooper’s comment, posted to Twitter on Saturday evening, was met with a barrage of criticism from her 6800 followers who labelled the tweet “tasteless” and “repulsive”.

It appears Hooper, a columnist for the Herald on Sunday, expected a backlash, having prefaced her message with the words: “I’ll get major slack for this, but leaving a car running inside a closed garage while you’re kids are in the house is natural selection”.

While the tweet was quickly deleted, Hooper responded to other Twitter users by saying “those kids died under completely preventable circumstances”. She claimed she was not deliberately seeking attention but was “just stating her opinion”. Read more »

Is Russell Brand the UK’s Charlie Sheen?

Russell Brand is the UK version of Charlie Sheen.

He is largely irrelevant, has nothing useful to say and just drifts from one inane situation to the next.  Meaningless, but outrageous enough to get press.

Russell Brand has sparked outrage by criticising the UK’s act of remembrance for victims of the beach shooting in Tunisia last week.

Last Friday, 38 holidaymakers, including 30 British tourists, were gunned down at a resort in Sousse and they were remembered back home in the UK a week later with a minute’s silence across the country on Friday (local time).   Read more »