“You’re Living Under the Sharia, and You Don’t Even Know It”

“You’re Living Under the Sharia, and You Don’t Even Know It”

The American Freedom Alliance sponsored a conference in Los Angeles, “Islam and Western Civilization: Can they Coexist?” Among the most prominent speakers at the event were Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Above is a video of their back-to-back speeches.


Israeli technology that will give the Greens sticky knickers


Imagine being able to use gas made from your own food waste to cook your dinner. Homebiogas is an Israeli company that has developed an eco-friendly “digester” that turns organic matter into biogas that can be installed in just a few hours.

Imagine a future where your waste disposal unit can be plumbed directly into one of these so that you won’t even have the hassle of carrying your bucket of scraps to the unit.  In summer we barbecue a lot and have to refill our gas bottle at the service station. We already have a compost heap  so with one of these units our compost heap could provide all the gas required for our summer barbecues  as well as our indoor cooking.

If you live on a lifestyle block  you could use all your animal waste as well as your food waste to create enough gas for both heating and cooking.  Realistically  it won’t be long before we can use our human waste from our toilets to  create clean gas as well.  Imagine a household that uses all its own waste including toilet waste to provide all its heating and cooking.No more need for complex sewage systems and we will have turned a negative ( smelly sewage ) into a positive ( clean, green, free gas. )

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The now infamous “burkini” incident was a total set-up.

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The truth about the spread and enforcement of Sharia law in Europe

Many Westerners are living under Sharia law but are totally oblivious because 99% of Westerners have no understanding of what the Shariah is.

The creator of the burkini, Australian-Lebanese designer Aheda Zanetti, said the burkini was designed to give women more freedom. However, these freedoms are taken away from women through oppressive garments such as the burkini. We saw the same thing with hijabs. Hijabs were once an option and now the only Muslim women represented in the media are hijabis. In other words, what Muslim women are being told – and shamed with – is that if you’re not covered, you’re not Muslim or modest. It’s a soft form of slut-shaming that surprisingly few feminists have caught onto. One day it’s hijabistas and the next day it’s burkinis, but the message is the same: cover up.

The burkini is a new adaptation of that. Though unintended by the designer, the consequences are the same: if you’re not covered, you’re inappropriate. And that’s what the underbelly of Islamic culture does: it aims to control a woman’s space, whether it is in the mosque, in the bedroom, in the home, her body, or her voice. It’s an abusive cultural conditioning.

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It is the beginning of the end for French Women’s freedom

The Burkini ban is over before it could even start.The French have already surrendered to Sharia law. Once again the democratic laws of equality and freedom of religion have been twisted and used by the followers of anti-democratic and anti-women Sharia law to their advantage. Within a decade it will be a lone French woman bravely wearing a bikini on a French beach. She will stand out, surrounded by burkini clad non-Muslim and Muslim women alike. She will feel the pressure to conform and hostile Muslim male eyes will be upon her. “Slut” they will call out, ” Prostitute!” “She is asking to be raped,” they will say amongst themselves, ” she is being provocative,” they will whisper and the lone French woman will feel the fear and wonder when it all went so horribly wrong for France.

Image: thelibertarianrepublic

Image: thelibertarianrepublic

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A collection of Taqiyya fails

Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.”

There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Some of us are better  liars than others  and Muslims are no different. The following examples of Muslims practising taqiyya  in order to “smooth over differences”  or to gain the sympathy of non-Muslims in order to defeat them were unsuccessful for one of the following four reasons:

  1. The message wasn’t consistent  with his actions and words.
  2. The person he was trying to con was an undercover agent.
  3. A professional journalist asked the right questions and did some research
  4. There was a witness or camera present when the ” alleged “incident happened.

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Two words guaranteed to strike fear into everyone’s heart


What happened at Charlie Hebdo is etched forever in the nation’s consciousness.  The terrorist attack at the Lindt Café in Australia is another attack that will never be forgotten. My newsfeed now daily not weekly contains the details of yet another terrorist attack somewhere in the Western world. There are now too many to report on. I actually wondered if the latest one would even  be covered by our media  because they have become so common and we have already become desensitised to them.

As is common with media coverage of these attacks the headline gives no clue that this is yet another Islam-related attack.  Despite the headline doing its best to steer us away from the truth  the sheer number of these lone wolf attacks  has educated even the most  naive of readers.  If a man ran towards us yelling “God is the greatest” none of us would flinch but if a man ran towards us yelling, “Allahu Akbar” every single one of us would react immediately.  This is not because we’re racist or  Islamophobic. It is because story after story after story of attacks on individuals or groups involves a man yelling, “Allahu Akbar”. Even if we were stupid enough to believe that these are lone wolf attacks by mentally ill people that have nothing to do with Islam, all of us, conservatives and liberals alike know that the words,”Allahu Akbar” signal that something terrible is about to happen.

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False equivalency used to defend oppressive swimwear


Juxtaposed photos go viral after police seen ordering woman to remove burqini on French beach WITW STAFF08.24.16 (Twitter)

False equivalency is once again being used by idiots on Twitter who must all be sharing their one remaining brain cell.  When we look at these two photos what do we see?

  1. A  man in authority enforcing the law.
  2. A woman  in a bathing suit having the law enforced on her.

In these two ways, both photos are equivalent but it is the law that is being enforced that is the key difference here and one that the idiots on Twitter are deliberately failing to recognise.

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Are the Police Racist?

Australians battle ” racist ” Muslim housing estate



Islam is not a race but the Australian developers of this estate are only targeting South Asian migrants so it is accurate to describe the housing estate as racist.  I would also describe it as apartheid and segregation. It is being built around a purpose built Mosque so it is clearly meant to attract South Asian migrants who are Muslim.

A Rally for Australia  has been organised against the segregated Muslim-only estate for this Sunday, August 28th at Hannah Watts Park on High st in Melton, Victoria.

It is not acceptable for developers to target people based on their race and religion. Australia and New Zealand are multicultural societies. We have a history of opposing  segregation and apartheid.

By deliberately encouraging a segregated community the developers are encouraging Muslim South Asian migrants to avoid integration with the local Australian population. The families that move to this housing estate will never assimilate into the Australian culture as they been encouraged to set themselves apart.

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