BG2: Dob in a lardo, win $30k

Just as well we’re all working towards being healthier and living longer, not to mention that we will be less of a burden on our fellow tax payers.   Look what the obesity epidemic is causing in the UK right now:

Family doctors could be offered bonuses for weighing thousands of patients under NHS proposals to tackle obesity.

They would be given financial incentives for recording the weight of anyone with an underlying health problem triggered by being overweight.

Based on existing incentives, the payments could range from £1,500 to £15,000 a year per GP surgery depending on how effective they are deemed at helping the NHS.

The plans have been drawn up by health watchdog NICE in the hope of ultimately saving the NHS billions of pounds by treating complications caused by obesity. The news of the proposals comes amid increasing controversy over the cost of obesity to the state.

This month Channel 5 documentary, Benefits: Too Fat To Work featured couple Michelle and Stephen Beer, who say their weight prevents them from working. Between them they weigh 54 stone and receive around £1,700 a month in benefits.

The idea is that it will be cheaper to pay for  proactively getting these people healthier than to have to pay for their health problems from now until they die.   Read more »

Interesting comparison between Jesus and Muhammad

I enjoyed this article because it addresses the fact that throughout history religion has been used as an excuse for war. People have killed in the name of their God. Given this undisputed fact, how can we describe Christianity or Islam as a religion of peace? How do we decide if either or neither are inherently peaceful?

It turns out that the best way to judge a religion or political ideology is to look at both the words and the actions of the person who started the movement in the first place. If I start a religion and I tell my followers to never eat meat and I write my rules down for never eating meat and I myself never eat meat, then any follower who eats meat is therefore not a true follower. They have no right to call themselves a follower of my religion as they do not emulate my actions, my words or my rules.

Islam claims to be a religion of peace. Christianity also claims to be a religion of peace. Are both claims true or is only one of the two religions truly of peace?


Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Muhammad PBUH Quotes

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Why are the Aussies surprised at their snubbing in Fiji?

It seems the Aussies are still up to their old tricks.

This morning’s Fiji Sun has a story which may give us an insight as to what awaits NZ and how we will handle what is likely to be the same treatment at  the Waitangi Day celebrations next week in Suva.

Top Government and Judiciary members conspicuously stayed away from the Australia Day celebrations in Suva last night.

It underscored continuing concerns in Suva over attitudes of Australian diplomats here, including High Commissioner Margaret Twomey, well informed sources said.

Among those not at the high commission’s function were Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Chief Justice Anthony Gates.

All were invited and all were in town.

It came at the end of a day when Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had warmly praised Fiji in a message published only by the Fiji Sun. But in marked contrast High Commissioner Twomey same time barely mentioned Fiji in a message published by both daily newspapers.

This reemphasised concerns of a chasm in attitude towards Fiji. This is between the warmth of Ms Bishop – potentially Australia’s next Prime Minister – and hardline bureaucrats and diplomats working in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

These are the people who drove the now widely discredited failed Australian policy of trying to isolate Fiji.   Read more »

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

No, this isn’t about Kim Dotcom.

Over the decades I’ve observed that very few tech companies are able to sustain their dominance.  In the past, who could have imagined the disappearance of Wang and NCR?   HP is but a shell of it former self.

Yet IBM and Microsoft seemed invulnerable.

As we have seen, Microsoft is slowly being whittled away by Google, and IBM… well, they’re facing one of the worst times in their history.

More than 110,000 jobs could disappear worldwide in a major restructuring at the once-dominant computing goliath – nicknamed ‘Big Blue’.

The jobs will be cut as IBM undergoes a massive restructuring in a ‘desperate’ attempt to revamp its business, according to a report on the US Forbes website.

But IBM poured cold water on the article, calling the reported scale of the job cuts ‘ridiculous’ and ‘baseless’.

The website said the company was preparing to merge its three main arms – hardware, software and support – into a single operating business. It will break down the ‘Chinese walls’ between the divisions and reorganise staff into teams based on their jobs, such as sales or research.

This is because of the growing demand from businesses to use companies such as IBM as a ‘one-stop shop’ for technology needs. It is expected to restructure its entire global workforce – some 430,000 people – under a programme known as Project Chrome.

IBM has struggled to shift from its traditional strength of making computers to offering IT services and information storage.

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Burqas at the beach, the parody and the reality

I have included a parody video that is meant to make us laugh at our misconceptions of Islam.

An SBS spokeswoman said: “Legally Brown uses satire and a range of outrageous characters and parodies to tackle taboo racial and social issues in a lighthearted, humorous way, with the aim of encouraging Australians to understand and appreciate diversity.”

Before you view the video lets first have a look at some real life Burqa’s at beaches around the world. Maybe then we can have an informed opinion as to whether the parody has an element of truth or is in fact far too close to the truth.



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David Cameron promises to reduce benefits to get people off their arses

David Cameron is seeking to show a clear difference between his party and the opposition parties and is moving to reduce the levels of benefits.

He has done it once before and it was remarkably successful….now he is set to reduce the benefits cap even further.

David Cameron will reduce the annual benefits cap to £23,000 as the first act of a new Conservative Government, the Prime Minister has pledged in an interview with The Telegraph.

The move follows the “stampede to the job centre” caused by the original introduction of the £26,000 benefits cap which was heavily opposed by Labour and will form one of the key battlegrounds of the general election campaign.

In an interview to mark 100 days until the general election, Mr Cameron said that his reform of the welfare system is a “deeply progressive programme” that is “changing people’s lives”.

The policy will pay for thee million apprenticeships and everyone in Britain is given “the chance to make the most of their God-given talents”, the Prime Minister said.

Mr Cameron said that the promise of an immediate law after May’s election “tells you everything you need to know about our values”.   Read more »

Know your hypocrite: Andrea Vance


What, pray tell, is upsetting our News of the World trained lass?   Read more »

The last voices of The Holocaust

Today is the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The Washington Post has produced this clip.

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Faces of the day

Lest we forget, today’s faces of the day will remind us. These are powerful images drawn by artists who experienced the horrors of Auschwitz themselves.



The Nazis did all they could to make their Jewish captives faceless, dressing them in uniforms and tattooing them with numbers that would become their new identities.

In the midst of that horror — indeed, in perhaps the most horrific place a Jew could land at the time — prisoners sought to take their images back and made sure that art was still present.

Franciszek Jaźwiecki, a Polish artist and political prisoner at Auschwitz, made portraits of fellow prisoners. Though the portraits portrayed prisoners of various nationalities and ages, they shared the same haunting quality, according to Agnieszka Sieradzka, an art historian at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

“The most interesting in these portraits are eyes — a very strange helplessness,” she says. “Prisoners created portraits because the desire to have an image was very strong.”

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Apparently you can defame an imam


A hardline imam at a mosque where the killers of soldier Lee Rigby worshipped is suing the BBC, saying it described him as an ‘extremist’.

Shakeel Begg, 37, is taking legal action after presenter Andrew Neil said on the Sunday Politics Show that the imam had praised jihad as ‘the greatest of deeds’.

Don’t you just love it?  We’re not allowed to draw a picture of Muhammed, but if we call them nasty names they run straight to a court of law.   Surely there is some disconnect here? Read more »