The truth about Orlando

Employee tells man to get out of women’s restroom and gets fired

Transgender bathrooms continue to cause problems.  In New York an employee of Macys, Javier Chavez, was recently fired  even though he was prepared to enforce the policy once he had been made aware of it.  At the time of the incident he did not know that there had been a change in bathroom policy.

Macy’s department store has fired a Catholic employee because he questioned their transgender bathroom policy, even though he says he told his employer he would enforce the policy.

Back in May, Javier Chavez, a senior store detective at Macy’s Flushing, New York, location got a phone call about a male accessing the ladies room along with a female.

A female customer and her daughter were afraid to enter the restroom due the male’s presence there, and a security guard reporting to Chavez directed the man to leave and use the men’s room. The man left, claiming to be a female, before then complaining to the store officials about being asked to leave.

Chavez was later informed by a Macy’s assistant store manager that certain males can use the ladies restroom, something he had not been made aware of prior to the incident. Then an assistant security manager told Chavez that transgender individuals can use the bathroom of their choosing.

Chavez responded that he had just become aware of the policy. He said it was contrary to his religion and the Bible, but said that even so, he would enforce Macy’s policy.

“Macy’s would not leave this alone,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue stated, “and this is where it crossed the line.” Read more »

Epic cartoon battles of history: Immigration

Today’s epic battle cartoon battle is about Immigration, both legal and illegal including “boat people.”

Let the battle begin…


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Another satirical magazine silenced by an extremist Islamist × 467Search by image Cartoonist Renald Luzier is overcome with grief during a Press conference to launch the first issue × 467Search by image
Cartoonist Renald Luzier is overcome with grief during a Press conference to launch the first issue of Charlie Hebdo after the terrorist attack that murdered all his fellow cartoonists

We all know how extremist Islamic terrorists  silenced the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by slaughtering  almost all of its cartoonists.  For a short period of time the remaining cartoonist continued to bravely mock Islam but eventually the strain was too much and they made a public declaration that Islam would be the only religion that the magazine would not satirise.

In an Islamic country that the media have repeatedly  held up as an example of moderate Islam, you would not expect a satirical magazine to be silenced.  In Turkey  however, in the wake of the failed coup by the army whose role is to keep  mosque and state separate, that is exactly what has happened.

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The truth about Milo being banned

Want to keep lucrative endorsement deals? Don’t have conservative opinions

The most telling thing about this story is the reason the companies gave for hiring her in the first place.

“Brands choose someone like Sonia Kruger because she doesn’t really stand for anything. She’s quite harmless, she’s nice and she’s non-offensive. ”

“Her whole brand is the inoffensive nice girl and she’s managed to offend a whole lot of people this week. She’s gone off brand and that’s very damaging.”

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“Feminist Hero” murdered by her brothers in Pakistan

A belief system that calls the murder of an unarmed woman an “honour killing” is a belief system that has no honour.  A legal system that allows murderers to escape justice if a family member forgives them, also has no honour. The latest woman murdered in the Islamic country of Pakistan described herself as a modern-day feminist.

“As women we must stand up for ourselves. As women, we must stand up for each other,” she told her 758,000 followers on Facebook, days before her death.

There is clearly no place for feminism in a society with a misogynistic legal system and misogynistic beliefs. Fauzia Azeem, like many Muslim women before her, has learned this the hard way – sadly. I wonder when Western feminists will finally get it? Islam is incompatible with feminism. The Muslim women in the West who claim to be feminists while wearing their hijabs, only have the freedom to say those things because they live in the relative safety of the West. It isn’t Islam that gives them feminist freedom, it is Western civilization.

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They are asking the wrong question


As usual, media  in their article have missed the point. The question that they highlight is, does the Republican Party want gay members? The question that they and gay people should be asking is, which party will allow us to protect ourselves? Which party will allow us to arm ourselves? Which party will take decisive action to stand up for us against people who believe whom we love should be against the law or a death sentence?

Being a gay Republican: ‘Is this a party that even wants me?’

Gay, lesbian and transgender Republicans are grappling with their party’s many contradictions on gay rights, all of which have been on open display this week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Some days it’s hard for Christian Berle to reconcile being both a gay man and a Republican.

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Media focus on the unimportant, instead of the pressing issue of the day

In typical media fashion the focus was put on the unimportant instead of the pressing issue of the day in a recent article about British politician Boris Johnson. The purpose of the news conference was to discuss terrorism. During the discussions the US Secretary of State John Kerry asked a question about the things Boris has said in his past role as a journalist. The media of course made that small question and response the centerpiece of the article instead of focussing on the important stuff.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says it would take far too long for him to apologise for the “rich thesaurus” of rude comments and insults he has directed at world leaders and others over the years.

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Privacy is becoming as rare as hen’s teeth in this messed up world of ours

How any woman could think that it is okay to take a photo of a naked stranger in the gym without her permission and then share it with the world on Snapchat is a mystery to me.
This woman did exactly that but thankfully the gym gave her back some much needed karma by cancelling her membership. Police charges have also been filed and so they should be.

The moral line in the sand these days is getting fainter and fainter as celebrities post naked photos of themselves and leak sex tapes, and hackers steal private messages and photos and share them with the world simply because they can. People’s morality and judgement have been impaired. It is all too easy these days to act spontaneously and destroy someone’s life at the push of a button.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.37.09 AM

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