Merkel now says Muslims have to leave ” after wars end “

Trump knows a bad deal when he sees one

US President-elect Donald Trump said his prospects of negotiating an Israeli-Palestinian deal during his presidency have been hampered by the fact that the international community has been “giving so much” to the Palestinians.

… Trump further said the December UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements would only serve to harden Palestinians’ ideological positions in future peace talks.

“The problem I have is that [Resolution 2334] makes it a tougher deal for me to negotiate because the Palestinians are given so much — even though it’s not legally binding it’s psychologically binding and it makes it much tougher for me to negotiate,” he said. “You understand that? Because people are giving away chips, they’re giving away all these chips.”

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Fake Friend of Israel Barack Obama blames Jews for lack of peace and security

…The increase of Israeli settlements has “gotten so substantial” that it is inhibiting the possibility for an “effective, contiguous Palestinian state,” President Barack Obama said Sunday, in his final interview as president.

Speaking to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Obama dismissed the idea that there is a “major rupture” in the relationship between the United States and Israel after last month’s decision by the U.S. to abstain from a United Nations vote condemning Israeli settlements.

“Because of our investment in the region, and because we care so deeply about Israel, I think (the U.S.) has a legitimate interest in saying to a friend, ‘This is a problem,'” Obama said. “It would have long-term consequences for peace and security in the region, and the United States.”

Perhaps Obama could have spared some time to engineer a UN resolution that sends a message to his dictator mate Mahmoud Abbas of the PLO that Palestine’s ongoing Jihad against Israel is ” a problem ” and that it has ” long-term consequences for peace and security in the region.” Afterall Abbas’s PLO is the organisation that rewards Palestinian terrorist families with pensions for life. Where I come from that makes the terrorists who murder Israeli citizens mercenaries and the PLO their employer.

U.S. President Barack Obama participates in a joint news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Muqata Presidential Compound in Ramallah, March 21, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Reed (WEST BANK – Tags: POLITICS) – RTR3F9WF

Mahmoud Abbas was elected on 9 January 2005 to serve as President of the Palestinian National Authority until 9 January 2009 but extended his term until the next election in 2010, citing PLO constitution, and on December 16, 2009 was voted into office indefinitely by the PLO Central Council. As a result, Fatah’s main rival, Hamas announced that it would not recognize the extension or view Abbas as rightful president.


Far from being a friend of Israel, Obama has been called out by incoming president Trump for treating Israel with ” total disdain.”

Fake News: Context, balance and ethics missing from Newsweek article

In an astounding example of journalism, fake news, journalist Jack Moore from Newsweek has turned attackers into victims and victims into attackers with a wholly untrue claim that Israeli settlers have used their cars to run over Palestinian civilians. It is a duplicitous attempt to try to justify the wave of terror against Israel by saying that the Israelis do it too. They don’t.

Moore used a biased anti-Israel source for his false claim and provided no context or balance. He did no research to check that the claim was true. While he quoted the official statistics for terror attacks against Israelis he provided nothing at all to back up his biased source’s lie that Israeli settlers use their cars to run over civilians. Moore’s source of the false claim is Yousef Munayyer, executive director of the Washington D.C.-based think tank the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. By doing no fact checking and by failing to alert readers to his source’s bias, Moore made Munayyer’s biased personal opinion appear to be an expert analysis.

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The domino effect of Resolution 2334 continues

UN Resolution 2334 sponsored by the chairman of the security council, Murray McCully, whose strings were pulled by John Kerry and outgoing President Obama, sent a message to the Palestinians that Jerusalem was theirs. Now PLO President Abbas is pulling out all the stops to try to stop incoming President Trump from moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Why is he so against it? It is because it sends a strong counter message that the US recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and therefore does not see it as Palestinian land.

Interestingly New Zealand shows its lack of diplomatic respect for Israel by locating its Israeli embassy not inside Israel but inside the Muslim majority country Turkey in their capital Ankara. We recognise the capitals of Muslim states so why don’t we recognise the capital of Israel?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas sent letters to a number of world leaders on Monday urging them to prevent the stated goal of the incoming administration of US President-elect Donald Trump to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. to the official PA news outlet Wafa, Abbas sent letters to the heads of Russia, China, France, Germany, Britain, the European Union, the African Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the presidency of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Arab League secretary general, “asking them to spare no effort in preventing the US embassy from moving to Jerusalem”

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The UK knows they screwed up, now they are opposed to Resolution 2334

Theresa May

PM Theresa May has realised that she screwed up by supporting Resolution 2334 and that poor decision has been reinforced now that 28 EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels adjourned without issuing a statement adopting the Resolution.

May’s relationship with Israel is interesting. Two weeks ago she made a heart-warming speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel and then last week she strongly condemned John Kerry’s anti-settlements speech.

May’s office retorted that “we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally.” It said in an emailed statement late Thursday that “we are also clear that the settlements are far from the only problem in this conflict. In particular, the people of Israel deserve to live free from the threat of terrorism, with which they have had to cope for too long.”

Despite May’s apparent support of Israel, Britain helped write resolution 2334 and voted in favour of it even though the resolution claimed that East Jerusalem (including the Temple Mount and the Western Wall) was now Palestinian land. So why did this happen? Why the two contradictory stances?

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Paris Peace Summit

Guest post: name withheld by request

Is the National Government going to make a statement about the Paris peace summit held on 15th January? Or is the English-led government now a no comment government?

Clearly the Theresa May led UK Government thinks the summit was a waste of time and have made a statement to that effect. The Hon Julie Bishop Australian Foreign minister made a statement declaring Australia is not in favour of the wording of the communication released by France. Read more »

Gracious in defeat? Obama’s farewell speech analysed

Let’s compare Obama’s farewell speech to Bush’s farewell speech.

President Obama gave his farewell address in Chicago and referred to himself no less than 75 times while listing his ” accomplishments. ”

The speech was soaring, eloquent, even touching – if contrived – in some places, but it was also a speech that could have been given at any point during Obama’s presidency, such was the myopic nature of these same, oft-repeated tired liberal talking points dressed up with beautiful rhetoric, like lipstick on a pig.

When the rubber meets the road, the outgoing president used his farewell speech… to double down on policies and beliefs that, while some may actually sound good to many, are entirely unworkable.

Eight years ago George W. Bush also gave a farewell address which when compared to Obama’s reveals some stark differences.

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Another lie from McCully exposed

Some people think if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

We have already exposed the lie about New Zealand and America not changing their stance towards Israel when in fact the wording of the resolution was substantially different and a major break with US policy. The UN resolution sponsored by Murray McCully as chairman of the security council called all territory beyond the 1967 lines “occupied Palestinian territory” when previously the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had said…

” We oppose the specific references to Jerusalem in this resolution and will continue to oppose its insertion in future resolutions, we simply do not support the description of the territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 war as occupied Palestinian territory.”

Now further information has come to light showing that McCully’s claim that the Israelis are illegally occupying the West Bank is also wrong.

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Did the Huffington Post claim that Muhammad raped a 9 year old girl?

The Huffington Post’s Arabic-language edition recently had a blog post with a headline that stated something about Muhammad that was guaranteed to incite anger and violence.The Anti-Defamation League called on the Huffington Post’s Arabic-language edition to remove the blog post completely but they responded by changing the headline from a statement to a question.

The ADL has been urging the site to take down the article since shortly after it was published Nov. 29, the organization said in a press release on Thursday.

When you read my headline what did you immediately think? Did turning it into a question rather than a statement make any difference to your immediate reaction? Now that you have thought about that read on and find out what The Huffington post actually put in their headline.

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