This might rip Helen’s undies


Oh no…bad news for Helen Clark, it looks like Angela Merkel is moving on the top job at the UN.

According to a report, Angela Merkel may be considering stepping down from the German¬†chancellorship to pursue¬†the European Council presidency or to helm the¬†United Nations. Both positions will be open in 2017 and Merkel has reportedly signaled that she doesn’t wish to serve out her entire term, which ends in 2017.

From Der Spiegel:

The position as head of the UN in New York will also be open as of January 2017, with Ban Ki-moon’s successor being determined in mid-2016. Just recently, the¬†Luxemburger Wort, Luxembourg’s leading daily paper, wrote extensively about the possibility that Merkel might aspire to the position, though it was quickly denied by the chancellor’s spokesman. The speculation, however, has continued. “It is a European’s turn,” said one senior CDU member at a recent evening event. ¬† Read more »

57 seconds to death

In some cases, before bombing a home school or hospital, the Israel “Defence” force give a warning by letting of a small explosion on the roof of wherever is about to be hit (they call it “knocking on the roof”). Here is one example caught on film. A similar warning was given to a clinic for disabled people (including children) shortly after this was filmed (with predictable results.

These are not the actions of a terrorist state.  These are the actions of a state proactively defending itself.


Civilian? No weapons… Well, then it was bringing spies! (MH17 phone calls)

Listen to the people who may have been involved in shooting down MH17 looking for anything that can justify the mistake in military terms…

US Citizens cautioned to stay away from Auckland & Wellington (no joke!) [ UPDATED ]


MANA / Internet MANA List candidate John Minto and his bunch of Jew haters are enough of a concern to the US Government for them to have put out this security advisory:

The U.S. Consulate General in Auckland alerts that on Saturday, July 19, 2014, a protest titled ‚ÄúRally for Palestine‚ÄĚ will occur in Auckland beginning at 2 pm, with an unspecified completion time.¬†

At the present time, approximately 1,500 people are expected to attend.  [ /TUI - ed ]

Participants intend to march to the U.S. Consulate General at 23 Customs Street and lay shoes at the building entrance for each person who has died during the current conflict between Hamas and Israel. 

New Zealand Police are aware of the protest and are monitoring. Read more »

The rationale behind Hamas, here’s a clue it isn’t peace

Karl du Fresne accurately explains what it is that drives Hamas and their reign of terror in Gaza.

There is a ruthless, cynical logic in what Hamas is doing in the Gaza Strip.

The constant rocket attacks on Israel are largely futile in the sense that they do minimal damage. But Hamas knows that as long as the attacks continue, Israel is bound to retaliate. It can hardly allow its territory and people to remain under constant threat.

Hamas‚Äôs trump card here is the Western news media. The terrorists know that the casualties of Israeli retaliation ‚Äď children especially ‚Äď attract international media sympathy. They make sure TV crews get footage of the funerals and have access to the hospital wards where maimed children are being treated.

They know that their most potent weapon against Israel is not rockets but international opinion. And they know that as long as the media present the conflict as one that is massively one-sided ‚Äď one that is reported every day in terms of the gross imbalance in the casualty figures, almost as if it were some grotesque sporting encounter ‚Äď then international opinion will regard Hamas as the wronged party.

They also know that the moment they stop firing rockets at Israel, the retaliatory attacks will also cease. Children will stop dying and life will return to some semblance of normality (or whatever passes for normality in Gaza). But they choose to continue.

On the face of it, the only conclusion is that they are either stupid or mad ‚Äď or both ‚Äď to continue with a policy that causes little damage to the enemy. But that‚Äôs where the cynical logic comes in. ¬†¬† Read more »

MH370 now joined by MH17 – Malaysian Airlines jet shot down over Ukraine [ UPDATED]



An Air New Zealand spokeswoman says the airline does not operate any routes that fly over Ukraine, nor does it have a passenger sharing arrangement with airlines that do.


More of a “no news’ update: ¬†MFaT still unable to comment on New Zealand passenger numbers on MH17.


Schiphol reports: 154 Dutch; 27 Australian; 23 Malaysia; 11 Indonesia; 6 UK; 4 Germany; 4 Belgium; 3 Philippines; 1 Canada; 47 unknown.  All 15 crew members were Malaysian.


Press conference in The Netherlands from Shiphol.

Press conference audio


Passengers are from Netherlands with 143 passengers. Australia comes in second with 27 passengers. There were 11 Indonesian passengers and one infant on-board the ill-fated flight. Britain has six passengers, France and Germany have four each, Belgium have three and Canada one. Nationalities of the other 58 passengers were not stated in the list. 


UNCONFIRMED ¬†-¬†Nationalities Passenger details Netherlands 143 Australian 27 Malaysian 20 (including 2 infants) Indonesian 11 (including 1 infant) Read more »

Opposition to idiocy of plain packs laws is mounting

The evidence is building that Australia’s plain packaging law for tobacco is failing is now prompting other countries to learn from the Australian debacle and ditch plans for plain packaging.

New Zealand should be looking at ditching our ill conceived proposed law as well.

Ireland’s government recently took steps toward becoming the first EU country to require plain packaging for tobacco products, and the UK would like to follow its lead.¬†In light of recent reports coming out of Australia, the only country to enact the measure, showing the law is not achieving its intended effects, it is paramount these governments reconsider.

Free market and taxpayer groups are concerned about the consequences of such extreme laws, not just in terms of health and safety of consumers, but their impact on national treasuries. As reported in the Sun newspaper the UK Government faces a potential compensation bill of between £9-11 billion if it proceeds with the removal of internationally protected trademarks and intellectual property.

Already Indonesia is threatening to introduce plain packaging for beers, wines and spirits. And if other countries followed their lead this could have a significant effect on the Britain’s £38 billion alcohol industry which directly employs around 650,000 people.

But the Ireland and the UK still have a chance to stop this bad policy.

The stated purpose of plain packaging is that once you take away tobacco companies’ branding, people will be less inclined to buy their products.  The results thus far appear to be the opposite.  More than a year after Australia enacted the policy, studies by London Economics and renowned professors at the Universities of Zurich and Saarland (Switzerland and Germany) concluded it’s not deterring adults nor adolescents from smoking.

In fact, according to the tobacco industry’s sales volume data, cigarette sales increased by 59 million sticks in Australia during the first year of plain packaging, offsetting a four year downward trend. The Australasian Association of Convenience Stores even reports that its members’ sales grew by 5.4 percent.

Why are more cigarettes being sold when the goal of plain packaging was to reduce smoking? As any elementary course in marketing will teach you, a product becomes commoditized when it is stripped of its branding. The industry is forced to compete on price and consumers buy cheaper cigarettes, less expensive loose tobacco or even turn to the black market.

This is exactly what The Australian, a leading newspaper Down Under, recently reported is happening: nearly half of the country’s cigarettes are now purchased from the lowest price segments, up from just a third before plain packaging was introduced.

As the leading taxpayer rights group in the United States, the number that is even more offensive is the AUD $1.1 billion that KPMG reports Australia’s Treasury lost last year due to the growth of the black market for tobacco products.

While these tax dollars should have been in the government‚Äôs coffers, they were not because a record number of Australians purchased one of the cheapest type of cigarettes: those manufactured in branded packs and smuggled into the country.¬† The market for these ‚Äúillicit whites,‚ÄĚ as they‚Äôre called, saw a shocking 151 percent rise during the year.

Read more »

Tania Billingsley and the Green and Rape Crisis fingerprints

The Green Party’s Jan Logie has denied any association with Tania Billingsley and only came into contact with the matter recently, due to the Malaysian fake rape incident.

Observers of the story may have seen that Tania has strong links to Wellington Rape Crisis, but not because of the Malaysian event.  Her association goes back some time before that.

The woman that leads Wellington Rape Crisis is ‘the girl with the pink hair’ (this is like a movie script), Tabby Besley.


Turns out that Tabby and Tarn go way back. ¬†Waaaaay back. ¬†They already knew each other in Nelson, when Tabby attended Nayland College. ¬†Nayland College is one of Nelson’s way-out-there colleges. ¬†Once the school bell rings, it looks like the local youth prostitution convention breaks up. ¬†But although I digress, it does paint the picture.

Tarn and Tabby knew each other at least since 2011, and even then, they were active participants in Queer / womans rights issues ¬† Read more »

New study shows believers in global warming use more energy than others


Al Gore's California house

Al Gore’s California house

As is becoming usual these days a new study shows up the sanctimony and hypocrisy of those who say they care very much about climate change.

People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not, a Government study has found.

Those who say they are concerned about the prospect of climate change consume more energy than those who say it is ‚Äútoo far into the future to worry about,‚ÄĚ the study commissioned by the Department for Energy and Climate Change found.

That is in part due to age, as people over 65 are more frugal with electricity but much less concerned about global warming.

However, even when pensioners are discounted, there is only a ‚Äúweak trend‚ÄĚ to show that people who profess to care about climate change do much to cut their energy use.

The findings were based on the Household Electricity Survey, which closely monitored the electricity use and views of 250 families over a year. The report, by experts from Loughborough University and Cambridge Architectural Research, was commissioned and published by DECC.¬† Read more »

Aussies are “rascals and cowards”

convictsI thought newspapers were supposed to tell us things we didn’t already know?

Australia is an outpost of “rascals and outlaws” that will soon adjust to the shifting realities of power, says a Chinese state-owned newspaper.

“Australia’s history is not short of records of human rights infringement on the Aboriginal population,” said the Global Times, China’s most popular tabloid, in an editorial published in the newspaper’s¬†English¬†and¬†Chinese¬†editions today.

“The country used to be a place roamed by rascals and outlaws from Europe,” it said. “Perhaps it has to boast its values to cover up its actual lack of confidence in front of Western countries.”

Well, hello. ¬†We all know they’re of convict stock. ¬†Nothing new there. ¬† Read more »