No one does nasty quite like the left wing, especially left wing journalists


The most hateful emails and messages I have received in past years have been from known left wingers. They routinely implore me to suicide.

No one does nasty like the left wing, and now they have Twitter we can helpfully see how nasty they really are, including journalists.

Breitbart reveals an awful attack on a British war veteran.

A Guardian contributer, Richard Seymour, has sparked outrage today after dismissing a British war hero’s comments on the Falklands Islands, in which he attacked Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn for planning to “surrender” to Argentine demands. Seymour slammed war veteran Simon Weston on Facebook, claiming, “If he knew anything, he’s still have his face”. Weston was horrifically burned in the Argentine attack on the RFA Sir Galahad in 1982.

Seymour, who is the author of the Lenin’s Tomb blog was responding to the article published by the Telegraph, posted by a Facebook friend of his. In the article, Weston noted of Mr Corbyn’s plans: “It is a repugnant idea. I don’t see why it should happen given that the Argentines never had the islands. They have no right to them.

“It could cause civil war again by emboldening the Argentinians. It frightens me enormously because he claims to be such a supporter of democratic freedoms while what he is suggesting throwing the Falkland islanders right to democracy out.


“I don’t ever see him winning an election because his policies and his attitudes just won’t wash with the British public.”

Seymour didn’t quite see it that way. But instead of responding to Mr Weston’s points, he wrote beneath the article: “Seriously, who gives a shit what Simon Weston thinks about anything? If he knew anything he’d still have his face.”    Read more »

John Key is insensitive? Well boo-fricking-hoo

John Key is insensitive?

The refugee crisis in Europe worsened again today with the Eurostar train blocked from getting to London, people found stashed in car engines in Spain and Budapest’s train station overrun.

Every political party says New Zealand should take more refugees to help out, except for the one that counts – National.

More and more people are trying to get into Europe, in what’s becoming a human crisis.

But the Government is refusing to take more refugees – not an emergency number now, and not even one more a year.

“He’s looking out of touch and he’s looking frankly insensitive to the needs of a bunch of vulnerable, very desperate people, and it’s not the Kiwi way,” says Labour leader Andrew Little.

New Zealand currently takes a quota of 750 refugees a year, which has not increased since 1987.    Read more »

Why Lefties should learn to love Charter Schools

LAWRENCE SMITH/Fairfax NZ OUT OF THE DARKNESS: Tamati Falwasser, with classmate Austin Graham, at the South Auckland Middle School

 Tamati Falwasser, with classmate Austin Graham, at the South Auckland Middle School

Lefties should learn to love Charter schools for the same reasons Liberals in America should because…

  • President Obama is a strong supporter of charter schools, and many prominent progressives are now associated with Democrats for Education Reform, a left-leaning group that supports charters.
  • Our Lefties like the Liberals have been fed cherry-picked statistics which misrepresent the significant advances taking place.
  • Charter Schools are public/state schools despite propaganda from unions and their supporters suggesting otherwise.
  • Charter Schools that are run by experienced and widely-respected charter operators—not only beat traditional public schools serving students in the same demographic, they often outperform them by 20, 30, or even 50 points on many metrics.( The three Auckland Charters I visited for my series on Charter schools are all run by operators with many, many years of experience in education as well as a strong track record of success. )
  • The biggest beneficiaries have been African-American children.( The high school graduation rate nationally for black students is 59 percent. In New Orleans, it’s 65 percent, which is also much higher than the state average.)


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The Australian on media and social media

The Australian editorial piece yesterday about media and social media is enlightening.

I’ve trimmed out the Australian centric preamble, but the last two paragraphs are particularly relevant to our media landscape in New Zealand.

The trashing of media standards, devaluing of journalistic experience and persistent tendency for even traditional media stalwarts such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to allow the social media tail to wag their editorial direction is a live issue of public concern. The interplay between media and politics is crucial for any democracy, and no less so because the landscape is changing with tectonic shifts in the digital landscape. Crucial elements such as experience, fairness, good taste and social responsibility should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of Twitter-generated clicks or Facebook shares. To be sure, boosting online and mobile readership must be a crucial element in any strategy for print, radio or television. But if the quality of the product is diminished in the process, then rather than avert the road to ruin, companies may find a short cut.   Read more »

Faces of the day

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">Ambra, left, and Jennifer, right, two American women who look identical but aren't related, recently met through the Twin Strangers project.</span>

CREDIT: TWIN STRANGERSAmbra, left, and Jennifer, right, two American women who look identical but aren’t related, recently met through the Twin Strangers project.

Today’s faces of the day are Ambra and Jennifer. They could be twins — but they’re not.

They met recently as part of the “Twin Strangers” project, which seeks to unite lookalikes around the world. Co-founder Niamh Geaney, who launched the project in Ireland with two friends, has already met two women who look like her — and the first one lived only an hour away.

The most recent doppelgangers that the project has connected are American.

Ambra, 23, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, recently traveled to Spring, Texas, to meet 33-year-old Jennifer. The facial similarities between the two women are astounding. 

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” Moderate Muslims are Muslims who ignore the Qu’ran”

I have watched many videos about Islam and this one is simple and to the point. If you can’t be bothered with detailed analysis like Bill Warner Phd provides and patriotic Pamela Geller with her Freedom of Speech crusade is not for you, then perhaps simple heart felt truths from ex Muslim and graphic illustrator Bosch Fawstin is all that you need. It will take up only a few minutes of your time and spells out very simply and in easy to understand terms why the ideology of Islam cannot co-exist in our society.

I don’t buy comic books but to support Bosch who was the winner of the Draw Muhammad contest I made an exception. Bosch now is forced to live his life with constant death threats yet he continues to tweet, draw, blog and do interviews because he is passionate about saving America from the threat of jihad.

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A solution for Kiwirail

Durch die Möglichkeit des Lkw nahtlos vom Dieselbetrieb in der elektrischen Betrieb zu wechseln, sind alltägliche Fahrsituationen wie Einfädeln oder Überholen ebenso umzusetzen wie mit konventionellen Lkws. Auch Ausweichen, Schlingern und Vollbremsung funktionieren problemlos. Thanks to their ability to switch seamlessly from diesel to electric operation, eHighway trucks can perform everyday maneuvers, such as overtaking or changing lanes, just like conventional ones. Also swerving, nosing and full braking are all possible without difficulty.

Thanks to their ability to switch seamlessly from diesel to electric operation, eHighway trucks can perform everyday maneuvers, such as overtaking or changing lanes, just like conventional ones. Also swerving, nosing and full braking are all possible without difficulty.

I’m done with pouring billions into Kiwirail.

Even yesterday a transport company was moaning about how many more trucks would be needed in a rather poorly written article in Fairfax. The quoted number was 27,000 extra trucks which of course is complete rubbish.

Freight is already delivered to rail by trucks and removed from the other end by more trucks making the freight triple handled.

But there is a solution, one which won’t mean extra trucks on the roads, and one which makes sense.

  • Rip up the rail tracks;
  • Get rid of the rolling stock and staff but keep the overhead power lines;
  • Tar seal the rail corridor to form a two way dedicated road;
  • Charge trucks a toll to use them – because of the dedicated use, the trucks (and passenger versions) could be driverless or at least highly automated.

A hugely more flexible option that allows freight operators to bear the capital costs directly and takes the long-distance stuff off the current roads.  It uses proven technologies.

Fortune magazine has an article on just such a solution.  Read more »


Sydney friendlier than Auckland?

A newspaper reports that apparently Sydney is more friendly than Auckland.

Queenstown and Auckland have made the list of the top 10 friendliest cities for 2015.

The southern city ranked number three and Auckland number nine in the annual Condé Nast Traveler magazine Reader Choice Awards survey.

“For the third year running, we’ve asked our readers to rate a city’s “friendliness” in the Readers’ Choice Awards survey, especially with respect to where you felt welcome, or not,” the magazine’s editors wrote.

“or the third year running, we’ve asked our readers to rate a city’s “friendliness” in the Readers’ Choice Awards survey. We found out which cities greet visitors with open arms… which international cities were warm – or had a chill in the air.”

Queenstown came in behind Sydney and Dublin, with readers raving about abundant adventure activities, bars and glaciers.

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Is it about sex baby?


A reader sent in the following about Islam. He has an interesting theory that the problem with Islam is S.E.X. What do you think? Does he have a point?

You have posted regularly on Muslim issues facing the world.  I already had a good understanding of  the negative effects of Islam but I have been enlightened by your and SB`s work in some areas I had not previously considered.
I have come to the conclusion that the problems with Mohammedanism  can be pretty much summed up in one word.  That word is `Sex`.

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Choosing to leave Islam is no picnic

I prefer to get my facts from the horses mouth so to speak which I why I follow an Ex-Muslim group twitter page and blogs and facebook pages of people who have left Islam.

Below is a snapshot of what it was like for one woman who made the very difficult decision to become an ex-Muslim.

-exmuslimgirl    August 31 2015

So some people will ask, much like my family, how/why I choose to be without them. Truth is, I didn’t. I wanted them to accept me for who I am – the exact same person I have always been. I also sometimes think, why dont I get in touch? Why have I made the decision to stop responding to them? That is why I am writing this. As a reminder of what our relationship turned into, and how it made me feel. The following are things they have said or texted me. I haven’t detailed who said what, but it is all from my immediate family.

If you are ever planning on coming out, this is pretty standard stuff a lot of ex-moose do get told unfortunately. Nothing can prepare you for it. I imagine part of it is out of anger, and some of it is to make you feel bad enough to go back.

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