Oh, it was all a conspiracy to wreck the EU from within

Amazing how these old shows were so prescient back then.


Bill Maher: “I see a lot of people talking about guns who don’t know sh*t about guns”

Breitbart reports:

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher criticized liberals “who don’t know sh*t about guns” for speaking about gun control and criticized recent gun control pushes as “a little bit elitist and a little bit racist,” on Friday.

Maher said, “[D]oes it really matter if we are banning certain guns? Because, I see that the liberals, they talk about guns — now, I’m not a gun expert, but I see a lot of people talking about guns who don’t know sh*t about guns. I know a little about — it’s like when the pope talks about vaginas, you know. And that’s when the conservatives stop listening. Like, I know a lot of them think that AR-15. ‘AR’ stands for ‘assault rifle.’ It doesn’t. and it’s not an assault rifle. It’s not an automatic weapon. Those are illegal. There are a lot of weapons they’re not even talking about banning that basically do the same thing as an AR-15, because you have to squeeze each round.”

Maher added, “[T]he Washington Post says in 2015, 39 deaths from mass shootings. Now, of course, we should say, any death is too many, blah, blah, blah. But, let’s get real. A lot of this is a little bit elitist and a little bit racist, like you were starting to say. It’s like when shootings happen to white people in nice places.”

Maher later said that there is gun control legislation he supports, and that he stops listening, “When it starts with the democrats with, ‘Well, I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.’” And agreed the “glorification” of guns should be taken out of the American psyche.

The same applies to Greg O’Connor. He should be ignored. His submission on the gun inquiry was ridiculous. It was probably ghostwritten by Rob Ngamoki, the fool the Police use as their “expert” witness.

You can’t stop criminals obtaining guns through legislation. They are criminals because they ignore laws.


– Breitbart

A stupid argument that fails the logic test

The Remainers who lost are wailing up a storm. Never since the end of World War 2 silenced the air raid sirens has there been so much noise.

One of the arguments being used to abuse those who voted to leave is that older people inflicted their grumpiness on the younger generation who are going to have to live with the consequences long after the old bastards have departed.

Of course, they forget that the oldies they deride were young in 1975 when they voted to join the EU. They, more than anyone else voting, know what an abject failure the EU has been for the United Kingdom. Many of them have probably fought in wars so the whinging young could whinge without living under the jackboot of Nazi Germany.

But the real problem for these whining young people is they simply don’t vote, and therefore have only their indolence to blame. But they are young, they’ve learned that nothing is their fault, and they can blame others…and whinge some more.

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Listen up Lefties

Just days after voting to leave the European Union, more than 2 million Britons and UK residents have signed a petition calling for a second vote, forcing MPs to at least consider a debate on the issue.

Parliament has to consider a debate on any petition posted on its website that attracts more than 100,000 signatures.

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I don’t want to be indelicate, but a bullet is cheaper and works better

Rope is even better; a good sturdy length of sisal or hemp rope can be used multiple times.

Arizona has run out of execution drugs, including a sedative implicated in botched lethal injections, according to a filing in a court case challenging the US state’s execution methods.

The Arizona Department of Corrections’ supply of midazolam, a sedative, expired on May 31 and it has not been able to replace it, state lawyers said in the filing in Phoenix’s US District Court.

“What is more, the department’s source of midazolam has vanished under pressure from death-penalty opponents,” the court document said.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of seven death-row inmates who allege that Arizona’s use of midazolam and two other drugs violate the US Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.   Read more »

Civilization jihad and lawfare is a popular weapon against the West

Bill Warner, who is an expert on political Islam, has called this story civilization jihad and lawfare. It certainly is a very common occurence these days but only from one religion. To Warner the hijab is a red flag as he believes that it is a sign of sharia compliance. It is a symbol of an agenda to submit to the sharia. Islamic law is part of political Islam. If Islam did not have the Sharia component it wouldn’t be a threat to our western democracies.

Muslim women kicked out of US cafe accused of ‘civilizational jihad’ by lawyer

…A group of Muslim women who claim in a lawsuit they were kicked out of a California restaurant for wearing headscarfs have been accused of “civilizational jihad” by a lawyer for the restaurant, which has launched a countersuit.

The seven women, six of whom were wearing hijabs, were kicked out of Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach in April.

They claim that they were targeted for ejection because of their hijabs, though the cafe denies that, claiming that they were violating a policy which limited seating time to 45 minutes, and have also claimed that there were other women wearing headscarves present who were not thrown out.

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Winston on cloud nine that democracy isn’t in the hands of the media, the experts or politicians

Winston Peters is in grave danger of having a permanent grin affixed to his face, especially if the wind changes.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters hailed the Brexit referendum result as “a stunning 24 hours in world politics.”

“There has never been a national referendum in any country where so many outsiders, foreign power brokers, and financial market manipulators have intruded,” Peters during a speech at the Copthorne Hotel in Rotorua on Saturday.

Peters said “expert after expert” had told voters that Doomsday for the British was soon to come if they voted to leave.

“Anyone watching the BBC yesterday saw all these people giving their views and no one went to the working people and asked for their commentary, but suit after suit was talking about working people’s situation,” he said.

The power class are so up themselves they can’t even see the obvious irony of what they are doing. And that phenomena exists in New Zealand as well.

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Girl reveals her character when mistakenly awarded first prize

A lot of people judge a news story by the headline. Often they don’t even read the story, they just read the headline. This can be a real problem when the headline is a blatant lie. In the headline it said,  Ohio girl wins statewide masonry contest but – third place boy will take her place in national event.

How terrible. At first glance it looks like a case of sexism. A girl won a contest in a male-dominated field and now she is being replaced (oh the horror) by a boy, and not even the second place boy but a third-place boy.

The start of the article seems to back up the headline.

An Ohio teenager who won a gold medal in a statewide masonry competition — and the first girl to win the top prize — found out on Facebook that she won’t be allowed to compete at a national leadership and skills conference.

Shania Clifford saw a social media post by the boy who won third prize at the SkillsUSA Ohio masonry competition announcing that he would be competing next week at the national level, reported the Columbus Dispatch.

The superintendent for Scioto County Career Technical Center, where Clifford just completed her junior year, asked officials with SkillsUSA for an explanation but was given only a vague response.

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By the time Turkey joins the EU, it will just be Germany and bludgers left

Turkey has piped up following the Brexit.

Europe’s politicians are failing to combat rising xenophobia and anti-immigrant views, Turkish officials say, after Britain’s vote to exit the European Union deprived Turkey of what had been a major backer in its quest for EU membership.

The Brexit campaign and the rise of Europe’s populist right have cast further doubt over Turkey’s decade-long accession negotiations, a process which was in its early years an anchor for economic and social reforms in the country.

President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday (local time) blamed Islamophobia for holding up Turkey’s accession process, accusing the bloc of double standards and warning that more countries could seek to leave.   Read more »

SST Editor predicts Boris will get the Commonwealth Cold Shoulder – yeah, nah

Jonathan Milne is a good guy, but prone to histrionics from time to time. He’s a bit wet too, but for a journalist he is pretty ethical and straight up.

He comments on Boris Johnson and shows his liberal y-fronts in the process.

Boris Johnson was a gift from his classical Greek gods to a young journalist in search of a story.

When he was a Conservative Party education spokesman and I was in London writing for The Times Educational Supplement, I’d give him a call when I needed a story on deadline. I knew if I talked to him long enough, he’d say something outrageous, something seemingly ridiculous, something secretly smart in its populist appeal.

Well, in leading Britain to its own “independence day”, Johnson has outdone himself. This scholar of Latin and ancient Greek, who turned against Europe and incited scepticism as the Daily Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent, has now persuaded Britain to turn in on itself and essentially shut down its borders with the continent.

Once, Johnson was seen as a lovable tousle-haired toff, tottering around London on his pushbike. Now, carried by an uncomfortable coalition of struggling blue-collar workers and the monied blue-blooded upper classes, he could soon be Prime Minister. A poll running on the Telegraph website yesterday showed him already far ahead of his Conservative colleagues with 44 per cent support to become Prime Minister.   Read more »