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Latest news headlines from Reuters

Little does Panama Papers v3.0

What a colossal waste of question time for Labour. They have National ministers on the back foot, none of whom are under the gun. Instead, they are pulling the scab off the Panama Papers and having another blindfolded run at a wall.

Read my lips: there are no votes in this.

Dirty Politics: “Business as usual”


It appears the left had some hope that by kicking Whaleoil to touch, they had destroyed National’s ability to get the dirt out.

Danyl at the DimPost notes:

June 28, 2016


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I’m guessing that someone in the National Party who wants to contest the Wellington Central electorate has hired Simon Lusk to smear the Nat’s current candidate. Gallery playing along because they forget nothing but they learn nothing.

The fact the lefty activists even expected it to stop after Dirty Politics is nothing but wishful thinking. Of course, they are still in the dark. Unless they steal another load of emails, they are left to having to guess the real reasons for things. Read more »

The loaded bias and utter stupidity of Newshub

Newshub are running a story by Dan Satherley on wealth in New Zealand. In writing his story he reveals his political leanings with his overly emotive language.

He also reveals his utter foolishness and lack of intelligence in analysing information.

It is an article seeking to reinforce that there are disparities in NZ society and how wrong that is.

The richest 10 percent of Kiwis have hoarded more than half the country’s wealth, with the bottom 40 percent scraping by with only 3 percent.

And the gap between rich and poor has widened in the last decade, the new figures from Statistics NZ show.

Read more »


My apology to Paul Foster-Bell

Earlier today I accused troughing scum List MP Paul Foster-Bell of not achieving anything…I was wrong…well sort of.

He has been trying to rename State Highway One the “Captain Cook Highway”…unsuccessfully.

Under-fire National MP Paul Foster-Bell has been campaigning for State Highway 1 to be renamed the Captain Cook Highway.

Newshub has learned Mr Foster-Bell has been lobbying for the name change on behalf of Sir Christopher Harris — a wealthy National Party stalwart who is also a Captain Cook enthusiast.

A source who used to work in Mr Foster-Bell’s office said: “Paul’s massive groundbreaking idea for a member’s Bill was renaming SH1 the Captain Cook Highway.”

The source said Mr Foster-Bell was “trying to impress Sir Christopher”, who donates to the National Party.   Read more »

The heartless tax-paying few


ACT reminds us how few of us actually die having been net contributors to the tax take.

Tax Numbers

Sometimes the press get it completely wrong.  This article on how much tax New Zealanders pay at different income levels was placed at the bottom of the Stuff website by editors but topped the ‘most-read’ section all day.  It tells us that three per cent of income earners pay 24 per cent of all income tax while 40 per cent receive more in cash benefits than they pay in tax.

What About Indirect Taxes?

But wait, those 40 per cent also pay GST and petrol and tobacco and alcohol excise taxes.  Yes they do, but so do all taxpayers.  Indirect taxes make up about a third of all taxes, with income taxes on business and personal income making up the other two thirds.  Could it be that many low income earners are net taxpayers once indirect taxes are considered?

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