Nike’s Middle East market under threat as ISIS places ban on Nike gear

ISIS certainly like to micro-manage there Fatwas.

reports suggests that the Islamic State has banned Nike apparel because the brand’s name sounds like the term for sexual intercourse in Arabic. Militants have reportedly been ordered to get rid of smutty-sounding sportswear.


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Did you come live in NZ recently? You could be “absolute crap”

Northland MP Winston Peters says the Government is allowing “absolute crap” to settle in New Zealand, a day after Statistic New Zealand announced immigration figures are at a record high.

New Zealand had a net gain of 56,275 migrants in the year to March, 75 percent up on the previous 12 months and a whopping 2250 percent on the year before that.

The gain is being driven not just by an increased number of people moving to New Zealand, but 13 percent fewer leaving. It’s expected annual net migration will surpass 60,000 by the end of the year if nothing is changed.

It’s somewhat odd that now we have solved the problem of people running away for greener pastures, we don’t have enough green pastures to go around at home.   Read more »

Green Party to crowd-source questions for parliament

In a first for New Zealand, the Green Party is giving the public a unique chance to be more involved in Parliament’s question time by having their own question on climate change asked of the Government.

“Parliament is meant to be the People’s House but question time is normally just for MPs,” said Green Party co-leader Dr Russel Norman.  “The problem is that we have run out of ideas”.

“In the age of social media there’s no excuse why the public shouldn’t be more involved in asking questions of those in power who are making decisions which will affect us all.

“And let’s face it, the Green Party has been marginalised and not taken seriously by half of our own voters, not to mention Labour, National and just about everyone else.  Frankly, it’s time for the public to put up or shut up.”

“From today until 5pm Monday 27th, the public can submit a question they want to ask the Government on Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

Do you consider product ethics when purchasing? [POLL]

MASTERCARD:  Emerging Markets More Likely to Shop Ethically than Developed Markets

Indonesians, followed by Malaysians and Chinese most likely to choose a product based on whether it is fair trade, environmentally friendly or donates a portion of proceeds to charity, Kiwis and Australians least likely

Chinese most likely to consider whether a merchant acts ethically when choosing where to shop, Japanese least likely

The two most important ethical issues for shoppers in the region are whether the merchant is environmentally responsible and whether a product is fair trade

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Mental Health Break

Reader content: ‘Probably a farmers son’

In 1996 I was at Oshkosh AirVenture, the big airshow held in Wisconsin each year.

Browsing along a long row of shiny warbirds I was approached by a tall, elderly American Veteran, festooned in badges and medals the way they do.

He spotted my lanyard which had my country thereon and he began to recount aspects of his time as a US Marine pilot stationed in the South Pacific Islands during WW2, for a lot of the time alongside a group of New Zealanders.

It was very obvious he looked back with great fondness of his time there, even to mentioning the little intra-country punch up they had after too much rum one night. Read more »


Map of the Day

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he Gallipoli Peninsula 1915


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Finding the missing million

Labour have now lost three elections in a row trying to get the missing million to vote. They have stayed missing and Labour have stayed in opposition.

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Sign of the Day

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As seen at an org supporting Alzheimers


Word of the day

The word for today is…

heritage (noun) – 1. Property that is or can be inherited; an inheritance.
2. Something that is passed down from preceding generations; a tradition.
3. The status acquired by a person through birth; a birthright.
4. A domesticated animal or a crop of a traditional breed, usually not widely produced for commercial purposes.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : circa 1200, “that which may be inherited,” from Old French iritage, eritage, heritage, from heriter “inherit,” from Late Latin hereditare, ultimately from Latin heres (genitive heredis) “heir”.