…and I am unanimous in that!

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Not a very long line behind you though, is there David?

Excluding those holding a knife, that is.

Josie Pagani: Stop spinning tonight’s debate

I’m not sure attempts to spin expectations around tonight’s leaders’ debate are credible.

Take the people saying ‘all David Cunliffe has to do is draw’. Unfortunately, last year David Cunliffe’s supporters in the leadership contest argued he should lead the party because of his superior debating skills.

Here’s Martyn Bradbury from the Daily Blog in the NZ Herald in June of this year:

“Cunliffe’s performance in the debates and on the campaign trail will be one of the most convincing components of a Labour-led win.”

Martyn Bradbury no less.  Wow.

David Cunliffe was widely praised for his skills as an effective debater and his presence on TV.

A Standard blogger talked him up as ‘Labour’s best performer’

“…. in the House and on television: just the tough, well-prepared and clear speaker that is needed to front against John Key in the next election.

More recently, when polls started to drop, the spin was, ‘Don’t worry, just wait for the debates. That’s when Labour will turn the polls around.’

Well, one thing is sure:  It’s all on David Cunliffe tonight.  Because the polls need to stop plummeting before they can be turned around.

Here’s Brian Edwards, a David Cunliffe supporter, in 2013:

“Cunliffe may or may not be nice, but he is hugely experienced, has an in-depth understanding of policy, conveys confidence and authority, handles the media superbly and can make mincemeat of anyone on the other side of the House.”

My good friend Brian has stopped writing of late.  I must dig up one of his last posts again – it was a great piece of comedy, although I’m not sure he meant it that way at the time.

Stop spinning. Just let the debate run. We know John Key is a formidable debater – he performed strongly in 2008 and 2011. There will be two quality and skilled debaters on stage. The job is not to find a ‘winner.’ Its for voters to learn more about how they want their country governed.


- Pundit

Greens didn’t know they were advertising on @Whaleoil; cancel it



Once again, the left do not actually like open debate.  It must be shut down.

I think your media buyers were smart actually Metiria.  Whaleoil has a huge audience and the chance of converting voters to the Green Party is much more likely here than it would be on sites where your Green voters are already locked in. Read more »

Labour’s decline continues in latest poll

The NZ Herald/Digipoll is out and Labour’s election continues to slide away with continued dismal poll ratings.

Labour replaced David Shearer for much better poll ratings than these.

National 50.7 (up 0.7)
Labour 24.1 (down 1.1)
Greens 11.4 (down 2.3)
NZ First 5 (up 0.7)
Maori Party 1 (up 0.3)
Internet Mana 3.4 (up 1.3)
Conservatives 3.3 (up 0.7)
Act 0.3 (down 0.3)
United Future 0.2 (down 0.2)   Read more »

ACT go feral on Colin Craig

Heh.  One shitty poll result and Jamie Whyte’s losing his lunch.   This is beautiful:

Colin Craig is deluded and dangerous

“Colin Craig is proposing a radical transformation of our constitution. The Conservatives are proposing to overthrow of one hundred and fifty odd years of parliamentary democracy and replace it with binding referenda” said ACT Leader Dr Jamie Whyte.

“Yet Craig does not want a referendum to make this change. He has said repeatedly he will support a Labour/Green government if they will agree to binding referendum. In other words, Colin Craig thinks that if he gets just 5% of the vote, he should be able to overthrow our form of government.”

“If anything should be put to a referendum, it is a significant change to our constitution.”

“The media should stop mocking Craig’s loopy ideas about “chem-trails” and the American moon landings being faked and instead examine his much more radical political ideas” said Dr Whyte.

“Binding referendums have destroyed California.  It has gone from being the powerhouse of America to being ungovernable.”

“The problem with government by referendum can be seen in Colin Craig’s own policy platform.  He says totally contradictory things.”

The Conservative Party have made Citizen Initiated Binding Referenda a “bottom line” issue.  That is, they won’t form a coalition with any party unless that party agrees to bring in CIBRs.   Read more »

A Simple Act of Protest

guest post by Salacious Crumb

The build up to this years’ election has got me thinking about New Zealand and what it means to be a citizen of this remarkable country.

It was no better highlighted to me than by a conversation I had recently with a Syrian man I know, who immigrated here just over two years ago.

A devout man, empathetic, highly intellectual and blessed with an irreverent sense of humour, he would, I am sure, dispel a number of stereotypes we have of people from that region.

When I asked him what he thought of life in New Zealand he looked at me for a moment in disbelief. He told me “You have no idea how lucky you are to live here. It is paradise”.

Paradise? Really? His rationale; the overwhelming sense of security, friendliness and fairness he and his family feel in living here. He was describing us as people, our way of life and our isolation from many of the worlds’ ills.

This from a man who has had family members disappear and has nieces and nephews being raised with the constant sounds of shelling and gunfire. A man who lives with constant fear for those close to him still living in Syria, desperately trying to flee a nation destroying itself.

There’s nothing like a bit of perspective.   Read more »

Mental Health Break

Len Brown announces big cuts to services and a decade of rates rises

You have to wonder if it isn’t just easier to curl up in a corner and give up.  The man is so determined to have his train set, he’s slashing and burning the budget to find money for it.  And, he’s focused on getting the rest out of Auckland rater payers’ pockets by increasing the rates year upon year.

Auckland’s rates are set to rise 2.5 per cent this year and 2.5 per cent the following year, before eight straight years of 3.5 per cent rate increases, the council’s draft budget shows.

Mayor Len Brown handed down a proposal of the council’s long-term plan this morning.

It outlined $16.6 billion in new investment and a plan to cap rate rises between 2.5 per cent and 3.5 per cent.

Brown said the three things he was focused on were keeping rates low, managing debt and fixing public transport.

“This budget is all about transportation,” he told a media briefing.

“Its about building and funding a fully integrated transport system.”

One of the losers of the budget was the area of parks, community and lifestyle, which would see a 9 per cent funding reduction.

It’s all about one train set.   His reputation is completely destroyed as it is.  He’s running out of time.  (He’s praying for a Green/Labour goverment).   And all he can do is hold on for dear life to his legacy project.  A train set that will service only 27 business areas for less than 20% of Auckland’s working population.  And that is if they can be persuaded to use the train.

Read more »

Map of the Day


Wealthiest companies in Europe, by country

Click here for larger version.

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Chinese not to buy our stuff. But OK to buy theirs

Where are the howls of protest from Labour, Green and NZ First over this?


The Chinese buying a diarying business in the Central North Island is akin to treason apparently, so I can’t quite understand why nobody is upset about New Zealand largest and most economically predatory company doing the same thing?

How weird is this?   Read more »