Dirty Politics – the winners and the losers


Losers:  The general public.

Winners:  The Green Party, Whaleoil.


Because neither the Green Party nor Whaleoil have gotten involved in the day to day to and fro.

The problem with this negative campaigning is that the left don’t understand when to apply it.   They think a hit is a hit.

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Impenetrable protest at Christchurch John Key appearance yesterday



“I like many others am over it”


To The Herald News Editor,

I was phoned yesterday by your subs dept offering me a new subscription (after I cancelled mine) for $7.00 per week (down from the $10.65 I was paying), which I confess is a good deal, although it maybe reflects a growing problem you have. The reason I cancelled my sub is because of the biased Gotcha reporting I am seeing from the Herald.

I like many others am over it, and see little value in The Herald reporting. The hypocracy over the Cameron Slater/John Key witch hunt is mind blowing. You would never report like this if your own “journalists” had had their private emails stolen and publish for financial gain, in what is clearly a coordinated campaign, combined with other anti National govt activity. Where is the in depth investigation into all this, and the fact that Hager and others have broken the law to try and unfairly take down the govt? That is the real story. Read more »

Mental Health Break

Report from Black Ops Operative Flatbush Chapter.

I was just on the phone to a fellow Black Ops operative. We had to be very careful what we said as  ‘ Professionals ‘ might have been listening so we told a few tall tales in the hope that they would make tomorrow’s edition of the Waikato Times as basic fact checking doesn’t seem to be their thing.

Anyway he remarked to me that as the MSM are neglecting talking about policy in the lead up to the election, that Whaleoil should focus on it to fill the yawning chasm that they have left. I though it was an excellent idea and decided to start with the Green Party.

As Black ops operatives like myself know, the best intel can be found on Google so I immediately used the key words Green Party Policy to HACK the information that I needed. After all it is in the Public Interest to know these things so why bother with Google’s right to privacy. It is not like I am going to get caught or anything but I digress.

Turns out that my hacking revealed a SHOCKING gap in Green Party Policy. Yes folks you heard it here first.

The Green Party have no policy on valuing women. ( Quite why they would even consider policy on that is beyond me but there you go )

Are valued women good for the environment?


Look for yourself

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Map of the Day


If the Green Party is to be believed, our country should be red also.


Politics as Combat

Andrew C. McCarthy writes at National Review Online about politics as combat.

It has come to this after six years of Barack Obama’s Chicago-style community-organizer governance: The hard Left no longer believes it necessary to pretend that the rule of law matters. It is politics as combat. The devolution can be measured from the trumped-up indictment of Tom DeLay to the trumped-up indictment of Rick Perry.

Back in 2005, the idea of exploiting prosecutorial power to criminalize one’s political opposition was still sufficiently noxious that Democrat apparatchiks in Austin understood the need for camouflage. Tom DeLay of Texas was among the GOP’s most effective leaders and fundraisers, having risen to congressional leadership not long after he helped Newt Gingrich lead the 1994 GOP takeover of the House. Democrats decided he had to be sidelined. They also knew they had the raw power to make it happen: a political operative ensconced as the chief prosecutor in a reliably Democratic county. In politics as combat, raw power is all you need — just cause has nothing to do with it.

But nine years ago, it was still unacceptable for the rub-out to look too much like a rub-out. It was not possible to charge DeLay with the non-crime of raising money for Republican candidates — his real offense as far as his adversaries were concerned. So he was indicted for a convoluted money-laundering scheme.

You may have noticed that the political left is using similar tactics here…legal challenges by Graham McCready exclusively against right wing politicians…and now dirty, illegal hacking against the voices that speak against their politics.    Read more »

Attempts to undermine Whaleoil financial vialbility continue [UPDATED]


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Maritime Union continues to break the law. Time for deregistration?

When is the Societies Registrar going to act against the Maritime Union.

MUNZ  has once again failed to file annual accounts.

With Ports of Auckland filing their annual report MUNZ have still not filed their 2013  Financial reports.    Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images A Tucker Sno-Cat in the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition encounters a slight problem with a crevasse – 1957

Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images
A Tucker Sno-Cat in the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition encounters a slight problem with a crevasse – 1957

Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition

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