Toxic Greens drove Jones from Labour


The Green taliban are toxic, which is hugely ironic since they claim to be clean and green, but electorally they are toxic.

Claire Trevett writes in the Herald about how it was this toxicity of the Greens that drove jones from Labour and from parliament.

Departing Labour MP Shane Jones’ antipathy for the Green Party went so deep he once told Labour’s leadership he would not be a minister if he was “second fiddle” to Green co-leader Russel Norman as deputy prime minister or in a senior economic role.

Mr Jones announced he was stepping down from politics this week and although his primary reasons are to take up a new role as well as personal and financial, he has also hinted he was increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of Labour toward the Greens.

Asked whether David Cunliffe had tried to keep him by promising a ministerial post if Labour regained the Government benches, he said he had told Labour’s leadership some time ago he would struggle to be a minister if Mr Norman or other Green MPs held senior posts.

“The Labour Party I came into is a party of New Zealanders. Some are on the left, some are on the right. The sweet spot is in the centre. I’m not interested in ever campaigning for the Green vote or going out there promoting Labour as only being able to govern if it has some sort of Green organ transplant.”

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Photo Of The Day

Photographer: Leslie Jones: 1886-1967, Boston Public Library  Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department

Photographer: Leslie Jones: 1886-1967, Boston Public Library
Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department

 Amazing Vintage Circus Photo of a Human Cannonball!

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What is the Health Committee doing?


Sometimes you really have to wonder whether MPs actually think about what they’re doing.

Right now the Health Select Committee is having another bash at tobacco companies, this time wanting plain packaging. There’s a novel idea.

Slight problem though. In their desire to hammer Big Tobacco they’re creating a whole new world of marketing that exploits the whole plain packaging effort.

Doritos have come up with plain packaging for their Dorito’s chips. They’re keen as.

‚ÄúDominic Twyford, client director at Landor said the move would draw existing customers to the brand. ‚ÄúIt will make existing customers feel like a part of the brand, mirroring the co-creation trend that is increasingly popular at the moment and attract new customers to try the brand,‚ÄĚ Twyford added. ¬† Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit: SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Debunking the myth that poor will fail at school

The NZEI and PPTA aren’t going to like this news, neither are the naysayers in the Labour party, who all claim that it is poverty that is holding kids back educationally.

That, it turns out, is a myth.

There is nothing inevitable about the weaker academic performance of poorer pupils, says an analysis of Pisa tests by the OECD’s Andreas Schleicher.

Mr Schleicher, who runs the tests, says the high results of deprived pupils in some Asian countries shows what poor pupils in the UK could achieve.

The most disadvantaged pupils in Shanghai match the maths test results of wealthy pupils in the UK.

Mr Schleicher says it “debunks the myth that poverty is destiny”.

On Monday, Education Secretary Michael Gove said individual schools in England should take Pisa tests, so that they could compare themselves against international standards.

The latest Pisa – Programme for International Student Assessment – test results were published last year by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, ranking developed countries in terms of how well 15-year-olds performed in tests in reading, maths and science. ¬† Read more »


Stop killing your children!

Other voices are joining ours highlighting the ridiculous amount of children we kill in our own driveways

Safety groups are urging parents to separate play areas from driveways after a spate of child deaths.

Four children have been killed in private driveways this year, and five in the past six months.

Before this year, on average five Kiwi children were killed in private driveways a year, Safekids Aotearoa said.

Plunket national child-safety adviser Sue Campbell said a child needed hospital treatment every fortnight for serious injuries suffered from vehicles on private driveways.

She said physical separation was the best protection for children.

“With the best intentions in the world, you can’t supervise toddlers 24/7,” she said.

“People need to recognise the risk. Whether it’s a shared or long driveway, children’s play areas must be totally separated. That’s the best protection.

“There are problems with all sizes of vehicles, and the blind spots are huge.

“If people can afford reversing cameras, that’s useful, but it’s not the sole answer.”

The NZ Transport Agency agreed.

“While technology like reversing cameras and alarms can help to reduce the risk, even vehicles equipped with these cameras can still have blind spots,” NZTA spokesman Andrew Knackstedt said.

The real answer is that either the driveway isn’t played on, or the driveway isn’t parked on. ¬†Simple, eh? ¬† Read more »

Napier ferals egg PM’s car

Photo / Warren Buckland, via Herald

Photo / Warren Buckland, via Herald

It may make the people throwing the eggs feel better about life, but all it does is make the public feel sympathy for John Key.

Protesters egged Prime Minister John Key’s ministerial BMW as it collected him from a state housing development in Napier this afternoon.

Mr Key was unhurt in the incident but one man was later arrested for obstruction. Read more »

Bet he was registered too

The Teachers Council has been so effective in protecting our children from these filthy predators

A teacher at an Auckland school is before the court accused of committing “indecent acts” in his classroom.

The 54-year-old man was granted interim name suppression during his appearance at Auckland District Court this morning and a ruling was also made to keep the name of the school secret.

It is alleged that in June last year, the man wilfully committed two indecent acts.

One of the charges lists the road the school is on as the location of the offence, while the other one specifies “in a classroom”.

A spokesman for the New Zealand Teachers’ Council said they were “well aware” of the situation and a full investigation into the man’s actions would take place at the conclusion of the criminal proceedings.

The school at which the defendant worked suspended him shortly after the alleged incidents took place, and he resigned a month later when the teachers’ council got involved.

Sickens me to think these animals manage to get past all the checks and balances. ¬† Are there any? ¬† Read more »

Key demands answers from Cunliffe over his secret donations

While Labour chases Judith Collins over a dinner in Beijing David Cunliffe still hasn’t revealed who his secret donors were .

He has his donations laundered through a secret trust, organised and run by blogger and flea lawyer Greg Presland and has failed so far to declare his donations as required in the parliamentary pecuniary interests register. He has resisted all questions from journalists and continues to be sneaky, tricky and furtive about the donations.

Yesterday John Key gave him a good hard smack over it off of the back of Shane Jones announcing who his donors were.

Questions remain around who funded the various campaigns in Labour’s leadership battle last year.

Shane Jones has acknowledged getting support from National Party stalwart Sir Wira Gardiner and New Zealand Oil and Gas director Roger Finlay for his failed bid.

John Key says if Mr Jones was prepared to identify those two donors, why won’t David Cunliffe reveal the names of his. ¬† Read more »

“Let them eat cake” – BSCNZ reports to members


While the level of troughing varies, in general, troughers are the same wherever you go.

They have this sense of entitlement and believe that they deserve the perks.

Scumbag unions the world over have been exposed for diving into the trough and lavishing it up is flash places around the world.

My good friend¬†Patrick Lee-Lo, El Presidente of the Building Service Contractors, certainly enjoys the trough¬†provided by his cleaning members. By the looks of things Kimberly Clark‚Äôs Lillian Small also enjoyed her foray into the trough via a visit to New York. ¬† Read more »