A Tommy gun? Really?

Shot in the eye with a Tommy gun?

Does anyone actually believe a word that the Tribal Huks leaders says…other than the stupid mainstream media?

The leader of the Tribal Huk gang who claims to have cleared Ngaruawahia of 14 meth houses says “two little old ladies” blew his eye out with a tommy gun.

Gang leader Jamie Pink told RadioLive this afternoon two old woman shot at him as he sped away from them on Te Rapa Rd while travelling towards Ngaruawahia.

Pink had earlier told Fairfax he had lost his eye and received other injuries as a backlash to making P dealers leave the town more than a week ago.

On RadioLive today, he said the bullets were shot at his SUV and went through his window.

“They were just a couple of ladies who wanted a bit of road rage,” he said.

“It’s called granny road rage. It happens – well at least it does at the back of Ngaruawahia,” he told RadioLive.

He later changed his story and said one of the old ladies got in front of vehicle with a tommy gun.  Read more »

Comment of the Day: on regional newspapers failing their readers

In response to the Marlborough Express asking readers why it’s not doing well, cows4me writes

Our local rag is also struggling and they also wonder why.

I’ve had my issues with them over the years and more times than not the editor would not print letters I’ve submitted.  I guess I’m just not readership material.

I suspect more it is more likely because I’m not a slobbering dribbling lover of AGW or do not endorse the policies of socialism, hate political correctness and am generally just a cantankerous old fool.   They think it wiser not to poison others with my madness.

And here lies the real problem.

Most rags in NZ have chosen deliberately to follow a particular political leaning, they have been hijacked by the left and they can not see falling readership as a symptom of this direction. Read more »

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Face of the Day


Police are searching for a pregnant woman who was last seen at Palmerston North Hospital.

Christine Smith, 31, was seen at the hospital at 1.20pm on Tuesday.

Smith is 38 weeks pregnant and police are concerned for her wellbeing.

Anyone who sees Smith is asked to call 111 immediately.


Word of the day

The word for today is…

dunderhead (noun) – A dunce.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1620s, from head; the first element is obscure; perhaps from Middle Dutch doner, donder “to thunder”.

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 25

4Remove the impurities from silver, and the sterling will be ready for the silversmith.

Tuesday nightCap

Is Trump right about Elections being rigged?


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