That made me choke on my breakfast cereal

It turns out that breakfast cereal giant Kelloggs is not just a business that dislikes conservative politics and didn’t want its advertising dollars to be spent on a popular conservative New Media News site. I wondered at the time why they politicised their actions instead of just quietly removing their advertising. Why would they want to damage Breitbart I wondered. Well, it turns out that Kelloggs has a lot more to hide than just the use of palm oil that was produced using child labour.

The institutional left’s funding behemoth W.K. Kellogg Foundation has partnered with and given major donations to George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Tides Center as part of its massive push to promote a far-left agenda.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is the nonprofit arm of cereal and sweets giant Kellogg’s…

…is the seventh largest philanthropic foundation in the United States.

…In recent years, however, the focus of the Foundation has drifted away from just helping children toward promoting left-wing political issues.

The W. K Kellogg Foundation even gave one million dollars to support  the controversial work of the racist, hate group, Black Lives Matter.

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Map of the Day

“forced her to walk around Cornwall Park naked on her hands and knees leashed like a dog”

A man accused of forcing his girlfriend to get breast implants has been awarded $20,000 by a judge who criticised the police investigation into her “bizarre” allegations.

The 27-year-old faced 36 serious criminal charges, including numerous violent assaults and rapes over a two-month period, and would have spent between 16 and 18 years in prison if convicted.

He was alleged to have locked the woman in his bedroom for three days without food or water, tortured her with pins until she bled, forced her to walk around Cornwall Park naked on her hands and knees leashed like a dog, and pressured her into breast surgery.

But the charges were dropped a week before the trial and the man took legal action against the police to recover some of the legal bill he spent fighting the case.

Judge David Sharp awarded him $20,000 and defence barrister Graeme Newell told the Herald on Sunday he would ask the police to investigate the woman for laying a false rape complaint.

I can’t understand how that got as far as court.  If he forced her to walk around Cornwall Park naked on her hands and knees leashed like a dog, you’d expect there to be a witness or two.

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Guess who is looking for relevance? Kim Dotcom and his knob polisher

Kim Dotcom wants to know – is he being spied on again?

The question came after the discovery of a newly installed surveillance camera in the penthouse suite of the Hilton on Auckland’s Princes Wharf.

And it turns out the answer might be “yes”. The camera belongs to NZ Customs and is being used by the NZ Defence Force – although both agencies say any surveillance of Dotcom’s home would have been accidental.

The latest instalment in Dotcom’s complicated relationship with New Zealand government agencies came one evening last week as the former Megaupload owner was looking across from his penthouse apartment towards the neighbouring Hilton.

In the dark of a spring Auckland night, he noticed a light through a curtain on what was normally a deserted floor.

“I social engineered hotel staff by calling during the night shift … and told them a story that someone left the terrace door of the penthouse open and that the curtain is flying in the wind.

“A housekeeper went up and pulled the curtain to the side exposing the camera. Then the housekeeper left and the curtain remained open.”

Dotcom photographed the camera and zoomed in on the image as close as he was able, and saw what he believed to be a lens focused on his apartment.

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An ambo writes

Further to our post yesterday, a serving ambo officer writes:

By way of clarification:

St John employs both events staff and front line ambulance staff. The majority of events staff are volunteers with basic first aid skills, while front-line staff are full time professionals. Most are degree qualified and paid around $50,000 – $60,000pa, some have post grad qualifications and paid around $70,000pa.

Sadly there are a shortage of both. St John salary budgets prohibit employing more full time staff (St John are currently in negotiations with the government for additional funding to employ more staff, primarily so there will no longer be any single crewed vehicles), and the volunteer workforce in general is shrinking.

The field of paramedicine is highly specialized. Nurses cannot do our job. In fact most doctors, with the exception of emergency department doctors, cannot do our job, and require an additional year of post grad study in paramedicine if they want to work as front line ambulance officers. So solving the low staffing numbers isn’t as easy as just getting someone else to do it. Read more »


Photo of the Day


Mad Gasser of Mattoon

There is no greater phantom attacker in the history of the unexplained in America than the legendary “Mad Gasser of Mattoon,” a bizarre figure who wreaked havoc in a small Illinois town in 1944. This creature turned out to be so elusive that law enforcement officials eventually declared him nonexistent, despite dozens and dozens of eyewitness reports and actual physical evidence that was left behind at the scene of some attacks.

Towards the end of World War II, the sleepy town of Mattoon came under attack by a madman. Or perhaps it came under attack by many madmen and women, who believed that they were under attack by a madman. Who was the “mad gasser” of Mattoon?

By the end of August the town of Mattoon, Illinois was baking in the heat and people kept their windows open at night to let in the cool night air. In 1944 they kept those windows open only a crack, because many of the men were away, fighting in World War II, and even civilians were instructed to be on the alert. People were told to keep their eyes open for suspicious activity. The entire country was on edge.

And so, on August 31st, when a couple woke up smelling something sweet and feeling strange, they were understandably freaked out. The two people had wildly different symptoms. The husband was up on his feet, vomiting. The wife thought perhaps she’d left the gas on, but when she tried to get up to check, found she couldn’t move. Later the same night, in a nearby house, a child got sick in bed while its mother was too incapacitated to get up and comfort it. A few nights later, another woman smelled a sweet substance and felt herself being slowly paralyzed from the legs upward. She screamed enough that her neighbours heard her and came running.

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Are ‘progressives’ really on the side of history, or just a bunch of moaning and whinging losers?

Rob Hosking at NBR writes:

It has long been a self-conceit among “progressives” that they are “on the side of history.”

History’s response to this claim, in recent years, has tended to be a swift punch up the bracket.

The most wounding punch this year has the election of Donald Trump as US president, the ramifications of which are still settling in.

Trump is probably not good news for anyone much. His election and his policy priorities certainly run counter to the policy priorities not only of the New Zealand government but of every New Zealand government since the UK joined Europe.

But the commentary from conservative politicians and commentators has not been anything like the utter despairing gloom that seems to have enveloped the global political Left, including the New Zealand variety.

It is, as always, being dressed up in fancy political jargon.

“Post-truth politics” was something this column discussed a few months ago. The more recent piece of jargon adopted from media studies, “fake news,” takes this one stage further.

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Whaleoil Music Quiz

Hooton on Labour’s crisis

Matthew Hooton wrote his NBR column before Micahel Wood won Mt Roskill. Hooton did expect that and so his column about the crisis still facing Andrew Little and Labour is valid.

Fortunately, Andrew Little will and has claimed this as the beginning of the end of John Key, so nothing will change inside Labour.

Labour is close to revealing the maximum life expectancy for a major political party in New Zealand.

By legend born of working men in the West Coast mines in 1916, Labour has governed the country five times, including introducing the welfare state under Michael Joseph Savage, leading New Zealand through World War II under Peter Fraser, saving the economy under David Lange and restoring confidence in the political system under the first-term Helen Clark.  There is now no prospect of another name joining the list of Labour’s greats.

Eight years into John Key’s National-led regime, every poll now has Labour under 30%: UMR on 29%, Colmar Brunton on 28%, Roy Morgan on 23% and Curia also within that range. Labour is now as many as 10 points behind where it was three years ago, 10 months before its 2014 debacle, the worst since 1922.  In the long history of both the Labour and National parties, neither has ever been doing so badly eight years into its opponent’s term in government.

The future looks worse.

In working class Porirua, former Labour mayor Nick Leggett has announced plans to run for National. Across the Cook Strait in Nelson, Labour members have resigned en masse in protest against plans by the party’s Wellington bigwigs to abandon the seat to the Greens.

It is a mark of Andrew Little’s desperation that he will try to present this weekend’s win by a deeply unimpressive party apparatchik in the safe Labour seat of Mt Roskill as some kind of victory for his leadership and platform for renewal. In fact, no opposition has ever lost a seat to a government in a byelection in New Zealand’s history. More pathetically, if the Roy Morgan poll corrects next month and has Labour back up to the mid-to-high 20s, Mr Little will claim some kind of prescience.

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New Media are taking on the big boys and are growing

I love which is mainly written news and I am also a big fan of the Canadian,The Rebel Media which is mainly video news. The Rebel Media has crowdsourced most of its equipment in the past and as it expands it is continuing to do so.



The fact that its readers are supporting them by donating to each project shows that the video news service they are providing is what their audience wants and that they are covering the topics of interest that their audience wants to be covered. Like, The  Rebel Media’s point  of difference is that they cover the stories that the Mainstream media refuse to. Imagine if a New Zealand mainstream media company tried to get its readership to pay for a studio camera. They wouldn’t be able to raise a cent because they are not producing content that their readership values. New Media cannot grow if it doesn’t give its audience what it wants which is why Mainstream media is failing and Rebel Media like Breitbart has its audience numbers exploding.

Below is an abridged version of an e-mail I received from Ezra Levant explaining the Rebel Media’s plans.

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