Tainted Fisher defends Dotcom, and gets it wrong

Fisher gagging on fatty German sausage again.  It’s almost (b)romantic.

As Kim Dotcom waits for a judge to decide if he will be extradited to face criminal copyright charges, a former employee is walking out of jail after serving time on the FBI accusations the internet tycoon continues to deny.

Andrus Nomm had three years of anxiety over the charges resulting from the FBI operation against the filesharing business Megaupload.com. They were claims of a vast criminal copyright conspiracy operated through one of the world’s most popular websites.

Then, earlier this year, Nomm ended the waiting by cutting a deal with United States prosecutors. The result – a 366-day sentence (with an early parole), three years of supervision and a US$175 million judgment.

A database of federal prisoners has Nomm listed as due for release today.

A database eh Tainty boy?   Nothing beats on-the-spot intel.  Whaleoil’s reporter who visited Nomm can confirm he isn’t due for release until next month.   Read more »

Australia v New Zealand / 3rd Test / Day 1


Convicted, now sentenced to 10 years…and she was registered

Another registered teacher is behind bars after sentencing today. Once again showing that the Opposition claims that compulsory teacher registration protects children is a cruel joke.

A female teacher who sexually violated and manipulated a boy was no better than male predators who abused girls, a court heard today.

Stacey Reriti was sentenced to more than 10 years in jail today for her exploitation of a boy who was only 10 when the offending started.

She was found guilty last month on six charges of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and one charge of doing an indecent act on a minor.

At her sentencing today, the High Court at Wellington heard the boy felt betrayed, and his entire family felt Reriti’s actions would be “a scar” on their lives forever.

Prosecutor Dale LaHood today said aggravating features of Reriti’s offending included the “vulnerability” of the victim.

The boy was especially vulnerable at the time, Mr LaHood said, because one of his parents “was extremely unwell”.

“Far from being a compassionate supporter” of the boy, Reriti manipulated him, the prosecutor said.

“The breach of trust in this case is extreme.”    Read more »

Mental Health Break

Looks like the Dagos have a sensible legal system

Bad luck the Kraut pedo died, but a hiding was probably well deserved.

A wealthy British businessman who killed an alleged German paedophile in an exclusive Spanish expat resort after catching him taking photographs of his young children will not go to jail despite being found guilty of manslaughter, Spanish judicial sources have told The Telegraph.

Estate agent Devinder Kainth was given a six-month jail sentence after admitting that he had killed Sandro Rottman by punching him at a restaurant in the upmarket area of Sotogrande, near Gibraltar.

He had discovered that the 43-year-old German socialite had pictures on his iPad of Mr Kainth’s young daughter, taken without permission.

The 39-year-old Kainth was eating at the resort’s Spinnaker restaurant in February of this year with his glamorous partner Gemma Hawkins and their three children – two young sons and a daughter – when an argument started over the images on Mr Rottman’s tablet, leading to the British man punching the German several times in the head.

Rottman, who was suffering from severe liver cirrhosis, died within minutes.

According to the Spanish judge who sentenced Kainth, “they were punches which would not normally have caused a person’s death”.   Read more »

Social Media message for Muslim women

A reader sent me this video. He says…

Social marketing that has been widely circulated in the middle east in the last week

Possibly over-scripted by western standards and not really as brave as it looks, as it really only reflects change that is already happening

But perhaps a surprise for those who don’t live in the region



The video looks like a positive step in the right direction for Muslim women from the Middle East but will it drive change? Personally I don’t believe that hash tags or feel good social media campaigns have any real power.They make people feel good and create an illusion that change is happening.

I was curious as to the origin of the #GirlsCan campaign so I googled it. Which Middle Eastern country do you think it originated from?

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Map of the Day

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Portrait Maps and Star Charts by Ed Fairburn

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Who You you gunna call? The French have called Israel

I have written before about how the Western World needs to be friends with Israel. Now that they are getting a small taste of what Israel has had to deal with for decades it is time to stop criticising Israel for protecting its citizens from terrorism and start working with Israel to help protect their own.
Israel has expertise in many, many areas related to terrorism and they are an ally that only a fool would not want in their corner. Already the French have picked up the phone and asked Israel for help.

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Robyn Toomath throws in the towel and the toys out of the cot


Will this set a chain reaction in motion?

Today we find out long time obesity activist Robyn Toomath from the Fight Obesity Epidemic has thrown in the towel, but not before first chucking her toys out of the cot.

Her comments are priceless.

“Clearly I’ve made no progress. There’s not a single thing that comes to mind other than the district health boards are going to provide a healthy food environment for their staff,” she said.

If there was only a “we” in that statement other obesity troughers could well be asked to seriously look at their positions as well and their achievements.   Read more »


Council digs in on intensification

Auckland Council just won’t give in.

It’s desperate times at Auckland Council. They are desperate because the Compact City dream they have held for years is on the brink of being lost to greenfield expansion.

Unitary Plan submitters have Council on the ropes. The evidence prepared by Council to support the Compact City is rubbish and the Independent Hearings Panel well and truly buys the truth that there is no way Council’s dreams can turn to reality.

The only option is to release more land in greenfield locations. But no, Council is so desperate they would rather zone most of the city for high rise apartments than concede defeat.

The poshest and poorest neighbourhoods in Auckland will be rezoned for more housing and apartments, confidential documents and maps obtained by the Heraldshow.

Some of Takapuna’s most prized streets could lose single house, tree and garden status. Housing density along Lake Rd, one of the city’s worst bottlenecks, will more than double in places.

Many of South Auckland’s poorest suburbs are also set to house more people. Intensive terraced housing and apartment blocks of four to six storeys are planned for Otara, Mangere, Manurewa and Clendon Park.

The full extent of the changes, marked “confidential” and “legally privileged”, were discussed by councillors on the Unitary Plan committee behind closed doors on Tuesday.

They represent the council’s latest position on the Unitary Plan for the North Shore, Rodney, the eastern suburbs of Howick and Pakuranga and South Auckland.

The Herald has not seen the zoning changes for the central isthmus and West Auckland, approved by the Unitary Plan committee on November 10.

This week, the Herald reported senior council planner John Duguid saying tens of thousands of suburban homes in Auckland would probably be rezoned from the single house zone for multiple townhouses and apartments.

Mr Duguid said the rezoning was part of the Unitary Plan process and the council would not notify individual homeowners of the changes. Maps showing the zone changes will be made public next month.

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