Matt Nippert gets shamed by someone that likes him

You know what would be amazing? It would be really amazing if the news media applied the same gimlet-eyed standards it rightly uses on matters involving the private sector – in cases where a company isn’t running a prison too well, say – when a local council has been left in charge of a town’s water supply that ends up getting contaminated and sickening thousands.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. It’s just a fantasy. You were asleep just now. And so you wake from your slumber, realise it was just a dream and go back to whatever it was you were last reading in the news.

That’s why more and more people are flocking to alternative news sources.  They can’t stand the hypocrisy.

Chances are, what any business readers may have been looking at before nodding off may have been to do with the high and mighty report published in the New Zealand Herald about the private sector’s dastardly “unethical” investments.

The report, sententiously headlined “Dirty Secrets of KiwiSaver,” was put together by Matt Nippert, somebody I know a bit and quite like. It would have been right at home in the student media where Mr Nippert began his energetic career. But in the downtown press, where it has attracted a bit of attention over the past week, it seems a bit odd.

It’s not just odd, it is cringeworthy.  Only weeks ago Matt Nippert was lecturing companies on their dodgy tax affairs… while working for the NZME/APN company infamous for… dodgy tax affairs. Read more »

Porn up, sex down

Is it legal to watch pornography?

For the most part, however if it falls under “objectionable material” then it’s not legal. Objectionable is defined under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993 as: “a publication…(that) describes, depicts or expresses, or otherwise deals with matters such as sex, horror, crime, cruelty or violence in such a manner that the availability of the publication is likely to be injurious to the public good.” All objectionable material is banned. Anybody found “knowingly” in possession of objectionable material can receive a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. Anybody who knowingly makes or knowingly trades, distributes, or displays an objectionable publication via the internet can receive a maximum of 14 years imprisonment.

What if I come across objectionable material accidentally? 

Leave the site immediately. You can fill out a Content Complaint Form or notify the Department of Internal Affairs’ Censorship Compliance Unit.

What are the consequences of revenge porn?

In 2010, Judge Andrew Becroft made legal history in New Zealand when he sentenced a man under the Morality and Decency section of the Crimes Act for posting a photo of his ex-girlfriend naked on Facebook. Becroft said he was adapting an old print law for the internet age. “Technology can’t be used in this way,” he warned. “You would do incalculable damage to someone’s reputation.”

Do young people know porn isn’t representative of real-life sex?

A Swedish study found most young people under the age of 20 acknowledged pornographic sex was different to sex in real-life relationships, although girls were somewhat concerned that boys would want to enact some of the things that they watched, such as anal sex. Read more »

I don’t want you to die either, honey, but you’re not really living, so can we try and find a way where you are just enjoying more of life

Are you eating yourself into misery?

Eating processed foods with little nutritional value may be making us mad as well as sick, new research shows.

Canterbury University psychologist Julia Rucklidge says the decreasing nutritional value of our food may be contributing to an “epidemic” of mental illness, with one in every eight NZ adults now on anti-depressants.

Research has shown that eating more fresh foods consistent with a Mediterranean-style diet, and eating less Western foods, could reverse spiralling rates of conditions such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression.

Eleven years ago, when Rucklidge started using vitamins and minerals to treat mental illness, she says people were “completely uninterested”.

“Many didn’t believe there was a possibility that nutrition can influence your mental health,” she said.

Somewhat odd really, because just about most of the chemicals you draw into yourself comes in via your mouth.  Read more »

Mental Health Break

A collection of Taqiyya fails

Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.”

There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Some of us are better  liars than others  and Muslims are no different. The following examples of Muslims practising taqiyya  in order to “smooth over differences”  or to gain the sympathy of non-Muslims in order to defeat them were unsuccessful for one of the following four reasons:

  1. The message wasn’t consistent  with his actions and words.
  2. The person he was trying to con was an undercover agent.
  3. A professional journalist asked the right questions and did some research
  4. There was a witness or camera present when the ” alleged “incident happened.

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Map of the Day

Rules are rules. Stuff humanity

In this Monday, Aug. 22, 2016 photo provided by Ashley Bartyik, her grandparents Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, cry as they say goodbye near the end of a visit with each other in Wolfram's elderly care home in Surrey. The couple, who are in their 80s, were separated into two different care homes a half an hour apart after 62 years of marriage because no beds were available together. (Ashley Bartyik via AP)

(Ashley Bartyik via AP)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — A photograph of a crying elderly Canadian couple in wheelchairs, separated into two different care homes after 62 years of marriage because no beds were available together, has received international attention.

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All Black bug was live and meant for them


The listening device found hidden in a chair at the All Blacks team hotel in Sydney had a battery life of about three days and was still operational when discovered, according to an NZME report.

The new information – gleaned from a “well-placed Australian source” by NZME – suggests the All Blacks were the intended target of the device and narrows down the range of possible suspects.

The lifespan of the device’s batteries appears to discredit speculation that previous guests at the InterContinental Hotel in Double Bay could have been the targets, not the New Zealand side.

Australian Rugby Union chief executive Bill Pulver has categorically cleared the ARU from any involvement with the device and described its discovery the day before last weekend’s Bledisloe Cup opener as an “unnecessary distraction”. Read more »

Bwahahahaha… awesome!


The Moscow Times is reporting that Bulgarian pranksters are repainting Soviet-era monuments so that the Soviet military heroes depicted are recast as American Superheroes (h/t to trans-atlantyk posting at reddit’s /r/worldnews):

Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to prevent vandalism of Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to Soviet troops in Sofia was spray-painted, ITAR-Tass reported.

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Photo of the Day

Since the air in the tunnel was so toxic, the divers needed to bring their own air. But their air supply system, which had never before been used on a project, malfunctioned – proving deadly for two divers. By the time it was completed, the outfall tunnel contained oxygen-starved, toxic air that would be deadly to anyone who breathed it. Credit: MWRA file photo

Since the air in the tunnel was so toxic, the divers needed to bring their own air. But their air supply system, which had never before been used on a project, malfunctioned – proving deadly for two divers. By the time it was completed, the outfall tunnel contained oxygen-starved, toxic air that would be deadly to anyone who breathed it. Credit: MWRA file photo

Trapped In a Sewer Tunnel under Boston Harbour

 The plan was ambitious but simple: Build a 9.5-mile sewer tunnel hundreds of feet below the ocean floor to help clean up Boston Harbour. Five divers went deep, deep into the project for one final step – with deadly results.

This is their harrowing story…

Just over a quarter-century ago, Boston Harbour was infamous for being “the dirtiest harbour in America,” an open sewer that became a major issue in the presidential campaign of 1988. Today, Boston can boast of having the nation’s cleanest urban harbour. The key to that undisputed environmental triumph is a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant sitting on tiny Deer Island north of Boston, and an engineering marvel of an outfall tunnel.

Every day, that nearly 10-mile-long Deer Island Tunnel, built hundreds of feet below the ocean floor, carries up to 1 billion gallons of wastewater from the plant out into the deep Atlantic waters of Massachusetts Bay. And gravity, rather pumps or machines, is the force powering that flow.

The tunnel was billed as the longest single-entrance (or dead-end) tunnel in the world, and it is the largely unknown workhorse behind the multi-billion dollar court-ordered cleanup of the harbour that has transformed Boston. But at the end of a decade of construction, handled by some of the country’s top designers and contractors, the massive tunnel would not work until someone figured out how to tackle one final and extremely hazardous task.

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