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The mother in law of Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has reportedly been kidnapped in Brazil.

According to Brazilian magazine Veja, Aparecida Schunck, 67, was taken on Friday in the neighbourhood of Interlagos, Sao Paulo with her kidnappers said to be demanding a ransom of 120 million Brazilian reals (NZ$52 million).

The magazine says that the ransom demand is the highest in the country’s history.

Schunck is the mother of Ecclestone’s third wife Fabiana Flosi who met the 85 year-old at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2009. The pair married in 2012. Read more »

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” Moderate ” Turkey controlled by brutal dictator

If you were in any doubt about the status of Turkey this article will remove it as it tells you about the thousands of Turkish soldiers who are being raped and starved as punishment for the failed coup against President Dictator Erdogan. According to Amnesty International they are also being left without water in terrible cramped conditions.

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

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Europe’s Islamist insurgency and lessons for NZ on enfeeblement

Guest Post

Journalist and analyst specialising in the Middle East and terror groups, Jonathan Spyer, has said that Western Europe’s failure to stop Islamist terror taking route in its heartland represents ‘a profound failure of Western European political culture and of the continent’s elites’ to ‘grasp the nature of the time in which they are living’.

“The terror attacks in Nice and Wurzburg are the latest manifestations of what should now be seen as a still fairly low-level Islamist insurgency taking place in a number of west European countries. The fact that this insurgency has been allowed to kindle itself and slowly emerge before now bursting forth represents a profound failure of Western European political culture and of the continent’s elites.

This is not merely a matter of poor police or intelligence work. Rather, it is the culmination of a long process of enfeeblement. The Islamist insurgency is a disease attacking an already weakened body which lacks the means to defend itself.”

Yes, Europe is in the midsts of an Islamic insurgency and its elected leaders, tasked with defending the population, are asleep at the wheel. Only the British populace seems to have woken up to the fact that the EU’s open-arms policy is the beginning of the end.

Political Islam, in its many variations, has captured the minds of millions and is now leading to war and state fragmentation in the Middle East. And through the process whereby Mideastern refugees seek to quit the region and enter Europe, these ideas enter Europe, carried by some of the young men making their way behind the walls, like a plague bacillus.

The result is the current insurgency. It is erupting out of parts of the society untouched and undreamt of by the elite.

Is the New Zealand government doing enough to protect its populace and prevent an Islamist insurgency manifesting here? Or are we already too enfeebled, too enamoured with Islam, and incapable of taking the required proactive and almost-no-longer preemptive steps to defend ourselves? Read more »

Pervert uses bible to justify himself

A man who tried to use Old Testament bible verses to justify sexually abusing a teenager has been found guilty of his crimes.

Wytse De Vries, 39, used to pray with his victim when she went to bed, then return as she slept to sexually violate her, the Whanganui District Court heard in his trial over the past week.

He also touched another girl on the breast.

After two and a half hours of deliberation, the jury of five men and seven women on Tuesday found him guilty on three counts of indecent assault, and two sexual violations.

De Vries pleaded guilty in 2014 to a representative charge of touching the first girl on the breast a number of times.

He admits going into her room while she slept and touching her crotch on six to 10 separate occasions but the victim does not remember any more than two.

The victim’s mother found him asleep on the floor beside the girl’s bed a number of times. Read more »


Patrick Gower calls time on the Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal is dead and gone and it is thanks to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Trump is dead against it.

Sanders is dead against it.

I’ve actually been really surprised at the level of visceral opposition towards the TPP from both sides here.

It is a huge issue.

Each time both Trump and Sanders have bagged the TPP, there have been huge roars from the Republican and Democratic Convention crowds.

And the power of both the Trump and Bernie movements mean it would be political suicide for United States politicians to go against them right now and ratify the TPP.

Powerful sectors of both sides of politics are against it – and you never, ever hear anything from its supporters in either the Republicans or the Democrats.

The TPP has been burned on the political firestorm that is raging here.

Big numbers of Republicans are dead against the TPP.

And I can tell you that huge numbers of Democrats are against the TPP.  Read more »

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Gary Leon Ridgway. King County plea agreement: Pleaded guilty Nov. 5, 2003, to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder in a deal that spared him from execution and finally brought answers in the infamous and long-unsolved slayings.

Gary Leon Ridgway. King County plea agreement: Pleaded guilty in 2003, to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder in a deal that spared him from execution and finally brought answers in the infamous and long-unsolved slayings.

Green River Killer

Chillingly, He referred to Killing Young Women as his “Career.”

Warning :Some parts in this story are disturbing

He may be America’s most prolific serial killer. Yet the name Gary Ridgway—a.k.a. the Green River Killer—is not as well known when compared to the many other murderers who have haunted nation’s headlines. Convicted of killing 49 women over the course of two decades, Ridgway has confessed to killing almost twice that number, and admitted in later statements that he claimed so many lives he lost count.

On August 15, 1982, Robert Ainsworth, 41, stepped into his rubber raft and began his descent south down the Green River toward the outer edge of Seattle’s city limits. It was a trip he had made on many occasions, yet this time it would be different. As he drifted slowly downstream, he noticed a middle-aged balding man standing by the riverbank and a second, younger man sitting in a nearby pickup truck. Ainsworth suspected that the men were out for a day’s fishing.

He asked the older man if he had caught anything. The man replied that he had not. According to Smith and Guillen’s book, The Search for the Green River Killer , the man standing then asked Ainsworth if he found anything, to which Ainsworth replied, “Just this old singletree.” Soon after, the two men left in the old pick-up truck and Ainsworth continued to float down the river. Moments later he found himself surrounded by death.

As he peered into the clear waters his gaze was met by staring eyes. A young black woman’s face was floating just beneath the surface of the water, her body swaying beneath her with the current. Believing it might be a mannequin, Ainsworth attempted to snag the figure with a pole. Accidentally, the raft overturned as he tried to dislodge the figure from a rock and Ainsworth fell into the river. To his horror, he realized that the figure was not a mannequin, but a dead woman. Seconds later he saw another floating corpse of a half nude black woman, partially submerged in the water.

Quickly, Ainsworth swam toward the riverbank where the truck stood earlier. In shock, he sat down and waited for help to arrive. Within a half hour, he noticed a man with two children on bicycles. He stopped them, told them of his gruesome discovery and asked them to get the police. Before long, a policeman arrived at the scene and questioned Ainsworth about his find. The officer disbelievingly walked into the shallow river and reached out toward the ghostly form. The officer immediately called for backup.

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So, tell me about those DNC hacked emails


Phil Smith has written a handy summary

These particular emails have very little to do with Hillary Clinton but as there is already a Clinton narrative involving emails she will get plastered with it regardless.

The timing is terrible. Conventions are boring events for the media to cover. Endless speeches don’t make good copy, even if the speakers this week are a panoply of superstars in comparison to last week’s Republican line-up of barrow pushers, family, C-list celebrities and self-interested politicians. Read more »