More and more victims are seeking to overturn suppression

There is movement happening in society…victims are rebelling against a law designed to protect them. They are seeking to overturn name suppression in sex abuse cases.

They are doing this because there is likely to be other victims that secrecy prevents them from being uncovered.

This is why name suppression of offenders must end. By all means protect victim with name suppression, but we need to stop allowing criminals to hide behind their victims.

Victims of a serial paedophile fighting to keep his name secret will today ask a judge to lift suppression of their names.

The two women, who live in Christchurch, were in tears this week as they recounted details of the sex crimes the man committed against them four decades ago.

They believe he used the automatic name suppression granted to all victims of sexual abuse to hide his past. They want his name made public so parents can keep their children safe.

There could also be other victims who had not spoken to police, they said.

“He’s just a mongrel,” one of the victims said.   Read more »

Best Sad Kid Story Of The Week


Watching lawn bowls sober is more exciting to me than the ridiculous politics of Israel.  (I make the disclaimer in CAPS LOCK so there can be no confusion that this post was written by Whaleoil).

While social media is awash with general flag burners, Gaza campaigners and Israel haters touting dubious pictures, photoshopped or otherwise of children dying in war like it is a new phenomenon in 2014 that children die in wars, I am far more interested in Noel Wogan and his dog Bear.

Donelle named Bear during the final stages of her illness, in the hopes the puppy would make ‘‘anything in life bearable’’ for her son.

Noel’s mother died and bought the doggie for her son.  No pressure when a relative left the gate open and Bear did a bit of exploring.  It seems to a neighbours house who didn’t know it was unbearable for the poor little guy to lose his doggie.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.26.14 am


Best the adults in Noel’s life look after that dog.


Propaganda 102

Before I continue with 102 in my series of posts to help you recognise, understand and analyse  propaganda I will add this disclaimer.

I am an ex High School History and English teacher. I am very motivated to learn from the lessons of history because otherwise I feel that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. I have a special interest in how propaganda was successfully used by Hitler to demonise the Jews and when I see the same techniques being employed now I feel honour bound to point it out. That is my motivation and that is my bias.

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Mental Health Break

NZ Herald’s Tim Murphy turned into a Travel Zombie by Air New Zealand


Tim Murphy is stuck in Hawaii

The New Zealand Herald’s Tim Murphy is one of the more high profile victims of an indicator light problem that has grounded an Air New Zealand flight in Hawaii for several days, leaving its passengers stranded with paid-for accommodation, $1000 compensation, and nowhere to eat or sit in the warm summer sun. Read more »

Today’s valedictory speeches


Can’t find the starting time, but previous ones have started at 4-4:15 pm.

Looks like some MPs are getting into the spirit of it:   Read more »

Map of the Day


A map of Europe growing on the European Environment Agency building in Denmark


Yep, these ones were registered too

The Labour party and the teacher unions all oppose charter schools because not every teacher has to be registered.

Apparently teacher registration is there to protect the children…from registered teachers like this?

Two Auckland teachers have been struck off after Disciplinary Tribunal hearings.

One, a primary school relief teacher, sent photos of children to a man with whom he was in a close personal relationship.

He knew that man was sexually attracted to young children and was undergoing medical treatment to address the condition.    Read more »


As if we actually needed proof Laila Harre is bought and paid for…

Sounds like he needs a good long stretch not a delay

Filthy pedo Catholic priest Bernard Kevin McGrath is still safely ensconced in New Zealand, but his fate now rests with Judith Collins.

I should think she won’t take too long to decide to put this creep on a plane to Australia.

Still, I think it is a travesty that scumbags like him get to play the system when what they really need is a good long stretch.

The New Zealand government is taking legal advice on whether a former Catholic brother should be extradited to Australia to face child sex charges.

The Commonwealth of Australia has spent more than 18 months trying to extradite Bernard Kevin McGrath, 66, from New Zealand to face 252 child sex abuse charges.  Read more »