Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys AND public transport: What could go wrong?


Well lots actually.

France’s new rail fail would be unbelievable if it wasn’t true.

France’s national rail operator SNCF has ordered trains for an Italy-bound route which reportedly turned out to be a few millimeters too high for Italian tunnels, leaving passengers to Italy having to change trains at the border.

Regio 2N trains were ordered by SNCF from Bombardier, the Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company.

They are supposed to operate on the TER (Transport Express Regional) line that serves the French Riviera coastline between Les Arcs – Draguignan station in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France and the city of Ventimiglia in northern Italy, which borders on France.   Read more »

A brilliant explanation of what causes Islamophobia ( Fear of Islam )

It is the actions of Muslims that cause the fear of Islam explains Anne Marie Waters in this debate.

Why don’t I see Islam as peaceful?  Because of the evidence.

-Anne Marie Waters

Mental Health Break

Halal boycott working in Australia

I have posted before about Halal certification and how it is a money making scam that benefits Islam. Imagine being able to profit from simply giving authorisation for a Halal symbol to be put on thousands of products ranging from food to toilet paper, from cat food to shampoo and all at little or no cost to yourself. The Halal symbol serves no purpose except to let the consumer know that the product contains no pork and is permissible to eat or drink if you are a Muslim. Shockingly Halal symbols can be found on thousands of items that are not food or drink and that therefore do not need a warning symbol.

To put it into perspective imagine that there was a Peanut Free symbol that started off only being put on drinkable or edible products.imagesNow imagine that the Ideology of Peanut Free people lobbied to be able to form organisations to certify products as peanut free with their own special symbol despite the fact that the list of ingredients on the products already provide that information. Now imagine that they then extend this symbol to be included on products like toilet paper, shampoo and cat food, products that have never ever had anything to do with peanuts and make millions of dollars by doing so.

In Australia a boycott of Halal labelled products by consumers has motivated some companies to shun Halal certification. Some are even promoting their products as  “non-halal certified.”In response some Certification organisations have started naming and shaming the companies who choose to not be Halal certified as well as threatening trade bans.

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Map of the Day

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Give renters MORE rights? You’ve got to be kidding me

Oh dear Lord, I suppose this is a consequence of the lack of so-called affordable homes…more renters…who have brought an entitlement mentality with them, demanding special rights because they are renters.

The pressure is on to give tenants more rights, as increasing numbers of people find themselves renting for longer and later into life.

The number of people in their early 30s who own their own home has dropped from half in 2001 to about a third.

Many renters want more secure tenancies and the ability to make minor changes, such as adding a new coat of paint.

Grae Burton lives with his wife and two-year-old daughter in an older-style apartment in Auckland’s Parnell. He never planned to be renting well into his 30s.

“I do feel like it’s a lot of money to throw into something that, in the end, isn’t yours – that you don’t really have control over the length of time you can stay here,” he said.

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No evidence to back Mt Eden car ban

The world of Local Government is murky and marked by skullduggery and dirty pool.

Ask any property developer about the nonsense that is used by Council planners to obstruct resource consent applications and you’ll quickly decide that local government is turd.

It is regular that a planning officers report include an assessment of effects without any empirical evidence to back it up? Thumb sucks and bull dust.

David Seymour had called it, by exposing the total nonsense surrounding the ban on cars up Mt Eden.

Mr Seymour, whose electorate includes Mt Eden, questioned some of the reasons for the ban. The Act Party leader asked the authority under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act for any reports on measurements or estimates of damage caused by vehicles.   Read more »

Driving merit points: the latest PC “everyone’s a winner” nonsense

I see a newspaper editorial is all in favour of the latest “everyone is  winner” PC nonsense currently doing the rounds advocating for merit points for good drivers.

Nothing annoys generally well-behaved drivers quite so much as having the traffic rulebook thrown at them for a minor transgression. It offends their notion of fairness and, in the process, erodes their support for the police. The police, for their part, have little option but to issue tickets. Successive governments’ emphasis on lowering the road toll has dictated a low-tolerance approach. It is welcome, therefore, that a way around this unsatisfactory state of affairs may soon surface in the shape of merit points.

The concept will be studied in research about to be initiated by the Transport Agency. It will be part of an analysis of the impact of demerit points since their introduction 22 years ago. The research will ask if they have achieved better driver compliance, whether a merit-based system would be more effective, or whether the two should operate in tandem. Merit points would be gained for the time a motorist has been driving without receiving a ticket. Or they may operate as in Victoria, where tickets can be waived if a driver’s good record is deemed to warrant just a warning.   Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Chris Kotsiopoulos

Photo: Chris Kotsiopoulos

Lightning Man

A Man Hit Seven Times

Roy Sullivan was born 1912 in Greene County in central Virginia, today home to just a shade over eighteen thousand people. He was the fourth of eleven children and lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his family.

In 1940, at the age of 28, Sullivan joined the national park’s fire patrol. He became one of three rangers to monitor the forty mile area between Waynesboro and Swift Run Gap in the southern area of the park, less than eight miles from where he grew up.

In April 1942, Sullivan was in a fire tower lording over his land when a thunderstorm struck. This was a serious problem owing to the fact that the tower had no form of lightning rod installed. According to Sullivan himself, he saw lightning strike seven or eight times and the valley engulf in flames. He fled the tower, fearing what would become the inevitable. He didn’t make it far when he got hit.

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David Fisher pimps the stupid, and Cry Baby of the Week

Stupid is as stupid does - Aileen Wood Photo/  Facebook

Stupid is as stupid does – Aileen Wood         Photo/Facebook

When he isn’t making stories up he is out there pimping the stupid.

His latest story is about an oxygen thief who got dudded through her own stupidity…then ran off to Fisher for a story proving how truly dumb she really is.

And WTF is that headline about? Do single women not get scammed? Or is he saying married women are especially stupid?

pimping the stupid

A woman who fell for an online scam and sent her inheritance overseas says welfare bosses have docked her benefit because of the payments to the stranger she met on the internet.

It has left Aileen Wood, 53, with a $41,000 gulf in her finances and a reduced amount of money each week on which to live.

The 18-month online relationship has left Mrs Wood emotionally and financially devastated.

It has emerged the Ministry of Social Development cut $100 a week from Mrs Wood’s entitlement because it considered the money sent offshore to be a loan. An increasing financial pinch meant the reduced amount was impossible to live on, she said.

She chose to speak out only when cuts to her benefit made it difficult to manage through the week – and as a warning to others lured by promises of online love.

“I’ve been scammed,” she told the New Zealand Herald. “It really has stuffed my life for me. I was grieving. I got caught at the wrong time. If I could catch up with him, I’d kill him.”

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