Saudi Arabia ignoring the refugees as a strategic maneuver *UPDATED


Saudi Arabia a wealthy Islamic country has been upfront about their intentions towards the Muslim refugees. They are deliberately using them as Islamic colonisers. They know that without a shot being fired they can take over our Western countries by flooding us with followers of their barbaric ideology.

They are already funding Islam inside our countries by channelling massive amounts of money to Muslim communities so that Mega Mosques can be built as well as schools. They also fund terrorist groups such as CAIR in America. Ironically a lot of this money is from Halal certification.We are funding our own takeover.

UPDATE: The below article is satire but nevertheless it is still making a valid point.

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Thank you very much

It’s been a while since we’ve had the ‘monthly’ chest beating post.  This is partially related to the web site Open Parachute no longer reporting reliable results.  That’s not their fault – the underlying tech that used to keep track of blog visit, albeit not 100% accurate, was able to give a relative performance league table.

For some time now, that hasn’t been the case.  A few months ago it reported Kiwiblog had more traffic in a month than Whaleoil ever had.  Ever.   Although that will have made Pinko happy, it was picked up by The World’s Greatest Sysop (who else) and he kicked Pinko’s sand castle over.

Long story short, the Open Parachute rankings are no longer reliable, and they have posted about this themselves.

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Mental Health Break

John Key is right, yet he is a man alone

John Key and Helen Clark

John Key and Helen Clark

There have been calls from the UN and other agencies for other countries to step up to help as the refugee crisis moves across Europe.

But Mr Key’s change of stance was probably due to the bombardment of pressure on him domestically as New Zealanders reacted to the crisis and photos of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned with his brother while trying to get to Kos.

Yesterday Mr Key said the Government could move to address the Syrian refugee problem earlier than he had intended. Earlier in the week Mr Key had said New Zealand would not reconsider its refugee quota numbers or an emergency intake for Syrians until after a review next year.

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Map of the Day

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Why is the European Country so ….. according to the world

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The untintended consequences of greenie meddling

You will hear the Green taliban and the left-wing constantly harping on about honouring the Kyoto Protocol.

But what if I told you the Kyoto Protocol had actually led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions?

A recent paper published in Nature Climate Change describes how some Russian projects operating under the auspices of Kyoto Protocol’s Joint Implementation mechanism have increased waste greenhouse gas generation to unprecedented levels. These findings indicate that perverse incentives created by an emissions credit system are undermining some of the environmental integrity of the Kyoto Protocol’s initiatives. Better regulatory oversight is needed to ensure that the intent of the agreement is adhered to.

In 2005, the Kyoto Protocol established two project-based initiatives, the Clean Development Mechanism for emission reductions projects in developing countries, and the Joint Implementation for projects in industrialized countries. The latter covers Russia and most European Union countries, as well as a few others.

These initiatives provide emission reduction credits to companies if they eliminate any greenhouse gasses that are produced as waste. But revenues that companies receive from these credits can easily exceed the cost of reducing the waste in the first place. Ironically, this creates incentives for companies to increase production of these gases beyond the market demand for them, provided those gasses are not vented into the environment.

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Hillary is getting ratf*cked before she can even get to the primaries


Between the gift that keeps on giving, her mail server, and the fact that she’s no longer able to ride on the afterglow of Bill’s easygoing smile, she’s slowly being ground down to an also-ran.

Truth Revolt reports:

So much for the sisterhood. More women view Hillary Clinton in a negative than positive light, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.

The poll found that among the general population, 53% viewed Clinton unfavorably compared to 45% that view her favorably. Among women the numbers were not much better.

Despite women being a core audience for the Democrats, just 48% of women said they viewed Clinton favorably compared to 51% of women that viewed her unfavorably. The poll also showed trouble for Clinton when it comes to younger voters, with 50% of voters aged 18-39 saying they had a negative view of Clinton compared to 47% with a positive view.

Women and younger voters are two groups that were key to Barack Obama’s election victories in 2008 and 2012.

The poll also looked at Republican candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush as well as Vice-President Joe Biden.

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Hippy farmer gets his [inorganic] beans in court

This was a sensible outcome from a court in Western Australia.

An organic farmer in Western Australia whose crop was contaminated with genetically modified (GM) canola from a neighbouring farm has lost his court appeal for compensation.

Steve Marsh of Kojonup lost organic certification over most of his farmland in 2010 after genetically modified seeds and swathes blew onto his farm.

Mr Marsh went to court, seeking more than $80,000 in compensation.

But last year the Supreme Court dismissed the case, saying neighbour Michael Baxter had not acted negligently and could not be held responsible just for growing a GM crop in a conventional way.

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Photo Of The Day

Juan Pujol Garcia, the man who may possibly be the most successful double-agent in history.

Juan Pujol Garcia, the man who may possibly be the most successful double-agent in history.

The Greatest Double Agent in History

“This is the crowning achievement of the long and glorious history of the British Secret Service.”

– Winston Churchill

Being the guy who almost single-handedly ensured that the Germans were completely unprepared the Allied invasion of Normandy is pretty damn impressive.  Doing it without so much as lifting a rifle is amazing.

Juan Pujol Garcia, the man who may possibly be the most successful double-agent in history, is the complete opposite of everything you think about when you think of badass secret agents.  He was ordinary-looking, married, balding, and wore kind of nerdy glasses, and never owned a wristwatch that shot lasers.

He never snuck into a top-secret high-security enemy facility disguised as a frogman, flying side-kicked a dude into a nuclear reactor, and stole biological weapons schematics from a rogue terrorist nation.  He didn’t lead foreign authorities on high-speed car chases through crowded streets, plow commandeered armored vehicles through blown glass museums, or stop the Doomsday Laser from fragnosticating the human population into radioactive ash by flicking a coin into the machine seconds before it activated.  He didn’t have illicit affairs, sleep with piles of beautiful women stacked up on top of each other, or gamble away millions in complicated casino table games that don’t make any sense to anybody watching.

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Even the Commonwealth games doesn’t want road maggots

Everyone is sick of the lycra clad road maggots, even the Commonwealth Games…in this case track maggots.

Track cycling is at risk of being dropped from the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Durban unless more money is made available to build a new velodrome in South Africa.

Track cycling has been a regular fixture on the Commonwealth Games programme since 1934 but remains an optional sport and South African officials say it could be omitted for 2022.

Durban, which was named on Wednesday as the first African city to host the Commonwealth Games, does not have a velodrome, and South African officials want the International Cycling Union (UCI) to contribute to the cost of building one.

“I met the president of the International Cycling Union and told him that if he wanted track cycling at 2022 then he needed to come to the party and help us build a velodrome,” the Commonwealth Games Federation vice-president Gideon Sam said.

“We cannot afford to build a facility that will cost us millions and not be used.”    Read more »