Green supporter? Dotcom henchman more like

Winston got stopped and accosted by an apparent Green party “supporter”.

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Footage from the last leaders’ debate you didn’t get to see

Caution:  Language

If you’re absolutely honest, this makes as much sense as the real one did.


Participating (commenting) on Whaleoil on election day

Even though any breach of the Electoral Act on Whaleoil during election day will probably be met with a caution at worst, we would like to run a decent show.  None of the blog posts will breach the rules.  But people that comment are also required to change what they would normally do to fall within the requirements of the Act.

Failure to adhere to the rules set out in this article on Saturday (until the polls close at 7pm) will result in having your commenting access permanently withdrawn.  Even if you did it out of ignorance.

There are basically three sources we need to draw our rules from

РWhat we can do as a publisher of news  a.k.a.  restrictions on media

– What we can and can’t do as “social media” – meaning: ¬†the comments

– General 3rd party rules on election day

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Mental Health Break

Via the tipline

Friday mailbag

People think that Dirty Politics and the continuous attention from the media on my alleged role in certain matters under investigation has destroyed me.   Not so.   The blog is going from strength to strength, and more people have had their eyes opened.  They can see that the traditional media have been pushing their own agenda instead of reporting what happens.  This leads to emails like this:


I wanted to let you know why I’ve just arranged a monthly donation to Whaleoil.

I’ve been reading your blog for a few years and I’ve been really impressed recently at the intellectual growth evident in the direction and content of the articles you and your team have been writing.

I see Whale Oil as a primary source for my New Zealand news. I know, and I am comfortable, that it is a right-leaning point of view which is a level of transparency no longer evident in MSM.  I consider myself intelligent, engaged and articulate and your site provides me with valuable perspective, news and opinion that I use to inform myself and develop my own opinions and views.

I don’t always agree with some of your opinions but that is some of the reason why I continue to read your content: I know what you have to say will both challenge and inform me.

I appreciate what you are doing with Whale Oil and I also appreciate that this sometimes comes at a personal cost to you and your family which I also appreciate.

I’m glad to be able to contribute in a very small way.¬† Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Yes, Whaleoil has changed over the last couple of years, and I have to thank Pete and his team of volunteers as well as the many, many (MANY!) Ground Crew that help out. ¬† The amount of research, tips and pointers that flows into my email is as gratifying as it is astounding. ¬† Read more »

Map of the Day



As photographed at one of our fine hospitals yesterday.   (via Tipline)

Click here for a MUCH larger version.

Actually, the Blog is mightier than the Money


Hide on the Dotcom flop

That was the biggest build-up to the shortest scandal.  There was no Moment; there was no Truth.

For over two years Dotcom has repeatedly declared he had the evidence to prove John Key a liar. He told us that.  He told Parliament that.  He promised to produce it in court.

He didn’t.

He then promised to produce it at his Moment of Truth.  That was his rally five days before the election. It was a huge build up.  And then nothing.

The New Zealand Herald published online an all-too perfect email backing Dotcom’s claims. Dotcom confirmed that the email was, indeed, his long promised proof.  He was to produce it at his Moment that evening.

The alleged author of the email declared it fake. The alleged receiver of the email declared it fake. The alleged subject of the email declared it fake.

It had all the appearance of a fake.

Dotcom provided no evidence to prove its authenticity.

Dotcom never produced the promised email at his Truth Moment.  He couldn’t.  It had already been too discredited.  The scandal was over before it started.

It was remarkable in its amateurishness. ¬†Kim’s a tech-head. ¬†How could he have let this happen? ¬†And reading between the lines, the NZ Herald didn’t get the email from Kim. ¬† I suspect there will be some more to come out about that once it no longer matters. ¬† Read more »


Scotland has spoken



The early results are trending to about 54% “No” to Scottish independence.

Let’s hope that New Zealanders are equally not in the mood for change.

No love lost between Peters and Hariwira

Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira is issuing an 11th hour call to arms, asking voters to ignore the calls from National, Labour and NZ First to support his Labour opponent Kelvin Davis.

The Mana leader has been targeted in the last days of the campaign, with John Key, David Cunliffe and Winston Peters all endorsing Mr Davis.

Mr Harawira has also claimed that the Maori Party may be telling supporters to vote for Mr Davis. The Maori Party has said strategic voting was considered, but ultimately dismissed.

Mr Harawira issued a statement this morning asking voters to “hold fast to their mana” again the party leaders who have “ganged together” against him.

“I call on our people to answer them in the strongest way possible, by making sure that every one of your whanau gets down to the polling booths over the next 48 hours and votes for me”, Mr Harawira said.

“Now some party leaders want to take away their right to freely choose their next MP, and that’s just not right.”

He again defended his arrangement with the internet Party and its backer Kim Dotcom, saying it was the best way to get more Mana MPs into parliament.

Hasn’t quite turned out that way, has it Hone? ¬†At 1%, it’s just you. ¬†At 1.2% it’s just you and Laila, and Laia isn’t Mana. ¬†So it doesn’t look like you got there at all – except for the nice nest egg you sold your soul for. ¬† Read more »