The “Decade of Whaleoil” series: Lame Duck Len

Decade of Whaleoil

Decade of Whaleoil

June 10 2015 marks the day Whaleoil has been publishing for ten years.   I can’t account for the earlier weeks and months, but there haven’t been any days without content for close to a decade, that’s for sure.  I thought it might be fun to go back through the videos and relive some interesting moments in politics.

This one is a true Whaleoil production – with Cam on Duck Caller, and yours truly on camera.
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Muslims? More of these, less of the others (Comment of the Day)

Peter Jenkins

I don’t know if any of you saw the Sunday Herald, (my work gets the Herald as it minimises food spills on the tables in the tearoom I suspect) and in it was an advert by a Muslim group called Muslims for Peace protesting against ISIS and Extremism in general. (It was headed Eradicating Extremism in big capital letters)

So there ARE “Good Muslims”, and I thought their message deserved wider circulation than the sad little rag it was in. They seem to be in favour of equal rights for women, no compulsion of religion, and probably also not throwing gays off parking buildings or stoning them.

The ad included four links;,, http://www.MuslimsForPeace.organd

They are Ahmadiyya Muslims, a subset of Islam. Unfortunately they are rejected as kafirs or heretics by mainstream Islam (too peaceful perhaps) and are actively persecuted in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bangladesh and other majority Muslim countries, actually being defined officially as not Muslim in some

I wish them all the best and hope they spread their anti terrorism message further. I’d be happy to see them stay and I’d say they will assimilate far better than most



Mental Health Break

Road Maggot runs red light, lycra forcefield fails

I could watch this video for hours.

A video showing a biker ignoring a red light and then smacking into a bus has been viewed more than 116,000 times.

The man who posted the video was a motorcyclist on his way home through the streets of Manchester.    Read more »

Map of the Day

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Map of Gold Production by Country

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Make a difference, shoot some Pukes

Hunting & Fishing has a good reason to go shooting Pukekos.

With pukeko being on the game bird hunting schedule, now that ducks have become more wary and harder to locate, Queens Birthday Weekend is an ideal time to organise a puke hunt (check with your local Fish and Game for hunting regulations – zero bag limit in Otago and Southland).  Breasted and casseroled, you will be very pleasantly surprised at the eating quality of these birds, but after all, they are selective clean feeders.  (Avoid the legs though as they are full of sinues.)

Why target a bird that may appear to be more comical than challenging, and harmless enough in its own environment?  The answer is that pukekos are in fact an intelligent bird that very quickly wises up to the ways of a hunter.  The most effective method of hunting them is with a group that can ‘drive’ the swampy or rough cover they inhabit, placing ‘guns’ at the end of the drive to cut off the likely escape routes.   Read more »

Finally, a left wing commentator who gets it

Danyl McLauchlan comments on the latest Roy Morgan poll disaster for Labour and Andrew Little.

Firstly he looks at press releases from National at this stage of the electoral cycle when they were in opposition, then he comments:

Labour’s recent press releases are here. The difference is stark. National attacked the competency of the government to govern. Overflowing hospitals! Gangs running the streets! Power crisis! While Labour constantly attacks the morality and character of the government. Broken promises! Key is blaming his new tax on a fruit-fly! National is kicking hard-working whanau!

Voters get that the opposition parties don’t like the government. But they also don’t give a shit because as far as they can tell the government are governing things pretty well. Why would they change?

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Sign of the Day

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Photo Of The Day

Photo:AP Photo/Nancy Kaye. David Letterman at the taping of his first talk-comedy hour "Late Night with David Letterman" with guest Bill Murray, February 1, 1982 in New York.

Photo:AP Photo/Nancy Kaye.
David Letterman at the taping of his first talk-comedy hour “Late Night with David Letterman” with guest Bill Murray, February 1, 1982 in New York.

How Bill Murray Went Missing

During Letterman’s First Episode

Here’s where it all began: Murray’s interview as the first guest ever on NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman. In his typical sardonic fashion, he makes fun of Dave, explains that he regrets not strangling Richard Nixon when he had the opportunity, has a humorous mental breakdown, shows off a short film he made in his backyard about a panda bear named “Cancun” that was forced to work in a Chinese restaurant, and ends the whole thing by doing aerobics while singing Olivia Newton John’s “Physical.”

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The House Today #nzqt

Question time/Questions for oral answer starts at 2 pm today.

Questions to Ministers

  1. METIRIA TUREI to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements?
  2. TIM MACINDOE to the Minister of Finance: How does Budget 2015 continue the Government’s plan to manage the public finances while supporting the most vulnerable?
  3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Why has he reneged on his commitment made in 2011 that “the $1,000 kick-start for new KiwiSaver members will remain as it is now” by removing the kick-start in this year’s Budget, and did he renege on any other commitments in the Budget?
  4. BARBARA KURIGER to the Minister for Primary Industries:How will Budget 2015 help develop more water storage and irrigation projects?
  5. RON MARK to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements? Read more »