We’ve created a generation where 10% start off mentally ill

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There is only one acceptable view when it comes to mental health issues, these days. And it involves a sympathetic face and blaming someone, usually the government.

I don’t have the former in my repertoire and love the words personal accountability, so I find myself unable to go along with the prevailing consensus.

Listening to Kate Middleton support Children’s Mental Health Week, I am with her all the way. Kids do need to develop resilience in order to overcome life’s hurdles and cope with challenges they face.

Clearly there are genuine cases of family trauma and mistreatment. And these children deserve all the support the state can afford.

But when we are told 1 in 5 children under 11 has experienced mental health issues and 10% of children aged 5-16 have a recognised mental health disorder I can’t help but feel sceptical.

These days everything has to have a label. Normal emotional reactions end up being disorders and a child who doesn’t like being told what to do by teacher is diagnosed with Pathological Demand Avoidance. If you’ve got PDA you can stick two fingers up at teacher and still get Golden Time for not physically assaulting her. Now that’s progress.

This adds to the article the other day that saying that fewer children were getting hurt these days.   We lock them up, mollycoddle them, and then give them neatly packaged labels to excuse poor behaviour.  Read more »

Trotter still thinks the missing million are about to rise up

Chris Trotter is still mistaking a few rowdies blocking up the centre of Auckland for some sort of mass uprising against the evil government of John Key.

He would think that though, because he can’t count. He claims there were 30,000 protesters yet no media outlet – usually protest-friendly – has provided a figure above 10,000.

That aside, Chris Trotter falls into the trap of believing that one protest will mark the end of the most popular government in modern history.

The fear inspired in the political class by the clearly bi-cultural quality of the 4 February demonstration was expressed, at least initially, in the scornful depiction of the protesters as ignorant dupes of the usual “commie” suspects. What those making fun of New Zealanders very real, if ill-expressed, anxieties about the TPPA simply ignored was the fact that in democratic societies most citizens take their cues from trusted cultural and/or political leaders, by whose deeper understanding of complex issues they are more than happy to be guided.

What fear? Any political movement that can’t even get basic facts right about their cause is ultimately doomed to fail. Many of the ferals marching couldn’t even tell you what the TPPA stood for let alone any of the agreement’s content. Few of them can actually get the surname of our Prime Minister right so it is doubly hard to take them seriously.   Read more »


Mental Health Break

Media Party continues to push the Waitangi kerfuffle

The Media Party are trying really hard to push the idea that John Key broke his promise to go to Waitangi every year.

Prime Minister John Key denies he broke a long-standing promise by not attending events in Waitangi this year.

Mr Key chose to spend Waitangi Day in Auckland because he was concerned he would be blocked from discussing politics at Te Tii Marae in Waitangi.

When he was Leader of the Opposition, Mr Key said that he would go to Waitangi every year if he became Prime Minister.

He made the commitment in 2007 after Helen Clark stopped going to annual commemorations at Te Tii Marae.   Read more »

Map of the Day

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Reporting on asylum seekers is “advocacy parading as journalism”

Looks like Australia has the same problems with their Media Party as we have with ours.

Now the ABC has been caught making up claims about an imaginary 5-year-old refugee.

The ABC has admitted to an “error” in a story that claimed a five-year-old raped at Nauru was slated to return to the island and face his attacker, after immigration officials on Monday labelled the report a “figment”.

The report on ABC’s 7.30 program this month said paediatricians had detailed their concerns about the child. It came on the eve of a High Court ruling that ultimately found the government’s offshore detention network was lawful.

An error? You mean they lied?   Read more »


No wonder the world is in trouble: first liberal lefties, then ISIS, now this

Didn’t they read the news the other day?

Vegetarians are sicker and more mental than meat eaters, but apparently on the rise in New Zealand.

Vegetarianism in New Zealand has grown 27 percent in the past five years — and that’s largely down to more men changing their diet, according to a recent study.

Roy Morgan Research has revealed that 63 percent more men than four years ago say all the food they eat — or at least almost all — is vegetable-based, with nearly 10 percent of all Kiwi males now referring to themselves as vegetarians.   Read more »

The House Today #nzqt

You can follow proceedings starting at 2 pm on TV (Freeview 22, Sky 86), streaming audio via Radio New Zealand and streaming Parliament TV via the internet. After the sitting day, on-demand replays can be found at In The House.

As this is the first day of the parliamentary year, the schedule is a little different

Order of Business:  Debate on Prime Minister’s statement

Prime Minister and specified party leaders  20 minutes
Other members 10 minutes
Whole debate 13 hours

This post is a Debate post about the goings on in The House. It is not a general debate post. Off-topic comments will be removed.

Aussies whinging like Poms over cricket loss

The Aussies are sounding more and more like whinging Poms with their weapons-grade whining over the latest cricket loss.

Brendon McCullum’s hypocrisy and “mob rule” by a “rabid” crowd combined to bring Australia down at Seddon Park, according to Australian media as they reacted to the Matt Henry catching controversy.

“McCullum’s (international) ODI swansong will be remembered for the bizarre wicket of Marsh, which will further raise doubt in the Australian dressing room over the Black Caps’ status as the modern day torchbearers for sportsmanship,” the Sydney Morning Herald’s Andrew Wu wrote.

Wu reported there were “…heated scenes between the two teams with claims Matthew Wade had called Grant Elliott a “f****** coward” for sledging an angry Marsh as he left. Marsh then appeared to yell “f****** bullshit” as he walked off the field despite a consolatory tap from McCullum.”   Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Zsa 1


“I don’t remember anyone’s name. How do you think the ‘Dahling’ thing got started?”

Believe it or not, Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive. She turned 99 years old, on February 6th. She is still in her home in Bel Air. Her husband, Frederick Prinz van Anhalt, is only 72. This year marks the couple’s 30th wedding anniversary.

Frederick says that Zsa Zsa does have visitors from time to time.

It’s unclear how much Zsa Zsa understands, but at least she’s comfortable and well taken care of. It’s also unclear if she knows about the death of her only child, Francesca Hilton. Francesca fought with Frederick for years. Then she died just over a year ago– January 6, 2015– at age 67.

Zsa Zsa would barely recognize the world around her if she were really with it. All her friends are gone. Her famous sisters, Eva and Magda, are long gone, as their mother, Jolie Gabor.

The Diamonds, Money, Fur coats, the Brown Derby, good manners, they’re all gone, too. Maybe it’s best that she stay in bed.

Anyone who has lived to be almost 100 likely has a few outlandish tales to tell. At least, one hopes they have tales to tell; it’s simply too awful to think of someone living through ten decades without one adventure, one great passion, one scandal worthy of relating over and over again. What’s the point of living a long life, after all, if one can’t look back with some complacency and pleasure at the glorious, memorable mistakes one made along the way?

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