A reader emails Jim Hubbard


Jim Hubbard penned a disgusting cartoon about me and my travels to Gallipoli to honour my great-grandfather Harry Crozier.

A reader was incensed and emailed him.    Read more »

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Campbell Live “consultation process” mere window dressing

MediaWorks management cut a key Campbell Live sponsorship deal, smoothing the path for the show’s axing, months before the company told staff it was conducting a formal review of the flagship current affairs programme.

Citing declining ratings and a need to improve financial performance, TV3 owner MediaWorks announced on April 9 Campbell Live‘s future was up in the air.

The news led to an outpouring of public support for the programme, including nearly 75,000 signing an online petition calling for the show to be saved, with the attendant publicity contributing to a 40 per cent spike in ratings this week.

Last night, in an open dig at network bosses who have suggested replacing the show with a soap opera, Campbell Live opened to the theme tune Let Me Entertain You.

The terms of the review initially called for consultation with affected staff, understood to number about 25, to end yesterday with a decision on the show’s future to follow shortly after.

But MediaWorks confirmed yesterday that the consultation process had been extended into next week.

However, a Weekend Herald investigation can reveal that earlier this year MediaWorks, in an unusual move, secretly trimmed the length of the show’s cornerstone sponsorship. Read more »

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Westeros from Game of Thrones compared to UK & Ireland

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Some people really are stupid

I find it hard to fathom how someone can let themselves get dudded and then run off to the media to tell the world that they got dudded by what is an obvious con.

Pensioner Mary Boyle has forgiven Steven Robertson since he repaid $29,000 she had handed over for a gold trading investment.

But she does not think of him fondly.

“I don’t know how on earth he lives with himself,” she said.

Boyle, a retired teacher in her 80s, became involved with Robertson after a brochure landed in her letterbox, followed by a phone call from a company called PTT.

It was a sales pitch for a gold trading scheme called Prosper Through Trading.    Read more »

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Slamming Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is a funny guy, that alone might get him off kiddy fiddling charges in New Zealand, but like most people in the arts who are famous they think they are entitled to an opinion on everything and it gives them a free licence to bully people who have views and beliefs that are different from theirs.

His latest attack has been on a woman hunter.

James Delingpole though gives him a thorough slamming.

Comedian Ricky Gervais has decided that because we liked The Office, quite enjoyed a couple of sketches in Extras (the David Bowie one and the Lenny Henry one) and weren’t all driven to suicide by Night At The Museum, we should therefore care what he thinks about giraffe rights.

Gervais takes them so seriously that when he found a photograph of “extreme huntress” Rebecca Francis posing next to the body of a giraffe she had shot, he just couldn’t resist exposing her to the righteous wrath of his 7.5 million Twitter follows, earning the poor woman a string of death threats.

What Gervais clearly doesn’t appreciate – why should he?: his job is making people laugh and hanging out with smug Hollywood liberals, not reading or thinking – is that any intelligent person who really cares about Africa’s wildlife ought to be backing people like Rebecca Francis to the hilt.

If it weren’t for Africa’s game industry there’d be virtually no game left in Africa to photograph, let alone hunt.   Read more »

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The Girl With The Tattooed Face

 The Story of Olive Oatman’s Famous Capture

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Palestinian lives matter…only when Israel can be blamed for their plight

The media loves, about every two years when Hamas lights up, to promote how hard done Palestinians are by an awful and nasty regime in Israel.

But they pretty much ignore what goes on inside Palestinian territories or within Arab nations against Palestinians with crimes perpetrated by their own people.

Thousands of Palestinians face a humanitarian crisis that one official calls “beyond inhumane,” including rapes, beheadings and mass starvation.

Yet for once this suffering has brought no mass public outcry — no angry rallies in the streets or on college campuses, no calls for economic sanctions.

Not even a Twitter hashtag campaign.

Why? Because Israel has nothing to do with this nightmare.    Read more »

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