Never trust a man who pays cock tax twice to the same woman

Elon Musk pays a lot of cock tax

Elon Musk pays a lot of cock tax

Elon Musk must be really dopey, I mean really dopey. Sure he’s worth billions but he has paid cock tax twice to the same woman. On top of that, he has five kids to a previous wife.

That is a great deal of cock tax.

So, one must be wary of someone who has paid cock tax to the same woman twice and to another woman.

Another warning sign is if his business is built upon subsidies, hope, prayers and good luck.

ELON MUSK, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has become one of the most famous tycoons in America. He builds electric cars, launches rockets and installs solar panels. And he dreams bigger than almost anyone else, with plans to populate Mars and create a “hyperloop” that would allow high-speed travel along America’s west coast. But lately concerns have been raised about his finances. A plan to merge Tesla, Mr Musk’s car firm, with SolarCity, his struggling energy company, is controversial on Wall Street. Jim Chanos, a hedge-fund manager who helped rumble Enron, says Mr Musk is in financial trouble. Far from conquering planets, some fear that Mr Musk has become like Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. Can his empire stand the heat?    Read more »

Auckland Council pay $200,000 for what everyone else can essentially get for free

The Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance is an organisation with a paid up membership that’s significantly larger than the Labour Party.  And people are getting their money’s worth.  Look what they’ve unearthed this time:

The Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance is questioning the nearly $200,000 being spent by Auckland Council on Facebook and LinkedIn advertising, saying that is being wasted on mere propaganda exercises.

Figures obtained by the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance reveal that $187,870 has been spent on social media advertising by Auckland Council in the 2015/16 financial year, with $164,287.32 being put towards Facebook advertising, and $23,582.96 spent on LinkedIn. This is part of Auckland Council’s total marketing and communications spend of approximately $26.2 million. Read more »

Mental Health Break

Muslims in Norway call for Minister’s resignation


What enraged Muslims so much that they demanded the resignation of this Norwegian Minister?

A) She drew Muhammad

B) She said that the hijab should be banned in Norway

C) She said that Muslims are from an inferior and backward culture

D) She said that those who come to Norway need to adapt to its society and abide by its values and laws.

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Map of the Day


The 6,000-kilometre-plus journey of the India landmass (Indian Plate) before its collision with Asia (Eurasian Plate)


Opportunity cost: what could you do with $1b?

I love the idea of locking up scumbags and not letting them out until they have gotten it through their thick skulls that the rest of society expects them to grow up.   But $1b is a lot of money.

Crime does not pay, as the old adage goes.

That may or may not be true, but what is absolutely without question is that crime costs. And the costs aren’t just incurred by victims of crime but by each and every one of us.

It was announced this week that the Government has approved plans to increase the country’s prison capacity by 1800 beds and the cost of this is expected to be about $1 billion.

And that’s only the cost of this particular expansion programme.

According to Corrections Minister Judith Collins, the number of criminals needing to be incarcerated has increased faster than the number crunchers projected.

There was a glimmer of hope in the press release: there was talk of Corrections increasing rehabilitation, providing education and special training, and addressing violent and sexual offending through special treatment units.

But there were no specifics and no indication of how much money would go on these programmes. And there appears to be much merit in these initiatives. Read more »


The Australian and Cartoonist Bill Leak fight back against Aussie HRC


In Australia, The Australian and their cartoonist Bill Leak are under investigation for the cartoon shown above.

The same thing happened here in New Zealand. The publisher was Whale Oil Beef Hooked and the cartoonist was Boomslang. Fortunately our Human Rights Commission is a toothless organisation and I simply ignored their bleating and that of the complainants.

The Australian and Bill Leak are fighting back against the Human Rights Commission.

Lawyers for cartoonist Bill Leak and The Australian have accused the Human Rights Commission of outright bias and warned of legal action to restrain the federal body and its head, Gillian Triggs, from investigating a drawing.

The newspaper yesterday ­issued its formal legal response to the commission after The ­Australian and Leak were put on notice that they were being ­investigated for alleged “racial hatred under the Racial Discrimination Act” for a cartoon ­depicting the neglect of indig­enous children by their parents.

The lawyers for Leak and the newspaper state that, if necessary, they will produce evidence to ­establish the August 4 cartoon was drawn in good faith and did not breach section 18C, and that indigenous people would ­testify they were not “offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated” by it.

Their letter states they will rely on evidence from “sociologists and criminologists, as well as ­witnesses having direct daily ­exposure to the problems associated with juvenile crime and ­recidivism in remote Aboriginal communities, to establish that the point made by Leak’s cartoon is both a ‘genuine’ matter of concern and a legitimate issue of ‘public ­interest’’’.

Jodie Ball, the delegate for commission president Professor Triggs, advised the newspaper this month that an investigation under section 18C had been triggered by complainant Melissa Dinnison, who says she has ­“experienced ­racial hatred” and been discriminated against as a result of the ­cartoon.

In Leak’s and the newspaper’s reply yesterday to Professor Triggs, who has faced resignation calls this week after falsely claiming to a Senate committee that journalists at Melbourne’s The ­Saturday Paper fabricated her quotes, the commission is charged with “playing politics” with the welfare of children.

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Hide: The Mt Roskill byelection could wreck Labour

Could.  Do we dare hope it might?

Oh but Mt Roskill’s Labour’s seat – look at Phil Goff’s majority. Governments don’t take seats off oppositions in byelections – look at history.

But National won Mt Roskill’s party vote last election by more than 2000 votes. That’s a win by 6 per cent. Mt Roskill had more National voters than Labour ones. That’s a bad start for Labour.

Also, low turnout plagues byelections. It can be as little as half that of the general election. That low turnout can dramatically skew the result. I suspect National voters are more likely to vote in Mt Roskill than Labour ones.

And yes the Greens with their new love-in with Labour aren’t standing a candidate, but that makes Labour look weak and desperate.

Plus I don’t think it helps. The Green candidate for Mt Roskill took only 5 per cent last election.

And a great many of those Green voters won’t vote in the byelection having been deprived of their candidate.

It’s a typical situation where even by winning, you can still lose.   Read more »

Photo of the Day

Seymour, Bisset is looking at you ... Worsley, his wife and Bisset had once attended a bath-house in the town and, while Lady Worsley was getting dressed, her husband had allowed Bisset to climb on his shoulders to ogle her half-naked form through a window.

Seymour, Bisset is looking at you … Worsley, his wife and Bisset had once attended a bath-house in the town and, while Lady Worsley was getting dressed, her husband had allowed Bisset to climb on his shoulders to ogle her half-naked form through a window.

Sex, Scandal and Divorce

 Lady Worsley had 27 lovers and Sir Richard was a Voyeur, a Pervert, a Deviant

The Battle between Sir Richard Worsley and George Bisset

In 1782, the chattering classes of Britain and the United States were held transfixed by the trial of George Bisset for criminal conversation. The transcript had seven printings in the first year–even George Washington requested one.

Lady Worsley ran off with her husband’s best friend, Captain George Bisset and by March 1782, their names and cartoon images were plastered all over London. Sir Richard was a voyeur who used to pimp Lady Worsley out to his friends, and then tried to unsuccessfully sue Bisset for 20,000 pounds in a Criminal Conversation, or adultery trial. The couple took great pains to completely ruin each other – and the public loved it. They queued outside booksellers shops for copies of the trial transcripts and the newspapers covered the farce for months. Poems and pamphlets of purported exploits were printed and hungrily consumed all that year and in the years to follow.

What legal options were available to the cuckolded husbands of 18th-century England? Divorce was a fantastically costly, excruciatingly public business, and only really viable for those blessed with deep pockets and lofty social rank.

The so-called parliamentary divorce was one possibility, which obliterated the marital union and left the parties free to re-marry.

However, there was also the solution dispensed by the ecclesiastical court of Doctors’ Commons: a legal separation of “bed and board” might be pronounced, but the former husband and wife were not then entitled to find new spouses. This was the vengeful cuckold’s first port of call: a wife who was unable to remarry stood an excellent chance of falling into penury.

What, though, of the scoundrel who had ravished her? Here the concept of “criminal conversation” – a euphemistic way of saying “having adulterous sex” – came to the fore.

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Justin Trudeau should have decked him

Justin Trudeau man-handles an attacker

Justin Trudeau manhandles an attacker

What is it with weak-kneed liberals?

Justin Trudeau should have decked him. He would have gone up in the polls for doing so.

A man accosting Justin Trudeau was immediately shut down by the prime minister himself on Friday in Ontario.

Trudeau had just left from visiting Picone’s Fine Food in Dundas, when the unidentified man tried to get in his face.

A series of photos show the 44-year-old Leader of the Liberal Party with his hands placed on the man as the two appear to exchange words.    Read more »