NZ First is a racist party. No it’s not. Yes it is. Eh?


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On page 3 of Bay of Plenty Times (28 August) the NZ First candidate is quoted saying, “The only parties we won’t work with are ones with race based policies …”

On the same page, in the article below, the NZ First leader repeated his criticism of foreigners buying NZ land and assets.

Isn’t a foreigner typically someone from a different race or ethnic background? Wasn’t Winston’s recent outburst over the Lochinver sale because the buyers were Chinese?   Read more »

Message of support

From the mail bag

By the way, despite all the haters out there, I and many others continue to enjoy your site. We dont have to like or agree with everything you say – but it is a good platform for you and many others to have their say about whatever is topical at the time.

At times discussions, expressions and sentiments may get a bit carried away, but that is what we should all be able to enjoy in NZ, the freedom of speech and the right to express a view despite how others may view it. It seems the liberal left no longer regard freedom of speech as a a cornerstone of our society and want comments that express a view politically opposed to theirs shut down.

Never mind that they can shout obscenities at the Prime Minister or create songs depicting a despicable act on his daughter – that is not “dirty politics” because it was one of their own saying it. They have such different rules it is laughable. Read more »


The Amazing Contortions of the NZ Herald and other journalists

David Farrar points out the utter hypocrisy of the media:

This is the e-mail released by the PM’s Office. Obviously it has impacted Judith Collins, but if you read the whole thing you’ll see it backs something I have said consistently.

Cameron deals with a huge range of people, including Labour MPs, Green MPs, and almost every media organisation in NZ. The book only showed you his interactions with people associated with National, but this e-mail includes media contact with no less than four different journalists. One specific quote:

I am maintaining daily communications with Jared Savage at the Herald and he is passing information directly to me that the Herald can’t run and so are feeding me to run on the blog.

Now let me say again that what Cam says in an e-mail is his interpretation of events. I regard Jared Savage as an excellent investigative reporter. But the e-mail does lead to questions being asked. How is media giving Cam stories, different to a press secretary doing so?

Now again what Cam has written is his interpretation. It may not be the literal truth of what Jared was doing. But here’s the thing – you need to be consistent. If you accept everything in the e-mails written by Cam as the literal truth, then the NZ Herald was feeding stories to Whale Oil, which they could not run in their newspaper. If you do not accept those e-mails as the literal truth, then why would you accept the ones about interactions with people in National as the literal truth?

Is the Herald going to say that everything Cameron wrote about his dealings with us is incorrect, yet everything else is correct?

Will other media subject Herald reporters and editors to the same level of inquiry that they have subjected others named in the hacked e-mails to?

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Internet Mana party are stealing an election

Internet MANA, or more likely the Internet Party are starting a new get out to vote campaign called Mobilize.  At first I thought I was nitpicking again given that Mobilize is the US spelling of the word, while Mobilise is the British/NZ spelling of the word, somewhat amusing when you consider the very nasty anti-US stance of many people in Internet MANA.

Once I got past the nitpicking, what I found more interesting was the terms and conditions page of the website. In it, there’s a paragraph about Mobilize working towards seeing if they can offer prizes to people who get the most other people to pledge to vote and/or get the most unenrolled pledgers to enrol, which is skirting around the boundaries of electoral law.

What’s more interesting is as the paragraph goes on, the whole point of Mobilize NZ – a scheme to encourage Internet and MANA members to campaign on their behalf – comes out, as they point out that it is likely that any prizes will only be offered to people who are members of Internet MANA or its component parties at the time that they pledge to vote.

Under privacy they’re also using the emails and details your provide to effectively sign you up to receive newsletters from Internet MANA, along with the usual encouragements to vote.

So while they profess to be all about getting people to pledge to vote, in reality they’re simply out to collect email addresses to send their newsletters to and to incentivise Internet MANA members to push this campaign for them.

Wonder what the Electoral Commission will make of it.  Seems awfully close to treating once again.

mobilize privacy

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This photo was hacked from a comment by a guest on Whaleoil

This photo was hacked from a comment by a guest on Whaleoil

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