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Sexist crime and punishment

Spotted on the Trademe Message board today.

Graham Lowe gets caned for commenting on Adern’s physical appearance, while Hilary Barry threatens violence and is congratulated.

-screenshot facebook -whaleoil.co.nz

-screenshot facebook

Both comments are petty and deserve not much more than rolled eyes and shoulder shrugs, however if the women of this world want to be taken seriously and respected for values beyond their physical appearance, they might like to admonish Barry for the pathetic promise to deliver violence.
The fact that Adern thanks her for the threat shows perfect hypocrisy.

-screenshot facebook -whaleoil.co.nz

-screenshot facebook

Anybody who kicks me in the shin should expect to be punched in the face.
But then women are allowed to be violent and men are not.

-Trader boxapaul. Trademe message board.

Mike Hosking on why he is biased

I am not a journalist. Much commentary was served up on the basis I was. Which, surely, is one of the great ironies – as a journalist one of your primary tasks is accuracy and if you start off with inaccuracy you never really recover.

So, as many a story went, because I was a journalist I was then supposed to be upholding some age-old tradition that balance wins the day, no editorialising should ensue, and having an opinion is out of the question.

A journalist is a person who has a bit of paper that tells us they are a journalist. They will have been on a course, or have a diploma or a degree. I have none of those things. I have UE in a handful of subjects, at which point my formal education ended, and the real-life one began.

Given I am not a journalist I can, like most people, say what I like. Perhaps the most sensible bit of commentary I read about the whole subject was from the person who suggested that my glass half-full view of the world might just happen to coincide with the glass half-full view of the Government.

He’s certainly a bit of a National fan-boi, beyond where it is deserved, but that just goes to prove his point:  he’s not working as a journalist, and any expectation of neutrality is moot.   Read more »

Soper gets stuck into the Ardern fanciers club

There is certainly a push on, at least from the media, for Jacinda Ardern to be taking a more prominent role in the Labour party.

As I have said many times she is dumb as a bag of hammers…but is appealing to the eye…to some.

Barry Soper says as much too.

Rugger league legend Graham Lowe will today be regretting that he offered an opinion on the future prospects of Labour Party pinup person Jacinda Ardern.

For a start to even think of her as a future Prime Minister, given her latest opinion poll rating of 3.9 percent, is drawing a very long bow, when you consider the Tory’s pinup boy Teflon John Key’s hanging ten on the crest of the popularity wave at just below 64 percent, followed by Angry Andy Little, on the unlucky for some number of 13, and Luigi Peters just behind him.

So Ardern’s hardly in the running even if Lowe thinks she’s easy on the eye, or as he put it, “a pretty little thing.” He went on to add insult to injury it seems by saying if she was to lead at some stage, she’d look good and when you saw her you’d think, “Wow, she’s our Prime Minister.”

The views brought them out in a furious frenzy. The National Council of Women decried Lowe saying his comments were dismissive and condescending. A woman’s appearance is irrelevant, they crowed, the focus should be on her ability as a politician.

If that’s the criteria, Ardern’s lucky to even have a rating. She’s hardly been a stellar performer in Parliament’s bear pit, spending the last term being annihilated by her opposite number, the pretty formidable Paula Bennett, who I’m reliably informed would wear Lowe’s praise with pride.   Read more »

What is the most powerful entity in New Zealand? Could it be rugby?


John Key is taking his role as All Black fanboy-in Chief to an all new level by attending the selection of the All Blacks World Cup team on Sunday.

Many people probably see this as a bit weird just like that three-way handshake.

But even weirder is that not a single politician is prepared criticise Key for it – not even Winston Peters.

Especially Winston Peters.  He knows there is only hurt down that path.   Read more »

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity


If you’ve watched Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel, you’ll be familiar with the concept:  some people claim that cell phones, wifi routers and the like make them ill.

One cheese eating surrender monkey even went to court to obtain free taxpayer money in the form of a disability grant.   Read more »

Mental Health Break

How long before A Newspaper becomes A Magazine?

When I saw the headline the other day about Millie Elder-Holmes I face palmed. Any doubt I had about A Newspaper’s slide into Women’s Weekly fodder has dissolved. Here are a few of the headlines we have been treated to.

Revealed: Millie Elder-Holmes’ full back tattoo

SCCZEN_A_031214NZHDPFIGHT11_620x310 -The Herald

-The Herald

Read more »

Map of the Day

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Earth’s Tectonic Plates

Click here for larger view

Read more »

Anmol Seth: Another victim comes forward

Anmol Seth:

Anmol Seth: Dodgy Indian currying favour in community

CONMAN EXTRAORDINAIRE Anmol Seth harassed an Indian businessman for $6000 for accountancy work he never carried out – and then had the cheek to refer the matter to a debt collection agency when the man refused to pay.

This is the latest in a string of cases involving New Zealand’s self-styled King of Con – a man who for the past decade has financed his champagne lifestyle by preying upon vulnerable and hard-working Indian investors.

Yesterday Inland Revenue and the Bank of New Zealand, who hold a security interest in Seth’s Rolls Royce motor vehicle, were notified of his involvement in alleged money laundering, tax and GST fraud and wide-ranging breaches of the Securities Act.

Indian MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has also been told about the “fraudonaire extraordinaire’.

Bakshi is a Facebook friend of Seth’s, but won’t confirm whether he knows him personally, or has anything to do with him over the past decade.

All he would say was that his Facebook page was ‘a tool to keep in touch with the Indian community’.

“… this doesn’t imply that I have a personal connection with everyone who I interact with through social media,” he told Whaleoil.    Read more »