Privacy policy

The principles of the New Zealand Privacy Act (2003) states, in part

The privacy principles do not cover an individual who collects or holds [other people’s] personal information solely or principally for personal, family or household reasons.

This web site (WOBH) is the personal web site of Cameron Slater, and as such it isn’t covered by Privacy Legislation.  That said, the following common sense rules are being adhered to voluntarily:

  • WOBH collects data for the day-to-day operation of its web site.  This includes data stored by the WordPress software and its plug-ins.  Most of this data isn’t personal in nature.
  • Personal data (Data) that may be stored  include a name, email address and the IP number at the time the any data is supplied.
  • Data may be stored indefinitely, although it may be destroyed at any time.  There is no guarantee data is either kept or destroyed.
  • You have no right to access, remove, correct or change your Data.
  • Data is stored on a public web server where it isn’t accessible to the public.  It is accessible by any “blog staff” and in theory (but not in practice) by any technical personnel.  All practical and reasonable steps are taken to protect your Data from being exposed to the public.
  • Data will be used by “blog staff” to assist with the proper running of WOBH.