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The Swiss insist on cultural assimilation if you want to become a Swiss citizen


David Seymour and John Key need to have a chat to someone in the Swiss government about immigration. Unlike the rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Swiss know how to protect their people and their culture. It turns out it’s not actually that difficult. All it takes is politicians prepared to draw a line in the sand: fit in or forget about becoming a citizen. It really is that simple. The Swiss value their culture and it is about time our New Zealand politicians stood up for ours.

If you want to be a Kiwi act like a Kiwi. Our culture is more important than yours. Our culture is the culture of New Zealand and you are a guest here. If you want to become one of us you need to assimilate to our culture just as we would have to assimilate to your culture if we lived in the country that you came from. Islamic countries have no difficulty whatsoever imposing their culture on immigrants. Why is it that we in the West are so squeamish and cowardly when it comes to expecting Muslim immigrants to assimilate into our wonderful democratic society? Why don’t we insist on equal rights for Muslim women inside our country? Why do we allow our Muslim immigrants’ religion to dictate to us how we eat, run our schools and our businesses?

GENEVA — In the latest move to deny citizenship to those who balk at Swiss culture, authorities rejected the naturalization application of two Muslim girls who refused to take school swimming lessons because boys were present.

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Seymour on National’s backward slide on property rights

A reader noted that Whaleoil has been doing “hits” on the government a lot lately. Some attribute that to my dislike of John Key. Others think I’m being petulant.

Not so. National is slowly but surely drifting away from the core principles it is meant to promote and defend.

With an election looming where voters are getting tired of National, but can’t stomach Labour (just yet), National need to protect their own voter base lest it be diluted by people moving their “protest” vote to ACT and NZ First.


Auckland Council getting their beans from all sides now…except Phil Goff

Labour have called Auckland Council’s housing plan deluded:

Labour says Auckland Council is deluded, after it said its metropolitan urban limit wasn’t holding up development of new housing.

“I think [Auckland Council is] utterly out of touch,” says Labour’s Phil Twyford.

“If they think that the current status quo is working they are absolutely deluded.”

A rare alliance between Labour and National saw the council backed into a corner, but today the council came out fighting.

“We feel there’s quite a lot of misinformation out there,” says Auckland Council’s Penny Wright.

Much of the debate is around freeing up land for new housing.

The council rejects the idea it’s kept a tight grip on the Metropolitan Urban Limit — essentially a ring around Auckland dictating where housing is built.

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Vanguard Military school hosts David Seymour’s big announcement

PHOTO-Vanguard FB page

PHOTO-Vanguard FB page

Yesterday I covered a story unknown to the MSM as Chris Hipkins did not invite them. In a historic move after years of turning down invitations, Chris Hipkins finally visited two charter schools; Vanguard Military School and South Auckland Middle School. We need wonder no more at the reason for his change of heart as yesterday David Seymour made a big announcement at Vanguard Military school, the day after Chris Hipkins visited it for the first time.

Now that Charter schools will once again be in the news, I think Chris Hipkins has decided to protect himself from the questions that have been asked of him repeatedly over the years.

” Have you visited a charter school Mr Hipkins? ”

” Why haven’t you ever visited a charter school Mr Hipkins?”

It really has been a bad look that as Labour’s spokesperson for education, he has criticised partnership schools for years despite never having set foot in one. Now with David Seymour’s big announcement it has become clear why the pressure was on for Mr Hipkins to quickly visit two schools.

The Government has announced seven new charter schools will open in 2018 and 2019.

The new schools will expand the flagship ACT policy that saw five schools open, mostly in Auckland and Northland in 2014 – one of which, in Whangaruru has since been closed by the Education Minister – and another four in 2015.

A third round of applications is currently underway and more schools are expected to open as a result early next year.

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So what do these political words really mean?



This funny image about red heads got me thinking. How many other words do we use inaccurately? I have used words to describe political parties where I did not really understand the full meaning of the labels I was using.

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ACT has joined Whaleoil in ridiculing Green hippycrisy

I’m liking the cut of David Seymour’s jib…he is certainly getting amongst it all.

His latest target are the hippycrits in the Green party.

The Green Party are hypocrites given their MPs’ spending on flights, Act leader David Seymour says.

However, the Greens have dismissed the criticism as a “boring gimmick”, and say it is caucus policy to offset all air miles.

Mr Seymour said the latest release of expenses shows that in October, November and December the average Green MP spent $7992 on air travel — the highest average amongst political parties.

“Green MPs’ expenditure on air travel is extraordinary for several reasons,” said Mr Seymour. “These are the MPs who regularly tell us that climate change is the crisis of our time and we must reduce our emissions.”

Mr Seymour said the average Green spend of $7992 compared with an average spend by Labour MPs of $7790, $5493 by National MPs, and $5998 by NZ First MPs.

A Green Party spokesman dismissed Mr Seymour’s attack as a “gimmick”.

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Battle stations, the Green Party are under attack

When you think of the environment which political party do you think of? Most people would answer, the Green party but that is all about to change. ACT party leader David Seymour has gone on the attack, pointing out the Green party’s neglect of the environment.

ACT leader David Seymour is readying to fire shots across the Green Party bow, accusing them of “socialist economics” and neglecting the environment.

…The rank and file behind the single-MP party will gather at Auckland’s exclusive Orakei Bay this weekend for their annual conference, which is expected to carry a heavy environmental theme.

It’s understood Seymour will announce an environmental policy, geared around private enterprise playing a greater role in conservation.

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Where are Maori and Pasifika students achieving 20% above the National average?

Maori and Pasifika students are excelling at Vanguard Military School, one of the three Charter schools that I visited last year and did a series of investigative articles on.

Press Release:

Vanguard Military School is pleased to be able to release its provisional NCEA results for 2015 as confirmed by NZQA.  The school achieved a 93% pass rate at NCEA Level 1, a 100% pass rate at Level 2 and a 93% pass rate at Level 3.  All of these results are well above the national average for NCEA and, in the case of Maori and Pasifika students, they are 20% higher than the national average.

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2016 ACT Conference coming up

With National competently straddling the middle ground – some would say even the left – most pundits suspect there is a resurgence for ACT on the cards for 2017.   This does need ACT to present as capable, credible and reliable, and it’s hard to be too critical of Seymour’s performance so far.

I’m aware a fair few Whaleoil readers are natural ACT supporters who have supported National during the last election for two solid reasons: it was the only way to be sure that Kim Dotcom and his corrupt mob wouldn’t get into parliament – or worse – government, and it also reflected that David Seymour was a fresh new face and we simply didn’t know where Epsom was going to go.

All things being equal, we can take Seymour’s return to parliament in 2017 as read.  So, for the first time in quite a number of elections, people to the right of National have a place to go.  National will be returned, but with some pull towards the right.

Towards the end of the month ACT will have their conference. With more than the usual share of decent speakers lined up, it should be a good day.

Ruth Money
The country’s leading victims’ advocate.  As a volunteer she has assisted victims of some of the highest profile cases in recent times with navigating the justice system.  ACT has always advocated putting victims’ rights first and Ruth is at the forefront of not only talking about how victims can be better supported (which she’ll do at the conference) but actively supporting them on her own time.

Dame Lesley Max
Co-founder and CEO of the Great Potentials Foundation and creator of the HIPPY and MATES programs.  Since its foundation, ACT has advocated strong community organisations solving social problems where the Government doesn’t always get it right.  We are honoured to host one of New Zealand’s leading social entrepreneurs at our conference. Read more »

When a school doesn’t perform it should be closed

When a Charter school doesn’t perform it can be closed, which is as it should be, and in the case of the Charter school in Whangarura that looks like the best option. In an article about it the 3 News reporter is a little confused, quoting Hekia Parata as the Greens Education spokeswoman.

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