What is one thing about New Zealand you would love to fix, if you had the power to?


That’s the essence behind ACT’s current campaign “The way you want it”.


In five minutes of video, or five hundred words, tell us how you’d like to see New Zealand.

So, how would you like it?

10 million people? More money? More dolphins, fewer rednecks? Cheaper houses? Old values? New ideas? Better careers? Finally finish off tall poppies? There is no restriction on ideas, so long as they answer the question; how would you like New Zealand to be?

There’s even five prizes up for grabs. ¬† Read more »

Why the PPTA wants to snuff out Charter Schools: they work (too well)

Makes you sick to the stomach to know that a teachers union is dedicated to eradicating educational success to protect the average and the ineffective among its members – no matter the human cost

On the completed entry tests for next year’s intake of students at the Vanguard Military School, one of New Zealand’s first charter schools, there were plenty of 16 and 17 year olds who failed to spell ‚Äėencourage’, ‚Äėdescribe’, or ‚Äėnational’ correctly.

They couldn’t subtract 27 from 74. They didn’t even attempt to answer the simple division and multiplication questions.

Isaac Berry, 16, used to be one of those kids. Last year he only achieved 14 credits towards his level one NCEA. You need 80 credits to pass.

“I kind of forgot to go to school last year,” he said.

The talented BMX rider spent most of his time at the skate park. This year at the Vanguard school, Berry has discovered he also has academic talents. “It was when I got my first excellence I realised how far I could push myself,” he says.

Now he has 70 credits and is certain to to pass Level One NCEA.

I’ve been tracking the success of¬†Vanguard Military School since its inception, and if nothing else, if the kids can now spell “national” correctly, I can see why the PPTA would be unhappy! Read more »

National continues to enable the despicable ACT rort

Let’s be honest. ¬†ACT has been on National life support for a while now. ¬† They could have stood a goat as a candidate in Epsom and it would have gotten in.

And now, National are making sure ACT are handsomely rewarded.

Act’s 32-year-old sole MP and parliamentary newcomer could be up for a salary of $226,300 and a sizeable package of funding to run his office and Act’s parliamentary operations if Prime Minister John Key gives him a ministerial portfolio.

Mr Key gave his strongest indication yet this week that Mr Seymour would get a ministerial portfolio despite being a new MP, because it would give support partner Act greater resources — “otherwise we’d have an MP pretty much on his own with an [executive assistant] and it is very difficult to manage that party-to-party relationship”. Read more »

Personal message from Sean Fitzpatrick – ACT Candidate, Ohariu

I’ve been asked to post this personal statement from Sean, and under the circumstances, I’m happy to do so

Hi Cameron,

I have already sent this info to you via facebook, however to be thorough I am emailing you as well.

I just want to let you know that I do not at all support the BDS campaign to boycott Israeli business and investments. As someone who is on record as being very pro-Israel it disturbs me greatly that I am being associated with this sort of thing.

I have set the record straight with the NBR and also on my facebook page. I have received a lot of very positive and encouraging messages of support for this from folk in the NZ Jewish Council. They understand how mendacious this group is by presenting themselves as one thing but promoting quite a different agenda.

I have asked them to delete my name from their list of supporters and rest assured will be raising hell if they do not. Read more »


Poverty on the rise, income gap widening? Nope. Just a left mantra without a basis in fact

I have to admit, ACT are actually doing what the media should be doing Рresearching opposition claims and countering them with hard facts.  Try this one on for size:

‚ÄúA Roy Morgan poll shows that the issue people are most concerned about is income inequality. This just goes to show how the persistent repetition of a lie bewilders the public. Income inequality is not in fact rising. And the child poverty rate has been declining for nearly 20 years, falling from 35% in 1994 to 16% in 2007 and recently returning to pre-global financial crisis levels in 2012‚ÄĚ said Dr Whyte.

“Those who advocate socialism have exploited the public’s concern about a rising number of people being trapped into a cycle of dependency. The Left’s repeated claims that New Zealand is getting more unequal are simply false and divert attention from policies that would help people out of dependency.

“Prior to the recent recession, there were 15 years of steady growth in median household incomes driven, in part, by the steady increase in the number of two-parent households where both parents are in paid employment (3% pa).


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2014: The year the media stole the election

ACT’s The Letter, as usual, is on point

Readers are asking why the parliamentary press gallery is continuing to parrot Nicky Hager’s absurd claims.

The media has invested so much of their credibility in the story ‚Äď printing silly statements like ‚ÄúNational hacked Labour‚Äôs website‚ÄĚ (No they did not, Labour left it open).

‚ÄúJohn Key is lying‚ÄĚ. (Key is telling the truth say the head of the SIS, the Ombudsman and John Key‚Äôs diary showing the PM was in Hawaii).

All the dump of emails and texts show is why Judith Collins is called Crusher. Labour has Trevor Mallard, National has Judith Collins.

It is now too much for reporters to say “Actually there was no story. The emails show how clean New Zealand politics is.

There was nothing wrong with Judith Collins telling the name of a civil servant and his government supplied telephone numbers.

Journalists ask politicians for the name of the person in charge and their contact numbers every day. In an open society we are entitled to know‚ÄĚ

Having said for 10 days ‚ÄúThis is very damaging to John Key‚ÄĚ the media feels they must make sure it is damaging.

Q&A even put up Winston Peters to say it is ‚Äúa new low‚ÄĚ. You have run out of credible commentators when Winston of Owen Glenn and missing donations fame is your authority.

I hate to say this, but people don’t care. ¬† This is all beltway egos driving this trainwreck. ¬†Ironically, doing the very thing they accuse me of: ¬†manipulating political outcome. ¬† Read more »


Politicians who resort to using courts to bully broadcasters deserve what they get

Colin Craig is a bully.

He uses the law to try to silence critics, and now he has gone to court to bully TV3, a private company, to force them to have him on their minor party debate show.

Conservatives leader Colin Craig has won an eleventh-hour High Court scrap over his exclusion from a televised political debate.

TV3’s political show¬†The Nation¬†did not invite Mr Craig to a minor parties debate tomorrow morning, which will include the Green Party, New Zealand First, the Maori Party, Act, Mana and United Future.

Mr Craig filed urgent legal proceedings with the High Court at Auckland today and his application for an interim injunction to restrict the screening of the debate without him was heard this afternoon.

Justice Murray Gilbert sided with the Conservative Party leader saying any inconvenience to MediaWorks was outweighed by the public interest in having Mr Craig at the debate.

The debate cannot legally go ahead without his inclusion.

MediaWorks confirmed that rather than scrap tomorrow’s debate, they would include Mr Craig.

“We’ll have to somehow squeeze him in,” said director of news Mark Jennings.

But¬†The Nation’s¬†Tim Watkin said the production values of the show would suffer as a result.

Each political leader will get less than five minutes to speak because of the late inclusion, he said.

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So, turns out, ACT is still a farce

A while ago I wrote an article on why I no longer vote ACT.  On paper I am an ACT voter.  But I have found two basic problems with it over the years.  One, I, among other ACT voters, probably let a Labour Government sneak in by not voting for National.  And two, the infighting and basic lack of skill of its personnel have been plain for all to see.

Jamie Whyte has been signaled as ACTs savior. ¬†The ‘resurrector’ of the ACT party.

It all didn’t start out very well when he philosophically mused about cousins marrying cousins… which, incidentally, would align with ACT’s principles of staying out of people’s lives. ¬†But it showed a political immaturity that knocked him down before the bell for the first round had even rung.

I do think the voters as well as the media gave ACT and Jamie a chance to redeem themselves.   A process that was hard going but progressing in the right direction.

Until this week.

Act leader Jamie Whyte says his speech outlining his party’s opposition to the legal privilege it claims Maori enjoy should have come as no surprise to anybody, least of all Dunedin North candidate Guy McCallum, who has quit over the matter.

Mr McCallum yesterday confirmed Otago University student magazine Critic’s report he had resigned from Act’s board and as Dunedin North candidate over the speech and was considering resigning his membership. He also told the Herald others in the party were uncomfortable with the “one-law-for-all” policy articulated by Dr Whyte. Read more »

Is ACT’s Jamie Whyte a racist after all?

On the face of it, he got a raw deal when he said that there should be one law for all.   But then something odd happened.  Adam Bennett and Jeremy Rees report:

An ACT party candidate and board member has reportedly resigned over his leader’s speech on race.

Dunedin North candidate, Guy McCallum, told Otago University student magazine¬†Critic¬†that Jamie Whyte had told ACT members he was searching for “a stunt…..because you know, the polls.”

Dr Whyte told ACT’s Waikato conference on July 29 that Act would establish a taskforce to root out and repeal laws giving special treatment to Maori.

“The principle that the law should be impartial has never been fully embraced in New Zealand,” he said.

His comments attracted criticism, in particular from Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

Mr McCallum stood for Act in Dunedin North in 2011 and has been a member of Act on Campus since 2010 and its vice President since 2012.

He told¬†Critiche was “blindsided” by Dr Whyte’s comments¬†but had been given some indication the party leader was planning to court controversy.

This just makes no sense to me at all. ¬† Read more »

The Letter on Epsom and Media bias

The reason John Key said last week ‚ÄúI am encouraging Epsom voters to support he ACT candidate‚ÄĚ is because in the latest Roy Morgan poll ACT winning Epsom makes John Key PM.¬†¬†

It is the same reason Internet Party leader Laila Harre and John Minto have urged their supporters to vote National to defeat David Seymour. 

After wondering why John Key has not done a deal with the Conservatives, Colin Craig¬† then tries to help Labour in Epsom.¬† John Key did look hard at an accommodation with the Conservatives but decided the fruit loops are unelectable. If Colin Craig had door knocked on 10,000 doors in East Coast Bays, like David Seymour has done in Epsom, the answer might have been different.¬† If Colin had not told us all that it is a ‚Äúno brainer‚ÄĚ Christine Rankin would stand in Upper Harbour against Hon Paula Bennett, then we might not think it is brainless for her to stand in Epsom.¬†

By Writ Day she will be the candidate for Mangere.   

The whole show is run by an egocentric political amateur.  If he really wanted to make change, he should have realised by now that getting the right people in the job would have been much more effective than trying to be the Conservative Winston Peters.

Because Winston Peters he is not. ¬†He doesn’t have the wit, the street smarts, the aura and the most basic knowledge to survive in the political arena.

In fact, had Colin Craig put all that money into a trust and put someone in place to manage it for the benefit of children, or education, or specific research, he would have done much more for the community. ¬†As it is, he’s made ad agencies, pollsters and printers very very happy. ¬† Read more »