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Giovanni Tiso on Kim Dotcom & Mein Kampf

Fellow Canon Media Award finalist Giovanni Tiso has a recent post on fascism, Kim Dotcom and Mein Kampf.

He is a hard core leftist, but his post may well surprise many of you. He firstly recounts a bit of italian history and the fascination with Mussolini.

I think it shows maturity and a realisation of the facts that so many of the left have conveniently forgotten.

One of the reprehensible lines used in defence of fondly reminiscing about Italian Fascism is that we weren’t as bad as the Germans. German people don’t have that luxury, and although I cannot speak from any direct knowledge of this, it seems they have kept a firmer grip on what can and cannot be published, what will or will not be sold. Neo-Nazism, of course, exists (as it does outside of Germany), but it’s more effectively cauterised from institutions and the wider society than neo-fascism is in Italy.

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Which makes it all the less likely that a German person would wear a Waffen-SS helmet as a joke, or do so out of mere ignorance. Kim Dotcom’s explanation for the photo above, taken at a Gumball Rally in 2004, is that someone asked him to wear the helmet so that he could take his picture, and he obliged.

I ask you: who would do that? And not just because the photo may come up again at an inopportune time – it seems safe to presume that the last thing on Mr Dotcom’s mind at the time of that rally was that he might some day enter politics in any country – but generally. What kind of joke is it to wear an SS helmet? What does it say about your understanding of politics and history, about who you are?  Read more »

Compare and contrast – Kim Dotcom

In the interview with Kim Dotcom on Q+A he said this when asked about his political ideology:

I’m neither left or right, I’m commonsense. I would say I’m up…you know.


We are new, you know, we are fresh. We are about common sense. You know some of the left have good ideas, some of the right have good ideas and you know we need to find the right mix.


Well because I don’t sit anywhere politically and the Internet party doesn’t sit anywhere politically.


It’s not about the left or the right, it is about what works.  Read more »

Darth Vader runs for President of Ukraine

In an eerily similar case of  political activism a Darth Vader who is standing for the “Internet Party” is running for office in the Ukraine.

I’m sure Kim Dotcom will have something to say about the claims of their leader:

Founded and led by Dmytro (or Dmitry) Golubov the party claims to be the first Internet party in the world, its slogan is “electronic government against bureaucracy” and it wants to “create an electronic government in Ukraine”.

In 2006-2007, the party began to create by the alleged Ukrainian hacker, Dmytro Golubov. The founding congress was held on October 1, 2007. On March 1, 2009 in a hotel complex “Magnolia” in Odessa, was held the first official congress of the party.

Oh dear looks like Kim Dotcom has ripped off another idea and touting it as his own.


As Ukraine battles to stave off dark forces of its own, iconic movie villain Darth Vader announced he was running for president in a bid to restore all glory to the downtrodden nation.

The Sith Lord, or at least an unnamed protester dressed up as him who has often been seen on Kiev’s Independence Square during the winter protests flanked by his loyal Stormtroopers, has been chosen as the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP) which has become known for its theatrical public stunts.  Read more »

Colin Espiner shanks Kim Dotcom, hard

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Colin Espiner performs one of the best stabbings on Kim Dotcom seen so far.

What a relief to hear Kim Dotcom explain that he’s not a Nazi sympathiser – he just likes war games and making lots of money.

For a minute last week I was concerned the “vision leader” (as opposed to someone-you-can-actually-vote-for leader) of the new Internet Party was not the sort of person New Zealand really needed pulling political strings in an election year.

It isn’t a crime to buy a copy of the autobiography of one of the 20th-century’s most monstrous figures, unless you live in France, Germany, Austria or Hungary – which ban the sale of Nazi memorabilia.

And there are legitimate scholarly reasons for owning a copy of Mein Kampf. No doubt the book is in most major libraries in New Zealand.

But let’s be honest. Owning a rare first edition personally signed by Herr Hitler and gifted to Hermann Esser, one of the founders of the hated and feared Third Reich, is just a little bit creepy.

Actually, given Dotcom’s German nationality, it’s more than creepy. It’s boorish, stupid, crude, and unthinkably insensitive. Most Germans would rather collect excrement than have anything to do with a regime they remain deeply ashamed of to this day.

But then, most Germans don’t hold multiple identities, flee criminal charges, make a fortune out of hosting a web site that enabled large-scale internet piracy, live a self-described lifestyle dedicated to “fast cars, hot girls, super-yachts, amazing parties and decadence” before buying their way into a foreign country, fighting extradition to the United States on counts of fraud and racketeering and deciding to set up a political party dedicated to bringing down the prime minister.

Dotcom also feels it’s OK for a German to pose at a party wearing an SS helmet because “I’m a young guy [and] I’m not always politically correct”.  Read more »

Has Kim Dotcom ever watched Star Wars?

Kim Dotcom tweeted this yesterday, proof positive that he is from the dark side.

Of course Star Wars is heavy with Nazi references.

The stormtroopers from the movies share a name with the Nazi stormtroopers (see also Sturmabteilung). Imperial officers’ uniforms also resemble some historical German Army uniforms (see Wehrmacht) and the political and security officers of the Empire resemble the black clad SS down to the imitation silver death’s head insignia on their officer’s caps. World War II terms were used for names in Star Wars; examples include the planets Kessel (a term that refers to a group of encircled forces), a Chancellor as the leader, and Hoth (Hermann Hoth was a German general who served on the snow laden Eastern Front) and Tatooine (Tatouine – a province south of Tunis in Tunisia, roughly where Lucas filmed for the planet. Libya was a WWII arena of war). The Great Jedi Purge alludes to the events of The Holocaust, the Great Purge, the Cultural Revolution, and the Night of the Long Knives. In addition, Lucas himself has drawn parallels between Palpatine and his rise to power to historical dictators such as Julius CaesarNapoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. The final medal awarding scene in A New Hope, however, references Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will.

And Darth Vader’s helmet is a lot like the German WWII helmets.

No wonder Kim Dotcom likes to think that MEGA is the Death Star…it certainly fits with his so far unreleased song which talks of “World Domination, Nation by Nation” and his belief that the “World is His“.  Read more »

The Disneyfication of NZ Politics

Paul Thomas writes at the Herald:

Meanwhile the Disneyfication of our electoral politics continued with the launch of the Internet Party or, as cynics call it, the Society for the Prevention of Kim Dotcom’s Extradition.

In what may be the ultimate test of the notion that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, Dotcom revealed that he’s the — presumably proud — owner of a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s autobiographical Nazi blueprint, Mein Kampf.

A columnist in this paper thought Dotcom might be just the fellow to wrest the country from John Key’s evil clutches.  Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Kim Dotcom’s political foray

Fran O’Sullivan explores Kim Dotcom’s stable of bought politicians:

Kim Dotcom bought his New Zealand residency with a $10 million cheque; now he wants to buy off Hone Harawira to try to secure the balance of power at the September election.

That’s the most important development relating to the birth of the Internet Party.

It’s certainly not his pledge to bring internet equality to New Zealand. Who’s going fund that, Kim?

Nor the fact that Dotcom owns a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So what? Mere ownership doesn’t make him a Nazi sympathiser. (I own a Chinese tract signed by the disgraced Bo Xilai and that doesn’t make me a Communist either).

This issue will remain a red herring unless evidence is made public — not merely hinted at — that Dotcom is a closet Nazi and anti-Semitic to boot.

Until then there is no game-changer.  Read more »

Herald Editorial on Dotcom’s nazi fetish

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

The Herald Editorial today points out clearly to Kim Dotcom why it is not on to own a copy of the book written by the most heinous war criminal in modern history.

Owning a copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, even a rare signed one, does not necessarily indicate a sympathy for Nazi ideology.

People with an interest in that period of history may own memorabilia from it. They might also have items associated with Winston Churchill or Josef Stalin. That does not mean they are communists or subscribe to a conservatism associated with those born into the British aristocracy.

Kim Dotcom says he is merely one of those collectors.

“Let me make it absolutely clear, I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology. I’m totally against what the Nazis did,” he said this week when admitting he owned the book.  Read more »

Two very valid points

Danyl McLauchlan makes two very good points:

First point: this whole ‘I’m not offended by this so what’s the big deal?’ routine is identical to the one you hear from old white guys complaining about political correctness. ‘I’m not offended by Paul Henry, so what’s the big deal?’ And you’re free not to be offended by a political figure who owns Nazi memorabilia, just as old conservative white guys are free to not be offended by words like ‘nigger’ or ‘retard’, or whatever Henry says on any given day but the fact is that huge sections of the population are offended by all of these things and when someone is founding a political party there’s public interest in knowing that they hold values that many voters find revolting.  Read more »

Comment of the Day

Left on the arts, travel and lifestyle blog:

As an aside, I’d like to compare two historical figures against a number of objective criteria…

Has a giant narcissistic ego.
Hitler: Check.
Dotcom: Check.

As a foreigner, used another country’s political system for his own amusement.
Hitler: Check. As an Austrian in Germany.
Dotcom: Check. As a German in NZ.

Owns a copy of Mein Kampf.
Hitler: Check.
Dotcom: Check. But only as a reference source for his video gaming, mind you.

Lives in a big house.
Hitler: Check. Berchtesgaden.
Dotcom: Check. Coatesville.

Surrounded himself with bodyguards.
Hitler: Check.
Dotcom: Check.   Read more »