Rose Streat is an expert anaesthetist

Sophie Ryan and Brendan Manning report on another sad case where alcohol is in charge

An Auckland doctor training to be an anaesthetist has been censured and suspended from practice after being charged with professional misconduct over her struggles with alcohol.

Dr Rose Streat had to be breath-tested before and during each shift for the Auckland District Health Board after being given a second chance to qualify.

She was allowed to return to the training programme last year after convincing officials she had overcome problems that saw her escorted from an operating theatre at Auckland City Hospital in 2008.

But yesterday, she was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in Auckland.

One of the two charges against Dr Streat was laid after it was revealed she had pleaded guilty to driving drunk in August 2012.

The other was a cumulative charge of professional misconduct after she was found to be drinking alcohol despite signing a contract saying she would abstain, to have lied about drinking, failed to disclose the drink-driving charge and failed to engage in the professional conduct inquiry.

Dr Rose is in serious trouble.  Her peers and her profession have bent over backwards to help her, but she even failed on-the-job breath tests coming to work.   Read more »

Ah, memories


Drunk vs Stoned

Countdown now accused of bullying small towns

Countdown really can’t catch a trick these days…they stand accused and under investigation for stand over and bullying of suppliers and now local councils are reporting on their alleged standover tactics with respect to liquor licensing in small towns.

A giant supermarket chain is allegedly pressuring small Kiwi towns to extend booze stores’ trading hours against the communities’ wishes.

One Waikato mayor says Progressive Enterprises’ approach is “aggressive” and “extremely arrogant.” He said his council was being bulldozed by the threat of expensive legal action which could see stores selling alcohol from 7am till 11pm.

Progressive has confirmed it is taking a national approach to enforcing 7am to 11pm opening hour, saying there isn’t enough evidence of alcohol-related harm to reduce hours.

Several councils around the country are being taken to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority by Progressive over the opening hours stipulated in their provisional local alcohol policies, many of which were adopted last year.

At the time, the medical officer of health for the Waikato District Health Board, Dr Richard Wall, put out a press release warning about the supermarkets “threatening expensive legal action,” saying “it was never the intention of Parliament that big businesses call the shots.”

Waipa, Thames-Coromandel, Waimakariri and Tasman District Councils are among the group while tiny Hauraki District Council is also in the sights.   Read more »

Confirmed: Doug Sellman has gone mad


If there was ever a case of demonstrating once and for all that Professor Doug Sellman is mad, this article ‘Drunks steal sanitiser for alcohol’ proves it.

Any ounce of credibility that this guy once had has long-since evaporated, with his comments that thefts of hand sanitise are due to “excessive alcohol marketing”.

According to Doug Sellman, hospitals are facing a crisis with bottles of hand sanitiser having to be placed under lock and key and thieves seems to be hell-bent on hoeing into the “high-alcohol substance to get drunk”.

Seriously? Apparently so.

He must have some demons in the closet to go anywhere near this, as most people would see it as something as important as a stone in your tyre’s tread.   Read more »


by blokeintakapuna

Perhaps the greatest social lubricant known to all of mankind…
It’s been described as “mother’s ruin, medicine, anaesthetic, Dutch Courage, daily rations, lunch, dinner and even breakfast – with a steak and egg in every can” It’s enabled many an ugly/smelly/nerdy/drunk to get laid, whereas without they just might not of got anywhere near as lucky.

…and by “lucky” I mean end-game objective of getting intimate/laid achieved on the night – yet if the misses/hubby were to find out or walk in whilst getting so lucky – ironically, you’d be anything but. But that’s another story for another post…

Watching and observing ordinary adult Kiwi’s on a sober side-line at a party on a Friday night – who went from friendly and social, to being overtly flirty chatting to outright canoodling & smooching – where both canoodlers are in long-term relationships with others (who were not present at this party) – It got me to thinking, is alcohol to blame for “lowered inhibitions”, or is it something else us adult humans experience?

We’ve been conditioned to believe it’s our own inhibitions that are diluted/minimised/dissolved/evaporated as a result of alcohol consumption, but what if that’s a false social construct – perpetuated by decades of social-engineering even – where that, once tiddly/2 beer buzz/half drunk… we simply don’t care about social conditioned frameworks of behaviours we are “supposed” to “behave” by? Instead, we simply allow our base DNA encoding and the ever-present human need to procreate, to over-ride those expected and perceived social behaviour norms and patterns that enable us to wear that false façade mask of “civilised behaviour”?

Is that one and the same though?   Read more »

Uncle Bully Syndrome and now the Kahui Defence

The media continue to perpetrate the Uncle Bully Syndrome in the case of the pissed 9 yo maori kid…now they are allowing the mother to use the “Kahui Defence”.

Booze culture in Hamiltion

Booze culture in Hamiltion

The mother of a young Hamilton boy whose drunken antics at a skate park went viral on YouTube has explained how two more of her children were snapped in a photograph holding bottles of beer.  Read more »


And still no charges have been laid in the 9 year old booze boy botchup

Jonathan Carson reports

Police have yet to lay charges against those responsible for getting a 9-year-old boy so drunk he was sick, and a top alcohol counsellor warns the case is a symptom of New Zealand’s shocking drinking culture.

The video sparked international attention and was viewed more than 400,000 times before being removed from the internet yesterday afternoon at the request of police.

It showed the boy with a can of bourbon and cola struggling to stand, being abusive and slurring his words at Fairfield Skate Park in Hamilton on Tuesday – his ninth birthday. He consumed eight cans and two liqueur shots and became so sick that he vomited and calling an ambulance was considered.

Police interviewed several people in relation to the incident yesterday, but no charges have been laid.

Police know who supplied the alcohol.

No charges have been laid.   Read more »

The Uncle Bully Syndrome

I have watched with increasing incredulity as the left wing and Maori have rounded on the kid who posted a video of a drunk 9 year old on Youtube and attacked him and his integrity…blaming him for all sorts of crimes in their mind ignoring the fact that there was a 9 year Maori kid drunk in a skate park, clearly without any supervision or anyone remotely interested in his wellbeing.

Tau Henare had a rush of stupid:

Then there was this woman:

Then the left wing apologists like kitchen-ware blogger Russell Brown who was angry that someone was using social media to highlight an issue…which Cactus Kate pointed out he’d spent all day talking about himself. Russell Brown even went on a social media witch hunt against Bradley Goudie taking screenshots of his Facebook.   Read more »

Independent Liquor silent on 9yo Cody RTD drinker

Cody's, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Cody’s, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Sometimes the strategy is to stay silent and hope the problem goes away, or that no one notices it.

That seems to be the path Independent Liquor and RTD producer of the tipple of choice of Hamilton’s 9 year olds – Cody’s Bourbon & Cola, is taking.

Problem for Independent Liquor is that the story is not going away, if anything will continue to bubble away for some time to comeRead more »