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Countdown now accused of bullying small towns

Countdown really can’t catch a trick these days…they stand accused and under investigation for stand over and bullying of suppliers and now local councils are reporting on their alleged standover tactics with respect to liquor licensing in small towns.

A giant supermarket chain is allegedly pressuring small Kiwi towns to extend booze stores’ trading hours against the communities’ wishes.

One Waikato mayor says Progressive Enterprises’ approach is “aggressive” and “extremely arrogant.” He said his council was being bulldozed by the threat of expensive legal action which could see stores selling alcohol from 7am till 11pm.

Progressive has confirmed it is taking a national approach to enforcing 7am to 11pm opening hour, saying there isn’t enough evidence of alcohol-related harm to reduce hours.

Several councils around the country are being taken to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority by Progressive over the opening hours stipulated in their provisional local alcohol policies, many of which were adopted last year.

At the time, the medical officer of health for the Waikato District Health Board, Dr Richard Wall, put out a press release warning about the supermarkets “threatening expensive legal action,” saying “it was never the intention of Parliament that big businesses call the shots.”

Waipa, Thames-Coromandel, Waimakariri and Tasman District Councils are among the group while tiny Hauraki District Council is also in the sights.   Read more »

Confirmed: Doug Sellman has gone mad


If there was ever a case of demonstrating once and for all that Professor Doug Sellman is mad, this article ‘Drunks steal sanitiser for alcohol’ proves it.

Any ounce of credibility that this guy once had has long-since evaporated, with his comments that thefts of hand sanitise are due to “excessive alcohol marketing”.

According to Doug Sellman, hospitals are facing a crisis with bottles of hand sanitiser having to be placed under lock and key and thieves seems to be hell-bent on hoeing into the “high-alcohol substance to get drunk”.

Seriously? Apparently so.

He must have some demons in the closet to go anywhere near this, as most people would see it as something as important as a stone in your tyre’s tread.   Read more »

What on earth is the point of a bar with no booze?

The Poms do come up with some seriously daft ideas at times…muslim immigration, joining the EU…and now booze-less bars.

Abstemious bars have also opened in Liverpool and Nottingham, and are planned for Brighton and Newcastle—two famously high-living towns. Unlike many cafés, they stay open late. They emulate bars in other ways, with live music, comedy acts and films to pull in punters. When the lights go down and the DJ plays at Sobar, which opened in Nottingham in January, it looks like any city bar, hopes Alex Gillmore, the manager. Redemption misses the hefty profits made on alcohol, but temperance brings its own benefits. Business remains steady throughout the week rather than spiking at the weekend, says Catherine Salway, its founder. The absence of drunken, obstreperous patrons means that bouncers are unnecessary.  Read more »

Focus coming on RTD manufacturers

Cody's, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Cody’s, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Today the Herald on Sunday editorial and Kerre McIvor launch into RTD manufacturers.

First up the editorial:

The legislation may need to be revisited to ensure its intentions are clear. Though no parental permission appears to have been given for the supply of alcohol in this instance, the law allowing liquor to be given with parental permission to teenagers below the legal purchasing age may need to include an absolute minimum age for alcohol consumption.

And the sale of canned RTD mixes should be reconsidered too. They are purposely designed for young drinkers. When the law was revised a year ago, the industry was told to voluntarily control these drinks or face regulation. It has set a maximum alcohol content for the cans and banned advertising that appeals to minors.

But sweet drinks in cans will always entice the young. It is time they were banned. Beer, wine, and spirits have a natural child barrier: children by and large do not like them. But potent cocktails are a different proposition for those who are not ready to drink.

The industry says RTDs are giving way to cider among younger adults. It should encourage that trend and phase out RTDs entirely. What better reason does it need than the images of a 9-year-old wasted at a skate park?

That image ought to haunt the liquor industry and legislators for a long time. The video went worldwide and the image may have an impact far beyond New Zealand. The boy, meanwhile, needs help. The police and family services must ensure he receives it.   Read more »

Merry Christmas, Wowser

Here’s a good scientific poke in the eye for NZ’s own kill-joy trougher, Professor Doug Sellman.

The NZ Herald reports:

A contentious new study is suggesting people who drink regularly live longer than those who completely abstain from drinking.

Research published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Researchfound those who did not consume any alcohol appeared to have a higher mortality rate, regardless of whether they were former heavy drinkers or not, than those who drank heavily.

Instead, ‘moderate’ drinking, defined as one to three drinks per day, was associated with the lowest mortality rate.  Read more »

Nanny State? More like more Herald bullsh*t

The NZ Herald has a nice little hit job on the government today accusing them of being nanny statist.

In many respect they may be right , but have a look at the list they have to justify their hit job:

National’s nanny moves

• Can’t buy beer and wine from dairies and convenience stores.
• Bars no longer allowed to advertise discounts over 25%.
• Can’t buy beer from bottle stores after 11pm and in bars after 4am.
• Minors need express consent from parents to drink.

• Plain packets for cigarettes (proposed).

• Speed tolerance cut to 4km/h.
• Breath-alcohol limit lowered.
• Mobile phone use banned in cars.

• Licence to hunt specific types of game animals.
• Snapper catch reduced (proposed).
• Fines for not fencing permanent paddling pools (proposed).

Health and welfare
• Raising age for child booster seats from 5 to 7.
• Harder to get cold medicine with pseudoephedrine.
• Beneficiaries’ non-school-age kids must be enrolled in early childhood education and doctor’s clinic.
• 16- and 17-year-old beneficiaries have an adult assigned to them who pays their bills and handles their money.  Read more »

70% of girls aged 14-17 tuck into RTDs


The weekends should be relaxing. But this weekend there will be crisis meetings at Independent Liquor as booze boss Julian Davidson and his highly paid spin merchant Mark Unsworth try to figure out how to counter this alarming figure.

Anti booze troughers Alcohol Healthwatch and Women’s Health Action have banged out a report saying that women are binge drinking like the blokes.  Read more »

Union boss moans about Air NZ’s drinks

What is it with union thugs?

Here is Brenda Pilott, boss of the PSA having a sook about the non-alcoholic drinks Air NZ offers.

A worker would go for the Tui and be stoked with it. Not for those in the ivory towers of Union HQ.

What a wowser.  Read more »

Doug Sellman links Parliamentary Services to ecstacy dealers


Ok, well maybe a bit of a stretch but seriously, Professor Doug Sellman must have forgotten to take his medicine. Either that or there’s something in the wind at the moment.

If it’s not troughers calling for kids to covertly film their parents smacking them, it’s Super Trougher Boyd Swinburn trying to get schools to tell parents they’re dumb.

Last week we had the University of Otago’s National Drug Addiction Centre’s Professor Doug Sellman call his local supermarket owner “the biggest drug dealer in Ilam”. I wonder how that’s working out for him.

This week he’s linking Dunedin Council’s refusal to allow the sale of a few beers for dads at Elmgrove School, to the sale of ecstasy. Thankfully he cops it in the chook from just about all quarters.   Read more »

Drink Driving limit to be lowered

The government has announced that they are going to lower the drink driving limit.

Prime Minister John Key says cabinet has agreed to lower the blood alcohol limit for all drivers.

The limit will fall from 0.08ml per 100ml of blood to 0.05ml.

Key said the new lower limit would give fines to drivers caught between the old limit and the new one.

He said the government had a strong track record for road safety, with the road toll falling by about 100 deaths a year while in government.

“The work is not over, no death is acceptable.”

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee said the decision was striking a balance of showing that the government was serious about alcohol in driving, while deciding whether drivers were criminals.   Read more »