HPA wowsers at it again

The Taxpayers’ Union have released documents yesterday showing the wowsers over at the Health Promotions Agency have spent up $1.2 million on their batshit crazy No Beersies campaign.

‚ÄúThe¬†Taxpayers‚Äô Union¬†had feedback that the¬†‚ÄėNot Beersies’ ads were making people¬†thirsty¬†for beer. Some participants in the Agency‚Äôs own focus groups said the same – that the ads encouraged drinking or were confusing.”

And encouraging kids to have a few handles too by the looks of this picture.


“The documents show that the campaign had the least positive impact on entrenched, high-risk drinkers, and instead targets those least likely to face harm from alcohol consumption. The HPA spent at least $1.2 million on the campaign, but has refused to say how much taxpayers paid in advertising agency fees. It also shows that the HPA conducts no cost benefit analysis on its campaign.

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Someone actually researched getting birds pissed

I’m surprised this wasn’t funded by Callaghan Innovation, it seems the sort of thing they like funding…or perhaps it is more the Marsden Fund’s bag.

Anyway, someone has actually researched getting birds pissed.

Here was me thinking all it took was a few glasses of bubbles.

Researchers conduct all sorts of strange experiments in the name of science, from studying the slipperiness of banana peels to looking at how dogs orient their bodies when they poop.

And now, in the latest example of strange science, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland got some finches drunk and watched what happened.

Their main finding? Like drunk humans, boozed-up birds slur their “speech.”

For the study, the researchers gave grape juice to one group of zebra finches and an alcoholic juice cocktail to another group. The cocktail-quaffing finches became somewhat inebriated, with blood alcohol levels of 0.05 percent to 0.08 percent, according to NPR. ¬† Read more »

Oh look who is still in denial

Cherie Howe has this howler of a story

A bus driver who drove drunk with passengers on board says he’s not the worst bus driver in the country.

Tony Trevor Simpson admitted in the Auckland District Court this week to driving with a breath alcohol level of more than the legal limit of 400 micrograms per litre of breath. Simpson had a 687mcg reading when he was intercepted by police, who had been contacted by a concerned motorist.

Ten passengers were on the Takapuna-bound Ritchies bus on July 10 on Albert St, in central Auckland. Simpson was fined $600 and disqualified from driving for a year and a day.

Simpson ‚ÄĒ who has resigned from his job ‚ÄĒ told the¬†Herald on Sunday¬†that during a break he drank alcohol that was stored behind his seat.

“It was a one-off event and I’m very sorry … there were various issues, but I’m not going to go into them. I just had a bad day.

“What I did was completely wrong.”

Simpson was caught about 6.30pm, near the end of his 12-hour-plus shift, and said he had not eaten any food that day.

So he had put enough prep into his day to bring some alcohol, but not food. ¬†Riiiight, gotcha. ¬† Read more »


Fundraising with a bottle of nasty Whisky washed down with a glass of hypocrisy

This is how the Labour party fundraises in South Auckland…chucking coins at a bottle of nasty whisky.

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OK, what would you do with this man – before he kills someone?

This story fell off the edge yesterday, but it still needs some attention.  Police reporter Sam Boyer from the NZ Herald reported on this shocking state of events:

Brian Mitchell Hart, 58, from Hawkes Bay, has 20 convictions for drink-driving and 11 for driving while disqualified, and has been sent to prison 33 times for these and other offences.

But every time he gets out, he gets his licence back, drinks again and gets back behind the wheel.

He has twice been disqualified from driving “indefinitely”.

On one of those occasions, in 2002, he underwent counselling and treatment for alcohol addiction and after an assessment by a government-approved counsellor, was approved to get his licence back by the New Zealand Transport Authority.

Under the law, the toughest sentence for repeat drink-drivers is indefinite disqualification, which can be imposed only under a specific set of circumstances.

This is where Brian Hart can’t be stopped. ¬†He doesn’t need a license, and he can access a new car if he so wishes.

Ready to put himself, others, and even children at risk of injury and death. ¬† Read more »

Ah, memories


Jesse is still spiraling down

Jesse Ryder has split from long-term manager and number one supporter Aaron Klee as the embattled cricketer’s troubles with alcohol continue to unravel.

Fairfax Media understands Ryder’s seven-year relationship with Klee came to an end on Friday night, hours before New Zealand Cricket revealed Ryder and Black Caps team-mate Doug Bracewell were under investigation for drinking into the early hours of Thursday – the morning of the Black Caps’ first test against India.

Ryder’s separation from Klee, a close friend as well as his manager, means Ryder is now without two of his main supporters as he is also understood to be no longer working with clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo since moving to Dunedin. The New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association opted for a new provider of mental health support.

Both Klee and Nimmo accompanied Ryder to the Indian Premier League and helped guide him back to top-level cricket.

As an alcoholic who is currently managing a dry phase (3 years, 9 months), I recognise the problem with Jesse Ryder: ¬†He’s not been allowed to hit rock bottom. ¬† Read more »

Disgrace to us all?


Disgrace to us all, or just his feral family?

The Herald on Sunday editorial exclaims that a drunk nine year old maori boy is a disgrace to us all.

Why is this feral family a disgrace to us all? We didn’t give him the alcohol.

Words can hardly express the harm inflicted on a 9-year-old boy in Hamilton this week by someone who gave him enough alcohol to get very drunk. If it was the first time this had happened to him – and his mother says it was – it would have been a far more confusing and frightening experience than even it is for someone old enough to know what alcohol does.

A teenager who recorded the boy’s condition at a skate park and posted it on the net may have done some good if the exposure prompts the police, child welfare agencies and legislators to take action.

This was child abuse of a particularly irresponsible kind, not so very different from violent harm. When the boy’s head stopped spinning and his vision cleared and his horizon was horizontal again he could be left with lasting damage. The smaller the body, the more dangerous binge-drinking can be; the younger the brain the more its maturation may be delayed and its ability to accumulate knowledge impaired.¬† Read more »

And still no charges have been laid in the 9 year old booze boy botchup

Jonathan Carson reports

Police have yet to lay charges against those responsible for getting a 9-year-old boy so drunk he was sick, and a top alcohol counsellor warns the case is a symptom of New Zealand’s shocking drinking culture.

The video sparked international attention and was viewed more than 400,000 times before being removed from the internet yesterday afternoon at the request of police.

It showed the boy with a can of bourbon and cola struggling to stand, being abusive and slurring his words at Fairfield Skate Park in Hamilton on Tuesday – his ninth birthday. He consumed eight cans and two liqueur shots and became so sick that he vomited and calling an ambulance was considered.

Police interviewed several people in relation to the incident yesterday, but no charges have been laid.

Police know who supplied the alcohol.

No charges have been laid. ¬† Read more »

Reflecting on what we do here at Whaleoil

We’ve seen this before – it’s worth a repeat. ¬†Life isn’t just shits ‘n giggles, and some thing are worth doing right.


If you think you, or someone you know, may be thinking about suicide….

Call Lifeline NZ –¬†0800 543 354


Call 0508 TAUTOKO (828 865) for support. Available 24 hours.