Ratbag union bosses still be hauled before corruption commission in Australia

The Royal Commission looking into union and, by implication ALP corruption is continuing. Now federal opposition leader Bill Shorten is having to front.

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten will appear before the royal commission into union corruption as a scandal deepens around the conduct of his former union.

Mr Shorten, a former Victorian and national Australian Workers Union secretary, announced he will testify before the inquiry in either late August or early September after being requested to do so on Thursday night.

The commission’s request comes after Fairfax Media reported on Thursday that Mr Shorten oversaw an unusual deal in which a Melbourne building firm bankrolled the union dues of its own employees through large payments to the AWU.

Receipts and emails revealed show Mr Shorten oversaw the deal in 2005 whereby his AWU branch invoiced Winslow Constructors for $38,228 to pay fo 105 union memberships.

“I welcome the opportunity to talk about my 21 year record standing up for workers,” Mr Shorten said.   Read more »

Shanking a union boss with his own stupidty

I love Australian politics, it is as brutal as it is beautiful. There are no sooks and they play for keeps.

A union boss has recently tried to rinse a Labor party veteran out of the party because he dared to support privatisation in New South Wales.

He got all the other affiliated unions to line up behind him in the move, and then he got shanked in a beautiful piece of skullduggery using his own stupidity.

The union official who began a push to expel Labor veteran Martin Ferguson from the ALP for his views on privatisation believes the official story of how the Twin Towers in New York were brought down on September 11, 2001 is a conspiracy that does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Maritime Union of Australia official Kevin Bracken last week moved a motion condemning Mr Ferguson for publicly supporting power privatisation in New South Wales during the recent state election and urging the Victorian branch of the Labor Party to kick him out. That motion was unanimously passed by all state leaders of affiliated unions.

Mr Bracken told Fairfax Media on Wednesday that he did not resile from his views – expressed in an interview with the ABC’s Jon Faine back in 2010 – that “the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny”.    Read more »

The difference between integrity and expediency

The Queensland Premier is going to expel the wife-beating MP, even though that will threaten her razor-thin majority.

A totally different approach to the “Allegations? What allegations? I can’t heeeeaarrr you lalalalala” Key strategy on Sabin.

I guess that’s the difference between integrity and expediency.

Labor will expel a Queensland MP for covering up his criminal record, threatening the state’s shaky minority government.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palasczcuk today declared MP for Cook Billy Gordon would be stripped of his ALP membership, and demanded he quit parliament.

If Mr Gordon remains in parliament as an Independent MP, the minority Labor government would rely on his vote to pass legislation.

If he quits, a by-election in the far north Queensland seat of Cook could topple the minority government, which now relies on support from three independent MPs.

Labor now holds 44 seats — including Cook — the Liberal National Party holds 42, Katter’s Australian Party holds two, and Mr Wellington holds one.   Read more »

Compare and Contrast – John Key vs Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has shopped one of her MPs to the cops for domestic violence.

Quite a difference from John Key’s “I know nuzzink, no one told me anyzing” approach to that of the new Queensland Premier…and she is a Labor Premier.

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has referred one of her MPs to police over domestic violence allegations.

Cook MP Billy Gordon this morning admitted to Queensland parliament he had only recently paid his ex-partner child support he owed her.

But tonight, the allegations against Mr Gordon deepened, with the revelation his ex-partner had also warned Labor ministers Mr Gordon had been allegedly physically abusive towards her.

As well as the serious nature of the allegations, the situation also has potentially significant political implications.

The Queensland parliament is hung, and Ms Palaszczuk holds minority government only with the conditional support of Independent MP Peter Wellington.

In a letter to Police Commissioner Ian Stewart written late today, Ms Palaszczuk refers the matter to the authorities.    Read more »

Crazy Cat Lady hired for NSW Labor campaign

If you thought the Internet Party and their stupid attempts at creating memes for an election was cringe-worthy, wait until you see what NSW Labor are doing for their campaign.

It appears they have hired the crazy cat lady for all their promotion work.

Tim Blair writes:

“Want to know what NSW would look like under a Labor government?” asks Piers Akerman. Well, according to the Kitty Litter Party’s latest online election campaign ads, it’ll look like a bunch of cats:


There are one or two issues here – primarily that any adorable prayer kitten detected within a national park would probably be identified as an introduced-species invader and shot.

Prayer kitty is just the start of the KLP’s feline-based election strategy. Labor is loaded with more cats than The Simpsonscrazy cat lady:


That isn’t a laughing cat. It’s a yawning cat, such as you’d find in any KLP household where tormented pets have to cope with Leunig calendars, yellow dog cartoons and Wil Anderson downloads. Read more »

NSW Labor leader bails 3 months from next election

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson has resigned.

He announced the decision, just three months before the state election, at NSW Labor’s Sussex Street headquarters on Tuesday afternoon.

It comes after revelations that Mr Robertson signed a letter for Lindt cafe gunman Man Haron Monis in 2011 – two years after the extremist was charged with sending offensive letters to the families of slain diggers.

The letter asked the Department of Families and Community Services to consider granting Monis access to see his children on Father’s Day.

The embattled MP said he came to the job in difficult circumstances and just wanted to “make a difference and serve the community”.  Read more »

Union slush funds and meddling dominating Victorian elections

The Victoria State Election is underway and already the Liberal party is focussing on the selection of Daniel Andrews and his connections with the CFMEU.

Private global accounting firm Moore Stephens’ costing of Labor’s policies will finally be released today — just two days before the election and after more than half a million voters have already cast their ballot. Labor chose Moore Stephens after refusing to submit its policies for scrutiny by Treasury.

Treasurer Michael O’Brien has hit out at the firm, highlighting how the accountants audited the discredited CFMEU’s WA branch.   Read more »

Victorian election underway and the attack ads flow

I love Australian elections, especially their ads, and the nasty is flowing.

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Misleading again, why can’t Cunliffe just tell the truth?

David Cunliife was taking questions yesterday at Stuff.

It was pretty hostile and the rest was filled with weasel words.

Like his addressing of the issue regarding Kiwis in Australia.

cunliffe-ama Read more »

Lessons from Australia for the Labour party

I have had people ask me why I post on politics in the UK and in Australia.

My usual answer is because I believe them to be relevant. Those two countries provide a hint as to what happens in domestic politics. Especially with the Labour party.

Whilst National maintains loose ties with the Conservatives  in the UK and somewhat closer ties with the Liberals in Australia it is Labour that maintains very close ties with Labour in Australia and the UK labour party.

Many of David Shearer’s and now David Cunliffe’s strap lines and core policies come from UK Labour. So watching what happens in those countries leads to a closer and better understanding of what is going on here.

Which brings me to Labour’s problems in New Zealand…and the similarity between the problems the ALP is currently experiencing.

THE time has come for someone to take the Labor Party by the scruff of the neck and shake it until it recognises reality, truly admits defeat, reorders its priorities and changes key policies that have failed it repeatedly at the ballot box.


Logic and survival dictate that the ALP must drop the convoluted arguments it has used for defending the carbon tax, the mining tax and its economic management for much of the past six years. Labor has to do what Tony Abbott did to the legacy of John Howard’s Work Choices, and bury and cremate the mining and carbon taxes.  Read more »