The Blame game in America has reached peak stupidity



Who you gonna Blame for the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack?

Scapegoat number ONE: The NRA

“The greatest threat to our homeland security today is the National Rifle Association, a front group for the firearms industry that derails gun-safety measures and perversely profits with each new mass shooting.”

Scapegoat number TWO:Christians

‘”The ISIS thing is a distraction,” Katz says, arguing that we should instead be “looking at the long legacy of anti-gay violence in this country that has itself been stoked and promoted by the Christian right.” The central problem, he says, is not to be found in “the Middle East,” but at home where the “homophobia problem” exists.’

Scapegoat number THREE: Gun control

“Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut, who said blame for mass shootings lies with Congress for its failure to enact stricter gun control measures.”

Scapegoat number FOUR: The Republican Party

“This was an American killing Americans because they were queer and that has not been forcefully articulated,” Jonathan Katz said in a news release put out by the school. “What we are trying to do here is camouflage the root of the problem, which is a long history of violent political rhetoric and homophobic policies by Republican officials and their conservative allies.”

Scapegoat number FIVE: Gays 

“The LGBT cause has blood on its hands. These deaths were caused by a paradoxical alliance between the left and Islam”

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In their eagerness to protect Islam the left have abandoned the gay community

Sometimes in life you cannot hold two positions simultaneously, and the left in America are struggling with a situation that forces them to make an uncomfortable decision. In order to protect one group it has given victimhood status to, it must acknowledge that the ideology of another group that it has given victimhood status to is responsible for a massacre. Instead of standing up for gays and focusing on protecting them after the Orlando massacre, the left and some gay activists have chosen to close ranks around Islam and to stay in denial about the reality of the massacre.

Ironically, while gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulosis is told that there are not enough police to protect him from hundreds of actual Muslim death threats at a press conference, police are on the roofs of all the mosques in the same area to protect the Muslim community from violence that has not been threatened and will never eventuate.

The left will not hold Islam accountable in any way, shape or form for the massacre. They prefer to blame their favourite scapegoat and whipping boy, Christianity, despite all evidence to the contrary. Islam is at the top of their victimhood pyramid and there is no way that they are going to hold it accountable.


The Left’s abandonment of the gay community so infuriated one man that he came out of the closet publicly in order to attack some Liberal gay leaders and activists.

Jim Hoft of the widely read Gateway Pundit conservative news blog came out as gay following the Orlando terrorist attacks and immediately started throwing punches at prominent gay activists who he says, just don’t get it.

During a segment on Newsmax TV, Hoft called out gay leaders who blasted Donald Trump, saying he’s the only candidate speaking about radical Islamic terrorism, which calls for the death of gay individuals. Read more »

It looks like Obama isn’t the only one censoring language

Recently Obama had a hissy fit over people calling him out on his deliberate and continuing omission of the words Radical Islam when referring to terrorist attacks carried out by followers of Radical Islam. It turns out he is not the only one responsible for censoring language in an attempt to avoid discussing the problem. During his hissy fit he said that he did not need to name the enemy in order to successfully fight the enemy. I say if he cannot even name the enemy then he is scared of the enemy.

Voldermort in the Harry Potter series was referred to as “He who must not be named” due to the wizard community’s extreme fear of him.he_who_must_not_be_named_by_jhadha-d53qpg9

Look at the example below of how weak America’s Homeland Security Advisory Council has become. Instead of focusing on combating extremism they are issuing guidelines about what words they are allowed to use when issuing press releases.

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It just got personal for one liberal voter

On I came across the above post. I am sure he is not the only gay man badly shaken now that the Islamic terrorism threat has become so personal. Just as Jews have been targeted just for being Jews, this Islamic terrorist specifically targeted gay men. He could have massacred any Americans but he chose gays as his target. This choice may backfire in ways he and his ISIS masters have not considered.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day entered a country illegally with her family. Unlike the thousands of families who jump through the required immigration hoops in order to legitimately benefit from a generous system, her family sneaked across the border. Now that she has benefited from a free high school education and gained a scholarship for University from the country that her family took advantage of, how do you think she expressed her gratitude?

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So why do we fence our properties then?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.15.12 PM

Running a country is just a bigger version of running a household. In America just like other western democratic countries we protect our property with fences, locks, alarms and even guard dogs. Why do we do this? Because we choose who we invite into our homes and because we want to protect our families and our possessions.

If we were to act at an individual level like Europe ( countries without borders ) and advocate homes without fences and alarms and locks what would our neighbourhood look like? What would happen to our homes?

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Photo Of The Day

AP photo/Gary Dwight Miller, 1987. Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer raises his left hand to stop people approaching him as he holds a pistol in his right hand as he prepares to commit suicide.

AP photo/Gary Dwight Miller, 1987. Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer raises his left hand to stop people approaching him as he holds a pistol in his right hand as he prepares to commit suicide.

Honest Man

R. Budd Dwyer

Kenn Marshall recalls edging toward the door when he saw the enormous handgun being held aloft by State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer.

Marshall’s movements on that snowy January day 29 years ago weren’t entirely motivated by fear. He was thinking about calling his editor, which is not to say he wasn’t scared.

“To be honest, after what he had just gone through, the thought crossed my mind that he could just turn that gun on the people in the room,” said Marshall, who was then a reporter for The Patriot-News. “I certainly felt threatened.”

Instead, he and a roomful of journalists watched in horror as Dwyer put the barrel of the .357 magnum into his mouth and pulled the trigger, a public suicide that set off a firestorm of coverage and controversy.

The reporters who gathered in Dwyer’s office on Jan. 23, 1987, thought they were there simply to hear Dwyer announce his resignation from office. “My mission was to stay there until he said those words, then call in a new top for our story,” Marshall recalled.

As a row of video cameras whirred, Dwyer delivered a rambling polemic about the criminal justice system. He then handed out a final type-written page, which contained several grammatical errors and this chilling line:

“I am going to die in office in an effort to see if the shameful facts, spread out in all their shame, will not burn through our civic shamelessness and set fire to American pride.”

As reporters were just starting to skim the final statement, a frantic-looking Dwyer picked up a large manila envelope and pulled out a .357 Magnum revolver.

“I remember the gun, because it was huge,” said Eric Conrad, then a reporter for The Patriot-News and now the director of communications for the Maine Municipal Association in Augusta. “I had one of those moments where I was up in the air, looking down at myself, almost an out-of-body experience.”

Up until the gun appeared, recalled free-lance photographer Gary D. Miller, “It was just kind of a long-winded, sad event.”

Miller captured one of the signature photos of the event, with Dwyer holding the gun in his right hand while his left arm is extended toward the camera, as if warning off bystanders.

“I didn’t consider running at all, because I didn’t consider that it was real,” Miller said. “I was stunned, but I kept taking pictures. It happened very fast.”

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Photo Of The Day

Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit. "Tick Tock. I have a bomb"

Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit. “Tick Tock. I have a bomb”

From Nurse to Bank Robber

The Bombshell Bandit

“Tick tock. I have a bomb.”

This was a note given by a bank robber to a the cashier at Bank of the West on 6 July 2014.

But this bank robber wasn’t a sturdy man wearing a ski mask or wielding a machine gun, she was a 25-year old Sikh nurse. Called the Bombshell Bandit, due to her glamorous disguises and bomb threats, she captured the attention of many who wondered what could be the reason behind a nurse becoming a bank robber.

Sandeep Kaur  moved to California from Punjab at the age of seven and by 19 was a licensed nurse, earning up to $6,000 a month. But things turned awry when Kaur discovered Las Vegas at 21 and became a gambling addict.

Soon she quit nursing to concentrate on gambling fulltime. “I stopped working. I could not focus and going to work for this little amount of money” Kaur said.

But by March 2012 she had lost her life savings and was in debt. She then borrowed money at a steep interest, attempting to recover what she had lost.

What happened next is best summed by Kaur’s statement:

“I ate at that table. I only took bathroom breaks… I was sitting at the table for 16 hours… hoping it’ll all change. Then it all just went down the drain.”

She had to flee Las Vegas and managed to evade the loan sharks until they caught up with her in May 2014.

Desperate, she resorted to their suggestion of a bank robbery and without a weapon or back-up plan, she managed to escape with $21,200 on her first attempt. But since that wasn’t enough, she had little choice but to rob more banks.

However, her run ended on 31 July 2014 when the manager of US Bank alerted the authorities and thus began the police pursuit that lasted 65 miles, crossed three states, two time zones, and reached speeds of 130mph resulting in her capture.

Kaur may be in prison now, but her exploits have cemented her name on the list of unusual bank robbers.

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Bloody Political underwear makes more than one point



In an attempt to shame politicians who are pro-life, a range of period underwear has been launched in America. Unintentionally, one of the points they have made is not one that they intended. Periods are about blood and abortionists have blood on their hands. Every single abortion results in bleeding and stops a beating heart. The period underwear makers donate $3 from every sale to an organisation that performs abortions, which links them forever in my mind to bloody death.

As my children would say, it is an epic fail and one ripe for brutal satire that is meant to offend. (If you are pro-abortion or find dead babies offensive or upsetting, stop reading now.)

For one US company, that means period underwear that makes a political statement. Cute Fruit Undies, an Etsy shop based in Washington state, is selling underwear with the faces of anti-abortion rights politicians printed right on the lining. Read more »

If you vote for Bernie Sanders you are not a real man


Are you a real man? Courtney Kirchoff has a hilarious view of masculinity to share with us all. As an old-fashioned feminist I have to say that I agree with her. Socialist men who are politically correct are simply not attractive. I don’t know how socialist women can bring themselves to shag them. I really can’t. When you need protection, these guys are as useful as tits on a bull.

…0n the flip side of these strapping, rugged men there’s you. A Bernie Sanders sycophant with not quite enough self-worth to fill an egg cup. Or a teaspoon. Certainly not enough to fill your bong. Take a good long puff before you read the rest of this, it’s not going to get any better. I’m not going to make you a sandwich either. May I recommend a Hot Pocket?

What is a man?…

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