That awkward moment when you realise a Sharia Law advocate organised a Women’s rights march

Did you hear the joke about the paedophile that organised the children’s rights march?

What about the one about the butcher who organised the vegetarian food festival?

My favourite has to be the Sharia law advocate that organised a Women’s rights march…

You’ll also know when you’re living under Sharia law when you get arrested for adultery after being raped. Doesn’t sound very nice, does it?

A Sharia law activist promoting women’s rights is like fu@#ing for virginity. It is utterly insane. Under Sharia law, the only rights woman have are the right to be exploited, dominated, controlled and to be valued as having half the worth of a man.

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Guest Post: Of Golden Showers and Errant Quokkas

Guest Post: Sylvester Connor is main editor for the – Besides that’s he’s an entrepreneur in California and a legendary birder.  You can reach him at: [email protected]



A “quokka selfie” taken on Rottnest Island in September 2016.

Of Golden Showers and Errant Quokkas


Which is more quaint—supposed intelligence agencies hawking fake tabloid trash, or Kiwis worried about a rare mammal? And is there any common ground here?

The Quokka story on Stuff is far more quaint; it involves an interesting animal, whereas the American story is just grotesque. But the common ground is newsreaders’ desire for something relatively light and breezy, rather than relentless news about politics and immigration.

Americans and New Zealanders have much more in common: they are both ex-British colonies that have established independence across the world from their ancestral lands. They are both historically white, European and Christian. And they are both under attack.

So once the quokka is found, and the American press finds another hoax to scandalise about, it will be time to return, as unpleasant as it is, to the pressing matters of the day, which are indeed: politics and immigration.

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The Politician who is about practical solutions

How often is there a simple and practical solution to a problem in a country but the politicians in power ignore it? We all know that some problems are easily solved yet for various reasons politicians refuse to solve them. Let’s say that the government is the parent and the problem within society is the teenage son. The teenage son stays up late every night playing on the internet and is ignoring his parents telling him to turn off the computer at 10 pm. One set of parents offer their son a reward if he follows their rules but after a while, he goes back to his old habits and as he is no longer motivated by the reward. The other set of parents threatened to punish him but he takes his punishment and then does it again because the drive to be online with his friends is just too strong. The third set of parents turns off the router at 10 pm and the problem is solved.

President Trump is a politician who offers practical and easy to understand solutions. They are simple and everyone can understand them. Building a wall between America and Mexico was one such simple solution. There is a tool available to Trump that is so simple and effective a solution to the problem of illegal alian workers that you have to ask why no other government has used it before? It is called the E-Verify system and it immediately solves a problem that no previous government has.

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Obama’s scorched earth policy in final weeks will not go unpunished by Trump

It is clear to even the most casual observer that Obama is doing all he can to road block incoming President Donald Trump in every way that he can regardless of the consequences for America. Some speculate that he is doing all this in a hiss and a roar at the last minute because he was caught off guard when Trump won.

Donald Trump just drew a line in the proverbial sand. And President Barack Obama better simmer down very quickly, or face brutal consequences.

Trump officials made it clear late Thursday that if Obama continues to scorch America’s already-fragile foreign policy on his way out of the White House door, he will face sweeping federal probes when Trump assumes the presidency and control of the nation’s law enforcement apparatus.

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Putin nailed it in his response to Malevolent Obama’s “Kitchen diplomacy”

While Obama is doing all he can to create problems for America and Donald Trump on his way out the Russian bear that he did his best to poke with a stick has calmly put him in his place. Obama blaming Russia for the hacking when he has provided zero evidence of their guilt is very un-presidential behaviour.

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The silence from National is deafening, Bill English is treating his supporters with disdain

While Labour leader Andrew Little and Act leader David Seymour were quick to answer new media queries from Whaleoil, PM Bill English has remained silent and has refused to respond to the issue either via new media or the MSM. As the repercussions of Nationals’s controversial action at the UN swirl, he has ignored Whaleoil’s repeated requests for comment. My last three attempts to reach him are below. Does English really think that closing his eyes and putting his hands over his ears and saying la la la repeatedly will make this issue go away? The Americans are angry, Israel is angry and many of The National party’s voters are angry. He needs to explain Nationals’s actions and he needs to do it quickly before National bleeds any more support.

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The domino effect which is crashing down on the UN

U.N. building.

It has been a political cock-up of massive proportions. I am sure Murray McCully and PM Bill English expected this all to happen quietly during the holiday period. They were counting on both the American and the New Zealand media ignoring it. Instead the public have been made aware of their machinations in league with communist Venezuela and backstabber in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama and the reaction has set off a chain of events, (a domino effect ) that they would never have expected to happen in their wildest dreams.

Congress is already setting the stage to cut off U.S. funding to the United Nations in the wake of a contested vote last week in which the Obama administration permitted an anti-Israel resolution to win overwhelming approval, according to congressional leaders, who told the Washington Free Beacon that the current administration is already plotting to take further action against the Jewish state before vacating office.

Cutting off U.S.funding is only one of the many domino counters that are currently crashing their way towards the United Nations.

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Obama is wreaking havoc during his final days as President

Until this month America has always exercised its veto power in order to protect its ally Israel but Obama’s orchestrated move against Israel is only one of a number of highly controversial moves that he is making before Trump takes over on the 20th of January.


Israeli officials fear that the conference’s recommendations may then be approved in another UN Security Council recommendation just before Obama leaves office on January 20.

In a radio interview, Erdan said Kerry’s speech was part of a broader effort to hinder the incoming administration of Donald Trump, who has signalled he will have much warmer relations with Israel.

“This step is a pathetic step. It is an anti-democratic step because it’s clear that the administration and Kerry’s intention is to chain President-elect Trump,” Erdan told Israel Army Radio.

Erdan, a member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party and inner Security Cabinet, said Obama administration officials are “pro-Palestinian” and “don’t understand what’s happening in the Middle East.”


It seems that he is doing as much damage and causing as much trouble as he can before the new administration comes aboard. One of his actions was to undermine Trump’s plans to tighten up on immigration by pushing through a 2014 deportation amnesty. Luckily for Trump, it has been suspended by the court who said it broke administrative law!

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Here we go again: Muhammad, slaughter of Kafirs, Western country

Supporters of Hillary lash out at their employees and members

Yesterday Cameron wrote about the company GrubHub whose CEO Matt Maloney told employees who voted for Trump and shared his views that they should resign immediately in a memo that was sent to everyone after the election result in favour of Trump.

“That note could be construed by his employees that someone who voted for Trump could be fired,” said Horstman, who suspects other CEOs have sent similar notes. “It has a chilling effect on people’s perception of their rights.”

Sadly Matt Maloney is not the only head of a company that think he can bully people who do not share his political views. Today I bring you the astonishing tale of  venture funding group Y combinator who have removed Gab founder Andrew Torba from their membership because he tweeted,

“build the wall ”

Gab founder Andrew Torba on the right

Gab founder Andrew Torba on the right


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