Amy Adams

Nick, stop being a dick

Nick Smith is getting all pus-faced and threatening legal action.

It shows he has been got at…and very unbecoming of a minister to resort to throwing around threats of legal action.

You either sue or don’t sue, you don’t whine about thinking about suing.

Conservation Minister Nick Smith has rejected allegations of political interference, after he was accused of “bullying” Fish and Game into pulling an advocacy campaign for cleaning up rivers and lakes.

Smith said he was considering legal action against Association of Freshwater Anglers president David Haynes, who made the allegations.

Haynes said Smith was highly critical of Fish and Game over the course of a Fish and Game Council meeting, held in Wellington this month.

“Nick Smith is very good at talking at and over people I think, and he was wading into them and they sat very quietly and listened to what he was saying,” Haynes told Morning Report.

“From my perspective they were very clearly being castigated, it could be construed as political interference – this was about telling Fish and Game to wind their neck in.”

The allegations were centred on a series of billboards, which called for greater protections to keep rivers and lakes clean.

Fish and Game is an independent organisation, which collects its funding through fees for fishing and hunting licenses.

It has statutory obligations to oversee fish and game management and ensure effective management of the country’s sports fish and game resources.

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Rod Drury gives it to the pollies & tells Dotcom to “go away”


Message to politicians: Get out of the way!

Rod Drury has cut loose on the politicians and told them a few home truths about their meddling ways.

This election campaign needs more business leaders to stand up and serve politicians arses like what Rod Drury has done.

As the political heavyweights debated the future ICT roadmap for New Zealand last night, Rod Drury sat shaking his head in the crowd.

Taking the stage amidst the backdrop of Auckland’s evening sky, key political figures debated long into the night about the future of New Zealand’s ICT sector.

Chaired by the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, CEO Candace Kinser orchestrated discussion with technology representatives from National, Labour, the Green Party and the Internet MANA parties.

But as the opinions flowed and policies were outlined, Xero’s charismatic CEO reawakened a conversation which, in the eyes of the entrepreneur, drifted widely off the overriding issue.

“I find this really depressing but I’ll try to be positive about it,” he said, in his typically outspoken manner.   Read more »

The Predictable Failure of David Cunliffe, Ctd

Travel, lifestyle and arts blogger David Farrar has published an interesting graph of Labour’s prospects for winning the 2014 election.

Since the voting public have worked out that David Cunliffe has tits for hands, the graph has plunged downwards. 

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The Importance of Goodwill for Politicians

This photo shows something that hardly anyone notices.

Politicians need good will to survive, and without it they are nailed. This picture may not be accurate in that Cunliffe’s sins are far worse than any of Keys, but Key gets away with things because people like him.


No one likes Cunliffe. He is known as an arrogant and unpleasant man like many, many politicians.   Read more »

Labour’s Predictable Poll Disaster

The latest polling disaster for Labour comes after nearly six years in opposition, three opposition leaders and two general secretaries and party presidents. Yet they are still hopeless in the polls.

This is all because the leaders and the party leadership all seem to think they will win by divine right, not by doing the hard yards necessary to win. Cunliffe, Goff and Shearer all thought that the public would fall in love with them, rather than they had to rebuild the party to win an election. Labour’s hopeless to non existent fundraising means they cant do much in campaign year, because they don’t have the scratch.

For Labour to win they need a decent fundraiser like Mike “Fat Tony” Williams. Unfortunately they have Tim Barnett and Moira Coatsworth, both of whom are so useless at fundraising that they probably should be replaced if they don’t do the honourable thing and resign after the election.  Read more »

Adams muscles up, rips up Len’s unitary plan

At last Amy Adams has figured out one needs to implement strong policy and make hard hitting decisions to be an effective minister.

Adams has come down like the great Hammer of Thor on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan by stating that significant changes must be made.

Environment Minister Amy Adams is seeking major changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan, which she says will not provide enough houses and make housing even more unaffordable in its current form.

In a cabinet-approved submission on the new planning rulebook for the Super City, Ms Adams says failure to make changes could have far-reaching economic and social consequences for Auckland and New Zealand.

She said the original objectives for a quality compact and design-led approach had been “betrayed” by overly-complex policies, overlays and rules.

“I seek the removal or loosening of prescriptive provisions in the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan where they are not supported and justified by evidence and analysis,” she said.

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Simon Bridges and Amy Adams, Piss Poor at Fundraising

Aspiring National Party leaders Simon Bridges and Amy Adams are both known for being very, very average at fundraising.

They seem to think that the public will fall in love with them the moment they become leader, and have done nothing to build their donor networks.

What is telling is how average their fundraising was in 2011.

Amy Adams only got a couple of big donations from trusts, and more from her electorate. Amy is well known for funding her own campaign, and being very, very bad at building a rapport with donors. $33,000 from three sources is laughable.   Read more »

$147,800 plus expenses and she goes to Twitter for advice?

This morning, at the Commerce Committee, Julie Anne Genter tweeted this:

The Commerce Committee is an important job and process where the parliament scrutinises the government’s budget.

MPs are supposed to have read the documents, prepared questions and be ready to cross-examine the Minister.   Read more »

Are Bridges & Adams doing a Cunliffe?

When political junkies look into the future they think about Simon Bridges and Amy Adams as the next National Prime Minister.

The problem for both Amy and Simon is that they have taken the same approach Phil Goff, David Shearer, David Cunliffe and Bill English have taken to their political careers.

They seem to think that politics is won and lost in Beltway Wellington, and that if they can just become leader the public will immediately fall in love with them and elect them by popular acclaim.

This didn’t work so well for Bill, Phil, David S and doesn’t look like it is going work so well for David C either.

If you want to be leader you need to have a strong party and a strong donor base, which means doing a lot of friend raising first, then being able to ask them for money.

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Dodgy socialist council keeps councillors in the dark, and last corporate investor bails out of dam plan

The completely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has sunk to a new low.

The council got the bum’s rush from the Board of Inquiry when they tried to get three scientists to change their story about turning the Tukituki River toxic by not managing Nitrogen. Fortunately the Board was wise to this and pointed out it couldn’t understand why three scientists had changed their mind with no real science behind it.

Now the council staff have pissed off a group of councillors by not letting them see the submission to the Board of Inquiry. The council staff seem to think that they have councillors just to rubber stamp things, not to actually have any input.

Councillor Rex Graham, on behalf of fellow councillors Rick Barker, Tom Belford and Peter Beaven, has written to Conservation Minister Nick Smith and Environment Minister Amy Adams to tell them the four councillors have not had any input into the councils submission to the board of inquiry.

The councillors are upset council staff sent the submission, commenting on the boards draft proposal, without it being signed off at a council meeting.

They have asked the ministers for the opportunity to lodge their own submission on the boards proposal. “I would have thought that, as an elected representative, I would have seen [the submission] and been able to debate it,” Mr Graham told Hawkes Bay Today.

“We have to sign off documents this important. This is a fundamental, in-principle thing. We have had a board of inquiry present us with their thoughts and their proposal and we are essentially challenging that. I would have thought its huge. I would have thought its a major, fundamental thing, he said. If the executives [council staff] make the decisions, then why do we have an election?” Read more »