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What planet is Andrea Vance on?


What’s wrong with Andrea Vance?



It gets better:

When people tell you the “moment of truth” was an anti-climax, a fizzer, a nothing – don’t believe them.

Edward’s Snowden’s appearance, by livestream, in the Auckland Town Hall last night was remarkable. It had nothing to do with Kim Dotcom’s spurious claims about a Hollywood plot. The dodgy Warner Bros email is as relevant to the NZ Snowden Files as John Key’s declassified documents.

Erm. ¬†Andrea… Snowden appearance wasn’t by livestream. ¬†It was pre-recorded.

We were all watching a video, something that was revealed and confirmed by Laila Harre.

Have a look at that Journalist of the Year Canon Award on your desk.


Time for one of those long runs I think. ¬†Clear the thinking. ¬† Get back to reporting instead of trying to skew politics in New Zealand. ¬† Haven’t we all had enough of that by now?


– Fairfax Media

Statement by Cameron Slater, journalist

Although the judgement that I was a Journalist at the time I was working on a story about a businessman involving alleged¬†malfeasance, fraud and other nasty stuff¬†is welcome, it isn’t the end of the District Court case that gave birth to the High Court appeal. ¬†Unless this¬†decision is challenged in¬†the Court of Appeal, this case will now return to the District Court.

There exists an order against me and my news medium not to publish anything about the defamation case¬†or closely related matters that aren’t already in the public domain. ¬†Until that order is dropped, I will continue to follow the Court’s instructions and I won’t go into it. ¬†(Can commenters please assist by doing the same – your access depends on it)

Although a relatively small number of people who are highly invested in my downfall and misery will think this decision is a travesty of justice, and while my own fans will simply see it as “common sense”, I believe that people who have no interest in me or my case will see the decision as a natural outcome. ¬† Whaleoil has been producing news at regular intervals for many years. ¬†I have sources, I work on stories, I publish them to the public. ¬†Even some of my most brutal critics have admitted I am clearly a journo.

But it is nice to have it confirmed so formally.

This does put us into a rather unique situation. Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Politics as Combat

Andrew C. McCarthy writes at National Review Online about politics as combat.

It has come to this after six years of Barack Obama’s Chicago-style community-organizer governance: The hard Left no longer believes it necessary to pretend that the rule of law matters. It is politics as combat. The devolution can be measured from the trumped-up indictment of Tom DeLay to the trumped-up indictment of Rick Perry.

Back in 2005, the idea of exploiting prosecutorial power to criminalize one‚Äôs political opposition was still sufficiently noxious that Democrat apparatchiks in Austin understood the need for camouflage. Tom DeLay of Texas was among the GOP‚Äôs most effective leaders and fundraisers, having risen to congressional leadership not long after he helped¬†Newt Gingrich lead the 1994 GOP takeover of the House. Democrats decided he had to be sidelined. They also knew they had the raw power to make it happen: a political operative¬†ensconced¬†as the chief prosecutor in a reliably Democratic county. In politics as combat, raw power is all you need ‚ÄĒ just cause has nothing to do with it.

But nine years ago, it was still unacceptable for the rub-out to look too much like a rub-out. It was not possible to charge DeLay with the non-crime of raising money for Republican candidates ‚ÄĒ his real offense as far as his adversaries were concerned. So he was indicted for a convoluted money-laundering scheme.

You may have noticed that the political left is using similar tactics here…legal challenges by Graham McCready exclusively against right wing politicians…and now dirty, illegal hacking against the voices that speak against their politics. ¬†¬† Read more »

Media Hypocrisy


I’ve not written about this, because it would be like shouting into a storm. ¬†But a reader has put the argument so well, it deserves and airing:

Dear Cam

I think the MSM frenzy over Nicky Hager’s book needs to be considered in light of the MSM’s behaviour over events that took place last year over the GCSB bill , the Henry Report , alleged contact between Andrea Vance and Peter Dunne , the Kitteridge Report , etc .

As would be expected the MSM (with all the usual suspects involved) have completely ‚Äúlost the plot‚ÄĚ over Hager‚Äôs ‚Äúbook‚ÄĚ and have created ¬†in effect the ‚ÄúTeapot Tapes‚ÄĚ saga part 2 with the obvious intention of preventing National from forming the next government . But what is truly¬†astonishing¬†is that the very¬†same¬†people who screamed blue murder over the GCSB bill ¬†, alleged spying on Kim Dotcom and you will recall the leaking of the Henry report to a Fairfax journalist (and the fallout from that) are the very¬†same¬†people who apparently have¬†no¬†issue what so ever with Nicky Hager writing a book based upon private emails which were¬†stolen /hacked¬†from your computer system .

Please find¬†enclosed¬†[snippet above - ed] a copy of the article written by Andrea Vance which was published by Fairfax on¬†1 August 2013¬†. You will recall that the MSM at the time were in absolute apoplexy over the fall-out from Andrea Vance¬†supposedly¬†having her movements around parliament being tracked by Parliamentary ¬†Services and the possibility of her phone records having been accessed . Read more »

Apparently, shock, horror, politics is dirty

So Nicky Hagar is shocked that politics is dirty.

Yeah about as dirty as writing a book using stolen emails when you are a person who constantly rails against spying by the state.

Now we know what a sanctimonious hypocrite Nicky Hager really is.

Apparently it is also a revelation I talk with National politicans. Well duh Nicky!

What I want to know though is why he hasn’t published any of the emails¬†from the numerous Green and Labour MPs I communicate with…or the back room operators of both parties?

This is the third book Nicky Hager has been involved with that involves stolen/hacked emails.

What he hasn’t realise though now is that he has created a free for all environment against all journalists where their emails are fair game. Let’s call it the “Hager Precedent”.

What is ironic is that the very people who have been marching in the streets protesting and speaking at public meetings against the GCSB bill and government are now either directly involved or justifying the spying on a member of the media. ¬† Read more »

Why Kelvin Davis is more honourable than Hone Harawira

Kelvin Davis is more honourable than Hone Harawira.

I’ll prove it but first we need to look at Andrea Vance’s article about the whole Hone vs Kelvin issue.

Is there a dirty deal underway in Te Tai Tokerau?  Short answer: no.

Emails leaked to TV3 at the weekend purportedly show Labour HQ had warned Te Tai Tokerau candidate Kelvin Davis off a smear campaign against Mana leader Hone Harawira.

Political watchers jumped to the conclusion that that meant Labour campaign managers wanted potential coalition partner Harawira to win the seat.

A victory would coat-tail in Laila Harre and some other Internet-Mana candidates, boosting left-bloc numbers.

This theory falls down because the emails do not explicitly say any such thing.

The emails don’t prove there is a deal Andrea, I’ll give you that….but it is an indicator that there is a deal in place, just the same as no signage in the electorate and no Labour people campaigning anywhere on behalf of Kelvin Davis says the same.

Labour people who have worked in the electorate for decades are telling me there is a deal, party apparatchiks are saying the same thing. There is a deal and until David Cunliffe categorically rules out any such deal with Hone Harawira, Man, Internet Mana or any of the iterations that could exists to prop up, support, or anything else then there is a deal in place and everything else is weasel words from one of the biggest weasels in parliament.

Instead, they are consistent with Labour’s campaign message: Vote Positive. Leader David Cunliffe made a ”sledge pledge” last month and has repeatedly stood by his assertion that the public dislike negative campaigning.

If there is anything to be drawn from these emails, it should be the timing of the leak, rather than their content. ¬†This is right-wing mischief making. ¬†¬† Read more »

Andrea Vance’s 5 reasons not to trust politicians

Andrea Vance writes up her 5 reasons not to trust politicians.

This is why she is a better journalist than I will ever pretend to be…I have just one reason…they are politicians.

Her first one is the “Do as I say not as I do” reason, that all politicans fall prey too, in this case she quotes John Key, but she had rich pickings on that one.

A swift kick for Laila Harre too, but a better one would have been to quote her claims on Vote Chat that Kim Dotcom is doing great things for NZ…pity Laila Harre hasn’t asked the unpaid creditors, staff and servants that are still waiting for the big man to cough up.

3. LABOUR LEADER David Cunliffe:

”Labour’s position is very clear: no coat-tails.”

It’s a miracle David Cunliffe’s tongue hasn’t tied itself in knots. It’s a no to any pre-election deals, he says. ¬†Labour would move to scrap the coat-tailing provision of MMP within 100 days of taking office.

This conveniently ignores the fact that to form a government – and pass the promised electoral reform – they’ll almost certainly require the support of Internet-Mana. Which was formed solely to take advantage of coat-tailing!

There is a reason David Cunliffe’s mouth turns down on both sides…it is from contorting his mouth to issue platitudes to different audiences. ¬† Read more »

Troughers are what Troughers Do

Andrea Vance  reports on some gold plated toughing.

Taxpayers are stumping up for Pacific Island Affairs boss Pauline Winter to travel between Wellington and Auckland most weekends.

Winter has a home in Westmere, but her $240,000-a-year job is based in the capital.

Her expense records show that over the last year she flew between the two cities almost every weekend. Between July 2013 and 2014, her expenditure totalled more than $30,000, most of which went on airfares, taxis and rental car hire in Wellington and Auckland.

However, State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie insists that Winter does not commute and that she has a residence in Wellington.

“I expect the chief executive to travel regularly between MPIA’s offices in Wellington and Auckland and to attend meetings and events with the Pacific Island community . . .

“I am assured by Ms Winter that all her travel expenses are for legitimate purposes related to the core business of the ministry and are in accordance with MPIA’s policies and processes.”

The ministry is also paying for private secretary Luc Shorter to commute between Auckland and Wellington, and is footing his accommodation bill.

His Twitter profile says he lives on Waiheke Island and insiders say he is billeted at serviced apartments on The Terrace, costing around $1800 a month.

Shorter, executive director Kevin Sua Thomsen and regional manager Paul Stowers were hired by Winter last year without the roles being advertised. ¬† Read more »

Ass Nasty Lolly Stealer has some ‘splaining’ to do

Bag of Hammers

Dumber than a bag of hammers

Perhaps the stupidest and nastiest MP in the current parliament has some explaining to do.

Her mad rantings to Andrea Vance just won’t cut it.

NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor will come under scrutiny as part of a Department of Corrections investigation into the accessing of criminal records.

The list MP was employed as a rehabilitation and reintegration services adviser for the Pacific-Northern region until 2011.

It was revealed earlier this month that her husband Dennis Taylor, a Corrections manager, was under investigation amid allegations the record of former party official Marise Bishop was accessed. Investigators have examined electronic fingerprints, which record when, where and who accessed records.

It is understood they now want to speak to Lole-Taylor. ¬†¬† Read more »