Andrew Hunt

What the hell Just Happened in the Hunua Selection?

The tipline has been running hot with disgruntled members in Hunua who are very, very annoyed with what has happened with the Hunua selection.

It appears that Electorate Chair Ian McDougall has colluded with his deputy Rob McGregor to get the candidate they want.

With all the Kim Dotcom Nazi stories this week the details have to be fact checked but it appears that McDougal and McGregor have gone against the wishes of the highly pissed off electorate members and blackballed two former local board chairs and hard working party members in favour of outsiders with few connections to the electorate or little service to the party. This means their favored candidate Kael Roberts will win by default, and be the lackey of McDougall and McGregor.   Read more »

Tamaki Nominations for National

from National party press release:

The National Party has announced a shortlist of five top nominees who have put their names forward for selection as National’s Tamaki candidate in the November 26 election.

A shortened candidate selection process is taking place after the decision by Tamaki MP Allan Peachey to step down at the election.  Tamaki’s pre-selection committee met last night, while a final selection will take place on October 26.

Tamaki Electorate chair Andrew Hunt says the candidates are:

  • Denise Krum
  • Toni Millar
  • Simon O’Connor
  • Seby Reeves
  • Mark Thomas

As with all selections this blog does not take a position on who should win the selection, as delegates are smart enough to choose the best candidate most of the time.  A full profile of all candidates will be posted tomorrow.

This selection is being run very fairly, unlike others this cycle. Board members and regional chairs are not involved promoting candidates, in total breach of the ethics of their position, a position that requires complete neutrality.