Andrew Little

Angry Andy has fallen into Winston’s trap

Labour leader Andrew Little has a new proposal to re-enter the Pike River coal mine which involves exempting Solid Energy from health and safety laws.

Little said today he would table a bill in Parliament on the first sitting day in February which would assist the families in their bid to access the West Coast coal mine’s drift.

Prime Minister Bill English has said health and safety laws which were introduced in response to the Pike River disaster in 2010 make any re-entry all but impossible.

During a visit to Greymouth today, Little said he had a solution. Read more »

Andrew Little has cracked his image problem

Labour leader Andrew Little faced media for the first time this year without his usual spectacles – but says the new look isn’t an election year make-over.

Little said he used to wear contacts regularly years ago.

“I haven’t more recently, but I have been this summer. And so, I’ll wear them sometimes and sometimes not.” Read more »

Chicken Little

Little flags away Rongotai, New Plymouth to go list-only for 2017 election

Labour leader Andrew Little is to run as a list-only candidate in this year’s election, opening the way for councillor Paul Eagle to win the party’s nomination for the Rongotai seat.

His decision means the leaders of the two biggest parties – Little and Prime Minister Bill English – will not contest constituencies although the leaders of all the other parties in Parliament have signalled they will be standing in electorates.

Little has previously been defeated in the New Plymouth seat twice by National backbencher Jonathan Young but it was long rumoured he may seek to stand in Deputy Leader Annette King’s Rongotai seat, where he lives, if she stood down – a decision she made late last year.

It would appear even Labour won’t waste a safe seat on their leader.  How awkward.   Read more »

Opposition Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesman not briefed on Israel resolution

After the Christchurch earthquakes, Opposition Leader Phil Goff complained that he hadn’t been briefed about alleged Israeli spies.  It was subsequently revealed on this blog that he had been briefed. What it did show though was that on matters affecting foreign policy especially relating to Israel convention dictates that the leader of the opposition should be briefed. When New Zealand took the lead in sponsoring UN resolution 2334 as the chair of the UN Security Council it should have been incumbent of foreign minister Murray McCully or at the very least a senior MFaT official to brief Labour leader Andrew Little and his foreign affairs spokesperson David Parker.

We put these questions to Andrew Little:

  1. Were you were briefed by anyone, including Murray McCully and/or Bill English and/or John Key?
  2. If you were briefed were you given full details of the process and resolution and did the briefing match what happened in reality?
  3. If you weren’t briefed why do you think they didn’t brief you?
  4. When John Kerry visited in November were you briefed on the contents of discussions with Murray McCully?

Andrew Little’s response is below in full and unedited:

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Is the Labour Party a friend of Israel?

After the National Party shafted Israel at the UN a number of us here on Whaleoil expressed our disgust. Some of us asked what other political parties we could give one or both of our votes to in order to show both our support for Israel and our condemnation of what the National Party has done. I decided to contact the leaders of Act, New Zealand First and the Maori Party as well as the Labour Party. I didn’t bother with the Green Party as their anti-Israel stance was made abundantly clear earlier this year. The Conservative Party currently lacks a leader so I had no one to contact.


The first leader to respond to my request for comment was Labour leader, Andrew Little. I am very impressed considering that most politicians are on holiday and unavailable to media. Even if they were all available no New Zealand mainstream media have even tried to cover the story of what McCully and the National Party did at the UN to Israel, let alone ask any politician what their parties stance is.


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This little boy would love a Christmas card from you

Today you have the opportunity for very little effort and cost to help make a quadriplegic, terminally ill eight-year-old boy’s wish come true. He lost his Mum in 2012 and a Christmas card from New Zealand will help brighten his day. All you have to do is grab a Christmas card, write a short message to Andrew and then post it.

Andrew Little
4181 Weathered Oaks Lane
Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Andrew is an 8 yr old, 2nd grader living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Andrew loves music, Star Wars and super hero’s although he does have a soft spot in heart for the “bad guys”. His favorite football players are A.J. Green and Andrew Whitworth both of the Cincinnati Bengals, he also admires Tim Tebow. His favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson Aka The Rock. Andrew enjoys watching movies, singing and of course tormenting his older sister Aubrey. In 2012 Andrew’s mother passed away, he is now raised by his grandparents and several loving and devoted care givers.


While many children dream of getting a Hatchimal or the latest Pokemon toy for Christmas, an 8-year-old quadriplegic boy has a modest wish this year. He wants to receive cards, and his grandmother hopes that others will help her fulfill his dreams.

“I can’t give him back his mobility,” Alyson Little, 51, told TODAY. “But I can use my voice…so he won’t feel so isolated.”

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Trotter explains why Labour has problems next year

Chris Trotter, the ever observant student of modern political history points out why Bill English may be boring but why he may also squeak into power again despite the ear to ear grins of the Labour party.

“WITH FIFTY-ONE PERCENT SUPPORT in the latest CM Research poll, the Labour Party is cruising towards the Year’s end on an enormous wave of public support. What is the secret behind Labour’s winning political formula – a formula which has so far eluded all of its competitors? To hear Helen Clark, or Michael Cullen, or Steve Maharey tell it, the story of Labour’s success is a simple one: “Under-promise and over-deliver”.

According to this theory, New Zealanders no longer believe in big promises – so don’t make any. Nor do they expect “the gummint” to do very much of anything to help them out. So, keeping those small promises, and, even more astonishing, actually doing a little bit more than you promised, leaves the voters feeling pathetically grateful.

More cynical observers point to Labour’s utter infatuation with opinion polling and focus groups. Its apparatus for taking the public pulse is state-of-the-art, and provides the political leadership with more-or-less instant feedback. Knowing how the electorate is responding to Government policy allows Clark and her ministers to remain in lock-step with public opinion. As the French revolutionary, Danton, is supposed to have remarked, seeing a throng of Parisians passing below his host’s window: “Excuse me, I am their leader – I must follow them.”   Read more »

Wellington’s worst kept secret is out and Little looks like a dork

Paul Eagle has always been the heir apparent to Annette King in Rongotai.

Less than three months after becoming Wellington’s deputy mayor, Paul Eagle is eyeing up a seat in Parliament.

Eagle said he was considering calls from Labour Party members to contest Rongotai, the Wellington electorate seat long held by the party’s deputy leader, Annette King.

She has announced she will stand as a list-only candidate in the 2017 general election, in the interests of “renewal” and so she can focus on her health portfolio.

Eagle, 44, was appointed Wellington deputy mayor when Justin Lester won the mayoralty in October.

“I’m honoured to be asked whether I will put my name forward and I’m talking about it further with my family, the party leadership and members,” Eagle said on Sunday.

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Of course Labour are unimpressed, but then you look at them

Labour are unimpressed with Bill English’s re-shuffle, but what were they really going to say? A brilliant move? Great promotions for hard work?

Of course not, they were always going to moan like unpaid whores.

Labour’s reaction to Prime Minister Bill English’s new cabinet is that it doesn’t signal the fresh approach that had been promised.

“This is not the rejuvenation Bill English promised,” said Labour’s deputy leader Annette King.

“It’s underwhelming, it’s a combination of the conservative, vindictiveness and mateship.”

Ms King says there’s just one new minister in the cabinet and three new ones outside it.

“And he’s demoted his rivals Judith Collins and Jonathan Coleman,” she said.   Read more »

Annette King goes list only, who will step up?

Annette King has gone list only for next year’s election. On current polling that is a dangerous position to be in, unless of course, she wants a fast exit rather than another three years in opposition.

Longstanding Labour MP Annette King will stand as a list-only candidate in 2017 – a step that opens up her Rongotai seat for Labour leader Andrew Little should he decide to stand there.

King told the Herald that after 24 years she had decided “with some sadness” not to stand in the electorate again in 2017.

She hoped to be health minister in the next Labour government and would stand on the list, but it was possible she would leave if Labour was still in Opposition.

Little, a list MP, has lived in the Rongotai electorate for years and said he would consider standing in the seat.  Read more »