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Credit: SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Hooton on Jones and Cunliffe

Matthew Hooton thinks Shane Jones could well be the saviour of the Labour party but first he reviews the woeful performance of the current leader of the Labour party, David Cunliffe.

September 27 is overwhelmingly favoured but rumours persist John Key may opt for August or even July for the general election.

The rationale is to allow plenty of time for coalition negotiations, for a new government to be sworn in and for a properly mandated prime minister to represent New Zealand at the G20 and Apec leaders’ meetings in November.

Whenever the election is held, Labour now risks another disaster.

In just the past seven days, David Cunliffe has admitted he made a fool of himself attacking Mr Key’s lifestyle, been caught laundering campaign donations through a secret trust, been embarrassed by his staff emailing his confidential ICT policy to the government and faced questions over his failure to declare another trust until after his predecessor David Shearer was caught with an undisclosed $50,000+ offshore bank account.

This is on top of his misrepresentation of his baby-bonus policy and the questions over his claimed business, academic and community-service background.

Labour is now lower in the polls than when Mr Shearer resigned, Mr Cunliffe’s personal popularity is worse than his ever was, and there is no evidence the Herne Bay multimillionaire has the skills connecting with the poor and downtrodden in South Auckland that he claimed.

The timing is tight but it is not yet too late for Labour to fix the mistake made by the unions and its membership last September. ¬† Read more »

The ferals of New Plymouth get their beans

Andrew Little says in the NZ Herald today that he is going to try some new campaign things in New Plymouth.

I’m going to campaign very hard and try new techniques in New Plymouth, and I want to lead the debate about labour market change. And otherwise continue the very enjoyable and happy time I am having in this great institution.

I wonder if this will be one of them, to appeal to the ferals of New Plymouth.

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Taranaki tops provincial growth figures

David Cunliffe is working out to be more inept than Shearer.

He gets all fired up about regional development working alongside local communities with the government as partners, sends Shane Jones and Andrew Little for an expedition outside the beltway….frightening place for a Labour MP.

Meanwhile Moana Mackay discovers google and finds some 2 year old report on the internet about drilling and Cunliffe goes off half cocked.

What would Taranaki look like under a Labour/Green coalition?

Well they both want to cripple the oil industry and one wants to ban dairy farming.

After a flat nine months, Taranaki’s economy has rebounded to be the country’s most vibrant.

The ANZ Bank regional trends quarterly survey shows section sales are up 43 per cent, house sales up 9 per cent and business confidence is the highest in New Zealand, all in the last three months.¬† Read more »

Has someone given Trev the Arse Card?



There has been a sharp up-tick in trading on Trevor Mallard’s future on iPredict.

Maybe word is starting to leak out that he has been given the arse card.¬† Read more »

Promise? Threat? Will Helen Kelly formalise her pledge?

Go Already: Helen Kelly promises to leave NZ if Judith Collins becomes PM

Go Already: Helen Kelly promises to leave NZ if Judith Collins becomes PM

On Q+A this morning Helen Kelly said¬†“I’m leaving the country if Judith Collins becomes PM”. (at 6 min mark)

Doesn’t sound like Helen will make a good Hutt South MP then…or a sensible replacement for Annette King.

I want to know if she will make that a firm election pledge?

Because if there was a need for a reason to have Judith Collins as Prime Minister then that is it.¬† Read more »

Mallard goes rogue

In this video at 5:17 Trevor Mallard goes rogue.

Trevor Mallard defies an agreement by the business committee (all parties including Shadow House Leader Grant Robertson) that there should be party votes rather than personal votes. ¬† Read more »

The Nasty party is back, Andrew Little wishes Nat MP was assassinated

This Twitter exchange beggars belief.

Prompting this tweet from Lew: ¬†¬† Read more »

Not just Shane and Little Andy, but Goff and Mallard too

The man ban is kicking in hard…now there are suggestions that not just Shane Jones and Little Andy will be gone-burgers but there is also pressure on Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard to disappear too.

Labour’s new rule to ensure at least half of its MPs are women by 2017 is likely to lead to increased pressure on males such as Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard to quit Parliament to make way for fresh male talent.

Under the rule, passed at the annual conference in Christchurch, Labour will seek to ensure at least 45 per cent of its caucus are females after the 2014 election, rising to 50 per cent after 2017 – meaning most of the new candidates likely to get high places on the party list or selection for safe electorate seats will be women.

That will mean the only way to get a significant intake of new male MPs is either by dumping some sitting male list MPs to unwinnable places on the list or pushing electorate MPs to retire from politics to open up more seats.¬† Read more »

Bye bye Shane and Andy, Labour’s man ban will axe Cunner’s opponents

Shane Jones stands to lose big time as Labour has voted to introduce their man ban.

Audrey Young writes at the NZ Herald:

Labour leader David Cunliffe says it won’t be very hard for Labour to reach its newly adopted target of at least 45 per cent women MPs after next year’s election and at least 50 per cent women after the 2017 election.

“I don’t think it’s going to be too difficult knowing the calibre of the women candidates and nominees that we have around and the fact that our vote share is likely to be significantly higher this time than it was last time,” he said today.

“There won’t be difficulty at all for us to reach 45 this time and I’m confident we’ll reach 50 next time – I will be personally backing it.”

The constitutional motion adopting the targets was passed in a closed session debate today at the party’s annual conference at Wigram.

It has become the party’s main vehicle for achieving gender equality in representation after a controversial remit allowing some regions to have women-only selections for candidates was withdrawn by the New Zealand Council at the request of former leader David Shearer.

Party president Moira Coatsworth told reporters the way the party would try to achieve the targets was through the list ranking process of the moderating committee, after it had made an assessment of which electorate seats it thought it could win.¬† Read more »