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Will the MSM ever look at Andrew Little’s record, Ctd

His leadership is a dog's breakfast and tastes like a dog's leavings

What do you mean there are irregularities?

Over the past few weeks we have been looking into the EPMU under Andrew Little’s stewardship. There are a series of financial anomalies that need explaining, especially for a man who wants to be Prime Minister and be responsible for the Government Accounts.

Previous Questions were asked here, here and here.


We also provided the original documentation from the Societies web site. This is all public source information so anyone can find it if they visit the Societies web site.   Read more »

Will the MSM ever look into Andrew Little’s record? Ctd

In 2011 Andrew Little swapped his job at the EPMU and as Labour Party President for a List MP slot.

Until then he had been the leading light at the EPMU since the late 90s, and claimed credit for its success.

The EPMU’s success did not include successfully filing accounts on time or correctly.

Some had to be refiled, and there are big questions about the stewardship of the EPMU during Little’s tenure.

We have asked a series of questions in previous posts about the EPMU’s financial records. Read more »


Who is getting rich off our milk?


The cost of milk just keeps rising; prices have gone up 8 percent in two years.

We’re paying more for it than Australians and the British, but New Zealand farmers are not reaping the rewards. …

Consumer affairs spokesman David Shearer [told] Paul Henry … Read more »

Comment of the Day

We have been asking a series of questions about Andrew Little and his time at the EPMU.

The main stream media have not done the deep digging into his past, even though they have to be watching what is happening in Australia with ALP leader and former head of the Australian Workers’ Union, Bill Shorten, getting questioned seriously about his unions finances.

Hakaru made this valid comment.

Can anyone enlighten me in what the Training Foundation does and are their financials available for public perusal. It would be interesting to see where 6 million went and who benefited from the “training”.   Read more »

Will the MSM ever look into Andrew Little’s record, Ctd


Last week we highlighted Labour Leader Andrew Little’s tenure at the EPMU and potential problems with the EPMU’s financial records. We suggested that the MSM were interested in trivial things like pony tail pulling, but not in detailed research about Andrew Little’s past.

There were seven questions we asked about the EPMU and the Engineering Training and Education Foundation and a missing $6m.

These questions should be put to Andrew Little, because if someone cannot manage a union’s finances properly it is hard to imagine them being able to run a nation’s finances properly.   Read more »

Will the MSM ever look into Andrew Little’s Record?

My numbers are rising I tell you

The current problems facing ALP leader Bill Shorten over irregular payments to his union are the subject of a Royal Commission. They are also subject to serious scrutiny by serious Australian journalists.

In New Zealand this has not happened as our incredibly shallow press have concentrated on pulling of pony tails and other trivial things. They have done a light once-over of Andrew Little, and tried to make him seem human.

They have not taken a deep and thorough look into his background at the EPMU and the financial irregularities that need questioning.

Andrew Little makes strong claims about his stewardship of the EPMU, yet there are clear and very public inconsistencies in the EPMU accounts. All this is available on the public record, yet none of our ambulance-chasing journalists have been willing to do the kind of deep research required to make a story stack up, or to ask Andrew Little questions about his union’s accounts.   Read more »

So what if they were paid, at least they aren’t here

Labour really does need to finally admit that people smugglers are trying to send ships and illegal immigrants here.

They have denied it for so long I don’t think they can actually see what has been revealed in the past few days.

An Indonesian police officer says he’s certain that wads of US dollars were paid by an Australian official to the crew of an asylum-seeker boat.

The investigation has broadened to Jakarta where police from Indonesia’s Anti-People Smuggling Taskforce are now trying to track the people who recruited the five crew, who were allegedly given US$5000 (NZ$7150) to take the 65 New Zealand-bound passengers back to Indonesian waters.

Local police have handed their initial findings to national police and Australian media.    Read more »

What a good idea Damien, let’s try it on the Labour caucus

The Labour Party is showing just how out of touch with reality it is by calling on Fonterra’s Theo Spierings to take a pay cut, ostensibly because of performance, but also as Damien O’Connor claims “to restore credibility with farmers and staff”.

The Labour Party has launched into the controversy surrounding Fonterra’s latest restructuring by saying chief executive Theo Spierings should take a voluntary pay cut “to restore credibility with farmers and staff”.

Spierings’ salary has been estimated to be worth about $4 million a year.

“The events of the last week have shaken the farming sector’s confidence in Fonterra, and the chief executive must take responsibility,” Labour’s Primary Industries spokesperson Damien O’Connor said in a statement.

“Theo Spierings should lead by example and voluntarily reduce his pay by half,” he said.

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David Parker moves fully into staring at goats strategy

Is David Parkers in the back of this goat?

David Parker is making excellent use of written questions to Ministers.

Parker is picking at another dirty politics scab that the public so love to hear about that the National poll numbers go up every time they do it. So let’s pick away.

7428 (2015). Hon David Parker to the Minister of Internal Affairs
Is the National Library restricting access or censoring its collection, if so why is this?

7421 (2015). Hon David Parker to the Minister of Internal Affairs
Does the National Library believe there is a difference between traditional media like newspapers and digital media including blog posts?

7419 (2015). Hon David Parker to the Minister of Internal Affairs
Has the National Library received any complaints asserting that the National Library is not permitted to collect or allow unrestricted access to materials relating to Cathy Odgers or Cactus Kate, and if so what sections in the relevant legislation is the complainant alleging apply?   Read more »

If they’re not staring at goats they are staring at sheep

Labour are spastic, Andrew Little especially.

He is going in to bat, now, for 50,000 non-voting sheep.

I kid you not.

Labour wants assurances that tens of thousands of sheep and cattle being shipped to Mexico won’t be killed when they get there.

The shipment leaves Timaru today.

Leader Andrew Little told Newstalk ZB’s Rachel Smalley the regulations are clear – you can export live sheep for breeding purposes, you can’t for slaughter.

He admits 50,000 seems like a big number for breeding stock.

“We really need to know and be assured very firmly that these sheep are not going to wind up in a slaughter house somewhere in Mexico that they genuinely are for breeding stock.”    Read more »