Annette King

Andrew Little refuses to say if Annette King will still be Deputy Leader come election time

So much for consolidation.

Andrew Little isn’t as sure as he was a few days ago about Annette King sticking around as deputy leader.

All right, I want to talk about back home now – the deputy leadership. So, Annette King is staying in that position, but is she sticking with Labour beyond the next election?

Well, that’s, uh… I’m not quite sure what you mean beyond the next election. Is she going to be standing in the next election? What she does after that, like any…

Well, is she going to stand?

Well, that certainly hasn’t been the subject of any discussion between us, and that’s a matter for her to decide. Long-serving MPs do get to a point eventually where, I guess, it’s time for them to go. She’s not expressing that at the moment, and we haven’t had that discussion. No doubt, at some point, she’ll be thinking about that.   Read more »

Did Little make a big mistake?


via 3 News

It appears Angry Andrew has missed a huge opportunity to turn the polls around.  It’s only a little mistake at the moment.   But watch this seed germinate and become a huge internal problem.   Read more »

Now that King will be deputy leader until the election, what next for Jacinda?

The Media Party putsch for Jacinda Ardern to take over as Andrew Little’s deputy has failed.

Andrew Little in a ham-fisted mess of an announcement first of all blabbed about who it was to one media outlet, then hastily arranged a presser to announce that he is “consolidating”.

Labour leader Andrew Little is keeping Annette King as his deputy through to the next election.

He chose the veteran MP for the position when he became leader nearly a year ago, saying he would decide in 12 months whether to keep her on or make a change.

His announcement today ended speculation that Jacinda Ardern might replace Ms King.

Mr Little says Ms Ardern didn’t seek the job, and told him she didn’t want it.

He’s going to reshuffle his caucus and announce a new line-up at the end of November, after the party’s annual conference.

Mr Little says he and Ms King work very closely together.   Read more »

And the Media Party thinks this person should be deputy leader of Labour?

The Media Party are pushing for Jacinda Ardern to be deputy leader of the Labour party.

It really is a push with little or no merit, and yesterday’s performance in the house suggests that Ardern is not yet ready.

The National Party ministers and backbench had a feast as Ardern asked dopey questions about pies.

During parliamentary question time, Green Party MP Kevin Hague asked Health Minister Jonathan Coleman why the plan did not include a sugary drinks tax.

But Dr Coleman said again that there was not enough evidence to justify a tax.

“I know the member would love to tax all sorts of things… All I know is that if we have a Labour-Greens government, the price of everything is going to go up – it won’t be just soft drinks.”    Read more »

E tu Part 3: Are Unions friends or enemies of Labour?


The dwindling union membership of private sector workers has meant that the two biggest private sector unions, the EPMU and the SFWU have merged.

Both the EPMU and the SFWU were affiliates of the Labour Party, and there was a strong anti-Government feeling at [yesterday]’s launch, fuelled by acting leader Annette King.

“Ministers like Minister Jonathan Coleman say unions are our political enemy… they should be our political allies,” she said.

“We were born out of the union movement and when you have organised labour and a strong political movement in parliament, you’ve got a far better country.”

Lets stop and consider whether the union movement is actually good for Labour.   Read more »


Tell me again what a dental nurse and a student union organiser know about free trade?

I’ve really been struggling with the opposition to the TPPA.

What would these people have us do? Sit on the outside banging an empty table demanding more like the metaphoric Oliver Twist?

Labour are particularly disingenuous.  They have signed FTA agreements before, but none this big or this involved. But like petulant school children it isn’t good enough for them, they’d rather take their toys and go play in a much smaller sandpit while everyone else is enjoying the large sandpit, under shade cloth with new toys.

We can ignore Winston Peters, he is anti-everything unless it is free mirrors for him. But Labour is more serious…they like to think they can govern, but would they have done any better? Would Phil Goff have got more?

I doubt it. New Zealand is the size of a smallish city for some of these countries. The fact that we are even at the table is an achievement in itself. But that isn’t good enough for Labour.

But then look who they have fronting this while the union boss appears to be absent.

Annette King, a former dental nurse and Jacinda Ardern, the Media Party appointed heir to Annette’s throne.

Neither of these two have the slightest bit of interest in their lives with trade. They know absolutely nothing on this yet they are being wheeled out to speak on every issue related to the TPPA.    Read more »

TPPA deal done, cue left wing tears of impotent rage

The TPPA deal has been done overnight and it looks like a good start.

Sure we haven’t got everything we wanted but let’s get some perspective.

  1. It is more than we had before.
  2. Tariffs are massively reduced or eliminated altogether
  3. Access to previously closed markets is now open and largely free of interference
  4. There is a commitment to move on remaining tariffs
  5. Raw dairy didn’t do so well but processed dairy has huge benefits.
  6. Even so dairy has greater access than before.
  7. Pharmac is untouched

We are a small nation, of around 4.5 million, smaller than cities in the countries we have just concluded a trade deal with. We have just gained increased access and lower cost of access to those new markets.

I am struggling to see how more trade is bad.

We have done well out of free trade, it has improved NZ’s GDP, and NZers are undoubtably better off than in the early eighties.   Read more »

Duplicity and hypocrisy, nothing changes in Labour

Labour is moaning about the TPPA again today, except this time Annette King goes full retard and shows that Labour are hypocrites and duplicitous to boot.

Labour deputy leader Annette King said the fact the Government has put the brakes on legislation around plain packaging for cigarettes, while it waits to see whether Australia is successfully sued by a tobacco company, has put doubt in people’s minds.

“It must also be in the Government’s mind at this point because why wouldn’t we pass (the legislation) if we can’t be sued.”

“The suspicion comes from the fact we haven’t passed that legislation.”

It is sensible to put the brakes on legislation that is as flawed as it is dopey. There is zero evidence to support plain packaging as a smoking cessation device…and plenty to suggest otherwise. Plain packaging after all is used by supermarkets to increase sales…by providing cheaper products.    Read more »

Could Jacinda Do This?

The serious politician?

The serious politician?

Andrew Little made something of a mistake in saying that he would reshuffle after his first year.

His big problem is that his best performer and most competent MP, Annette King, is his deputy. Annette has done a very, very good job and deserves to keep the position.

Instead the Robertson faction are promoting Jacinda Ardern, who is very much the modern celebrity politician who has done nothing with their lives other than crave celebrity.

The big role of the deputy leader is to keep things on track while the leader goes out and wins votes. Asa Bennett explains it like this:

Tom Watson, celebrated as the “fixer’s fixer“, would have known how to save his boss from early disaster. As John McTernan wrote recently: “If a good deputy’s job is to clean up problems before they even happen – and it is – then Watson is off to a flying start.”

Read more »

Duncan Garner becomes a Brony

Duncan Garner has become a Brony:

They need to now promote Jacinda Arden who last week appeared in the unprompted preferred PM rankings.

She should replace current deputy, Annette King.

King is strong, popular and performs, and my sources tell me there are some who want her to stay as number 2.

But Labour needs to excite the public and signal change and that’s where Ardern comes in.

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