Annette King

No wonder Labour can’t refresh its caucus

David Farrar has a post on MP remuneration:


The Remuneration Authority has published its latest determination for . They no longer have discretion as to any increases – a law change saw it tagged to the average increase in the overall public sector. This has seen a 2.6% increase.   Read more »

I present: A government in waiting


Move over Annette, Little wants your seat

How unsubtle. I feel sorry for my good friend Annette King. I might send her some more flowers.

Andrew Little has basically told her to shove off, or at the very least let the cat out of the bag of her retirement.

Labour leader Andrew Little won’t run in Mt Roskill if MP Phil Goff is successful in his bid for Auckland Mayor, but Rongotai is in his sights.

Little has ruled out running in the long-held Auckland Labour seat saying, “there is a depth of talent out there already”.

Goff announced on Sunday that he would run for the super-city mayoralty next year and would stay on as Mt Roskill MP through to the election.

He would, however, relinquish his Auckland issues portfolio to avoid confusion as to whether he was attending events as an MP or with his mayoral candidate hat on.

When asked if Auckland Central’s Jacinda Ardern was an obvious replacement for the Auckland portfolio, Little said there were a number of Auckland MPs who are “potential candidates for that”.

Little will make his reshuffle announcements in the next week after holding off doing so until Goff had made a decision about the mayoralty race.    Read more »

The duplicity of Labour and Annette King

Annette King has made a big song and dance, along with her Media party pals, about pain threshold for patients needing surgery.

She has claimed it has increased, but the DHBs have busted her by revealing her researchers asked separate questions which they then conflated to allegedly mislead the house.

Shots have been fired over surgical figures, with the Health Minister accusing Labour’s Annette King of misleading Parliament by claiming Auckland DHB had raised its pain threshold for patients needing surgery.

Auckland DHB has hit back saying it has not, and Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has accused King of deliberately “fudging the facts’.

Misleading the house is a serious offence, which in some situations is dealt with by the privileges committee and the House has the ability to punish someone for contempt if that person is found to have deliberately misled it.

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Uhmmm, John there is a slight problem with that approach

John Key has said that “we stand with France.”

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has joined the global chorus of leaders condemning the terrorist attacks in Paris that have killed more than 100 people.

Deaths occurred in a mass hostage taking at a concert hall, while 40 people are feared dead after bombings and shootings across the French capital, which is still recovering from jihadist attacks in January.

Key is en route to Vietnam for a trade mission.

“Our hearts go out to those involved and our thoughts are with them and their families,” he said today.

“New Zealand stands with France in the global fight against terror and while it is too soon to attribute blame, the attacks have targeted innocent civilians and are therefore an act of terrorism.”    Read more »

Did he ever have it?

Labour reckons they have lost respect for the Prime Minister…but did he ever have their respect?

Prime Minister John Key “acted like a clown” when he accused the opposition of “backing the rapists”, Labour deputy leader Annette King says.

Key caused uproar at Parliament when he said on Tuesday that the Labour Party was supporting rapists, murderers and child molesters among Kiwi detainees at Australia’s Christmas Island detention centre.

A number of female MPs from the opposition staged a protest and walkout against Key and Speaker David Carter on Wednesday, after Carter said he had not heard the original comment and was therefore powerless to make Key apologise.

King told TV3’s Paul Henry she supported her colleagues who had walked out and denied that opposition MPs had over-reacted to Key’s remarks.

“You had to be there in the heat of the chamber, where passions were high.”

However, National MP Judith Collins said Parliament had a “robust debating chamber”, and MPs who walked out would not be looked on favourably by some of the public.

“If you want to go walk out, understand that the public are going to view it in one of two ways: one, they’ll agree with you, or the second one, they’ll say, ‘We’re paying your wages, let’s get back to work’.”

Collins said the second, premeditated walkout on Wednesday may also have undermined respect for Parliament.

“it’s a tough place, and when it’s [the walkout] staged like that, and it was clearly staged, it loses some of its power.”

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Just what Labour needs, a deputy who doesn’t know what she wants to do

Labour’s conference has turned into a travesty, with Andrew Little unwilling to say whether or not Labour supports free trade, Phil Twyford going all Stalinist on housing, and the nanny state policies making a return with Labour’s wish to tax Watties’ tomato sauce.

Now Annette King, Andrew Little’s chosen deputy isn’t quite sure what she wants to do after 2017.

Labour MP Annette King says she hasn’t decided what she’ll do for the next general election.

Ms King is the MP for Rongotai, deputy leader of Labour and their spokeswoman for health.

There’s been speculation the 68-year-old may not stand at the 2017 general election or will run on the party list, creating an opportunity for a new electorate MP.

“That’s a decision I’ve yet to make,” Ms King told TVNZ’s Q&A program today.    Read more »

Judith Collins on work ethic and winning

Judith Collins has a column in the Sunday Star-Times today that mocks Labour for hating on John Key being with the All Blacks as they won the World Cup.

She then gets into the mechanics of winning where hard work beats natural talent.

Which then segues into discussing the missing talent of Andrew Little and also his missing work ethic.

We’ve seen the will to win in our Prime Minister. We saw it in Helen Clark. We don’t see it in the current leader of the Opposition, Andrew Little. That’s his problem. So far, I’ve seen nothing that tells me that Little is really serious.

Last weekend we had the Rugby World Cup final. This weekend, it is the Labour Party Conference. I’m sure the usual platitudes will result. They’re all behind the leader, all united, no factions, everything’s great. Except it’s not.

Andrew Little made a strategic error in handing over his Labour Party voters to Winston Peters in Northland. Sure, the result left National groggy – for a while. Sure, it took away a crucial vote for real Resource Management reform, but who are the losers in that? It’s all Kiwis and particularly people in Northland who want to see an even more vibrant economy.

I’m no fan of Winston Peters. He’s got the talent but not the work ethic. Tales of his unwillingness to read the fine print abound. That’s why his goal is 7 per cdent of the party vote not 50 per cent. But, right now, he is a more effective Leader of the Opposition than Andrew Little.

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Labour to introduce sugar tax by stealth


You’d have thought that Labour had learned from the last time they wanted to go all nanny state on us all.

Last time it was light bulbs and shower-heads….now it is Watties Tomato Sauce.

Labour wants the food industry to reduce how much sugar goes into processed food in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

New Zealand has the third-highest adult obesity rate in the OECD and Labour’s health spokeswoman, Annette King, has unveiled details about how her party will tackle the problem if it gets into government.

In her speech to the annual conference in Palmerston North today, Ms King said Labour would work with the food industry to reduce the amount of sugar in processed food.

It would be voluntary at first, but would eventually move to being a requirement.   Read more »

Third time lucky?

Annette King is said to be backing Jacinda Ardern to win Auckland Central in 2017…if she does it will be third time lucky after being beaten by Nikki Kaye in 2011 and 2014.

Labour deputy leader Annette King is backing Jacinda Ardern to win the Auckland Central seat in 2017.

King will stay on as deputy through to the next election after Labour leader Andrew Little snubbed rising star Jacinda Ardern for the job.

Ardern was widely-tipped to take over the deputy leadership after Little had previously signalled King’s appointment was only an interim measure while he sized up potential candidates in his first 12 months in the job.

King told TVNZ’s Breakfast that Ardern was an “incredibly talented woman” who was “going to go places”.    Read more »