Dodgy socialist Argies using drones to catch out rich tax dodgers

The Argie government is using drones to catch out dodgy rich pricks who are rorting taxpayers on their tax returns.

The Argentine government has used drones to catch out wealthy tax evaders who had not declared mansions and swimming pools.

Unmanned aircraft were dispatched over an upper class area of Buenos Aires and discovered 200 homes and 100 pools that had not been detailed on returns.

Tax officials said the drones took pictures of luxury houses standing on lots registered as empty.

The evasions found by the drones amounted to missing tax payments of more than $2 million and owners of the properties have been warned they now face large fines. ¬†¬† Read more »

All Blacks v Argentina

Two different authors today!
by Salacious Crumb
This week’s test promises to raise more questions about the current state of both sides than any answers their previous two matches may have provided.
Argentina will be buoyed, but greatly disappointed by the narrow defeats to a strong South African side while the All Blacks have yet again been forced to make changes to key positions.
Undoubtedly it will be the forwards contest that will be the most fascinating with the visitors boasting a typically impressive pack in terms of size and power.
Argentina, through injury of their own, have been forced to make changes to their loose forward trio with the outstanding Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe forced to switch to the blindside to accommodate the incoming No.8, Leonardo Senatore replacing Pablo Matera.
Whether this give Los Pumas the loose forward balance to attack the All Black halves is questionable but Lobbe in particular has the potential to threaten, through his physicality at the breakdown and ball in hand.
The biggest question mark of all will be on the performance of Beauden Barrett who starts in the number 10 jersey for the first time.
An instinctive, skilled player with outstanding acceleration, he may find the time and space required to show his wares somewhat diminished if his forwards fail to deliver a solid platform to work off.
If given the opportunity to display his game however, the visitors may see a lot of the number 10 on a black jersey.

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Lose Wars, Can’t Care for a Polar Bear

Forget about people, you can tell much more about a culture and a country by how it cares for animals.  Some zoos around the world I have visited have been downright disgusting.  The lowlight of my decade of touring around the world has been the Thonburi Snake Farm in Bangkok.

But I have never been to Argentina.

Maybe if the polar bear played football Argentinians might care about him a bit more.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.53.31 pm


This is Arturo, a polar bear living in South America who has been called the ‚Äėworld‚Äôs saddest animal‚Äô.

He sits in a concrete enclosure at Mendoza Zoo in Argentina in temperatures of up to 40C (104F) and is said to have been depressed since his long-term friend Pelusa died two years ago.

It is claimed the 29-year-old’s lonely life is causing him to display abnormal behaviour, including tilting his head and showing his teeth while pacing back and forth and rocking from side to side.

Animal rights activists now want Arturo – whose only access to cooling water in his enclosure is said to be a pool just 20in (50cm) deep – moved to another zoo that offers cooler conditions.



Today’s World Cup Final chat


Rather than have this part of the General Debate today, please put your world cup comments here.  Many thanks.

Tomorrow’s World Cup Final chat

At 6:45 am a post for your “live” and post-match World Cup comments will go live. ¬†It’s only a 50/50 chance, but for bragging rights, you may want to post your prediction here.

Now, if you add the score, that would be a lot braver.

Mine:  Germany, 1 Р0, no extra time needed.


So, did the World Cup catch you in the end?   Have games like the Dutch and German high scoring games converted you from the view the game is too boring?  Has this been the best WC in modern times?

Face of the day

Her real face

Her real face

Above is an actual non photo-shopped photo of a woman called Esther Honig.

She decided to do an experiment using Photo shop in order to

examine how the standards of unobtainable beauty vary across cultures on a global level.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so she altered her face in a series of photos to reflect the beauty ideals of the following eight countries.

Can you match the photo to the country? ( Answers below )

Which photo do you think is the most beautiful?

My favourite was photo D. When I showed Cam and both my children they also chose D.

Philippines, Argentina, Bulgaria, Morocco, Pakistan, United States,United Kingdom, Bulgaria


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Dreaming Argie ratbags

The Argie footballers have decided to insult the Poms over the Falkland Islands ahead of the Football World Cup.

I reckon the Poms should unfurl a massive banner of the Sun frontpage in retribution.

Argentina’s footballers inflamed their country’s rivalry with England on the eve of the World Cup on Saturday, unfurling a banner claiming sovereignty of the Falkland Islands before defeating Slovenia 2-0.

Goals from Ricardo Alvarez and skipper Lionel Messi ensured a winning send-off for the home side at La Plata, north of Buenos Aires, before they head to Brazil.

But the Argentinian squad will have raised eyebrows in Britain showing off their politically-charged banner declaring “Las Malvinas Son Argentinas (The Malvinas are Argentine)” to the 52,000 crowd before kick off.

The banner is regularly put on show before Argentina’s games. But the proximity to the World Cup brought new attention.

The South Atlantic islands have been ruled by Britain since 1833 but Argentina claims them and in 1982 attempted to seize control, sparking a brief but intense war.¬† Read more »

Argie ratbags have a sook about Falklands military exercise

The Argentinians may as well give up, they are broke, march backwards and are never, ever going to get the Falklands back.

Argentina has accused Britain of provocative behaviour by planning to carry out military exercises in the Falkland Islands next week.

Deputy foreign minister Eduardo Zuain summoned the British Ambassador in Buenos Aires to protest over the “new show of military force”.

It is the latest diplomatic clash following heightened tensions over the territory since Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took power in Argentina.

A spokesman for the Embassy of Argentina in London said: “The Government of the United Kingdom will conduct military exercises on occupied Argentine territory between 14 and 27 April, including missile launchings from the Malvinas Islands.¬†¬† Read more »

Argentina’s economy on its knees

Argentina’s economy is more proof that ratbag socialists should never be allowed control of a country’s economy.

The peso is in freefall and the Central Bank isn’t supporting it.  Their reserves are running out the door and they have limited people to 2 x US$25 internet buys overseas pa.  After that a 50% tax.

Even as it seeks to regain access to international capital markets, Argentina imposed new restrictions on online shopping on Wednesday in its latest attempt to curb capital flight and prevent a possible balance-of-payments crisis.

Anyone buying goods through international websites such as must now sign a declaration and produce it at a customs office, where the packages are collected. In addition, Argentines are only allowed to buy two international items annually, free of tax, up to a $25 total. Beyond that, they must pay a 50 per cent tax.¬† Read more »

The Argentinian economy must be rooted

The last time Argentina ignored the roar of the Lion

The last time Argentina ignored the roar of the Lion

The Argie economy must be on its knees with all the belligerence out of Buenos Aires at the moment.

Argentina has ridiculed Britain as an impotent colonial aggressor on the wrong side of history in the Falklands dispute, insisting it will not be cowed by “verbal and military threats” as “the lion roars but does not inspire fear”.

In a lengthy denunciation of British policy published in Argentine daily Pagina 12 (Page 12), H√©ctor Timerman, the country’s foreign minister, painted Argentina as a valiant underdog cheered on by the world in its David and Goliath-esque battle with an arrogant but ailing colonial power. ¬† Read more »