Argie ratbags have a sook about Falklands military exercise

The Argentinians may as well give up, they are broke, march backwards and are never, ever going to get the Falklands back.

Argentina has accused Britain of provocative behaviour by planning to carry out military exercises in the Falkland Islands next week.

Deputy foreign minister Eduardo Zuain summoned the British Ambassador in Buenos Aires to protest over the “new show of military force”.

It is the latest diplomatic clash following heightened tensions over the territory since Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took power in Argentina.

A spokesman for the Embassy of Argentina in London said: “The Government of the United Kingdom will conduct military exercises on occupied Argentine territory between 14 and 27 April, including missile launchings from the Malvinas Islands.¬†¬† Read more »

Argentina’s economy on its knees

Argentina’s economy is more proof that ratbag socialists should never be allowed control of a country’s economy.

The peso is in freefall and the Central Bank isn’t supporting it.  Their reserves are running out the door and they have limited people to 2 x US$25 internet buys overseas pa.  After that a 50% tax.

Even as it seeks to regain access to international capital markets, Argentina imposed new restrictions on online shopping on Wednesday in its latest attempt to curb capital flight and prevent a possible balance-of-payments crisis.

Anyone buying goods through international websites such as must now sign a declaration and produce it at a customs office, where the packages are collected. In addition, Argentines are only allowed to buy two international items annually, free of tax, up to a $25 total. Beyond that, they must pay a 50 per cent tax.¬† Read more »

The Argentinian economy must be rooted

The last time Argentina ignored the roar of the Lion

The last time Argentina ignored the roar of the Lion

The Argie economy must be on its knees with all the belligerence out of Buenos Aires at the moment.

Argentina has ridiculed Britain as an impotent colonial aggressor on the wrong side of history in the Falklands dispute, insisting it will not be cowed by “verbal and military threats” as “the lion roars but does not inspire fear”.

In a lengthy denunciation of British policy published in Argentine daily Pagina 12 (Page 12), H√©ctor Timerman, the country’s foreign minister, painted Argentina as a valiant underdog cheered on by the world in its David and Goliath-esque battle with an arrogant but ailing colonial power. ¬† Read more »

That’ll learn them for trying to take the Falklands back

Even fish hate the Argies.

 A swarm of biting fish has attacked swimmers at a popular beach in Argentina, injuring more than 70.

A 7-year-old girl had her finger partially amputated and dozens more suffered bite wounds on their extremities from the fish, a relative of the piranha called “palometas,” said Federico Cornier, the director of emergency services in the city of Rosario.¬† Read more »

Cameron tells Argies to nick off

David Cameron has told the Argies that if they want another go over the Falklands then he is up for it.

David Cameron has promised to defend the Falkland Islands after a “momentous” year in which residents voted to remain a British overseas territory.

In a Christmas message, the Prime Minister, said the world should respect the overwhelming result of a referendum in March which came in the face of increasing calls from Argentina to negotiate the island’s sovereignty.

“2013 will be remembered as a momentous year in the history of the Falkland Islands,” Cameron said.

“So as we look to 2014, you can count on the British government’s continued support in countering the Argentine government’s campaign to claim the islands’ resources and to inflict damage on your economy.”¬† Read more »

Botox bandit gets a brain haematoma

This ought to stop her rabbiting on about the Falkland Islands for a bit.

Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has been told by doctors to take a month off after recently suffering a head injury, her spokesman said Saturday.

The spokesman, Alfredo Scoccimarro, said in a statement that Mrs. Kirchner, 60, had suffered a ‚Äúskull trauma‚ÄĚ on Aug. 12, and that doctors submitted Mrs. Kirchner to a neurological exam on Saturday after she presented symptoms of a migraine during a routine exam for an abnormal heart rhythm. ¬† Read more »

Can march backwards and cheat as well

Argie fans tried to unsettle Aaron Cruden by shining a laser light in his eyes.

Not only can they march backwards but they seem to believe that attempting to help their team with such tactics is a winning strategy.

All Blacks first five-eighth Aaron Cruden was once again the victim of an intentional laser light during yesterday’s win over the Pumas in La Plata.

He was caught in almost identical circumstances last year at the same venue.

Cruden was allowed two cracks at attempting to convert Julian Savea’s opening try after officials agreed he was affected by someone in the crowd shining the beam on him and the ball.¬† Read more »

Opening a beer like a Pro

Argie ratbags threatening cruise ships

Bereft of a navy, either sunk or turned turtle Argentina is now resorting to harassing cruise ships to try to make a point over the Falkland islands.

Britain has accused the Argentine government of being responsible for escalating tensions in the Falklands.

Four cruise lines recently cancelled scheduled visits to the islands following intimidation from  Left-wing groups and unions.

But new reports suggest the Argentine navy’s own coastguard is harassing ships in Falklands waters.

The British government believes the move marks an escalation of President Cristina Fernandez¬† de Kirchner‚Äôs campaign to ‚Äėstrangle‚Äô¬† the Falklands economy.¬† Read more »

Argies told to bugger off, not welcome at Maggie’s funeral

The Argie ratbags have been vetoed by the family from attending Maggie’s funeral. Good stuff, especially as Cristina Kircher keeps demanding the Falkland Islands back in¬†increasingly¬†shrill statements designed to distract her silly citizens from the financial problems besetting Argentina.

Baroness Thatcher’s family have vetoed representatives of the Argentine government attending her funeral next week.

Whitehall officials proposed the presence of Argentine officials at a meeting of the committee which is organising the funeral, code-named Operation True Blue.

The Telegraph understands that Lady Thatcher‚Äôs children, Sir Mark and Carol, believe that such protocol would be ‚Äúinappropriate‚ÄĚ.¬† Read more »