Incredible timelapse painting


Where is the concept of forgiveness in Islam?


A Jordanian writer has been shot dead outside court where he was due to face charges for sharing a caricature on social media that was seen as insulting Islam.

The gunman was arrested at the scene, state news agency Petra said. A security source said he was a 39-year-old Muslim preacher in a mosque in the capital.

Writer Nahed Hattar, a Christian and an anti-Islamist activist was arrested last month after he shared a caricature that depicted a bearded man in heaven smoking in bed with women and asking God to bring him wine and cashews.

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More provocative artworks by Luis Quiles

Luis Quiles is a talented Spanish Artist on Deviantart. His images provoke a response from the viewer and he has been censored by the admins on the website who have removed many of his images.

Today’s artworks are called  Censure killed the meaning of art and Against censure in Art.

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Do not give me a holy book give me a holy sandwich

Luis Quiles is a talented Spanish Artist on Deviantart. His images provoke a response from the viewer and he has been censored by the admins on the website who have removed many of his images.

Today’s artworks are called, Do not give me a holy book give me a holy sandwich and Teaching religion.

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Face of the day


Image copyrightMAARTEN SCHETS

Lita Cabellut is one of Spain’s most successful artists, but she’s barely known in her home country. What’s more, the woman whose paintings now sell for six figure sums spent her early years living on the street.

“My childhood was like that of thousands of street kids around the world,” says Lita Cabellut. She used to roam the streets of Barcelona with other homeless children and slept in the open air.

“We looked after one another – we did whatever we liked. We took coins out of the fountains, begged Zippo lighters from sailors and stole tourists’ wallets. We used to go into restaurants and say our father was in the toilet when they served us, before wolfing down the food and running off.”

Cabellut was born in a village in Aragon, north-east Spain, in 1961. While she was a baby, she and her mother moved to Barcelona. Her mother ran a brothel in the city and Cabellut was left with her grandmother – but in reality she spent most of her time out on the streets.

“I ran errands for the prostitutes. They gave me money to buy packs of cigarettes, sandwiches, condoms or jewellery, and I kept the change.”

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Apparently Maori are as special as Muhammad


The outrage started yesterday on Twitter and naturally it is now news, that some Maori are mortally offended by…shower curtains.

An American online store selling shower curtains depicting historic Māori is being called deplorable for the culturally inappropriate items.

Images of about 15 of Gottfried Lindauer portraits, including those of Māori leaders, are being sold as shower curtains for just under $100 by the Fine Art America website. Lindauer painted the detailed portraits of Māori in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Art historian Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, also a descendent of some of the Lindauer subjects, said Māori culture was being exploited, and it was appalling.

She said Māori images on teatowels and crockery were bad enough – but this was much worse.

“To actually see Wiremu Kingi as a shower person is absolutely extraordinary and profoundly hurtful. The arrogance of art producers in Western creators’ commerce never fails to amaze me.

“In traditional cultural terms, in the context of tikanga Māori of Māori values around the sanctity of the body and the intimacy of the bathroom, to have an ancestor as a shower curtain is profoundly insulting.”

The images include iwi leader Rewi Manga Maniapoto, and the Taranaki leader and chief of the Te Ati Awa Tribe, Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake.

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Face of the day

The mural by artist Earnest Bradley.

The mural by artist Earnest Bradley.

A widely praised mural of a Maori woman’s face on the wall of a school in Whangarei has been erased over Maori protocol issues.
Artist Earnest Bradley was allegedly asked by the board of trustees at Tikipunga High School to cover the mural he had been commissioned to paint.
The school’s principal, Alec Solomon, declined to explain why it had to be painted over, beyond saying there were “tikanga” or Maori protocol issues.
The mural at Tikipunga High School was painted over with white paint.

The mural at Tikipunga High School was painted over with white paint.

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Photo Of The Day

Avantgarde artist Pierre Brassau in his Studio/Cage.

Avantgarde artist Pierre Brassau in his Studio/Cage.

A New Artist On The Scene

“Only an Ape could have done this”

If you’ve ever looked at a piece of art and thought, “a Monkey could have made this,” You might actually be onto something.

By its very nature, avant-garde art is experimental and forces people to rethink their ideas about culture and politics. However, sometimes really abstract pieces can leave you scratching your head and as they say art, like magnificence, is in the vision of the beholder. A few could even believe that a chimpanzee’s paintings are of the calibre of, say, French artist Pierre Brassau. Never discovered him? That’s because he’s not necessarily true!

One of the greatest acts of trolling in the history of art happened in 1964, when journalist Ake Axelsson and a few of his colleagues fooled local critics into praising paintings done by a chimpanzee. The men wanted to know if the critics were expert enough to distinguish between real and fake art, so they provided Peter the chimp with art equipment, collected his best works, and exhibited them in an art gallery under the name of fictitious French artist Pierre Brassau. Only one of the critics found the paintings lacking, while the rest praised them effusively. One critic named Rolf Anderberg even described the artist as someone who “paints with powerful strokes [and] performs with the delicacy of a ballet dancer.” He later tried to save face after the journalists exposed the hoax, saying that he still considered the chimp’s artwork to be the best in the exhibit.

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Faces of the day Esther Deans by David O. Jones

I love art and I enjoy looking at original art works. At the moment there is a people’s choice competition on and you can vote for your favourite face/portrait if you are able to visit the gallery in Wellington. It will be hard to pick your favourite as there are some very talented artists to choose from. The two I have selected caught my eye for a number of reasons. Good Art for me is not just technical brilliance. Because of my Aspergers tendencies I used to prefer photographic accuracy in art but now I prefer Art that evokes an emotion.

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Warned historic painting was forgery, but bought it anyway? What the…

It’s only taxpayers’ money anyway, right?


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