Two wrongs don’t make a right, but hell, is it tempting

The mother of two who orchestrated a vicious attack on a drug dealer believed to be selling poor quality methamphetamine has been jailed.

In February 2015 Codie-Lee Greer arranged for four associates to attack the dealer because he owed money and they believed he was selling dodgy drugs.

The 25-year-old didn’t take part in the assault, which involved the assailants arming themselves with weapons including a baseball bat and a hammer, but her role was to arrange a meeting with the dealer at a school at night by text message.

The victim suffered a broken fibula in his left leg, cuts to his head, lips, arms, a broken tooth and bruising to his body.

“The victim was assaulted and he fell onto the ground where he was punched, kicked and struck with the baseball bat and hammer. Read more »


Ok, seriously, what do you have to do to be sent to jail these days?


A man who poured a kettle of boiled water over his partner after she grabbed him by the testicles has escaped jail time.

Luke Robert Lawrie, who recently moved to Greymouth, was sentenced to four months’ community detention, 12 months’ supervision and 150 hours of community work when he appeared in Greymouth District Court yesterday.

He was convicted of assaulting a female, breaching a protection order, illegally possessing a firearm, cultivating cannabis, possessing cannabis utensils and possessing the drug. Read more »


Killing the cat was the worst of his crimes?

The NZ Herald ran a story about a cat killer…like that was the worst of his crimes.

A 17-year-old Otorohanga man is accused of strangling a kitten to death.

Tere Teropiha Poi appeared in the Hamilton District Court this morning charged with wilfully ill-treating the kitten by tying a belt around its neck, tightening it and causing it to die at Kawhia on June 19.

The charge has a maximum penalty of three years’ jail or a $50,000 fine.

Poi also faces charges of assaulting a female, possession of a cannabis plant and possession of two water bongs for smoking cannabis on June 20.

He was bailed and remanded to reappear in the Te Awamutu District Court on July 4.

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Throwing things at people – it’s a thing now


A Wellington teen who threw an egg at the University of Otago’s deputy proctor was tackled to the ground and later arrested by police.

Hundreds of toga-clad students attended the annual toga party at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium on Wednesday night.

Some of the first year students were pelted by eggs and water balloons as they chanted the name of their respective halls of residence.

One man was spotted throwing an object – understood to be an egg – at deputy proctor Andrew Ferguson who gave chase and grappled with him.

It appears Steve Joyce should have just thrown Dildo Girl to the ground and sat on her. Read more »


Brash calls police on reverse racism and sexism over failure to charge dildo nurse

The woman who threw a dildo at government minister Steven Joyce may have escaped prosecution because she was Maori and female, former National leader Don Brash has suggested.

Police have dismissed the accusation, saying race and gender have “absolutely no relevance” when deciding whether or not to prosecute somebody.

Anti-TPPA protester Josie Butler, a nurse, hit the headlines after flinging the squeaky toy in Joyce’s face while he was at Waitangi.

Butler only received a pre-charge warning, while John Andrew Howland – the man who tipped brown sludge over Gerry Brownlee on Monday – pleaded guilty to assault after a decision to charge him.

He’s got a point.

Something was thrown at a minister.  One was charged, one wasn’t.  What is the difference?  Read more »


Supreme Court rejects scumbag’s appeal

A MAN who bashed a dementia patient, who allegedly made homosexual advances towards him, has failed to convince the Supreme Court to overturn a conviction for wounding with intent.

Jamie Gurran was convicted on the wounding with intent charge following a district court trial in which the Crown alleged he had over-reacted to what he perceived to be a homosexual advance by the victim, a 75-year-old man who at the time happened to be a friend of the accused.

He unsuccessfully appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal and then recently filed an appeal against that ruling with the Supreme Court.

The victim told police he had been kicked in the shins, stomach, ribs and around the head by Gurran, who also slapped him in the face. He denied making a homosexual advance.

The victim was unable to give evidence at the trial and died shortly afterwards, apparently from natural causes.

Gurran claimed the victim’s injuries had occurred when he ‘fell in the toilet’, not because he had beaten and kicked him.

However, after the trial Gurran wrote to the sentencing judge ‘in terms which the Court of Appeal (subsequently) said could only… be read as an admission to the offending where he expressed regret for what had happened and apologised.’ Read more »


Guilty plea from “te reo speaker” bullshitter

via 3 News

via 3 News

The woman who led the media on a merry dance over her alleged assault appeared in court yesterday and pled guilty.

An Auckland woman who claimed she was punched for speaking te reo outside a bar has admitted assaulting the man who allegedly hit her.

Shona Louise Maiden approached media claiming she had five teeth knocked out by a man outside the 123 Casino Karaoke Bar in Howick after New Year’s celebrations there, but was less than candid about her own role in the incident.

Maiden, who is of European and Maori descent, said she said “ka kite ano” (see you later) to people standing outside the pub and was confronted by Ernest Opai who asked why a “palagi” would use such words.

The Howick mother of four told the Herald he then punched her several times – knocking out five teeth, cracking her top plate and leaving her unable to eat.

“Cry Baby” Shona Maiden is not a victim – also charged with assault

via 3 News

via 3 News

Two days ago, you may recall, Whaleoil ran a Cry Baby of the Week post about Shona Maiden and her claim she was punched in the mouth for speaking Te Reo.

She ran to the NZ Herald who were very happy to assist her with twisting her sorry story.

At the time, it set off my BS radar and I did some digging.  One of the interesting things is that the number of teeth that came out changed depending on who she talked to.   But I also spoke to some sources closer to the incident.  Late yesterday the rest of the media caught up as the Police released this statement:

Police have investigated an incident that occurred outside the 123 Karaoke bar in Howick on Friday 1 January 2016 and a decision has been made to prosecute a 46-year-old female and a 43-year-old male.

As part of the investigation, police have viewed CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

The version of events given by the 46-year-old female is not substantiated by this footage.

It has been educational to watch commenters on our blog, and even on other pathetic tumbleweed blogs,  go straight for the “Cam Slater is victim blaming” angle without taking any of the known facts into account or doing some of their own investigating.   Read more »

Cry baby of the Week: Shona Maiden

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald – not beyond using kids for a story

Cry Baby:  

Shona Maiden

The Incident:

Shona Maiden was heading home after celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends at her local bar – 123 Casino Karaoke Bar, in Howick – when she was assaulted, she says.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they are investigating the assault of a woman, aged 46, outside the establishment in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

At the bar’s closing time, Ms Maiden, who is of European and Maori descent, said she said “ka kite ano” (see you later) to people who had been standing outside. The mother-of-four, who lives in Howick, said a man then swore and yelled at her, questioning why a “palagi” would use such words. Read more »

Paul Henry assault accused has zero contrition and may get off


…[T]he court heard from Mr Henry who said he was suddenly confronted by a screaming mob of semi-deranged people as he was on the way to attend a charity lunch.

“It was very threatening, extraordinarily threatening,” he said.

“That’s the huge issue for me. It was very aggressive. A couple of them were screaming at me right in my face, literally just standing there right in my face. So the options were reducing and it felt like it was becoming more and more inflamed.”

Henry said he could not pick out exactly what was being said to him but thought he heard a chant of “mouthpiece of the rich”.

Then as he was shepherded away, he was allegedly attacked.

“From behind, someone spat on me and I was pushed. For me that was the final straw. People have a right to protest and expression is very important and should be upheld. But this was way beyond where people should go,” Henry said.

“The thing I mostly remember was being spat on, which is just such a vile thing to do.”

He told the court he did not want to show the impact the incident had on him. Read more »