Do people like this have a place in politics?

A high-profile political figure has won the right to keep details of his divorce secret after a judge ruled he was a “vulnerable person”.

His messy divorce case included allegations of espionage, infidelity, dognapping, theft, the involvement of three Queen’s Counsel, and a disputed allegation the man grabbed or touched his wife’s neck, tried to kick in the door of their home and shouted abuse at her.

The couple were involved in a protracted legal battle through the Family Court. The ex-wife has sought the right to speak publicly and to her friends about the break-up, but the husband has fought to keep the dispute secret.

How can anyone be a high profile political figure and at the same time “vulnerable”.

If you enter politics, you get to make judgements about other people.  You get to influence policy.  You get to make decisions over the careers, lives and families.  This person, at the very least, should have no say or influence over many political policy areas.

But how can we make sure someone that kicks in the door and “grabbed or touched” his wife’s neck is kept well away? ¬†Why the code of silence?

It seems to be an upside-down situation to have someone who has alleged involvement in espionage and theft in a high profile position in a political party be protected from public scrutiny and the public’s judgement as to this person’s suitability. ¬† Read more »

A working girl gets punched as she solicits on church grounds


Brair Ensor reports

An experienced prostitute will not be on the street tonight because she fears for her safety after “disgusting and appalling” attacks on two sex workers.

Police are looking at the possibility the same person is responsible for the separate incidents in central Christchurch.

A prostitute was sexually assaulted on an empty section in Bealey Ave, between Manchester and Madras streets, about 3am yesterday.

Two hours later, another prostitute was punched in the grounds of the St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, next to St Mary’s School.

Both attacks involved a Maori or Polynesian man. ¬† Read more »

Oh those ex-All Blacks always get a free pass

The NZ Herald reports:

A police officer has been suspended from duty after he was charged alongside a former All Black over a violent attack on a taxi.

The Herald can reveal that former All Black loose forward Sione Lauaki, 32, and Constable Takao Cocker, 31, both appeared in the Auckland District Court after the alleged incident on December 13.

Police allege the pair intentionally damaged a taxi about 3.30am at Greenwoods Corner, Epsom.

Greenwoods Corner? At 3:30 AM? Greenwoods corner is a sleepy little suburban village with barely a restaurant and certainly no bars open tot hat time of the night. How can an All black and a copper be in Greenwoods Corner at 3:30 AM clearly tanked so as to have na altercation with  taxi driver.

What is going on at 3:30 AM at Greenwoods Corner, Epsom?

Google Street View

Google Street View

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Walk this way to avoid assaults and muggings

I have lived and worked all around the world, in some really dodgy countries too and yet I have never been mugged or assaulted or robbed. I have friends that have though and I always put it down to their wussy demeanour and the fact they look and walk like tourists.

I also share an office in a hard hat area of South Auckland and never have had any trouble from the locals…again some mates have and again I put it down to their victim like approach to life.

It seems I may well be right about my belief. Scientists have discovered that the way you walk and act sends a signal to the ratbag class that you are a hard nut or a soft target.

How you move gives a lot away. Maybe too much, if the wrong person is watching. We think, for instance, that the way people walk can influence the likelihood of an attack by a stranger. But we also think that their walking style can be altered to reduce the chances of being targeted.

A small number of criminals commit most of the crimes, and the crimes they commit are spread unevenly over the population: some unfortunate individuals seem to be picked out repeatedly by those intent on violent assault. Back in the 1980s, two psychologists from New York, Betty Grayson and Morris Stein, set out to find out¬†what criminals look for in potential victims. They filmed short clips of members of the public walking along New York’s streets, and then took those clips to a large East Coast prison. They showed the tapes to 53 violent inmates with convictions for crimes on strangers, ranging from assault to murder, and asked them how easy each person would be to attack.

The prisoners made very different judgements about these notional victims. Some were consistently rated as easier to attack, as an “easy rip-off”. There were some expected differences, in that women were rated as easier to attack than men, on average, and older people as easier targets than the young. But even among those you‚Äôd expect to be least easy to assault, the subgroup of young men, there were some individuals who over half the prisoners rated at the top end of the “ease of assault” scale (a 1, 2 or 3, on the 10 point scale). ¬† Read more »

What is it with the fluffy language?

“Intimate visual recording” ¬†- ¬†non consensual porn

“Sexual intercourse without consent” – rape.

Is this a result of lawyers trying to dumb down the emotions that come from calling a spade a spade?

Anyway, this is what set this post off

Australian police are warning mobile phone users to take care with social networking apps after two men allegedly used the Tango chat app to blackmail, abduct and rape a woman.

Ajit Pal Singh, 31, was charged with abduction, unlawful confinement, an act of indecency and three counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

Co-defendant Randhir Singh, 20, was charged with abduction, two acts of indecency without consent, two counts of sexual intercourse without consent and unlawfully detaining the woman.


You can do that with an App?

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Gutless coward hands himself in

Just as well Walter George Tauatevalu handed himself in last night, I wouldn’t have wanted to have been in his boots when the cops finally caught up with him if he had stayed on the run.

For sure he was going to trip up some steps or something, they can be slippery you know.

The colleagues of a police officer kicked and beaten unconscious by a man in a violent attack in south Auckland are “traumatised” a senior police officer says.

The 42-year-old police officer with 15 years experience in the police force was attacked in Otara about 11.20pm last night after he pulled over a car with a man and woman inside.

He was taken to Middlemore Hospital with serious injuries to his face and throat, but had since been transferred to Auckland City Hospital for specialist treatment.

At a press conference this afternoon, Detective Inspector Jim Gallagher said the officer had been told there was a disturbance at the Manukau Sports Bowl and was driving in the area when he was waved down and told that a woman was in trouble in a car.

He found and followed the car before stopping it on Sandrine Ave and talking to the driver and then to the female passenger.

However as he was speaking to the passenger he was “struck from behind with a powerful blow from a fist”.

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Porn, assault, pants down, inappropriate touching, stealing lunches but hey they were all registered

Check out this list of the depraved, sick and evil…who were all registered teachers.

When is the opposition going to give up the pretence that teacher registration will protect the children?

First up a teacher who viewed pornography and showed it to his class gets a slap on the peepee with a wet shoelace then retains his registration!

A teacher has lost his job after mistakenly broadcasting pornography to his classroom.

In a decision published yesterday, the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal censured the unnamed teacher for the few seconds of adult content he broadcast in November 2011, but stopped short of cancelling his registration.

The man himself was so shocked after the clip that he simply continued to teach the year 12 class without mentioning the offending material.

After pupils raised the porn clip with their student counsellor, the teacher immediately confessed and resigned.

The mistake occurred after he viewed the pornography at home on his personal work laptop.

He was streaming a PowerPoint presentation from his laptop on to the school smartboard when it switched over to the next file, which happened to be pornographic.

The man was deeply remorseful for his actions and told the tribunal he had not viewed pornography since.

He has been allowed to continue to practise as a teacher, although not at the affected school, and must disclose the incident to any future employer. ¬† Read more »

Woman throws baby across the bus so she can go and bash another woman

Unbelievably bad parenting skills on show in this video.

No doubt some left wing panty-waist will suggest this sort of behaviour can be mitigated because of poverty, and solved with the application of more welfare.

WITNESSES gasp in horror as a young mother launches her baby daughter at a stranger on a bus – so she can fight with another passenger.¬† Read more »


Out on Bail, off we go again

Jesse Ryder looks like he should pull through & two suspects have been arrested:

“Ryder had been in a medically-induced coma with a fractured skull and serious internal injuries including a collapsed lung after being assaulted outside a Christchurch Bar early Thursday morning.

Two men – one aged 37 and the other a 20-year-old relative – have been arrested and charged with his assault.

The two attackers are to appear in the Christchurch District Court on Thursday. Detective Senior Sergeant Brian Archer said police tracked the 20-year-old after finding the taxi driver who took him home after the attack.

The older man was identified after investigations that included reviewing security camera film of the incident, and speaking to witnesses.

Police were still appealing to witnesses to come forward.”¬† Read more »


That didn’t take long, first charges for a kid bashing for the year

January 10, Happy New Year and the first child bashing charges of the new year are in. There will be almost zero chance of this being anything other than feral scum bashing a SOCK.

A man has been charged with assault after a 9-month-old boy was seriously injured in Rotorua two weeks ago.

A police spokeswoman confirmed a 21-year-old man had been arrested and would appear in the Rotorua District Court on Monday.

She said the police investigation was ongoing.¬† Read more »