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…the project is not at a point where he can comment

That’s quite a nice way to say “go away” to the media.   Lauren Priestly reports

State tenants slamming a $1.5 million sculpture proposed for Queens Wharf say it’s ironic and offensive.

The artwork designed by Michael Parekowhai is a model of a state house with a $700,000 hand-blown Venetian glass chandelier inside.

It’s two-thirds of the size of a state house and early design images leaked to media are drawing serious criticism.

Leading the charge are state house tenants under threat of eviction as Housing New Zealand sells off some of its stock. The extravagant work was commissioned after a $1 m donation from Barfoot & Thompson in 2013. A further $500,000 is needed from Auckland Council to make up the shortfall.

Westmere state tenant and artist Gael Baldock said the sculpture is in “very bad taste”.

The cost of the chandelier alone could help build two new state houses, she said.

“With the amount of homeless we have, particularly in Auckland now, the whole thing is insulting.”

Glen Innes state tenant Sue Henry said the idea is appalling.

The Housing New Zealand Northern Glen Innes redevelopment project is in full-force in her suburb, moving 156 tenants and families out in the process.

“It’s almost like a trophy for developers and real estate agents that they’ve got rid of the state houses, that’s the way I see it.”

Councillor Mike Lee says the sculpture is not in keeping with the maritime elements and history of Queens Wharf.

He said the council should scrap the project or move it elsewhere.

It would actually be more sensible to build a real house, don’t you think?   Move it?  Not in keeping with maritime elements?

This from the Auckland Council that has money for opera, arts, but not the Rescue Helicopter Trust.

It makes me sick to the stomach to think these people have totally forgotten this money has been slaved over by the rate payers, and in their care to diligently spend it on our behalf.

Nooooo, it’s the wrong location for a pretend state house with a $700,000 hand-blown Venetian chandelier.

Do these people even listen to themselves?   Read more »

Len Brown continues to pour ratepayer cash down the dunny

It appears there are no limits to the incredible waste from Len Brown’s out of council.

Plans to install a state house as a piece of art on Auckland’s waterfront have been called a waste of money, offensive and plain stupid.

The Herald yesterday revealed a black and white image of what the $1.5 million sculpture on Queens Wharf will look like.

The newspaper received huge feedback about the article, with most people unhappy about the state house sculpture.

Many felt it was a waste of money and were particularly unimpressed about the idea of a state house being dubbed art.

“Passengers who’ve spent thousands on their cruises won’t want to see the inside of a state house and the people of Auckland certainly won’t want their rates money spent on this,” emailed Heather Buckley.

“Surely there are far more worthy things that our money could be spent on.”    Read more »

Nth Shore local politicians in for Ear Bashing, Ctd


Looks like this little series of posts about North Shore local body politicians is stirring up quite a hornet’s nest.

The tip-line shows unrest fermenting amongst Bayswater residents as they see the redevelopment of a large unused carpark into the Bayswater Village Marina as a good thing.

The disinfectant of sunlight on those responsible for forcing kids from Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club to potentially man sausage sizzles for the next decade has not only flushed out Auckland Councillor Chris Darby, but former Alliance MP and double dipper trougher Grant Gillon.

Loopier than loopy leftie Gillon, recently got all uppity when North Shore MP Maggie Barry had her private members’ bill to stop people serving on two or more Auckland local boards drawn from the Parliamentary ballot.

Gillon thinks it’s quite ok to tuck Auckland ratepayers twice for serving troughing on both the Devonport-Takapuna and Kaipatiki local boards, while the kids from the local rowing club have to stand outside supermarkets in the hope someone buys a sausage and a piece of white bread in order to raise funds towards a new clubroom.

Gillon likes to grand-stand on behalf of “the community”. Problem is it’s not the community he’s representing, it’s the NIMBYS. Let’s look at the NIMBYS he’s supporting who are against the Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club getting a new clubroom.   Read more »

Mike Lee slags off crap development and Brown’s fingers become more sticky

Mike Lee – long time consolidated city advocate – has hit out at the winning entry for Len Brown’s developer mate Mark Todd.

Mr Todd has chosen a design from an initial competition but Mike Lee says it’s not what should be built.

Whilst it’s somewhat contradictory of Lee, the fact is – even he is unimpressed. More ticky tacky units by the railway.

But that’s not all. Whilst Lee is bagging the development as another eyesore news to WOBH says that Mr Todd has also garnered himself criticism for obtaining consent for a development proposal on Khyber Pass that breaks a number of provisions set by the Special Housing Areas.

Locals are upset that the first consent under the SHA process should have been notified – at least to immediate neighbours due to its height yet Mr Todd was able to do what other developers can’t and sneak one passed the goalie.    Read more »

North Shore local politicians in for ear bashing, Ctd


Yesterday I posted about how some NIMBYS on the North Shore are trying to stop the kids from Takapuna Grammar School from getting a new rowing club.

That post resulted in a number of concerned parents getting in touch via the tip-line. They’re not happy with the local board and the Auckland Councillors who are forgetting that they’re meant to be representing their views.

So who are these NIMBYS local politicians forcing kids to sell sausages for the next 10 years instead of training to become future Olympic rowing stars?

By all accounts Councillor Chris Darby leads the charge against the Takapuna Grammar Rowing Club. He’s quite happy to sit there in council while the kids have to use an old tin shed owned by his Council.

It does make you wonder why Chris Darby does this. Maybe this photo will shed some light on why he’s so opposed to the kids getting a new clubroom.

There’s the Bayswater Marina on the left. But what’s this on the right? Low and behold is Chris Darby’s place.   Read more »

North Shore local politicians in for ear bashing


Via the Tipline

All is not well for a few of Auckland’s local body politicians. The team at WOBH has been hearing rumours from concerned parents increasingly frustrated by busy-bodies like ex-Alliance MP Grant Gillon and holier than thou Chris Darby.

Seems the parents and teachers of boys and girls at the Takapuna Grammar School Rowing are getting all fired up that certain NIMBYS are preventing the kids from getting a new rowing club.

The rowing club is currently housed in a building owned by Auckland Council. The problem they have is that it’s a building Auckland Transport is planning to bulldoze for a carpark for its new ferry building at Bayswater.

So the kids at the rowing club need a new home. Auckland Council actually has a bit of land that could be used nearby, but they (the kids/parents) will have to pony up with a truckload of cash to build a new building/clubroom costing hundreds of thousands.

Here’s where it gets interesting.   Read more »

Laciviously Loose Loser Len Liberally Leeches Lucre

Wayne Thompson has the story on Len Brown’s latest brain wave to penny pinch us to misery in the “most livable city in the world”

Making a dollar entertaining and trading in streets and parks is about to involve more red tape and expense, with Auckland Council proposing to tighten controls on use of public space.

Ten different sets of rules left over from the region’s former councils are being replaced with uniform bylaws aimed to bring all areas into line – for activities ranging from hiring out surf boards to handing out fruit juice samples.

Handing out promotional material and goods would need to be approved by the council, after it has vetted written content for offensive language. Fees are yet to be fixed.

But hardest hit will be Manukau and Papakura mobile traders, such as coffee cart operators, who are facing annual fees for the first time to use roadside spots.

You get the feeling Auckland Council is having brain storms on how to extract more money from the rate payers.  Not long ago, they wanted permits for spreading ashes, then they’re going to install parking meters in parts of Auckland where there are no parking problems, and now this. Read more »

Auckland Council have lost the plot

They have money for nothing, because the rate payers have been complaining about 10%+ rates increases and now Len’s plan of world domination is falling apart.

As a result, they’re starting to do some really odd things.   Cherie Howie has this story

Auckland’s cash-strapped council is spending thousands of dollars a year moving desks and chairs for mayor Len Brown and his councillors.

The furniture to-and-fro has angered some councillors. George Wood slammed the “huge cost’ this week. But Brown defends his decision as “an absolute bargain”.

Wood said the desks and chairs, which previously belonged to Waitakere City Council, were moved from the Auckland Town Hall to Henderson for council meetings a couple of times a year. After each meeting, they are returned.

“They have to dismantle all the desks, put them in trucks and then put them back to together … [it's] just kind of symptomatic of a malaise that’s in this council at the moment.”

Fellow councillor Sharon Stewart said she couldn’t believe it the first time the furniture was moved.

The furniture is collapsed, but in trucks and moved to west Auckland for one meeting.  Then it is collapsed, put in a truck, and returned.   Read more »

Bews-Hair vs Lewis – trouble in the Town Hall

As Labour’s next train wreck draws ever closer, here’s an angle that is worth keeping an eye on – a simmering, but growing feud between Auckland-based veteran political operatives, David Lewis and James Bews-Hair.

These two go back to the early-90s. They were on different sides of the broad church back then – Lewis a Clark loyalist and Bews-Hair donkey-deep with the likes of Phil Quin in the dirty tricks of the Moore/Goff camp. Despite this, they have always been as thick as thieves – until now that is.

I’m told things started to turn sour during the fallout from the Brown affair.

While Bews-Hair was quietly knifing people in the shadows, Lewis was strutting his prowess anywhere that would print it. To make it worse, Lewis promptly cut Brown adrift, whereas Bews-Hair continues to do his dirty work for him. Now things are about to get really nasty.

Labour will soon need a new leader, and just like the old days Lewis and Bews-Hair are going to be on different sides.   Read more »

How not to launch your mayoral campaign


That was at about 8pm last night….then just after 11pm:    Read more »