Auckland Police

His wish came true

Martyn “DBD” Bradbury went wailing to the media about that state of Queen Street and the lack of proper head cracking policing like the good old days:

He said that years ago police would be out in force dealing with anyone causing trouble.

“I used to watch the old school police coming in with the paddy wagon, the pushy-shove type of police. But in the last six months they’ve dissipated overnight.

“There are a lot of foot patrols during the day, but after 8pm you don’t see them like you used to.”

And yesterday when a bunch of smelly hippies and broken-arsed students decided to cause trouble he whines like a bitch:

It was the Police heavy handed actions that started this, and the next blockade will be larger and angrier. Well done Auckland Police. 43 students arrested and the anger at Police violence is astounding – their tactics will cause a backlash.

Hey, the Police only did what Martyn “DBD” Bradbury wished for.

Wah wah wah wah. If students don;t want their heads cracked then don’t sit down in the middle of the road like cocks.