David Rankin to stand for Auckland Council, promises to disband Maori Statutory Authority


David Rankin calls things how he sees them and he doesn’t see much that he likes about Auckland Council.

He has announced that he is standing for the Council and has some policies that could get some good traction.

Ngapuhi leader and outspoken public commentator David Rankin has announced his intention to stand for the Auckland Council in next year’s local body elections.

“This Council is broken – it lacks imagination and integrity, and is driven by Len Brown’s vanity projects, which will drive Auckland bankrupt” says Rankin.

Rankin will be basing his campaign on a simple five-point plan.  The five policies are:

  1. Put an immediate end to the inner-city rail loop, and invest the funds instead on roading.    Read more »

Guest Post on Garages as homes

Horror of horrors, there are 50 people living in cars, and 137 in garages in Auckland.  Now I quite agree that living in a car is not a good idea.  You have no way of changing, washing, sleeping stretched out etc.  But somehow garages are seen as appalling conditions.  I suspect that is a value judgement made by people who have garages either full of junk or cars.  Frequently we hear stories about people in Northland or the Coromandel living in garages as though this is a sign that we are living in a third world country and is as  bad as living on top of a rubbish tip.

We see housing as being of a particular standard – one we are accustomed to in our own lives.  Which is why the 20 somethings whinge that they cannot buy a house of the standard of their parents in the suburb of their choice.

But if you have spent your childhood in a sleep out or sharing your Mother’s bedroom, a garage might seem a luxury.  In my early adult hood, my husband-to- be moved into my bedroom but the strain of being quiet at intimate moments in case my young brother and sisters heard us was too much and we moved to the outside shed.  We insulated it, and put wall paper up and loved it!  It was still a shed but it was private.   Read more »


Auckland Council’s International Travel Bill

Hey Len. I'll go to NZTA and you can find a rail friendly CE to replace me, hows that for a plan?

Hey Len. I’ll go to NZTA and you can find a rail friendly CE to replace me, hows that for a plan?

The Auckland Council has become a massive, expensive bureaucracy under left wing control. Insiders tell me that the travel bills for the CE in particular are breathtaking.

It seems that there are some good civil servants who are also ratepayers, and they are exceptionally concerned about how the council has increased costs astronomically without really providing any benefit to ratepayers. So I have submitted this OIA to find out the exact numbers.

Attention: Stephen Town


Dear Mr Town,


I am an Auckland resident. My readers are interested in finding out about the way you spend their money. To assist with the publication of this important information, I request the following information under section 10 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987:   Read more »

Hang on a minute…

So let me get this right… these people want to live in a rental, so they can afford rent, but they are instead living in a car, or in a garage.   So why are the government now going to pay for motel rooms?  

Some of Auckland’s homeless may be put up in motels thanks to a $2 million funding boost for the city’s emergency housing.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said the extra money would fund up to 120 places a year for homeless families and individuals, with support to help them find longer-term housing.

West Auckland’s VisionWest Community Trust asked for extra help in June after running a successful pilot in Christchurch, where the Government has funded the agency to lease a 19-unit motel to house homeless families for up to eight weeks while social workers help them to find permanent accommodation.

At the end of June there were 941 Auckland households on the social housing waiting list in category A, described as “at risk and including households with a severe and persistent housing need that must be addressed immediately”.

Data provided to Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni showed that 50 households on the waiting list nationally were living in cars and another 137 in garages.

A spokesman for Mrs Bennett said a request for proposals to provide the extra 120 emergency housing places in Auckland would be issued early next week with the aim of having the new places available by early next year.

The timing implies that agencies are most likely to respond by leasing existing accommodation such as motels, but the spokesman said the money could also be used for capital spending to upgrade or convert other properties.

“The Government is open to what the providers tell us they need,” he said.

Read more »

Len Brown’s war on cars enters the next phase – steal some of the road

Len Brown has no idea what a liveable city is…one thing is for sure it isn’t one where the road gets stolen to make more room for his stupid buses.

Bus lane fines in Auckland are on the increase as the city’s transport agency prepares to put in 24-hour bus corridors around the CBD.

Aucklanders handed over $2.3 million in bus lane penalties last year, 10 per cent up on the previous year and 18 per cent more than in 2013.

The $150 fines are often incurred when left-turning motorists inadvertently cross into the bus lane too early, and the Automobile Association (AA) says the new 24/7 lanes will catch more people out.

It’s calling for simpler rules and a reduction in the hefty fine.   Read more »

Auckland Council caught fudging housing numbers

Auckland Council has been busted trying to manipulate the evidence in the Unitary Plan hearings.

I’d like to pretend I’m surprised but I’m not.

Because they are shifty and they don’t give a rat’s arse for following the rule of law. And the law says that all their planning decisions must be backed by empirical evidence.

Auckland Council has been told to take another look at how many new homes the city’s suburbs can absorb under new planning rules.

Two members of an expert group have questioned the council’s latest figure, which show relaxed density rules in the proposed Unitary Plan make it financially viable to build 150,400 homes.

Patrick Fontein and Adam Thompson, who helped develop the development capacity model, are concerned with some of the assumptions and judgments used by the council.

After hearing the concerns, the Unitary Plan independent hearings panel has directed the council to work with Mr Fontein and Mr Thomspon to re-run the model.    Read more »

Peter Thompson ignores the obvious

Peter Thompson ignores the obvious in trying to explain why people with chinky-sounding names no longer attend his company’s auctions.

Chinese property investors are rapidly disappearing from the auction room, says the boss of Auckland’s biggest real estate agency.

Peter Thompson, of Barfoot & Thompson, blames financial instability in China for the dip in those bidding – partly fuelling the market slowdown. “There are a lot less Chinese in the auction room at the moment and at the open homes,” he said.

“The market has changed and some of that is the Chinese buyers. There are more requirements in getting money out of China now and that is having an impact.”

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Auckland Council refuses to fine Len Brown for second parking incident

If it is good enough for Len Brown to get off fines then it is good enough for the people who pay his salary and provide his car to get off fines.

Mayor Len Brown has escaped a parking fine despite being caught in the act.

A witness snapped a picture of Brown’s chauffeur-driven mayoral car parked in a Nuffield Street loading bay in Newmarket on August 6.

Auckland Transport (AT) and the mayor’s office confirmed no infringement notice was issued and Brown has not owned up to the offence – unlike three weeks earlier when he was caught parking across a cycle lane, and handed himself in by referring the blunder to AT.    Read more »

Comment of the Day


From the indefatigable George, no less:

There is a fine line between confidence and ego.

Confidence is a self belief that derives from experience, preparation and success.

Ego is a self belief that one can achieve without experience, preparation and success due to one’s perceived superior status.

I’m afraid, in my opinion, Phil Goff falls into the latter category. With his stated intention to stand for Mayor of Auckland, It could be argued he has experience and even his preparation may be adequate but one of the glaring omissions from his credentials is success.  Read more »

Independent? Yeah, sure we’ll believe that one Phil


Phil Goff reckons he will be an independent candidate for Mayor of Auckland.

After nearly 30 years as a Labour candidate in elections and once leading the Labour Party to their second worst defeat in recent years, he thinks that Aucklanders will forget all that and all of a sudden think of him as an independent.

Either that or he thinks Labour’s brand is so damaged it is best to remove it from his own branding.

Former Labour Leader Phil Goff is likely to run for the Auckland mayoralty but not as a Labour candidate.

Mr Goff told POLITIK last night that if he runs he will run as an independent.

However he would stay on as a Labour MP until (and if) he was elected.  Read more »