A newbie voter’s take on Auckland’s local body elections

Q:  What is your first impression of the process?

Answer:  I understood ticking the person you want but having to rate them I found slightly annoying. What is the point of the ranking system anyway? Why can’t you just pick the people you want? When I was at high school we had to rank our preferences for  extra subjects like woodwork. It always resulted in me being enrolled in classes that I didn’t really want because you don’t always get your first pick.

Q:   How did you decide who to vote for?

A:  If someone mainly talked about themselves and their qualifications rather than what they were going to do I dismissed them immediately. The whole point is what they are going to do. I am not interested in their qualifications, what school they went to or what experience they have. I want to know what they are going to fix and/or change.  If they associate with the unions and think that Cuba’s socialist revolution is good (nobody likes Cuba ) then just no. Also if they are a Pisces ( Vic Crone )

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Convicted blackmailer and tax fraudster rides again…with Penny “Not so” Bright for a sidekick

Serial litigant, convicted blackmailer and tax fraudster Graeme McCready is at it again, this time on behalf of ratbag rates dodger Penny Bright.

NBR reports:

Self-styled anti-corruption public watchdog Penny Bright has upped the ante in her fight with Auckland Council to have its books opened before she pays her rates.

She has enlisted serial litigant Graham McCready who will take a private prosecution against council chief executive Stephen Town under the Public Records Act.

The draft charging document, served on Mr Town by fax, alleges he has committed an offence under the act by refusing to allow Ms Bright access to the list of contracts let by the council, the amount of each and details of the successful bidder.

The document claims Mr Town failed to let Ms Bright access the public records, despite several formal requests to do so over several years and “has therefore knowingly and willingly breached the act.”   Read more »

Aucklanders: Congestion charging back on the menu as National and Len 2.0 come for your money

I don’t really think National would seriously consider introducing tolls on roads we already have paid for…especially in Auckland.

It would be political suicide. So anything the retiring root bag has to say on the matter is moot.

Aucklanders will have to pay to drive at peak times if the city is to overcome its growing traffic problems, says outgoing Auckland mayor Len Brown.

A joint transport strategy report released by the council and the Government yesterday said a dedicated project should develop ‘smarter transport pricing’ for implementation within the next ten years.

Brown said this meant a specific focus on congestion charges.    Read more »

Are you ready for your massive rates increase to pay for the blowouts in Len’s rail boondoggle

You all want the rail loop…now you get to pay for it.

The costs are ballooning. I reckon it will balloon past $8billion by the time it is operational.

The price tag on Auckland’s inner city rail link has ballooned to as much as $3.4 billion, up from earlier estimates of about $2.5b.

The Government and Auckland Council on Wednesday signed a Heads of Agreement, under which the Crown will fund 50 per cent of the City Rail Link (CRL).

The total cost of the project is estimated to be between $2.8b and $3.4b, Associate Finance Minister Steven Joyce and Transport Minister Simon Bridges said.

Earlier estimates had put the cost at about $2.5b, although backers had said they expected that figure to rise.

Joyce said Wednesday’s agreement set out in-principle commitments from the Government and Auckland Council, and contained broader funding, governance and risk management arrangements.

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Goff wants to be mayor – so trashes PPTA schools

Phil Goff gets up union dominated schools in South Auckland who are failing their students.

At last week’s Auckland mayoral debate on Morning Report, the city’s four main candidates blamed ‘white flight’ on a divided society and poor schooling.

Mark Thomas said the council’s role was to provide more affordable housing and better facilities.

John Palino said it reflected Auckland’s changing society.

“I mean as far as schools, why pakeha go to different schools is because parents want their children to go to better schools.”

Phil Goff also blamed poor education at many of the south Auckland schools.

“My kids went to one of those south Auckland schools, it’s a decile one school, Papakura. I don’t think that it does its duty by the students that go there. I think we are not getting the quality that we need in some of those schools.”   Read more »

It appears if you vote for Len 2.0 you get Len 1.0 thrown in

phil goff like len brown zipper up

As we predicted here at Whaleoil voting for Phil Goff just means it is the same as Len, but with his pants up.

Now it appears that Phil Goff intends to give a job to Len Brown to keep him in the trough.

Labour MP Phil Goff is not ruling out a job for outgoing Auckland mayor Len Brown if he wins the mayoralty, but says it is very unlikely in the short-term.

Goff told the Herald he has had no discussions with Brown and made no promises “full-stop”.   Read more »

Good luck taking that to the voters Phil


Phil Goff wants the government to legislate for dedicated Maori wards.

John Key has rightly told him to nick off.

Prime Minister John Key says Auckland Mayoral contender Phil Goff will have to try his luck with the people of Auckland rather than the Government to introduce dedicated Maori wards to Auckland Council.

In a mayoral debate on RNZ on Wednesday, Goff said he would push for dedicated Maori wards if he had the chance and was elected Mayor.

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Phil Goff wants 10c a litre fuel tax on top of rates rises

phil goff like len brown zipper up

If you vote for Phil Goff you will be voting for more stupid public transport spending and a new fuel tax to pay for roads we already have paid for.

The true socialist is now showing his hand.

Mayoral candidate Phil Goff warns if Auckland does not start paying a fuel tax, traffic gridlocked on the roads will “steadily get worse” for the next 10 years.

He’s proposing a 10 cents per litre fuel tax for the Auckland region. Mr Goff believes that would create around $120 million a year in extra revenue for the council.

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Auckland Mayor Campaign Videos

So all readers can assess whether these candidates are up to it.

Palino has well-constructed video.

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WAKE UP AUCKLAND! You do not have a traffic problem

Before politicians get too keen implementing tolls on roads that are already paid for…

Just driven around Auckland this morning after dropping off my kids.

Free and quiet roads at 8-8.45am. Nobody on them. We don’t have a congestion problem in Auckland.

Therefore we don’t need expensive public transport.

What we have is a cultural issue.

The roads are empty today because it’s a school holiday.

When school holidays are over we will have full roads again.

I put it to you that the congestion we experience is mostly to do with people dropping off kids who should bloody walk. Read more »