Same problems as here but…

A newspaper has an article about the problems facing potential house buyers in Australia:

Singles on an average income have no hope of quickly saving a deposit to buy their first home, particularly in Sydney.

Getting a deposit together quickly is probably unrealistic even for couples where both partners earn the average wage, unless their parents can help out with the deposit or act as a guarantor on the home loan, said Canstar finance editor Justine Davies.

“The percentage of salary that would need to be set aside to get into the housing market quickly is very unrealistic for most people.

“You might be able to do the hard yards for a couple of years and get a five to 10 per cent deposit but to try and to do that to achieve a 20 per cent deposit I think for most people is going to be unrealistic,” she said.

A Sydney couple on average wages would have to set aside 41 per cent of their net income to get a 5 per cent deposit together in a year, research from Canstar shows.   Read more »

Even cunning Old Winston thinks Labour’s race-baiting went too far

Labour thinks they have a mortgage on support from Winston Peters to form a government. It’s a strange thought, but that’s what they think…that Winston Peters will go into government with them and the Greens.

They are wrong and if you want a clear signal about that then take a look at Winston’s cunning ploy to kick Labour in the balls over their race-baiting.

NZ First leader Winston Peters says he had the leaked real estate data on Chinese buyers too, but chose not to release it because of the “absence of information”.

Labour has been criticised after releasing data leaked from real estate company Barfoot & Thompson, showing that 40 percent of houses sold in Auckland went to people with Chinese surnames.

“The data does not quantify with exactitude what I’m talking about,” Mr Peters told TV3’s The Nation today.
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Tell ‘im ‘e’s dreamin’

Nick Smith reckons he can fix housing before the 2017 election.

Daryl Kerrigan knows a thing or two about bold claims like this…and I know what he’d be saying to Nick Smith.

Housing Minister Nick Smith says he can cut Auckland’s housing shortfall by the next election.

That figure is currently 32,000 thousand, but in its latest report the Productivity Commission expects it to grow to 60,000 by 2020.   Read more »

Auckland Council Demand Survey a dud

Auckland Council came out a few weeks back with a survey report by Market Economics and Research First that is now being touted by Council officers as a new piece of evidence to support the compact city.

The survey claims that people want a compact city. Council produced this report because they are losing the battle on the compact city – there is no evidence to prove there is enough land to build on. Every parcel of land has a house or building on it and they can’t prove it will change.

The survey focusses on the demand side and Council is attempting to suggest that existing houses will be demolished for apartments and terrace houses because demand is strong.

Except I ran the report past a friend who is a leading expert in social consultation. And he says ‘the report is flawed and should not be used to provide guidance in policy making’.

So what is the problem with it?    Read more »

Will Auckland Council reduce your property value with a “mana whenua cultural heritage overlay”?

Where does this stop?

The Auckland Council supports a bid by Ngati Whatua Orakei to extend a “mana whenua cultural heritage overlay” over about 25 properties at the city end of Paritai Drive in the Auckland unitary plan.

Some of the homeowners have engaged lawyers to put opposing submissions to the unitary plan hearings panel. The land was designated a “Site of Value to Mana Whenua” when the Unitary Plan was notified in September 2013 – but the residents say no one told them.

Under current rules, property owners within a 200m “buffer zone” of these sites may need to obtain a cultural impact assessment from iwi for additions or redevelopment.

Mana whenua groups (iwi or hapu whose “customary authority” over an area is recognised) may recommend design changes to recognise the cultural and spiritual significance of the area or to avoid works which cause offence.

A 200 m buffer zone from any Maori heritage recognised location, and now they want to be able to tell you what paint colour you can or can not use.  I bet you can’t have a statue of Shiva in your garden either.   Read more »

SHA’s are failing dramatically

SHA’s are failing dramatically to achieve the intended purpose of increasing supply. And surprise surprise – the reason is Auckland Council.

A recently released schedule from the Special Housing Area office has revealed that the full build out of SHA’s will not be delivered for 25 years – in 2040.

You can be sure that the reason for this is the rollout of infrastructure.

Council can thwart all greenfield land rollout by refusing to produce the necessary connecting infrastructure and despite that the developers will pay for it.

So what is Nick Smith going to do about it?

Increasing supply was the key plank in his strategy to dealing with Auckland Council and the issue of affordable housing. The results of which are now – two years later – failing.   Read more »

Shouldn’t the headline read “Locals with chinky sounding names snap up sections”?

herald-bombA newspaper continues their wonky jihad against people with chinky sounding surnames this morning, but they’ve dressed it up a bit by using a reporter with a chinky sounding surname.

About 50 Chinese buyers packed a real estate agency office in Epsom, and snapped up 23 sections within minutes of release yesterday.

James Law, principal agent at James Law Realty, said more than 100 people, all ethnic Chinese, registered interest with the agency to purchase sections in a Hobsonville subdivision.

Mr Law said each of his agents were assigned two sections, and the decision on who got them was made on a “first response” basis.

“All potential buyers were notified, but it was the Chinese who made their decisions the fastest,” he said.

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The former Mayor of Papakura (and Labour Minister) who achieved zero-rate increases attacking another former Mayor of Papakura whose vote delivered a 9.9% increase

Len Brown’s city is in uproar as the rates rises bite.

The former Mayor of Papakura (and Labour Minister), George Hawkins, who achieved zero-rate increases is attacking another former Mayor of Papakura, Calum Penrose, whose vote delivered a 9.9% increase

Rising rates have pushed politicians to take their complaints higher up the food chain.

On July 9 the Manurewa Local Board voted to write to the auditor-general and all of the South Auckland MPs about its concerns over Auckland Council’s consultation process.

The council agreed in June to bring in a $114 charge for all households and $183 for businesses to pay for transport projects over the next three years.

The consultation document sent to houses stated that a “targeted rate may also be required for 2015-2016″. In the longer, online-only version a targeted rate of $58.99 was detailed.   Read more »

Is Phil Twyford screwed in Te Atatu?

Race-baiter and Labour MP Phil Twyford probably should have looked at his electorate profile before he started blaming the Chinese for Auckland’s housing problem.

Twyford is a Grade A halfwit for not considering his majority in Te Atatu, and the number of people who don’t fit his racial profiling who live and vote there.

Here are the most recent election results from Te Atatu. Note that National won the Party Vote, so there was a strong Twyford vote before he became a racist.

Labour 11,603 National 13,614 National Majority  2,011

Twyford 15,676 Ngaro  12,863 Twyford Majority 2,813

Then if you were to have a look at the electorate profile for Te Atatu in June 2015 you would discover some very interesting facts.  Read more »

Someone isn’t telling the truth and my pick is it is Phil Twyford


Phil Twyford – telling porkies?

Yesterday, before the ratbag agent was outed, I hypothesised that the whole story about housing in Auckland was a Dirty Media/Dirty Politics stitch up.

This story was run contemporaneously by the NZ Herald and TV3’s The Nation. Both outlets would have been working on this for some time and it is clear they were both colluding with Phil Twyford and Labour since they all managed to be in the studio at The Nation first thing on Saturday morning before most people had even read the newspaper.

If Peter Thompson is to be believed the media were the ones running this data, but according to Phil Twyford he was working with a “whistle-blower”. Could it be perhaps they are not the same person?

The Herald editors must have known they were sitting on a time bomb with perhaps their biggest advertiser. They could hardly lead the charge…no they would need this data laundered through someone…like Phil Twyford, so they could claim it was leaked, and given to a political party who went public and therefore it became news.

By the afternoon we had more information.

Firstly that the agent in question, Grant Hargrave, has denied handing any data to the Labour party, or speaking with anyone in the Labour party. He even says he doesn’t know them.

The newspaper who kicked this all off wrote:    Read more »