Surely Police aren’t seriously suggesting we have no new bars in Auckland for six years

The Police seem to have become captured by anti-alcohol health campaigners, and producing equally dodgy assumptions as fact, as they suggest that Auckland should have no new bars for six years.

The smartphone footage shows them puffing up their chests and barging into each other. One of them shapes up to a woman in black shorts. He flattens her off her high-heels and she lands heavily head-first on the concrete.

In another video caught on CCTV a man falls over as he attempts a roundhouse kick. Another pummels his fists into him as he lies on the ground.

The two videos, taken two months apart, at roughly the same spot on Auckland city’s Fort St, show the moment tensions spill over into late-night brawls that end with multiple people in hospital, or facing criminal charges – or both.

For police, the videos give them two new pieces of evidence in their argument for tougher restrictions on when people should be able to drink in the city.

They are mounting a case for a six-year ban on all new bars and bottle shops in Auckland’s CBD, as well as a 1am one-way door policy and a 3am close.

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Mayoral hopeful Vic Crone wants to increase water rates on some property investors

Obviously there are no donations coming in from developers…so under the bus they go from Vic Crone, who is now starting to sound very much like a tax-and-spend socialist.

Auckland mayoral candidate Vic Crone has come up with a novel way of cracking down on land-banking developers.

She wants to use water meters to find empty houses. Homes or properties where no water is being used would be slapped with hefty rates bills.

She obviously has no idea what a land banker is…I would bet there are no water meters on land that is just sitting idle at the moment. This is just yet another dopey statement from an idiot of a candidate.

The council says land-bankers are sabotaging attempts to speed up the construction of new homes.

The council is lying; they are the ones sabotaging attempts at greenfield development . Read more »

Someone seems to have a name recognition problem


You know you are in trouble when no one, not even the media, knows who you are…and call you someone else, confusing you with a bloke.

The wheels are coming off Vic Crone’s campaign too.

Former fixer Joe Davis has been given the arse-card due to extremely poor deliverables and a lack of communication. Policy analysts who were working with the Crone camp before Christmas have quietly disappeared fearing reputational damage. Money has dried up or not arrived, with the initial $50,000 in donations disappearing for no apparent gain. Sean Topham, the former Young Nats president, has decamped to the US to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That leaving Josh Beddell, who is a nice guy but is so wet that he is never going to set anything on fire – let alone the world.  Read more »

Brewer on Auckland Council’s trust rating

Cameron Brewer has issued a press release regarding Auckland Council’s plummeting trust rating.

Auckland Council’s release today of its Citizen Insights Monitor showing just 15% of Aucklanders surveyed are satisfied with the council’s performance while only 17% trust the council is disappointing but not unexpected,” says Auckland Councillor for Orakei, Cameron Brewer.

“Firstly, hats off to the Chief Executive and his leadership team for doing this work and the subsequent authoring of the inaugural Auckland Council Performance Plan 2017 – 2019. The really negative numbers among these baseline survey results are not a reflection on staff. Nonetheless they have now tasked themselves with ensuring reputation repair!

“Sadly, it’s the lack of trust, political effectiveness and accountability and attitude towards ratepayers’ money that is dragging down Auckland Council’s reputation. While the categories of regional leadership & growth, social responsibility and communications, and fairness and ethics get a pass mark, accountability and effectiveness fail.”

Among the worse sub-categories within the failed category are ‘trustworthy’, ‘makes wise spending decisions’, ‘acts with integrity and honesty’, ‘good value for ratepayers’ money’, and ‘spends without waste or cost over-runs’.   Read more »

Hookers with the pox are trusted more than Auckland Council

I can’t believe they needed a survey to find out that there are disgustingly low levels of trust in Auckland Council.

Aucklanders have low levels of trust and satisfaction in Auckland Council, a survey has found.

According to the council’s Citizens Insight Monitor, only 17 percent of 3015 respondents trusted the council to make the right decision and only 15 percent said they were satisfied with its performance.

View a summary of the survey – June 2016 (PDF, 747KB)

The survey showed views worsened the further out from the city centre a respondent lived.   Read more »

This is what happens when you enrage ratepayers

The Ratepayers’ Alliance in Auckland has grown massively, and now has more members than the Labour party countrywide and National in Auckland.

The Ratepayers Alliance in Auckland is to start wielding its newly found political might.

It wants mayoral and councillor aspirants at the October elections to sign a pledge they will not vote for any measures increasing the total average burden of rates, levies and other compulsory charges, more than 2% a year.

It might be a tall order but, in a dose of political power-making, the alliance will reveal the candidates who have signed the pledge and those who haven’t shortly before the election campaign starts.

The alliance has the might to be a power broker from its 16,000 members, bigger than the Labour Party’s entire membership and the National Party’s Auckland membership base.

Aucklanders aren’t easily moved to take action on political issues but the alliance is belying that attitude with a surge in membership in the past few weeks after a leaflet campaign to 72,000 North Shore and Albany ward homes about additional waste charges for residents. The pamphlet also pointed out councillors Wayne Walker and Penny Webster voted for the 9.9% rates rise ratepayers are now forking out.    Read more »

Auckland transport targets missed – no doubt this will require more money

Is there anything the Auckland Council can do without blowing a budget or missing a target?

The number of trips being taken on Auckland’s public transport network looks set to miss targets this year, and a new survey shows public perception of the services is worsening.

There has been strong growth on trains and the dedicated Northern Busway but fewer people are using the general bus network, which carries 75 percent of the city’s public transport users.

Most people in Auckland think public transport is a great idea…for other people to use.

With two months to go, patronage is down slightly – despite population growth – and overall bus trips are expected to fall short of the annual target of 51.5 million, by more than 4 percent.

Auckland Transport (AT) said cutting some free travel on the downtown City Link bus had produced the biggest single fall, of about 700,000 trips.

“If you’re transferring from another bus or another train using the AT HOP card, the service is still free,” AT Metro general manager Mark Lambert said.

“But I guess some of those people who were using the City Link for relatively short distances would rather walk a few hundred metres than pay a 50 cent fare. That’s completely understandable and that’s probably a good thing.”

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Phil Goff to inherit largest leaky homes problem yet

When Phil Goff was a cabinet minister his government did stuff-all about leaky homes. I’ll bet a dollar to a knob of goat poo that Clark’s ministry just decided to kick the can down the road knowing they’d never be around to have to deal with it.

Now Phil Goff is likely to win the Auckland Mayoralty he has a landmine, set by his own troops, to step on.

The owners of an Auckland apartment complex have filed a $60 million leaky homes claim against the firms involved in its construction, and the Auckland Council, after serious building defects were discovered.

It is the largest leaky homes claim ever in New Zealand.

Construction on St Lukes Garden Apartments in Mount Albert began in 2003 and finished in 2011, with most owners seeing the modern apartment complex as a low-risk, stable investment.

However, many of the 279 units spread across eight buildings, show serious signs of building defects and damage, fire safety oversights and leaking external walls.

Home Owners and Buyers Association chief executive Roger Levie said the building’s shortcomings were many and varied.   Read more »

Size of Auckland Ratepayer Alliance shows depth of feelings against Auckland Council

Us New Zealanders aren’t easily moved off the couch.  It has to get to a point where we are really, really pissed off.   Here’s a sign that has happened.

The Ratepayers’ Alliance is now the most popular political group in Auckland, with more than 16,000 Aucklanders having signed up, as of today. The Alliance, which launched last year, has seen a membership surge since its recent leaflet campaign to 72,000 housholds in the North Shore and Albany Wards. The campaign exposed the additional waste charges for residents, and those Councillors responsible for voting in Len Brown’s 9.9% rates increases.

The group’s spokesperson, Jo Holmes, says:

“With membership passing the 16,000, the Ratepayers’ Alliance is now larger than the nationwide membership of the Labour Party and the National Party’s membership base here in Auckland. We have been overwhelmed with people who want yard signs, to deliver pamphlets and generally spread the word.” Read more »

Lying Labour keeps on lying

This is absurd really.  Labour are just making stuff up now.  

It’s shameless, the Media Party report it verbatim, and by the time the correction gets out of bed, the lie has been around the world, the damage done, and… explaining is losing.  

National need to come up with a better strategy to deal with this, because right now Labour keep setting the conversation for the day, and by the time all the Duncan Garners turn their microphones off, the truth comes out too late for anyone to notice.

Today, Andrew Little has made several incorrect claims on this website about housing. We’d like to take the opportunity to correct these statements, because it’s important in a strong, robust democracy like ours that political leaders present facts to New Zealanders.

The Government has created 154 Special Housing Areas to bypass outdated council plans and make consenting easier so people can get on and build houses more quickly, releasing land for another 56,000 homes.

We have freed up enough surplus Crown land so far for nearly 1000 homes – 20 per cent of those must be affordable and 20 per cent social housing.

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