Bob Jones has the solution for cheaper houses

Bob Jones has a brilliant solution for solving housing affordability and the supposed housing crisis.

I have a solution which may induce initial antagonism, but viewed calmly, it’s perfectly logical. National’s policy of providing more cash for first-home buyers is certainly not addressing Auckland’s problem. Instead it will heighten it by increasing demand, although outside of Christchurch it will have merit in assisting first-home seekers.

Recently, we legislated that our worker standards must apply to foreign trawlers fishing our waters. On face value that appeared virtuous. In fact, it’s utterly hypocritical.

Our living standards rely on incredibly cheap goods from Asia. They’re cheap thanks to low labour costs, as on the foreign fishing boats. So to be consistent, why not impose the same fishing boat rules to imported goods? There are two answers.

First, in terms of moral inconsistency, it’s analogous to the abortion debate. What can’t be seen, namely Chinese factories and unborn babies, conveniently doesn’t count.

The second excellent reason is that free trade is unquestionably mutually beneficial, and as with Japan and increasingly Korea, in a few years, fast-rising Chinese living standards will see this low labour cost manufacturing continue its westward move to Southeast Asia, then the Indian sub-continent, and if robots haven’t by then killed off menial jobs as inevitably they will, then on to Africa. Everyone’s a winner.

Actually, minimum standards are imposed by America, albeit not the same as Western equivalents. A few years ago I met a young American woman in Bolivia who was taking a break from her job as an inspector overseeing Caribbean factory and labour standards.

If they weren’t up to scratch she could block their exports to the US. Her concerns were wages and working conditions. America has similar inspectors in Asia following a public clamour after revelation of some Chinese factories’ then appalling standards.

So accepting that low Asian labour costs are mutually beneficial, the answer to attaining a mass supply of housing in one fell swoop, is to emulate Dubai and, as a one-off exercise, import an army of cheap sub-continent labour. Dubains reject manual work, aside from which they’re too small in population to achieve what they have without outside help.

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Housing crisis or Green interference?

Guest Post

“Houston, we don’t have a problem …… but Auckland does”


This is a new two bedroom, two bathroom home in the leafy suburbs of Houston, Texas.

You can buy it today for NZ$240,000.   Read more »

Len Brown continues to pour ratepayer cash down the dunny

It appears there are no limits to the incredible waste from Len Brown’s out of council.

Plans to install a state house as a piece of art on Auckland’s waterfront have been called a waste of money, offensive and plain stupid.

The Herald yesterday revealed a black and white image of what the $1.5 million sculpture on Queens Wharf will look like.

The newspaper received huge feedback about the article, with most people unhappy about the state house sculpture.

Many felt it was a waste of money and were particularly unimpressed about the idea of a state house being dubbed art.

“Passengers who’ve spent thousands on their cruises won’t want to see the inside of a state house and the people of Auckland certainly won’t want their rates money spent on this,” emailed Heather Buckley.

“Surely there are far more worthy things that our money could be spent on.”    Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: “Bash the Jews, cut their f***ing heads off” The footage of Auckland’s protest the other media won’t show you

Bash the Jews, cut their heads off. cut their f***ing heads off”

Those were the fanatical words of a demented blood thirsty nutcase as he stood in protest in front of the American embassy on Customs St, Auckland on the 27th of July. This being just part of the “peaceful protest’ last month in support of some place called Palestine.

I am going to add very few words to this post, and allow you to make judgement for yourselves.

At 3:25 an organiser hurries to usher children in front of a placard saying “MAKE ISRAEL HISTORY” because it was at the front line of the protest in front of a television camera. There were many of these placards seen at the protest.

At 6:20 the demented nutcase begins his violent anti Jewish and anti American rant outside the American Embassy:

“Drag them out. Got a word with them. It’s called Allahu Akbar. God is great. Child killers! F***in’ child killers! “


American murderers! Murderers! Burn the flag! Burn the American flag! Bash you Jewish! Cut their heads off. Cut their f$^%in’ heads off!


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1000 vs 20, so what does Michael Field focus on?

Yesterday over a thousand people turned out to hear what Frank Bainimarama had to say at a public meeting in South Auckland.

Michael Field, enraged by not being granted an interview has decided to focus, not on the large turnout of people who want to listen and learn, but rather on the pathetic group of around 20 disaffected loons that he gets most of his stories from.

Around a thousand people greeted Fiji’s military strongman Voreqe Bainimarama in Auckland today, but his rally was peppered with barracking and jeers at times.

Bainimarama, who overthrew a democratic government in 2006, is in New Zealand on a tourist visa to campaign ahead of elections on September 17.

Speaking to the predominantly Indo-Fijian audience, he stressed that under his military dictatorship he had instituted a rule that was not based on race.

Unlike previous elections, voters will not be categorised by race. Instead, everybody’s vote would be equal, he said.

Around 56 per cent of the 838,000 people of Fiji are indigenous and 37 per cent Indian, descendants of indentured labourers imported by the colonial British.

Around 20 protesters marched to the Manukau Event Centre and while security kept them out of the grounds, a number of loud critics called out abuse during the meeting.

“I have been told not to worry about the devils,” Bainimarama told the audience.    Read more »

More favours for Len’s mates


Hobo housing?

Len Brown’s favourite property developer mate Mark Todd is still receiving beneficial favours with the Mayor providing space for him to display competitive entries for an apartment building design competition.

Len loves Mark because Mark is openly extolling the benefits of a compact city and the two are as thick as thieves.

The developer who is new to the Auckland scene has been spending time schmoozing politicians and council officers during the Auckland Unitary Plan process and has developed beneficial relationships. WOBH pointed out recently that one of the judges for the apartment design competition was none other than Jacques Victor who is a member of Len’s Mayoral office.   Read more »

Why Are Taxpayers Paying For Middle Class Troughing Children?

Everyone knows that people in their 50’s and 60’s are minted.  Bernard Hickey is right in one way, they’ve milked housing booms and obtained free education and do not have costs that the rest of us have.  The best news for them is that even if they are down to their last million in net assets, their lives haven’t got that long to go.  They are not poor or downtrodden at all.

In the UK there has been a newly termed “super boomer” to describe them.

While I’m not hard-done-to, this is hardly the ‘Superboomer’ dream we’ve been sold. A new report this week claimed that my generation – the over-50s, born after World War II – are care-free, cash-rich, and keen to hang on to our youthful vigour.

So right on cue a whinging celebrity elder complaining that she’s broke.

Yet this has come at a huge price — one I and my fellow superboomers are still paying.

For ours is the first generation of parents whose children aren’t advancing and doing better than we did — and, as a result, our time and resources are being wholeheartedly directed into helping them.

While our parents may have been well shot of us by the time they reached their 50s and 60s, we were the first generation for whom marrying and producing children in your 20s was no longer de rigeur.

We built our own careers, and embarked on families in our 30s and 40s, with the result that we still have dependants when we are almost in our dotage.

My sons, Ed, now 31, and Charlie, 27, were born in the 80s and, as a result, when the time came for them to go to university, they – or, more accurately, my husband and I – were hit by unexpected student tuition fees.

The crux of the middle class problems of the world – these silly parents are paying for their loser kids.  These kids are not babies they are adults in professional jobs who went to University.  The kids are milking their parents nest eggs.  Which no one should care less about really but the net result is these families are demanding taxpayer assistance from the rest of us.  It is a revolution that is currently taking place all around the world.

Silly women sitting in cafes talking about how terrible it is that their underachieving middle class University educated children cannot buy a home.  You don’t see this happening with kids who left school and started saving to buy their own home while they trained as plumbers or electricians do you?

Every time my friend Sal and I go out for a bite to eat or a drink together, the conversation revolves around how we can release some cash to help the kids on to the property ladder.

So many of my friends are thinking of selling those expensive family homes that are the envy of younger generations, down-sizing to poky flats, and giving their children the money for a deposit from the proceeds.

This sort of behaviour is going on all around New Zealand right now.  Especially in Auckland.  It is not among the poor in New Zealand who don’t actually have homes to leverage to help their kids it is in the ridiculous middle classes who are demanding their kids be helped to buy homes with cash from the taxes of the rest of us who haven’t got Mummy and Daddy to dribble off.

When you bid for a home at an auction these days you do not bid against another adult buyer who has earned their money like you have, you bid against kiddies Eddie and Charlie’s age who have family assets to guarantee their  loans or assist in paying deposits or worse still handing them interest free loans.

The above example from the UK is precisely why no taxpayer resources should ever be put into assisting middle class people, especially those who chose worthless University degrees as it was “something they loved to study” into owning their own home.  Let their parents drain the family resources first before turning to people who do not have the same level of support in getting what they want in life.

“Housing affordability” is essentially a middle class problem.  Poor people have not been able to buy a home in Auckland for decades.  But suddenly the middle class cafe dwellers have found their little underachieving kiddies cannot live like they have, it is an election issue?

I think not.



Is Wiremu Curtis a terrorist, fanatical dreamer or a genuine man of peace?



The full video is available here: TVNZ Ondemand

Recently TVNZ’s Sunday program screened an article on Wiremu Curtis a former Black Power member, also known as ‘Haroon’. Haroon who insisted he was going to the Middle East to get an ‘education’ was allegedly stopped at the airport by SIS agents, and according to Haroon allegedly shown papers that show he had in what he describes in his own words “weapons of mass destructions.”

Now I’m going to be honest, I didn’t actually watch the program when it screened at the time, but after having my attention drawn to it from other sources prompted me to watch it and analyse it a little closer. Immediately things struck me as a bit odd, such as his comment that the SIS showed him papers proving he had “weapons of mass destructions.” It is all well and good asserting these types of comments in the public domain, as the SIS will never publicly comment on operational matters.   Read more »

The collapse of the Herald, predicted in 2009 and slowly grinding on

After reading of poor Tim’s travels, I found this article by Michael Bassett from 2009 on the demise of the Herald.    

It’s not the fact he openly outlines the failures, hints at Bernard Orsman interviewing his keyboard or making stuff up, he goes on to lay the blame at Tim Murphy’s feet for not acting to change either Orsman’s style or just moving him on.  

Roll on 5 years, yawn, same story, same mistakes and poorly researched articles or just plain made up on the fly.

Maybe this article should be compulsory reading for the executive team and board, along with their latest KPI indicators and their total and advertising revenue, circulation and overhead costs, that would be an interesting exercise to benchmark over the last 10 years.

In case you hadn’t noticed it, the New Zealand Herald, the paper that used to claim to be the country’s premier paper of record, has abandoned this aspiration and seems intent on becoming a mere British-style tabloid. Its journalists are down to a skeleton of reporters; the sub editing (those who fit the headlines to the story below) seems to have fallen into the hands of deliberate troublemakers; and the editor, Tim Murphy, appears not to be in charge of what appears in his paper. 

You might think these are rather strong comments. They are. They describe a state of affairs that is poisoning too many relationships around Auckland, and causing the time of competent people to be wasted on countering deliberate falsehoods that appear in the Herald. Several key people in Auckland local government now refuse to talk to Bernard Orsman, the Herald’s so-called Auckland City Reporter, because he twists words given to him, fabricates stories, and seems determined not to report the news, but to try to create it. 

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Phil Twyford: The Leaker of Lies

Phil Twyford's imaginary 2nd harbour crossing

Phil Twyford’s imaginary 2nd harbour crossing

It will be even harder to take anything lightweight Phil Twyford says seriously after his ‘leaked’ revelations last week have turned out to be made up:

Prime Minister John Key has shot down Labour’s prediction that he’s going to announce the Government favours a tunnel for Auckland’s second harbour crossing.

Labour’s Auckland issues spokesman, Phil Twyford, said on Friday he had been given leaked information about the Government’s decision.

Mr Key would announce this week a road-only tunnel under the harbour, Mr Twyford said.
The Government has committed to a $5 billion second harbour crossing and has been considering rail, tunnel and road bridge options.

Labour suspects a tunnel has been chosen as an election sweetener for the city that has a third of the country’s voters.

“It was nice of them to talk about our policies but no, there’s no announcement coming up,” Mr Key told reporters.

It’s not a leak when it is a lie Phil.  At that stage it’s called flying a kite.

Or, if you didn’t make it up, your source is rubbish.

Either way, try to do better than your leader, and actually say something that’s remotely factual.


– NZN, via 3 News