Abbott in damage control mode as his most trusted minister resigns for excessive troughing

Tony Abbott is in damage control mode as his most trusted minister, Bronwyn Bishop, resigns for excessive troughing of her expenses.

Bronwyn Bishop has resigned as Australia’s Speaker following a string of revelations suggesting systemic abuse of taxpayer funded travel entitlements.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott called a snap media conference on Sunday afternoon to announce the Speaker’s resignation and a major review into MPs entitlements.

“Today Bishop called me to let me know that she would be resigning,” Abbott said.

“This has obviously been a very difficult day for Bronwyn Bishop…I think we should respect the fact that its been a very difficult day for her,” he said.

“Bronwyn’s resignation today will help to restore public respect,” he said.    Read more »

The decline of Marxism and the rise of Islamism in the Third World

A reader sent in this fascinating article which links the rise of Islamism with the fall in popularity of Marxism. It looks at the differences between migrants in Australia today compared with migrants after World War Two. It also highlights the fact that the majority of refugees on the boats to Australia are not actual refugees but instead economic migrants who would not be accepted as migrants due to their lack of marketable skills and education. Finally it points out the danger of Islamic Terrorism to the West and the need to curb immigration in order to protect Australia.

Many, perhaps most, of the difficulties and malaise currently being experienced by the West, including Australia, stem in large measure from two factors: the unprecedented increase in population in the Third World, and the replacement of secular, universalistic ideologies, especially Marxism, by religious fundamentalism.

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Why is Kelloggs trying to get Kiwis to help starving Aussies?

Taken at Pak ‘n Save Upper Hutt yesterday.

kelloggs copy

Kellogg’s are obviously run from Australia – with the brand manager probably never having set foot in New Zealand!

Having a promotion to sell their products by saying that:

“For every box of specially marked Kellogg’s cereal you buy, you’ll help provide breakfast for Australians in need” clearly shows that they don’t care about the Kiwi consumer, nor the Kiwi hungry kids!  Read more »

Same problems as here but…

A newspaper has an article about the problems facing potential house buyers in Australia:

Singles on an average income have no hope of quickly saving a deposit to buy their first home, particularly in Sydney.

Getting a deposit together quickly is probably unrealistic even for couples where both partners earn the average wage, unless their parents can help out with the deposit or act as a guarantor on the home loan, said Canstar finance editor Justine Davies.

“The percentage of salary that would need to be set aside to get into the housing market quickly is very unrealistic for most people.

“You might be able to do the hard yards for a couple of years and get a five to 10 per cent deposit but to try and to do that to achieve a 20 per cent deposit I think for most people is going to be unrealistic,” she said.

A Sydney couple on average wages would have to set aside 41 per cent of their net income to get a 5 per cent deposit together in a year, research from Canstar shows.   Read more »

Aussie Government plans to cull 2 million cats by 2020

I think I might move to Australia…to shoot cats.

Speaking to a national radio station, Gregory Andrews, the country’s first threatened-species Commissioner, said Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt “is declaring war on feral cats, and he’s asked me to take charge of that programme.”      Read more »


Face of the day


George Christensen is the National party MP for Dawson.

Today’s face of the day is George Christensen  an Australian federal politician who represents the seat of Dawson for the Liberal National Party of Queensland. Rallies are being held all around Australia this weekend by the Reclaim Australia Movement and the United Patriots Front. George Christensen was invited to attend the rally and is going despite being attacked and intimidated for accepting the invitation.

My acceptance of an invitation to speak at a Reclaim Australia rally in my home town of Mackay this weekend has obviously upset some of those who lean to the left.

In typical keyboard warrior fashion, a petition hit the stratosphere almost instantly urging Tony Abbott, the prime minister, to stop me from attending this rally.
My response to such a pathetic attempt at intimidation? Hell will freeze over first.

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Beware the dangers of the nanny state

David Leyonhjelm is Liberal Democrats senator for NSW and has written an opinion piece about the dangers and stupidity of the nanny state in the Sydney Morning Herald:

The day before my motion to establish an inquiry into the nanny state passed the Senate, the NSW Parliament enacted legislation that means e-cigarettes will be treated in the same way as tobacco products. The new laws not only restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, but prevent them being advertised and displayed.

It is already illegal to sell e-liquids containing nicotine in Australia, despite nicotine being safe enough to use in patches and gums – standard quitting aids that, incidentally, are heavily advertised. The new laws will send vaping shops broke, while smokers will lose access to probably the most effective quitting aid of all.

All this reinforced the need for an inquiry.

Public health policy is now way beyond its original remit and has become a form of puritanism. Much of the opposition to e-cigarettes arises from the fact that they are pleasant to use. Like the puritans of yore, public health mandarins are haunted by the thought that someone, somewhere, is having a good time.

During debate around the e-cigarette legislation, it was salutary to note how public health on the left joined hands with prohibition on the right, exemplified by extensive co-operation and much mutual back-scratching between Jeremy Buckingham of the Greens and Fred Nile of the Christian Democrats.

The Senate inquiry I’ll be chairing – to give it its full name, “into measures introduced to restrict personal choice ‘for the individual’s own good’ ” – is not just concerned with e-cigarettes or tobacco.

I want to engage in a serious and thoughtful examination of lockout laws and other restrictions on the service of alcohol, the cost of prosecuting recreational cannabis users, the effect mandatory helmet law has on cycling and the often demented arguments surrounding video game classification.

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Face of the day

Image representing the poster of the comment on the forum.

Image representing the poster of the comment on the forum, Islamic Australia for all.

Today’s face of the day made the below comment on a forum about Australia on Sunday. He has much in common with Imams all over the West. He like them, is brutally honest about Islam’s intentions towards our Western societies. While Left Wingers tell us that we have nothing to worry about because extremists who resort to terrorism are in the minority moderate followers like today’s face of the day do far more damage and are 100% more effective. Cultural Jihad not terrorism is what will defeat our societies and while we focus on the brutal minority the moderate majority are gradually transforming our countries with creeping Sharia.

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Daily Roundup


Really? That is some power chucking if true.  Read more »

Why doesn’t Andrew Little face the same type of questions as Bill Shorten?

Australia has a Royal Commission investigating Union Corruption. It is asking a lot of questions of ALP leader Bill Shorten about his time as a union leader before he entered Parliament.

The main stream media has glossed over Andrew Little’s time at the EPMU, when there were a long series of questionable financial matters that have not been investigated properly.

Here are the questions we want answers to. They are all based on documents available on the web site.

Engineering Training and Education Foundation:            The EPMU advanced $6m to the Engineering Training and Education Foundation in 1995.

  1. Why did the EPMU give the Engineering Training and Education Foundation a $6m Loan?
  2. What was the purpose of the loan?
  3. What is the current book value of the loan?
  4. What happened to the money?
  5. What does “Impairment Provision” mean?
  6. Is the Engineering Training and Education Foundation trading as insolvent?
  7. If it is not trading as insolvent how can it continue trading with negative equity of $2,282,264 in the 2012 year?

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