Australia’s home-grown terrorist failed a deradicalisation programme

The 16-year-old Australian-born son of two Australian parents was already put through a deradicalisation course.

Didn’t work, did it?

A 16-year-old boy charged over a foiled terrorism plot allegedly tried to learn how to make a bomb and said he wanted to “terrorise” Australians on Anzac Day, a court has heard.

The boy was arrested on the day before Anzac Day, just hours after police allegedly intercepted him sending encrypted messages via a social networking app saying he wanted to get a firearm and a bomb-making manual.

During a bail application on Monday, his father wept as he promised he would monitor his son 24/7 and said he thought he was doing the right thing by giving the boy, an apprentice electrician, privacy and space to spend time alone in his bedroom at night.

The alleged messages were sent on five nights between April 16 and 24 to an undercover officer posing as an overseas extremist, according to police documents tendered in Parramatta Children’s Court on Monday.

And what if he was talking to a real extremist? One with real contacts and resources?  Read more »

So how are Australia’s restrictive gun laws helping stop criminals get guns?

So, Australia has vastly more restrictive gun laws. How’s that working out for them?

Not that well, by the looks of things. Criminals with guns. Drive-by shootouts.

It’s kind of hard to see how the gun laws are working. They haven’t stopped criminals getting or using firearms.

A bloody war between rival crime gangs is about to escalate following the execution of convicted killer and standover man Wally Ahmad at a Bankstown shopping centre yesterday.

Ahmad, 40, was shot dead outside the Crunch Fitness gym on the rooftop carpark of Bankstown Central in Sydney’s south when an unknown person opened fire just before midday.

Two others, including a 53-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and are both in a stable condition at Liverpool Hospital tonight.   Read more »

Rachel Smalley thinks white privilege causes journalists to commit crimes

Rachel Smalley is consumed by guilt. She writes a cri de coeur about how white privilege is causing journalists to commit crimes.

But first she thinks it is the audience’s fault for daring to watch what they serve up. She thinks it is the viewers’ fault, not the networks.

You may have heard over the weekend the Australian 60 Minutes crew gave an interview after arriving home from Lebanon.

Journalist Tara Brown spoke about the botched attempt to snatch two children from their Lebanese father so they could return to Australia with their mother.

And judging by the interview, the 60 Minutes crew and broadcaster Channel 9 believe they were in the right. Still. They still believe that.

What happened in Lebanon – in part – is the result of a contracting media.

Budgets have been slashed, current affairs programmes are doing what they can to survive, but inevitably corners are cut. Decisions are made in lieu of comprehensive risk assessments because the push is on to make top-rating TV, and make no mistake, this was a story that would have made great TV.   Read more »

Australia’s own home-grown alleged terrorist child of “moderate” parents

Radicalised online; I bet they will be telling us that he was a good boy too.

A 16-year-old Sydney boy was intercepted on an online chat site talking about obtaining a firearm and using it for a terror attack on Anzac Day, police allege.

Officers from the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team were forced to act with just hours’ notice on Sunday, raiding the boy’s home and arresting him in a street nearby just after 3pm.

Sources close to the investigation told Fairfax Media that the boy, who doesn’t attend school, has been on the counter-terrorism team’s radar for just over a year.

His association with one of the Operation Appleby targets, a young western Sydney extremist who is now in custody, meant police were monitoring him although he was not considered a “prime person of interest”.

Over the weekend police picked up on an online conversation between the boy and an offshore male in which the boy mentioned sourcing a gun and Anzac Day services.   Read more »

A sensible idea: One tourist visa gets you into both New Zealand and Australia


The Tourism Industry Association (TIA) is backing calls for a trans-Tasman tourist visa to cover international visitors.

It would allow visitors to travel between Australia and New Zealand on the same visa – a concept first trialled during last year’s Cricket World Cup. Read more »


The point is, this 16-year-old isn’t a product of our culture – yet here he is

A 16-year-old boy in Sydney faces terrorism charges which police say is linked to Anzac Day commemorations.

He was arrested yesterday at his home in western Sydney by officers from the New South Wales Joint Counter Terrorism Team.

He was taken to Auburn Police Station, where he was charged with one count of preparing or planning a terrorist act, NSW Police has said in a statement.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said JCTT officers were forced to act yesterday afternoon in order to ensure public safety.

“Clearly we have taken swift action to ensure community safety on the eve of a sacred day on the Australian calendar,” Commissioner Scipione said. Read more »


ANZAC Day – Face of the day


Today’s face of the day is my Dad who is a proud Australian. In the photo he is wearing a greenstone tiki given to him by my Mum when he left New Zealand to serve his country in Vietnam.

Calling Kelvin Davis: you’re needed in Australia again

Facebook via Stuff

Facebook via Stuff

New Zealand-born Wiremu Hepara Perry has been jailed in Australia for trying to extort A$72,000 (NZ$80,300) from a restaurant owner and is at risk of deportation from Australia.

A Rebels bikie, Perry was hired in 2013 by construction company owner John Andrew Coyne to get money from the owner of Perth’s Chik and Kent and Cinnamon Club, The West Australian reported.

The victim had paid Coyne A$650,000 for renovation work but an additional payment was disputed.

Looks like the Te Tai Tokerau West Island constituent needs some Labour Party help.   Read more »

When the Muslim population approaches 3% say goodbye to tasty bacon


I wish I was joking but the power of the Halal dollar is immense. Even mighty McDonald’s have capitulated in Australia though the Muslim population, according to the 2011 census, is only 2.2%.

When a couple ordered a burger with bacon at a halal McDonald’s, he was puzzled to find something “watery” on his sandwich. As soon as they confronted the Sharia-compliant franchise worker, they were offered five words that made their stomachs churn.

Taking his frustration out on Facebook, the unnamed man explained how he confronted a fast food employee about the strange substance placed on his burger, only to find that it had everything to do with appeasing the Muslim minority.

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Media party side with dead criminal

The Media party in Australia, as well as here, have decided they will side with the family of the criminal who died while robbing a house in Australia.

They have wheeled out the family who have declared the guy to be a wonderful loving bloke.

Emotional family members of alleged murder victim Ricky Slater have shown up outside an Australian court on Monday to demand justice.

The family was at Newcastle Bail Court in New South Wales for court appearance of Benjamin Batterham, 33, who is alleged to have murdered Slater, 34, after Slater broke into his home in Cleary St, Hamilton, in the early hours of Saturday.

But Batterham did not appear in court nor make an application for bail.

Slater’s mother, Beryl Dixon, said her son was well-loved and part of a large family.

Sounds terrible…until you read on a bit further.    Read more »