Warnie put your wanger away

The Shane Warne song by Kevin Bloody Wilson by Wilbert-thewicked

In contrast to Duncan Garner’s “research” Shane Warne is definitely on the pull on Tinder.

He has been named one of the cricketers of the century and Elizabeth Hurley was his sometime fiancée, but Shane Warne still appears to be on a sticky wicket when it comes to romance.

The 45-year-old former Australian international has downloaded Tinder, a dating app popular among twentysomethings, but most women he messages do not believe he is really the famous cricketer.

“People say, ‘Why are you trying to impersonate Shane Warne?’” he told The Times. “I go, ‘OK, yeah, I am.’ And then they go, ‘No! It’s really you!’ And you go, ‘OK, it is.’ And then they go, ‘No, it’s not!’ So I’m on there for the fun value.”

He said he was not “trying to find the love of his life” through the app, but spoke of his loneliness at being “very, very single”.   Read more »

So what if they were paid, at least they aren’t here

Labour really does need to finally admit that people smugglers are trying to send ships and illegal immigrants here.

They have denied it for so long I don’t think they can actually see what has been revealed in the past few days.

An Indonesian police officer says he’s certain that wads of US dollars were paid by an Australian official to the crew of an asylum-seeker boat.

The investigation has broadened to Jakarta where police from Indonesia’s Anti-People Smuggling Taskforce are now trying to track the people who recruited the five crew, who were allegedly given US$5000 (NZ$7150) to take the 65 New Zealand-bound passengers back to Indonesian waters.

Local police have handed their initial findings to national police and Australian media.    Read more »

What would you say if I told you each wind turbine needs 225 tonnes of coal to produce?

The Green taliban love to promote wind power.

Apparently it is clean and green.

But like most things these hypocrites tout they don’t tell you the full story of them.

Like how they use rare earth metals, mining of which is creating highly toxic sites around the world.

But perhaps the most interesting salient fact that the green taliban forget to tell you is that all of those wind turbines are sitting on top of steel towers…each of which needs 225 tonnes of coal to manufacture.

Now unless they are proposing to find a replacement for steel sometime soon they have a little bit of a problem with their claims, considering they constantly promote campaigns against “dirty coal”.

[C]ampaigners claim that coal has no future in a low emissions world. Not true. New generation technologies are slashing CO2 emissions from coal fired plants by as much as 40 per cent. These high efficiency low emissions plants are being rolled out in China, Japan and elsewhere in Asia. And the first large scale carbon capture and storage coal plant in Canada has slashed its CO2 emissions by 90 per cent. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has estimated the cost of meeting global reduction targets will be 138 per cent higher without the deployment of carbon capture and storage.   Read more »

Shameless media manipulation to get Abbott, with zero evidence

If you think our media are bad, then have a look at the carry on in Australia over unproven allegations that Abbott’s government paid a people-smuggler to take his boat back home.

And our media are playing the stupid opposition game here too, asking John Key what he knows about it….which of course is nothing.

Andrew Bolt sums up the extreme hypocrisy of Labor and the media.

Am I missing something here?

All Question Time, and during a censure motion as well, one political party was raging against giving incentives to people smugglers and putting them in business.

That party was Labor, which itself offered so many incentives to people smugglers when it was in government that 50,000 people came over, paying some $500 million for the trip and costing us $11 billion..

The party they were attacking, on the other hand, is the Liberal Party, which in government has had just one boat arrive in a year and a half, and is now accused – without any proof – of paying people smugglers to turn one boat back to Indonesia.

And reporters are buying this astonishing hypocrisy? Are worrying about “incentives” and “pull factors” when no boats are actually coming, after denying Labor had offered incentives and “pull factors” when boats were arriving every few days?    Read more »

Kiwis in Australia still suffering from Helen Clark’s betrayal

Helen Clark threw Kiwis living in Australia under the proverbial bus.

I reckon some of what she did was fair enough, and we should have implemented similar reforms here – especially when it comes to bludgers.

But plenty of Kiwis in Australia are working and contributing and paying taxes, and Clark’s betrayal left them out in the cold.

A New Zealand advocacy group in Australia will present a petition to the Australian Parliament next week calling for New Zealanders to be given the same rights as other permanent residents residing.

Oz Kiwi aims to put pressure on the Australian government to allow New Zealanders living permanently in Australia to naturalise within a designated time period so they can vote.

Spokesperson Timothy Gassin said the OZ Kiwi proposal was simple: that New Zealanders who move to Australia, who have been self sufficient and pay tax, should be given the full rights of other Australian residents and be allowed the option of becoming an Australian citizen.

He said the petition had close to 40,000 signatures.   Read more »

Labour misses the boat…literally

Labour and Andrew Little really are dead set spastics.

Andrew Little has come out on the side of illegal boat people trying to sail their way to New Zealand.

The asylum-seekers who were shipwrecked after attempting to reach New Zealand have apparently called on the Government to help.

The group of 65 are now in a detention centre at Kupang in West Timor, after being turned back by Australian authorities.

Now photographs and a letter have been circulated, apparently by members of the group.

Some photographs were taken on the open sea, with one apparently showing an Australian Navy vessel.

Another shows a group with a sign that reads, “Please try to understand our painful life New Zealand Government and save our life. Please”.

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Face of the day

 Greens senator Scott Ludlam says individuals returning to Australia from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq ‘could conceivably present a security risk’. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Greens senator Scott Ludlam says individuals returning to Australia from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq ‘could conceivably present a security risk’. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Today’s face of the day Scott Ludlam from the Australian Green Party says that Citizenship law changes would ‘dump dangerous people’ abroad.

Hmm do we want dangerous people dumped in our country or someone else’s? Hmm it’s a hard one I know. Beheadings, torture, hands chopped off, gays thrown off buildings, sex slaves, burning alive, hangings, stonings, pedophilia, terrorism, do we want it in our country or abroad? I’ll give you all a few minutes to make up your mind.

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Know your place woman

Under the guise of culture or religion and protected by a ‘ Politically correct ” western world, many acts of discrimination are ignored and are left unchallenged. Rights that women have fought for generations to achieve, equal rights are stomped on and the overwhelming response is to do nothing. It is their culture, it is about religious freedom ( to oppress ) we must be tolerant they say.They are  being victimised for being different to us they say.

Well this Australian journalist has decided to take them on and very cleverly she has taken the victim card off them and has applied it to herself.

The MSM love a good victim.

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege. Photo: FIRST ON 7NEWS

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege. Photo: FIRST ON 7NEWS

FIRST ON 7: An Islamist group has been accused of sexual discrimination for making women sit at the back of public meetings.

The radical political party Hizb ut-Tahrir insists it is their choice, but one woman says she was told to move to the back or leave.

Freelance journalist Alison Bevege took her case to the Anti-Discrimination Board on Wednesday afternoon.

“When I walked in I was immediately directed by one of the representatives of the organisers to sit in the back half of the room,” Ms Bevege told 7News.

“I just don’t want to be told to go to the back of the room because I’m a female, who does that?”

Hizb ut-Tahrir promotes a global Islamic caliphate to govern everyone.

The group has been banned in several countries.

At the weekend, 300,000 rallied in Indonesia for their Khalifa Conference.

They also hold regular public events in western Sydney, including the one Alison attended in October last year.

Bilal Merhi leads boys as young as six in extremist chants at Hizb ut-Tahrir youth group.

“The choice was quite clear, you either sit at the back or your only other option is to leave, so I didn’t have any choice in the matter,” Ms Bevege said.

In the last six months, 7News has attended several similar events in western Sydney. Each time, we observed attendees being told “brothers to the front, sisters to the back”.

Now, their right to segregate men and women at public events is before the Anti-Discrimination Board.

This is not a story about religion, it is about discrimination.

Of course, you can do as you please in your home or your church, but if you hold a public meeting, we are all bound by the same, single set of laws.

“It’s a public event, it’s advertised, she turns up, she attends, and if, as she says, she was told to sit separately then that’s what the law says, you can’t do it,” ANU College of Law Professor Simon Rice said.

The group has claims “it was a mere request, however, it was open to her to sit anywhere she wanted.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir leader, Ismael Alwahwah, said Alison should not expect that “her view of what is right and wrong should be enforced on others”.

Ms Bevege is asking for $100,000 compensation to give to charity, and an apology.

“I’ve never seen a public event that tries to separate men and women and then say that it’s not discriminatory,” Professor Simon Rice said.

Hizb ut-Tahrir were a no show on Wednesday.

What stands out for me from this article are the words of Ismael Alwahwah. It is an illustration of the utter brilliance behind the Islamic cultural Jihad that is being waged against us. He is wanting to enforce his ideology on a woman at a public meeting but he turns it totally around and says that it is the woman who is trying to enforce her right to equality on him. This is a very common technique. I have read of a Public UK university where Islamic student leaders are wanting to enforce segregation by separating the female students from the male students and their argument is that those opposing them are denying them their religious freedom. They are trying to impose segregation/apartheid on non-muslim students by taking away their rights to gender equality but they frame themselves as the victims!

I bet you didn’t know these facts about the Lindt cafe

1) The Lindt cafe in Australia where people were held hostage by an Islamic terrorist has Jewish owners.

2) Lindt chocolate has been very public about its refusal to accept Halal certification.



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Now that got your attention didn’t it. Boobs tend to have that effect for some strange reason even if they are being used for what nature intended, to feed a baby.

Women breastfeeding

Women breastfeeding

If I had used the word ‘ Hands ‘ as my heading I doubt as many of you would have read the post but it is women’s hands that are now having legal restrictions put on them rather than women’s breasts.



Islam is an idology that loves to control every aspect of a woman’s life and body. In Saudi Arabia a woman has been kicked out of a shopping centre for not covering her hands with gloves and in total contrast in Australia an Australian male who told a breastfeeding mother to cover up was kicked out of the cafe.

All I can say is, Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

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