New Zealand starting to lag on medical marijuana front as Australia tackles it head-on


Legislation to allow the cultivation of cannabis in Australia for medical or scientific purposes will be introduced by the Federal Government today.

The proposed amendments to the Narcotics Drugs Act 1967 would allow for cultivation through a national licensing and permit scheme. Read more »

Reporting on asylum seekers is “advocacy parading as journalism”

Looks like Australia has the same problems with their Media Party as we have with ours.

Now the ABC has been caught making up claims about an imaginary 5-year-old refugee.

The ABC has admitted to an “error” in a story that claimed a five-year-old raped at Nauru was slated to return to the island and face his attacker, after immigration officials on Monday labelled the report a “figment”.

The report on ABC’s 7.30 program this month said paediatricians had detailed their concerns about the child. It came on the eve of a High Court ruling that ultimately found the government’s offshore detention network was lawful.

An error? You mean they lied?   Read more »


Aussies whinging like Poms over cricket loss

The Aussies are sounding more and more like whinging Poms with their weapons-grade whining over the latest cricket loss.

Brendon McCullum’s hypocrisy and “mob rule” by a “rabid” crowd combined to bring Australia down at Seddon Park, according to Australian media as they reacted to the Matt Henry catching controversy.

“McCullum’s (international) ODI swansong will be remembered for the bizarre wicket of Marsh, which will further raise doubt in the Australian dressing room over the Black Caps’ status as the modern day torchbearers for sportsmanship,” the Sydney Morning Herald’s Andrew Wu wrote.

Wu reported there were “…heated scenes between the two teams with claims Matthew Wade had called Grant Elliott a “f****** coward” for sledging an angry Marsh as he left. Marsh then appeared to yell “f****** bullshit” as he walked off the field despite a consolatory tap from McCullum.”   Read more »

Onya Australia: tells asylum seekers to go die in their own country

The Aussies are taking a tough line on asylum seekers – ratbags trying to jump the queue to enter Australia- by wanting to deport them despite terminal illnesses.

Some of the 267 asylum seekers Australia wants to deport to an offshore immigration centre following a court ruling are suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses, a senior government official said on Monday.

Australia’s High Court last week upheld the government’s right to deport detained asylum seekers to the tiny South Pacific island of Nauru, about 3000km northeast of Australia.

The decision provoked criticism from the United Nations and sparked protest, with church leaders offering asylum seekers sanctuary.

The centre has been widely criticised for harsh conditions and reports of systemic child abuse and sexual assault.

Some deportations could begin within days, but others would have to be dealt with in a staged fashion, because of the illnesses, said Michael Pezzullo, secretary of the department of immigration and border protection.   Read more »

Paul Keating comes good

Known as the Lizard of Oz, Paul Keating isn’t that popular but he has come good by suggesting that the Federal government take an axe to the budget rather than look at raising taxes.

It should be possible to strip $90 billion out of the federal budget — a cut of 20 per cent — Paul Keating claims, based on his achievement as treasurer through the late 1980s.

The former prime minister said yesterday that the burning issue should not be taxes but rather how to adjust the budget to the reality that the income the world was paying us had fallen, and this was cutting both personal and company taxes.

“All these things are pushing down on commonwealth revenue and, when it has been so affected, the penny ought to drop that we ought to be cutting spending,” he said, noting that Scott Morrison was correct to highlight this.    Read more »

No surprises here as Labour’s crime family continues to offend

Kelvin Davis went into bat for criminals being deported from Australia. Labour died in a ditch supporting rapists, murderers and violent offenders.

In their desperate bid to find their missing million in the prisons and detention centres of Australia, it should be of no surprise to anyone that these ratbags are causing trouble here too.

Almost a third of Kiwi criminals deported from Australia have continued their life of crime here, with some committing violent and sexual offences.

A police briefing to Police Minister Judith Collins in December showed 30 per cent of deportees had come to police attention for reoffending since December 2014.

That was the point when Australia began sending back New Zealand criminals who had done their time, as it tightened its visa cancellation rules.   Read more »

Australian defence force caught promoting Sharia law and the removal of democracy

Australian, Islamic Navy Uniform

Australian, Islamic Navy Uniform

The  Australian defence force has been caught out promoting information about Islam that attacks the Australian way of life. It had been up for a year before it was noticed by reporter Mike Smith. How many other government websites and educational websites contain links to ‘information’ about Islam that contain these kinds of anti-democracy, pro-sharia law views? This is creeping Sharia. This is Islamisation in action.

“Democracy is a system that is contrary to Islam” is one of many  inflammatory quotes from the website.

The ADF through its website has been promoting the overthrow of the Australian Government to its Islamic Members until it was uncovered by journalist, Mike Smith.

“Muslims should only be part of a democracy if they are prepared to destroy it.”…This was openly stated on a link from the ADF— Q&A page for Muslim members. (Listen to Ben’s 3 Minute Summary)

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Media Party behind flag change – it’s a done deal

This from 3News today


I’ve seen it called “the alternative”, and now it’s the “new” flag.  An alternative is a choice you make from two flags that are already formal flags.  New Zealand has three official languages, for example, and these are alternatives you can use in parliament.  French, is not an alternative. Read more »

Faces of the day

1453765606795Two young Queensland men have taken out the 2016 Young Australian of the Year Award.

Best mates Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett started a mobile laundry service, called Orange Sky Laundry, out of the back of their van in 2014.

Since then it has expanded to four vans in Brisbane, Melbourne, South East Victoria and the Gold Coast, and they plan to expand their services Australia wide.

More than 270 volunteers operate the vans – which have two commercial washing machines and two dryers – and reach homeless Australians in 36 locations.

There are so many things about being homeless that are awful. Wearing dirty unwashed clothes and smelling because of them is one of them. There is a chap in New York who gives the homeless free haircuts and by doing so gives them back their dignity. Today’s faces of the day are doing exactly the same thing.

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Mike Yardley on student loan bludgers

Mike Yardley lets rip on student loan bludgers.

The melange of migration-related headline grabbers in the past week brings into sharp focus what New Zealand is doing right and also badly wrong.

Inland Revenue (IRD) and our border control authorities are finally flashing their fangs against unrepentant student loan defaulters, who couldn’t give a flying fig about paying their dues to the taxpayer.

The warning bell clanged loudly before Christmas that Kiwis abroad heading home for the holidays may be arrested at the border if they’ve defaulted on their student loan. IRD starkly warned that those in “serious default” may be grounded until they have a repayment scheme in place.

Ngatokotoru Puna’s airport arrest over his $130,000 debt should serve as a potent deterrent to others, who blithely thumb their nose at their repayment obligations, don’t give a damn about their billowing debt, make no effort to contact IRD, and think they can swan in and out of New Zealand with impunity.

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