Freedom costs the lives of our fallen plus $70,000

BY: Deb Dalby

January 12,  2017

Whaleoil Australia correspondent

Deb has previously written about the Reclaim Australia Rally in Sydney and also the earlier rally in Lakemba

Today, in Australia, the Blue Mountains to be precise (which lies about 70km to the west of Sydney), I learned that Anzac Marches have been cancelled. Four separate marches. Initially when I read the heading: No Anzac March, I thought it might have been due to the dwindling numbers of Anzacs in that area, but upon actually opening the article, I was  horrified to learn that the reason ANZAC marches have been cancelled in the Blue Mountains is because we can’t afford the money to fund the necessary anti-terrorism security required for the event, more specifically the additional cost of anti-terrorism measures imposed by local police, which include the use of water-filled barriers to close roads (a measure initiated in the wake of the Nice attack last July).

Council, which is believed to have spent $70,000 over the past two years to ensure the marches went ahead, is unable to continue the financial assistance.

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Freedom of Speech Under attack: In Australia it is now an offence to mock Islam

Before we look at what Australian activist Blair Cottrell did let’s have a look at some of our New Zealand activists and the offensive things they have done while pushing their agenda. The first one that springs to mind is the assault with a dildo on a New Zealand politician.  The dildo was offensive and it was used to hit a politician. In contrast, Blair Cottrell did not physically assault anybody. Another New Zealand example is 50 activists who blocked a bank using sacks of coal and forced it to close down for the day preventing customers from doing their banking. Blair Cottrell did not close down the council building he was protesting in front of and he did not prevent anyone from entering the council building. Finally, do you remember the effigy of John Key that was burnt on a bonfire while people chanted “F@#k John Key”?  No one was charged with a criminal act when that was done. People called it freedom of speech and it was, whether we find it offensive or not.

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Outrage in Australia over welfare payments for Muslims in polygamous marriages

Despite the fact that polygamy is illegal in Australia, their welfare organisation is paying out benefits for Muslims in polygamous marriages.

Conservative MP Cory Bernardi says the payment of Centrelink spousal benefits to the wives of polygamous Muslim men is political correctness gone mad.

The Daily Telegraph reports today that Centrelink has opted to ignore Islamic polygamy, paying spousal benefits to Muslim families with multiple wives in an effort to save taxpayers’ money.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott reportedly called for action after learning about the issue, only to be told that it would cost more to pay the wives the single parent benefit.

Centrelink said it did not hold data based on polygamous relationships or religion. The Islamic marriages are religious unions that are not registered.

“We are always told the data is not kept. I think that is a convenient excuse,” Senator Bernardi said.   Read more »


Anti-sugar wowsers attack Paddle pop advertisement in Australia

Anti-sugar wowsers have gone after a children’s internet advertisement for a Paddle pop.It seems nothing is sacred anymore. Kids must be protected from the things that make childhood memories. I still buy from Mr Whippy when he comes down our street. Summer and ice creams go together like salt and pepper.

Long hot Aussie summers and paddle pops!-Pinterest

Long hot Aussie summers and paddle pops!-Pinterest

Paddle Pop has pulled a 15-second internet advertisement after a complaint about it was upheld.

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Case against Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak dropped


The complaint against Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak, who penned the above cartoon, has been dropped.

A young woman who alleged that she suffered racial hatred because of a provocative Bill Leak cartoon in The Australian has withdrawn her complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Commission president Gillian Triggs’s delegate, Jodie Ball, wrote to The Australian’s lawyers last night to advise that Melissa Dinnison had told the AHRC yesterday that she “did not want to continue with her complaint”.

“Therefore, Miss Dinnison’s complaint has been finalised … and the file is now closed,” Ms Ball said.

Ms Dinnison, who until recently lived in Perth, made an online complaint to the commission in August claiming she had “experienced racial hatred” and been “discriminated against because of my race” as a result of the cartoon.

Attempts to contact her have been unsuccessful and she is believed to have moved to Germany to live. She said recently she was terrified to return to Australia because of racism.   Read more »

Another of Labour’s missing millions returns

Kelvin Davis will no doubt be arranging a powhiri to welcome back to New Zealand one of their own after he was deported from Australia.

Two members of the violent Apex street gang are set to be deported after their visas were revoked.

They’re just a pair of offenders among 173 in Victoria alone who face deportation after their visas were cancelled in the past year due to their criminal activities.

The 19- and 20-year-olds, are serving time in youth detention and afterwards will be kicked out of Australia or placed in immigration detention, the Herald Sun reported.   Read more »


Key has no intention for immigrants to use New Zealand to get to Australia

Key has no intention for immigrants to use New Zealand to get to Australia and he has said as much.

The Australian government’s plan to ban asylum seekers who arrive by boat from ever setting foot in the country mean it’s increasingly unlikely they will accept New Zealand’s offer to resettle those in detention on Nauru, the Prime Minister John Key says.

New Zealand’s offer to take 150 refugees from Nauru still stands but would still allow for back door entry for refugees who are granted Kiwi citizenship to then move to Australia.

And Mr Key says the government has no intention of creating separate classes of New Zealand citizens that would close that door.   Read more »

A warning for Auckland out of Australia



The SMH reports on massive public transport initiatives blowing their budgets:

Transport projects across the country have blown out in cost by at least $28 billion in the past 15 years, according to an independent think-tank.

And the main cause of the cost increases is the tendency of politicians of all persuasions to make promises about road or rail projects before they have been assessed, says the Grattan Institute report, to be released on Monday.

“When ministers and oppositions announced a new highway before a formal funding commitment, these early cost estimates often turn out to be spectacularly wrong,” said the transport program director at the Grattan Institute, Marion Terrill.

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Australian Michael Smith does some straight talking about border protection



Australian Michael Smith gets to the heart of Australian border protection and addresses the key issues which have nothing to do with religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. His approach is practical and common sense. When you strip away all the background noise about religion, race, gender and sexual orientation and just look at cause and effect it is pretty obvious that what he is saying has the ring of truth.

Australia doesn’t execute people for not being like us. Islam does.

…We couldn’t give a rat’s about other people’s religion as long as they don’t want to hurt us.

And we don’t decide who’s in or kept out of our country on race, gender, sexual orientation or how they say their prayers.

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Gender Diversity propaganda coming to a school near you

ccp9idyuaaa73erWhere ever Australia goes New Zealand usually follows. How long will it be before their Safe Schools program and Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program is introduced to the impressionable young minds of our school children?

Debate is still raging over the controversial Safe Schools program just weeks after a 17,000-strong petition calling for it to be scrapped was tabled in NSW Parliament.

Parents and schools around the country are divided, with some accusing the anti- bullying program of introducing children to a radical left-wing sexual ideology and others saying it saves lives.

“I think it’s more about indoctrination rather than education.”

A government-funded website set up for students that includes Safe Schools program materials was embarrassingly found to have potentially exposed students to explicit information about gay saunas, anal sex, and how to search for gay sex online.

What concerns me most about this radical dogma is the fact that they are teaching children that there are more than two genders and that gender is fluid. It is a scientific fact that there are only two genders. Gay men are men and Gay women are women. They are  telling young children that if they are attracted to the same sex that it means that they are trapped in the wrong body. They are telling them that they have to mutilate their bodies in order to be happy and they are telling the other children that this idea is normal.

In reality there are only a tiny minority of people who have genuine mental problems where they hate the body they were born in and think that changing it will make them happy. They have a mental issue that needs psychological treatment not the surgeon’s knife. Instead our society encourages them to mutilate themselves and calls them brave and courageous.

Now a new program is being rolled out in Australia that paints boys as predators and girls as victims.

REMEMBER when schools focused on the traditional foundations of education: reading, writing and arithmetic?

Parents can look forward to a few additional Rs being added to the curriculum when the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program is rolled out at Victorian schools next year.

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