When will National get the point? First the UK & now Australia treat immigration seriously

John Key fails to understand the problem, and so do Labour.

A change in government in Australia is unlikely to change the country’s hard-line immigration policy.

One-hundred-and-seventy-four New Zealanders are currently awaiting deportation after their visas were revoked.

Shane Martin — bikie and high-profile immigration deportee — had his visa cancelled in March over alleged links to the Rebels motorcycle club.

“It’s devastating,” said Shane’s brother, Dean Martin in April. “I’ve been over here 26 years and he’s all I have. It’s been him and I, and he’s a good man, no criminal convictions. They’ve got him on association. That’s not good enough.”   Read more »

The Media party think you should care about the Australian elections

The Media party continue their clickbait five-reasons-style headlines, but come up rather short with their five reasons why Kiwis should care about the Australian election.

Polls have Labor slightly ahead in Australia’s fast-approaching July 2 election. So why should Kiwis care? Here are five reasons:

1. An estimated 600,000 New Zealanders live and work in Australia. While they can’t vote in the election, they will be affected by government policies.

2. The future of the political relationship between Australia and New Zealand — there has long been anger among New Zealanders at being treated like second-class citizens in Australia and there are calls for Prime Minister John Key to lobby the Government on behalf of Kiwis. It is estimated New Zealanders contribute $5 billion in tax annually. But they cannot vote or claim welfare. A clamp down on immigration law has also seen Kiwis deported without warning, arrest or criminal convictions.    Read more »

McDelivery! So much for not having fast food places close to schools


Don’t worry about fast food outlets near schools – McDonald’s is coming direct to your home.

Just wait for the health troughers to find a reason to oppose this.

Australians who fancy a McDonald’s but can’t be bothered to leave the house can have one sent to their door courtesy of the McDelivery service.

Kiwi fans of Maccas may soon be offered the same luxury.

McDonald’s has registered the “McDelivery” trademark in New Zealand consisting of a golden McDonald’s arch zipping along on a skateboard.   Read more »

Face of the Day

Fairfax "Money isn't everything," says an 82-year-old woman offered a fortune to sell her home.

“Money isn’t everything,” says an 82-year-old woman offered a fortune to sell her home.

Like a scene out of the classic Australian comedy, The Castle, one home owner has turned down all offers to buy her out of her property.

An 82-year-old grandmother from the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill has turned down an AU$26 million (NZ$27 million) offer to sell her home.

Retired schoolteacher Ruth, who requested her surname not be used, was approached by developers looking to transform her 2500-square-metre corner block, reported.

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So why all the fuss? An Australian Muslim explains


To view the facebook video click here.

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The Australian National Imams Council confirms that the punishment for homsexuality is death

Imam Yusuf Peer. Picture: Chris McCormack

In the last three days Australians have heard two Australian Imams expressing their views on the gay community. Both Imams hold executive positions within the Australian National Imams Council so we can reasonably expect their views to be representative of Islam rather than their personal opinions, as they have been chosen to speak on behalf of the Muslim community in Australia.

A group called Muslims for Progressive Values in Australia are trying to undo the damage the two Imams and their President, Shady Alsuleiman have done, by claiming that the three men’s view is not the official Islamic view. While I appreciate them wanting to make Islam seem like a progressive religion it clearly isn’t. If it was there would be no need to form a group called Muslims for Progressive Values now would there?

There are ‘ progressive’ christian groups who think abortion is okay but that does not mean that they can legitimately claim that what the Pope and two of his bishops say about abortion is not the official Catholic view. Likewise the progressive Muslim group have no authority to claim that the Australian Imams council is not telling the truth. They should be honest and say that they do not believe that as they are ‘progressive ‘ but yes, that mainstream Islam does believe that homosexuals should be killed.

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If you are a New Zealander you have fewer rights

Australian newspapers have rejected an attempt to kickstart a campaign to get Kiwis equal rights across the ditch.

Michael Horton, former owner of the New Zealand Herald, took out an ad in The Listener last month highlighting 138 countries whose citizens can apply for Australian citizenship — including Myanmar, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and one whose citizens can’t — New Zealand.

Mr Horton says the advert didn’t take much effort to come up with.

“One Sunday morning I woke up and that very ad was in my mind, just there in front of me like a vision from heaven,” Mr Horton told Paul Henry on Monday.

He tried to run it in a number of Sydney newspapers, including the Sydney Morning Herald, but was rejected — and doesn’t know why. Read more »

Kelvin’s favourite constituent is allowed to stay in Australia… for all of 30 minutes

Kelvin Davis is a friend of the criminals, and especially criminals who live in Australia.

Australia doesn’t like Kiwi criminals and has sent one packing, twice.

Australia’s Immigration Minister has again cancelled the visa of a New Zealand-born bikie with a long criminal record, only hours after a federal court ruled the first cancellation was unfair.

Australian Federal Court judge Richard Tracey on Thursday quashed Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s decision to cancel the visa of Aaron Joe “AJ” Graham over a technicality involving procedural unfairness.

But an immigration department spokesman on Thursday afternoon said the minister had “decided to again cancel his visa” — and Graham would remain in immigration detention or return to New Zealand pending any appeal.

Graham, a former president of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang, had his visa cancelled in June last year.    Read more »

Racist Australian job questionnaire forces applicants into a corner

Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

When I was considering becoming a lawyer my Dad pointed out to me how questioning can be used to trap a person using a yes or no question. I thought that it wasn’t possible and challenged my father to trap me with a yes or no question. He said, ” Have you stopped beating your wife? ” I realised then that if the question or statement is flawed or rigged to begin with, it can be used to trap or frame someone as a bad person.
The same issue applies to this section of a questionnaire that was posted on facebook. They claim that it is a section of an actual questionnaire given to a job applicant in Australia recently. If what they claim is true then it is a terrible questionnaire and no matter how you answer it you will seem racist.

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Labour’s crim hugging paying back as Kelvin’s next constituent is sent back to New Zealand

It may take a while, but this way Labour will indeed get the missing million they had lost.

A grandmother who cheated a dementia sufferer out of her home is being deported back to New Zealand – despite not living here for more than 30 years.

Francesca Jean Marzella, 63, was convicted of “despicable” elder abuse after selling the home of an elderly neighbour and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a year-long holiday to Europe.

Despite not having lived in New Zealand since 1984 and being seriously ill with Crohns disease, Marzella is being deported after the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia upheld an order from the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton.

Marzella’s offending began in 2004. She befriended the 89-year-old nursing home resident, who was her former next door neighbour, getting her to sign over her $520,000 home.

She sold the home on the internet for about $370,000 and transferred the stolen cash to an account in London.Marzella assumed different identities while on the run – obtaining Australian and British passports under the names Marilyn Gray Howitt and Taylor Scheaffer. She was eventually arrested when she returned to Australia in 2008.

She was charged with defrauding the elderly lady who was suffering from dementia after the woman had laid a complaint. The elderly victim Marguerite Stewart, 89, died in 2011. Read more »